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Off with their heads

Simon Mayo | 06:31 UK time, Friday, 23 April 2010

Well let's approach another all request Friday with the same breathless excitement that Sky News approached their leaders' debate. Don't know if I can keep it up all day but I'll give it a go. I actually gave up on the leaders after a while and watched Centurian, a new movie directed by Neil Marshall about the fabled Roman Ninth Legion. They sorted their disputes out by chopping peoples heads off. And you were allowed to applaud too. I'm talking to Neil on 5Live this afternoon along with Gurinder Chadha who has directed It's A Wonderful Afterlife - an Ealing -style comedy.

So it's another 2 show day as Dr Kermode has made it back from abroad at the last minute. Then on the taxibike and that all request Friday from 5. Let's get that great opening song left below and then we'll have a Centurian style fight to see whose song is chosen. Over to you ladies and gentlemen...



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