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Simon Mayo | 08:05 UK time, Friday, 20 August 2010

One week since returning from holiday and I still haven't finished my book. This is of course a mistake as if you haven't finished it by the time you go back to work, it might remain unfinished for ever. It'll join that pile of books by your bedside table where it'll stay for a few months before being shifted somewhere it doesn't mock you. Then you'll chuck it out.

Last night I kept going as late as I could but in the end was defeated. Not by tiredness (unusually) but by weight. My book is too heavy. I've always known it's a monster since I bought it but last thing at night, it seems like I'm doing a gym workout. But I need to keep going as there are only 200 odd pages to go and when you've been through more than 800, you have to finish. I have invested too much leisure time to give up now. And it's great fun. I haven't read a Stephen King book since I was 20 but 'Under The Dome' is a corker. And having lugged it half way round the world, I'm a fitter man for investing in it.

Bloggers favourite holiday reads for 2010? Any not finished? Ho hum.

Meantime, the weekend approaches and we need to get stuck in to a monster of an ALL REQUEST FRIDAY from 5 so those magnificent songs to kick things off can be left in the box below. You are too kind.



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