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And on the 12th day...

Simon Mayo | 09:04 UK time, Thursday, 6 January 2011

Morning to all. Rainy and rubbish here with just the news from Sydney to cheer us on our way. A terrific way to start the day. I love waking to "Test Match Special" and waiting to hear the first batsman mentioned. A few bleary seconds while you calculate how the night/day has gone, then you have it and the day begins...

Just spent awhile re-reading the wonderful comments on the blog yesterday about Gerry Rafferty. Thanks for those, proof indeed of the place he has had in our lives and record collections. So many good songs, I was pleased we squeezed as many in as we did.


Just fought the Christmas tree to standstill. It now resides outside the front door where it blocks the path, preventing anyone from arriving or leaving. I think the council operate a 'we'll pick up your tree before the summer' policy so will wait for a while before making plans. 12th Night of course has passed so every last remnant of Christmas is being purged, with the exception of the children's rooms where decorations will stay untouched and un-noticed till well after the council have called for the tree. But Let's do 12TH NIGHT oldies please CHUCK OUT/CLEAR OUT/START AGAIN. That sort of thing. We'll have our own Epiphany party.

And Nigel has a hearty stew for you at 6, so leave a space please.

Have an intriuging and unusual Thursday, see you after 5.


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