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Here Comes Summer

Simon Mayo | 08:07 UK time, Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dismal and dank here. Even thought about putting the central heating on last night. Apparently the 5th wet summer in a row and it might be that a new pattern is emerging ( or maybe it isn't). Remember the hazy, crazy days of spring? Maybe you were one of those who said 'well this might be it you know' and now you're feeling just a tiny bit smug. Damp and smug. Call the travel agent.
A ridiculous run of interviews yesterday. Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston for 5 Live on Friday and Status Quo for Drivetime next week. All in 2 hours. I had vision of asking Kevin about Caroline, Quo about being dizzy and blonde and Jennifer about RIchard 111. Actually that might have worked. Kevin and Jennifer star as two of the Horrible Bosses (Colin Farrell being the other) in the movie with Ms Aniston fairly taking the breath away as a foul-mouthed and sex-obsessed dentist. If she wanted to break away from the cute rom-com stuff, she has certainly succeeded. The Quo boys were on good form I think with some interesting news for fans of the classic 70's line-up; you can hear them on Wednesday next week.
Nigel cooks Mexican tonight with chicken and chorizo and other er, ingredients that I have forgotten since last week. And I think we need to return to the WEATHER for the oldies today. As the summer holidays kick in, lets mark the SUMMER OF 2011 with the tunes that seem appropriate to you. Beaches, sun, sand, floods and hot soup. I think it was playing Gaudete last night that finished the summer for me. I drove home wanting a mince pie.
Have a mellifluous and gentle Thursday, see you after 5


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