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Tom, Bruce and Gillian

Simon Mayo | 08:56 UK time, Monday, 15 November 2010

And a delightful Monday to bloggers everywhere, hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be. Mine was spent on a train heading to check the progress of child 1, now safely ensconced (what a great word that is) at university, with the company of child 3. Who'd have thought me and my credit card would have been so welcome. We had a great time and even survived the er, rather happy Stoke fans who got on the train to party the night away. The quiet carriage welcomed us with open arms. That mute button was happily pressed for the remaining of the journey.

So another top week on Drive (he says boldly) and we start with the mighty Tom Jones as our guest after 6. His "Praise and Blame" album is really first rate and makes you wonder why he didn't record a 'roots' album before. Those early gospel and soul songs were made for his voice which sounds richer than ever.

Musical accompaniment for today's blog (you'll be so surprised to learn)is the new Bruce Springsteen double cd "The Promise". The five star reviews in the papers were correct-it is magnificent. How these songs have been tucked away all this time, heaven and Bruce alone know.

Songs for the show today please on the subject of THE JUNGLE. "I'm a Celebrity..." is back and last night we had the extraordinary spectacle of Gillian McKeith, 'nutritionist', saying she had a phobia of spiders. A really bad one. You wonder which show she thought she was saying yes to. Someone must have said to her "you know, the one in the jungle with bugs and stuff". She can expect to get volunteered for every bushtucker trial going. So let's do all things JUNGLE tonight.

Have an intoxicating and inspiring Monday, see you at 5.05


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