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Slowing down

Simon Mayo | 09:06 UK time, Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Great start to the day with Chris hearing firstly Bob Geldof and then Stan Ridgway's Camouflage. Interviewing Sir Bob is always fun as you're never quite sure which way it's going to go-we should get him on Drivetime asap. One afternoon at 5 Live he turned up without being booked. He didn't know why he was on and neither did I, so he just joined in every conversation going. It was, as I recall, terrific fun.
And that Camouflage tune is a great ghost song, always get's me (in the privacy of my vehicle) bellowing out the chorus. The kids were lucky they'd been dropped off.

Favourite musical accompaniment for blog writing at the moment are Sugarland's "Love On The Inside" (new Country breakout from Nashville) and a singer called Abigail Washburn who has an album called "City of Refuge". One of those head turning cd's that provoked a lot of 'what's that then' style comments when it was on the office. We are in Bob Harris Saturday/Sunday show territory here. Worth your attention I think...

Today we celebrate SLOWNESS in all its guises. After 6 guest Anthony Worrall Thompson's new book is all about slow cooking. Flavours, aromas, textures. Another long journey home for the hungry! But SLOW can be rewarding in life anyway (which is just as well if the traffic/your computer/kids in the bathroom wont let you do anything else) so let's do SLOW and SLOWNESS on the songs today.

Have a measured and rational Tuesday, see you after 5.


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