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With a little ELP

Simon Mayo | 09:24 UK time, Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Greetings to all Drivetime bloggers. I am contemplating listening this morning to Emerson Lake and Palmer -The Ultimate Collection - which I have just found still in its cellophane wrapping. It includes, in case this tempts, a limited edition bonus disc Live At Anaheim 73-74. 3 cds of ELP I never knew I had and am not sure if I'll get through. I am intrigued enough to make a start however. But if any of you were at the Anaheim gig, is it worth the time and effort? Maybe Karn Evil 2nd Impression Parts 1 and 2 needs to be heard in its live context, in front of the loyal Californians, to be fully appreciated. I'm still on Disc 1 at the moment, I'll let you know.

I thought Rebecca Hunt was lovely yesterday and considering how nervous she was, gave a good account of herself and her book. Next up is some historical fiction with Robyn Young's 'Insurrection'. You can read 2 chapters on this site right now.

Salman Rushdie today, he has a new (sort of) kids book out and we'll talk to him after 6.
And tunes today on MINES, MINERS and MINING. The Chileans are due to be rescued tomorrow and there are many songs to consider here. Your choices down below please.
Hope Tuesday is a good one for you, see you 5.05. Now back to Aquatarkus...sing along everyone.


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