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Knock Knock

Simon Mayo | 09:14 UK time, Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Loving listening to The ABofC with Chris. I've interviewed him 3 times (ABofC not Chris) and really enjoy listening to his brain working. Not sure he likes being the top man really but he does radio fantastically well (ABofC and Chris). Rock on Rowan (as it says in the good book). (Too many brackets already. First paragraph too. I need to cut down a bit).

Loved the show yesterday and loved Martin Shaw. Wise, gentle, top actor and looking great. He's 65 for heavens sake, looks 50. The key to interviewing Martin is 1) go see the play 2)enjoy it and 3)to not mention Doyle who he hasn't played for 30 years. Then everyone is happy. Today it's Duffy who's back with a fine new album of songs and she'll be here after 6.

Hat news. To my surprise, child 2 returned with my hat she had stolen yesterday and I have now hidden it. I now wear the top hat and all is well. A Dickensian Christmas will be mine.

Now as you might be aware, it is December 1st today and the advent calenders are out (no you can't have the chocolate santa before breakfast! etc). So lets do ADVENT oldies today. Lots of DOORS and KNOCKING (of doors). Or WAITING will work too. Thanks.

Have a supportive and encouraging Wednesday, see you at 5.05


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