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A Saturday bonus

Simon Mayo | 09:43 UK time, Saturday, 30 October 2010

A blog on Saturday seems called for. Hello drivetimers-we're on again 6-8 today but first things first. Robert Plant was astonishing last night I thought. After about 30 minutes it occurred to me that this was one of those 'privilege to be there' gigs which come around rarely. Its about an artist of Plant's calibre having the time of his life and surrounding himself with a band who are all at the top of their game. Wherever you looked on stage, there was a top flight musician having the time of their life. Will seek out more Buddy Miller tunes as a matter of urgency. When the crowd recognised that 'Rock and Roll" had started they went crazy-in a respectable don't-want-to-hurt-my-back kind of way. And the choir left us with blessing we hadn't expected or asked for but got anyway.
Which brings us to today and Neil Diamond for our 3rd and final Electric Prom. Turns out his new album "Dreams" is the perfect Saturday morning accompaniment when you're a little frazzled. As he has delivered in the last 2 albums, these too are sparse and minimalist tracks but showcase his voice which seems deeper and rougher (in a good way) than before. So Neil will be on tonight and live music from Fyfe Dangerfield and Lauren Pritchard.
If you have Neil stories you'd like to share, concerts you've been too, people you snogged during "Sweet Caroline" and so on, do leave them below and we'll try to include them in the show tonight. And if you can't stand Neil Damond, we'll see you on Monday.
Otherwise, its a 6 o'clock start. See you in the bar.


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