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Good Morning. After you...

Simon Mayo | 08:54 UK time, Monday, 10 October 2011

This is ridiculous. I have no intention of asking Steve's dream specialist what it all means but my can anyone beat this; I dreamt I was given lessons in how to impersonate Gerry Adams by Ian Paisley and then ended up sitting naked at a desk with Stephen Fry on the other side. My theory as I have mentioned before is that dreams mean nothing-no book or career in that I fear- but even so that's a pretty odd set of images to run through your weekend.
We had a big old weekend here as Mrs M and I have been married an astonishing 25 years so the family bowled over for a clan gathering. Cue the inevitable appearance of the wedding photos and much hilarity at 80's fashion, hairstyles and crease-free faces. Sadness too at those in the photos who are no longer here, then puzzlement at the image full of guests that no one recognises at all. The album has gone away now and maybe will stay in its draw for quite a while.
My other notable achievement is a 3 curry weekend. I've managed 2 before but a Friday, Saturday and Sunday is a real result. This may well put extra strain on the marriage of course but hopefully tolerance will win the day...
Today lets talk to Frank Cottrell Boyce who has writen the new Chitty Chitty Bang Bang book. The original was penned by Ian Fleming of course and the screenplay for the movie by Roald Dahl. So no pressure Frank!
And oldies today please on MANNERS and POLITENESS. To the surprise of many, researchers have found that we are more polite than we used to be and manners are not on the decline. Hooray and let's celebrate gently and respectfully and with consideration for the environment and all those around. CIVILITY wins the day after all.
Have a surprising and courteous Monday, see you after 5


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