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Simon Mayo | 08:18 UK time, Monday, 17 January 2011

I'm starting to play 'think of a number'. I wake up and wonder what the total number of blog contributions is going to be. And 719 is some kind of monster. If we continue like we are, I fully expect to hit 4 figures some time soon. Welcome bloggers old and new (special welcome to first-timers, you'll have fun here). Hope the weekend was all you wanted it to be, but with less of a hangover. My football predictions turned out to be lamentably poor. Football focus wanted my scores to go against Mark Lawrenson's and I'm not sure I got any right at all.

You might like to know that I haven't seen the foxes for a while. This is because I have taken steps. I have listened to your advice and action has been initiated. I'm not sure I should explain exactly what I have done, but it was dark at the time and no pictures are available. Take that Mr Fox! Let's see you get out of that!

Today we offer you Matt Le Blanc and Stephen Mangan on their new show "Episodes". It's a good chat and Matt and Stephen have clearly become good mates. Matt didn't feature much in episode 1 but that all changes tonight so let's do FRIENDS and FRIENDSHIP on the oldies today. I know what you're going to ask for and it's going to be great!

Have a wild and inspiring Monday. See you after 5.


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