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Memory Man

Simon Mayo | 09:18 UK time, Monday, 9 May 2011

Unusual battle to start the day as my computer refused to obey my every whim. Needed to shut it down-refused. Needed to start it again-refused. Pressed combinations of buttons in a random order-nothing. Walked away, did school run, got coffee-everything worked again. Truly, these are confusing times.
So here we are for another fine week of DT and the Sony radio awards tonight. We are up for best music show (think that's right anyway) but up against many fine shows including Dermot's and Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie's. I believe Matt, Rebecca and Nigel B and I are all on one table and I am hoping that Nige will bring some food as the food at these dos is er, variable. How great it would be if he flourished a quick Cornish Pasty while everyone else is struggling with rubber chicken on a pool of liquified kidneys. Or somesuch. I'll take the tomato sauce. I will not practice a speech of course but invite Matt in his Dr Mosh mode to do the honours.
(And in case you assume I'm not on tomorrow because I have over indulged, this is not so. A family funeral takes me away on Tuesday but I'll be back on Wednesday).
Good reports of the bloggers day out at the weekend, glad it was a success and doubtless the first of many. A national convention of DT bloggers is where it's heading I feel.
Book Club today and it's a corker. 'Before I Go To Sleep' by SJ Watson is a psychological thriller about a woman who starts each day with no memory at all. It's a great read and I am surprised to find out that SJ is a bloke called Steven. I was sure SJ would turn out to be a woman. Wrong. It's his first novel but already being made into a film. Try out the first chapter while you're here.
And SCRABBLE oldies today to mark the publication of the latest Scrabble Bible which lists the words that are acceptable. Now allowed;keema, gobi and alu - or aloo, as are internet phrases wiki and myspace. So SCRABBLE (and great high scoring words?) will be good today.
Have a refreshing and calming Monday, see you after 5.


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