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I Write the Songs

Simon Mayo | 06:25 UK time, Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Morning all. Bleary-eyed, I make to the computer. A late night of Act Your Age last night for Radio 4 and another one tonight too. Thanks to the committed Bloggers who made it to the Radio Theatre last night, I hope you enjoyed it. I think Dave Sparkey was the star of the show, very funny chap. The series goes out in March I believe, will let you know.

Graham Gouldman today after 6. I always loved 10CC and saw them play in Brighton around the time Dreadlock Holiday was a hit. Graham of course has a track record of song writing well before then, writing million sellers for The Yardbirds and The Hollies amongst others. But it is for 10CC that he will be mainly remembered (this sounds like an obituary, but he's definitely still with us) and those great albums Sheet Music, How Dare You! and The Original Soundtrack.

All of which makes me think we should do songs about SONGS and SONGWRITERS. Oh the angst! Oh the turmoil! Oh the pressure! Plenty to choose from I think from when songwriters get all self-obsessed.

Have a poised and dignified Wednesday, see you after 5


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