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Come on in

Simon Mayo | 08:41 UK time, Thursday, 3 February 2011

Well well. We seem to have added a few new listeners as well as new bloggers. Welcome all. I've always tended to the view that you should treat all listening figures with a healthy degree of scepticism. This is a) wise and b) a useful guard against when they aren't quite so good. But this time they are! So hooray and trebles all round.
Loved the homework question yesterday. The radio is always full of dieticians telling you what to eat, so just for once, it was great to hear a conversation led off by microwavable burgers and scotch eggs. Feeding teenagers what they want should wait till they're students of course but it was fun.
Nigel would have had a fit of course but then he can rectify things with a black pepper tofu construction for Chinese New Year today (Kung Hei Fat Choi to you too). He'll have to go some way to beat the Cornish pasty from last week but I'm up for a surprise tonight.
Meantime, your creative thoughts please songs about TREES, WOODS and FORESTS. The government has plans to sell off public forests and there is (as my granny would have said) 'a bit of a to-do' about it. Your songs about the woodland are welcome below...
Have a sparkling and magnificent Thursday, see after 5.


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