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Drill, gargle and spit

Simon Mayo | 10:03 UK time, Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Apologies for lateness, this was the fault of Bombay Mix. One innocent mouthful of that lovely night time snack and I was a tooth down. So today's trip to the dentist has knocked out the schedule somewhat, not to mention all feeling in my gums. No coffee has passed my lips for fear of dribble and being pointed at ("that looks like that bloke off the radio, what a state-shall we give him money?). I am told that all feeling will have returned by 5pm but you will be the judge of that.

Assuming all is normal we welcome Pixie Lott to drivetime, she sings in the Great British Songbook Library (in reality, a space between 2 sofas) after 6. We'll be filming Pixie and you'll be able to watch her performance on the website very soon after the show.

And songs please to mark the fact that the new Wall Street movie is number 1 in the USA. So that's songs about GREED please. Whatever you fancy,as long as GREED is writ all the way through it.

And I officially apologise to the whole of Radio 2 for infecting them with the Bill Bailey cold. Chris is suffering with it big time but there is comfort from the knowledge that it is a comedy cold with its roots deep in showbiz. So much classier than the common cold dont' you think?

Must go, I feel a tingle somewhere...


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