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Notes from Afar

Simon Mayo | 08:17 UK time, Monday, 21 February 2011

Greetings from a farmhouse in the middle of somewhere. I'm not quite sure where but it's just over the road from the pub and just past the green. Opposite the barn. Anyway, by the time you read this, we'll have all packed up and the residue of a family weekend away will be placed in an assortment of differently coloured bins. The residue of a terrific and calorific few days somewhere that isn't home.
And of course it is hard to walk off the excess when your pesky spine refuses to play ball. Or play anything for that matter. Think I need a new one.
So for today it's the Radio 2 Book Club and a novel by Sanjida O'Connell called Sugar Island which has taken our attention. It's a 'Gone With The Wind' style epic from the American South which tells the story of British actress Emily Harris. She arrives in mid-19th century USA and falls for a man who turns out to be a slave owner. You can read the opening chapter here and take part in the on line discussion too. Sanjeeda should be with us just after 6.
So for the songs today (and as we have done sugar and sweetness) let's do ISLANDS, ISLAND LIFE and all things associated with ISLANDERS. Desert Island Discs without the desert, if you like.
If I keep writing this for much longer, I'll be accused of shirking and avoiding my duties to pack up and 'check under the beds'. So have a refreshing and stimulating Monday, see you after 5.


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