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Guitar heroes Volume 5

Simon Mayo | 06:26 UK time, Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Morning DT bloggers. Lovely to have Fran Healy on the show yesterday. Enjoyed his songs - lovely to hear 'Wonderful Life' sung as a guitar tune. He said to me we hadn't met since 1999 and that I had looked really tired. That didn't surprise me as folk have said that to me since being on the breakfast show on Radio 1 but at least this time I had an excuse. Travis were singing right at the end of the 37 hour record breaking show I did as part of Comic Relief that year. I wasn't at my best having just been forced to interview Mr Blobby (I don't know either) and about to play the discs in for Pete Tong. I was not looking my finest. Depressingly, Fran didn't follow his observation up by saying how much better I look now. Guess I'll have to leave that to Jilly Cooper.

What a guitar hero we have today. None other than Carlos Santana who has a new album out called 'Guitar Heaven' in which he plays a whole number of legendary guitar pieces;'Whole Lotta Love','Sunshine of Your Love', 'Smoke on the Water' etc. Carlos on after 6 of course.

And having done the colour yellow for the Libdems, today might be a good day to have a go at songs with RED in the title. Ed Miliband (who once jumped out at me in Whitehall when I was trying to listen to music) makes his debut leader's speech today. RED tunes in the box below please and we'll get as many as we can on after 5.

Have a delightful Tuesday!


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