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Oh happy day

Simon Mayo | 07:42 UK time, Thursday, 15 April 2010

This is one of those days when I can be caught grinning inanely at most times of the day. I will be modest and unassuming of course but when your team has just stuffed the other team, a celebratory creme de menthe is called for. And when the other team is Arsenal and the hero is the new kid (alright 19) Danny Rose, a banana brandy chaser might be called for too. Obviously I wont go on about it. No sir.

Our Nige does a pavlova today (or should that be Pavlova as it is of course named after the Russian ballerina) and we will do one more day of songs for politicians. It is the big tv debate tonight so debate, so Mrs Robinson will work (thankyou Nicky Campbell) and what else? Any other songs about argument and posture? Or podiums? You know the drill.

Now back to the back pages. Have I mentioned the football?

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