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Just nudge me

Simon Mayo | 08:37 UK time, Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The hotel room is dark, child 3 is reading through the crack in the curtains and Mrs M slumbers. After the worst night in history (can I do the show on one hours sleep?) this will be an interesting day.
I have been compering at the Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham and thought a hotel for the family would work just fine but with all the snuffles and crashes and snoring and snuffling and rampant insomnia things haven't worked out the way I was planning. Which is a shame as last night was a fine evening of Kate Rusby, Ron Sexsmith, The Unthanks and Mavis Staples. The Grammy winning gospel and soul legend was on terrific form and, at 72, an inspiration. Her older sister is one of the backing singers! So that part of the night worked well, it was just what came later that was a trial.
So with windows down and Ken Bruce up loud, I shall wend my way southerly with the prospect of Ryan Adams playing today. He has a great new album out and he'll prove it to you after 6.
And for the musical challenge I think we should take inspiration from today's report that Britain's RIVERS are in the best shape they've been in ages. Otter, salmon and a host of wild life are returning in great numbers. Some rivers that were not much better than sewers, are now teeming with life. So RIVERS and its contents please and jolly fine it'll be too.
Have a wide-awake and stimulating Tuesday, see you after 5.


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