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And relax...(back shortly)

Simon Mayo | 09:28 UK time, Friday, 2 April 2010

Greetings for fine Good Friday.

Started early today - up at 6.45 to watch The Infidel starring Omid Djalili. It's a tad early to start laughing but managed 5 laughs before 7.15. Anyone else have more fun than that at breakfast? It is written by David Baddiel who will be my guest on 5Live this afternoon. Also, from Kick Ass Mark Strong who is terrific in pretty much everything. Please note yet another time shift, we are on at 12 and will run through till 2.

Then a gentle stroll to R2 for the perfect way to set up an Easter weekend - the all request Friday. Need those opening songs below. What are you waiting for?

See you at 12.00 and 5.00. Either or both will be fine.

And it'll be the fragrant Richard Madeley next week, so this blog will be resting, however briefly. Back on the 12th...


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  • Comment number 1.

    Morning Simon,

    Happy Easter to you and enjoy your break.

    Please would you play NEW SONG by HOWARD JONES. It was a hit in 1983, and the new series of Ashes to Ashes starts tonight and it is set in 1983.

    In the words of CDF, Warm Easter Greetings to all,

    Mcw x

  • Comment number 2.

    Morning Simon, and a happy Easter to you and yours.

    To celebrate the next generation of Ashes to Ashes, can you please play;


    on ARGF?

    All the best,


  • Comment number 3.

    Morning all

    Simon. Love the show. Enjoy your week off.

    What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.

    You Make Me Feel Brand New by Rod Stewart.


  • Comment number 4.

    Warm Good Friday Morning greetings to, (takes a big breath) – 634Salan, Alison from Eastleigh, Anthony in Rugby, BabyDriver, St David Marshall, Brenda, CherylTheDiva, cleverSupernanny, dawhandle, Deebee9, dreamurdream, Emily, Flourishing, Helen May, Jason Issacs, Jeff, KatyMac, Ken Jude, Kev TrickyTree Williams, Kidteeth, MadChickenWoman, MissToeDipper, MobileToothFairy, Music_Geek, NicRolastic, Paul of Sheffield, Paul?, Payre, PoshSoulLady, PurpleDragon, SparkleSparklyTinsel, SylviaB88, Ticketyboo, Tortie-cat, untalentedmrripley, ,... and somebody who rarely makes a post, Spike!

    Good morning Simon, can you please open up ARF with ASHES TO ASHES by DAVID BOWIE? CORNISH DARREN FEWINS

    Love the show, the host, myself, the staff, the other blogpoppets, the mods, the tweeters, the browsers, the callers, the emailers, the face bookers, the ones that don't even know the show exists (shame on you)

  • Comment number 5.

    Morning Simon et al

    Thank for the mention CDF!

    ARF choice also from 1983 - Men at Work - Down Under

    Simon - have a great week off. A well deserved break after your first brilliant drive time term!


  • Comment number 6.

    "Sweet music" Chris Cerf (he wrote many of the Sesame Street songs)....a top Soul tune to start the w/e with a smile from the inside :-)

  • Comment number 7.

    I wonder if next weeks themes are going to be Eggs, Chickens, Bunnys and Old James Bond Movies?

    Love the show, the host, myself, the staff, the other blogpoppets, the mods, the tweeters, the browsers, the callers, the emailers, the face bookers, the ones that don't even know the show exists (shame on you)

  • Comment number 8.

    Is anyone else watching Simon and Mark online on 5live? They have David Baddiel on...

  • Comment number 9.

    *tries to clear the tumbleweed from the room...*

  • Comment number 10.

    It's a busy studio at the moment- Baddiel and Mark Strong alongside Mayo and Kermode...

  • Comment number 11.


    Happy Easter.

    It's raining small furry mammals here at the mo. Nic's taking me to see Chasetown play Sheffield this afternoon so hats and waterproofs are the essential Easter attire, and then I'm taking him out for a curry tonight so a good day in the making!

    ARF: Walk This Way - Aerosmith

    because we're going walking in the Peak District on Easter Sunday - again, no doubt, in our waterproofs!

    Soggy sandwich anyone .....



  • Comment number 12.

    Afternoon all, and a happy Eastertide :-)

    You'd think with this being a holiday and all I'd have had more time to come online.....apparently it's not a housework holiday, sadly. Even forgot about the 5Live show, which is a bit of a bummer as I usually miss it when I'm at work - is it still on?

    Anyway, my ARF request, which I managed to tweet earlier before my day got busy, is "Something about you" by Level 42. From 1985 as we're doing dates, so it counts as being in the Ashes to Ashes era.

    Deebee X

  • Comment number 13.

    Have a good one Deevs - hope tha rain hold off enough for you to enjoy yourself.

    As there is a better than normal chance of getting the first song tonight (due to the small number of posts on here), can I ask for




  • Comment number 14.

    Ooh, watching now! This is exciting - a first for me. Simon's just been looking at his phone during the travel news - do you suppose he's on Twitter deciding what the ARF is going to be? Pick me, Simon, pick me!!

  • Comment number 15.

    Am all of a muddle and keep thinking it's Saturday so didn't bother popping in here.

    Hello co-blogpoppets - hope you all have a spedlind Easter break.

    ARF opener - BABY DRIVER - SIMON & GARFUNKEL please Simon.

    Love the show. More than them ^^^^^^ and the ones who posted yesterday and anyone who has ever posted in here.

  • Comment number 16.

    I am looking forward to Mr Madeley next week. The engineers could tweak the intro tune to incorporate him ..
    ".. Madeley o-oh Ma-a-ade-ly .. drivetime come .."

    He is an avid tweeter and has already said:

    "Random Acts of Kindness has made it to R2 Drive nxt week!If you have story as giver or receiver,email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx please.Ta!"

  • Comment number 17.

    followed by:

    "And please leave contact details.I'd love to talk to you on air.Twitter meets broadcasting! ..."

    [quote from Richard Madeley on Twitter]

  • Comment number 18.

    Afternoon everybody,
    the clouds parted and the sun shone (for about 30 seconds) and inspiration came to me! Well, an idea, at least. Seeing as how it's based on the 23rd Psalm, perhaps this would be appropriate:-
    I haven't heard it played on-air for a very long time and it would make an old(ish) man happy ;-)

    Hope everyone has a good break, Hampshire Dave

  • Comment number 19.

    Very Merry Easter Bunnikins to one and all Blogpoppets - and especially to St. David of Revshire


    Have yourself a great break - we'll miss you!

  • Comment number 20.

    Good Morning Each! Oh, futtocks! Good AFTERNOON, each! Well, I have to thank a certain blogpoppet for a little musical education last night. He knows who he is. And so, due to the fact that I am unlikely to get a fb song played for my ARGF(nods to Tricky),instead of asking for 'Walk In The Woods" by Ben Worsley, can I choose...

    'Jollity Farm' by The Bonzo's, p.p.p.p.please, Simon.

    Happy Easter Each!

  • Comment number 21.

    Missed the tweet. Big, Fast and Loud, you say. "Whole Lotta Rosie" by ACDC, then. PLEASE, pleads Paul.

  • Comment number 22.

    Just in the interest of balance, can just say that I REALLY hope that Coventry lose tomorrow.

  • Comment number 23.

    # 19 Many thanks your Spikeness.....already been to church for Good Friday worship....final prep for Sunday...and then Sunday afternoon....zoommm

  • Comment number 24.

    Dear Simon - a really good record for Good Friday would be "MAGNIFICENT" by U2 which I would dedicate to all hard working clergy - may they all have a lovely rest after Easter!

  • Comment number 25.

    Rev Dave, Happy Easter to you. You must be in one of very few professions in which you have to both work more when everyone else is holidaying, and yet celebrate and party at the same time. Have a good 'un, old bean.

  • Comment number 26.

    One last attempt at an ARGF afore I go.

    'Coast To Coast" by Ducks Deluxe, please Simon.

    Outa here!

  • Comment number 27.

    #20, 22 my pleasure, me old chuck. Glad you enjoyed! Would we settle for a 5-5 draw?

    Yes, dear Blogpeepsters, do check out "Walk In The Woods" by a future rock god referred to in #20. Available, etc.....


  • Comment number 28.

    #26 or maybe by MAID IN HEAVEN by BE BOP DELUXE?

  • Comment number 29.

    #28 How can Bill Nelson sing the lyric "It's a question of style" dressed like that?! (available, etc.... at the home of live music, courtesy of KJ)

  • Comment number 30.

    Well, I thought I might just mention


    I asked for it a few weeks ago, but it didn't make it then. How about today???

    Cheers, Hampshire Dave

  • Comment number 31.

    Hey Rev, I notice someone's asked for a Delirious song over on FB.

    Well if Simon wants big fast and loud then that's me out of the running. I should have chosen HOT WATER by Level 42 (1984).

  • Comment number 32.

    # 31 Which song Debs? Is it "Deeper"?

  • Comment number 33.

    # 25 Thanks Paul - Happy Easter to you too! I'm off after Easter, not having had a proper holiday since last October so we both feel in need of rest and refreshment. 10 days at our house in France and then I fly to Sweden for a week long training in Christian Leadership.

  • Comment number 34.

    #32 It's "History Maker".

    My husband and son went to see them a couple of years ago in Cambridge. They were so loud I could almost hear them at home, 10 miles away!

  • Comment number 35.

    Thank you Deebee....good song. I saw them in Cambridge in 2006! We lived in Bury St Edmunds at that time.

  • Comment number 36.

    Afternoon all

    No suggestions today from me, but thought I'd pop in and wish you all a Happy Easter - and have a great and well-deserved break Simon.

    See you all next week!

    Tortie x

  • Comment number 37.

    #33 Happy Hols Revster Rooster....

    Is the course held in Swedish? Strange word Swedish, doesn't sound right, bit like queue....

    Anyways up, glad to hear that Element 112 finally has a name.

    Beats (3D glasses on) Unobtanium.

  • Comment number 38.

    WOW! Zepp on R2 twice in a year?!

  • Comment number 39.

    I'm sure this one was an ARF opener a few weeks back

  • Comment number 40.

    # 37 Nope...thank goodness! We have met the Swedish guys already as they came over in the autumn for the first half of the course...the funny things is....the funny things....

  • Comment number 41.

    Ok - I'm out of here for a while

    Things to cook, drink, watch, do.

    Happy Easter one and all x

  • Comment number 42.

    #37 Surely, if the Revs course was held in Swedish, it would've had a Swedish name. I dunno...Chreeesjin Leeejersjip?

    And I somehow thought that my Ducks Deluxe request would have prompted you in one direction or another. Either Bebop (yay!) or a circuitous route to Dave Edmunds

  • Comment number 43.

    # 42 The 1st week was very expensive. Apparently they don't have pubs in Sweden so they wanted to go to the pub every night!!!

  • Comment number 44.

    #42 Be Bop Deluxe meets Nick Lowe eh?

    Anyone apart from CDFMSDODINSM know Nick Lowe's middle name?

  • Comment number 45.

    #35 It might even have been 2006 when they went - that would be weird if you were at the same gig!

    My daughter's going to Sweden in a couple of weeks on an exchange trip. She's very excited about it.

  • Comment number 46.

    # 45 Which town in Sweden? I fly out on Friday 16th to Gothenburg..

  • Comment number 47.

    #46 She's flying to Gothenburg on the 14th, and staying in a place called Uddevalla. She comes home on the 20th. Her dad's jealous because they're going to the Hallberg-Rassy factory (the Aston Martin of the sailing world...)

  • Comment number 48.

    Nicrolastic, are you about? I was listening to Shaun Keaveney on 6music this morning, and he trailed his show on Easter Monday morning(also on 6music). He has as his guest, one Tim Booth. I seem to have gleaned an inkling that this just might interest you. If you are, ahem, otherwise engaged at that particular time, you can always 'listen again' .
    At your service,Sir.

  • Comment number 49.

    # 47 I shall be staying with a Swedish family for the first weekend but I haven't been told where yet!! Can't get the Swedish chef off my brain...Dobedohdobe

  • Comment number 50.

    #49 clue is it may be in Sveden, or Wigan...

  • Comment number 51.

    # 50 Now now Spikey....April Fools Day was yesterday!

  • Comment number 52.

    #50 Vigan?

  • Comment number 53.

    #52 Vignosski, via Cheznicia

  • Comment number 54.


    Oh, Wales.

    Anyway....DON'T SAVE THE WHALE by YES!!!!

  • Comment number 55.

    Did I truly type that?! KILL, not SAVE.

    *slinks off, slyly*

  • Comment number 56.

    Happy Easter everybody...catch up with you...in...emm.....later this month...after sun and Sweden

  • Comment number 57.

    #56 Happy Easter Revvy Bunnyskins

  • Comment number 58.

    KILL, not SAVE. Not so keen on the new Northern Rock slogan. (Other financial mis-managers are available etc)

  • Comment number 59.

    #56 Keep praying for us please...

  • Comment number 60.

    #58 see you laters on FB or YT or other sites (available etc...)

  • Comment number 61.

    Hi folks, just to let you know I've put the link to Simon's latest Telegraph column (other newspapers, etc., etc.) on the blogpoppets FB page. Although I'm beginning to think it's only me and Tortie that reads them.

    Deebee X

  • Comment number 62.

    Good morning all!

    Qu: What do you get if you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole?

    A: Hot cross bunnies.

    Deebee X

  • Comment number 63.

    Good Morning Each! Oh, futtocks! Good AFTERNOON, each! Oh, double futtocks! A Very Good EVENING Each!
    Now, I am not stopping, I just wanted to pop in for a moment and gaze about, showing off my recently acquired cheesy grin, and smug, gloaty and self-satisfied attitude. Everyone seen it? Spike? Good, I'm off out for a pint or two then. (Wanders off happily humming...'Steve Bloomers Watching, Helping.......')

  • Comment number 64.

    #63 ???

    *mutters* must be something to do with football or some such.....

    Night all

    Deebee X

  • Comment number 65.

    #64. Spot on, Deebs.

  • Comment number 66.

    I'm rather pleased with myself - spent about half an hour this afternoon working out the keyboard chords for "Feel" by Robbie Williams. Not that great achievement I grant you, but bear in mind that (1) I'm not a brilliant pianist in the first place (2) I was taught classical piano and find it very hard to play anything without the dots in front of me and as a result (3) I can't really play by ear. But I ended up with a fair estimation of what the original sounds like.

    The next project is going to be the end section from "Layla".... I'll let you know.

    Deebee X

  • Comment number 67.

    Well played Deebee - I haven't tinkled my ivories for some time - usually wait until I'm home alone. Not much of that this weekend ...

    ... daughter No 2 and friend returned from Egypt holiday in order to make plans to return there to work for the next 6 months or so. This time next week I will have an empty nest [daughter No 1 teaching English in S Korea for a year].

    Had lunch out yesterday so will slow roast a leg of lamb today whilst tuning in to Mr Madeley's Drive Time which starts at 4pm.

    Hope you are all enjoying the break - bring on the resurrection, I say

  • Comment number 68.

    #67 amen to that KatyMac. We're not quite at the empty nest stage yet, but it won't be long.

    It is a bit quiet round here - I hope that means everyone's out enjoying the Easter weekend. Maybe we should pretend that Simon's not on hols this week, and just carry on choosing songs... How about holidays for today's theme?

    Deebee X

  • Comment number 69.

    Certainly is Deebee. Quiet, that is.

    Noticed that RM is not asking us to tweet song suggestions - he has posted this a couple of times:

    "All random acts of kindness stories to richardmadeley@bbc.co.uk please,ditto shout outs,dedications,random messages etc.No dot after richard"

  • Comment number 70.

    Ooh Katy, what did you say to upset the Wombles? Actually, you can't tell me that, can you..... Still, at least we know they're not on holiday *waves to mods*

  • Comment number 71.

    The Wombles don't like email addresses (not even their own ones}. Not listening today as I'm at home not in the car. Will give RM a go tomorrow.

    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 72.

    Not really my cup of tea, I'm afraid. I wish they'd asked Richard Allinson. Or even better, Richard Hammond - he's done a few shows for R2 in the past, and he has a similar type of humour to Simon's. Which probably explains a fair bit....about me, if nothing else.

    We're away for a few days from tomorrow, so I will not miss the lack of Mayo-ness as much as if it was a normal week.

    Deebee X

  • Comment number 73.

    I can't disagree with #72, so just because I am, on occasion, a tad curmudgeonly, I shall disagree with # 52 instead.

  • Comment number 74.

    Personally, I would have chosen Alex Lester to fill the seat. I think he is one of those presenters that are wasted in the night time slot, and is deserving of a wider audience. I used to think the same of Adrian John when he had the early show on Radio 1. (Try to work out how many yonks ago that was. I think it was 1.85 yonks)

  • Comment number 75.

    #74 (Assuming a yonk to be approximately 11.891891891891891891891891891892 years. I have been drinking, so you may want to allow for a small discrepancy)

    Alex and Adrian may also wish to be made aware of my penchant for mature cheddar cheese, and/or the flagship product of a certain Burton based brewery.(Other libations are available etc. etc.)

  • Comment number 76.

    To paraphrase Lena Zavaroni, MAR he's making STONS PEDIGREE at me. (Too obvious?)

  • Comment number 77.

    I don't know what you're drinking Paul, but can I have some please?

  • Comment number 78.

    #77 You jownch know worr iym j-jrinkin? #76 .(Hic) G'night Deebs, your the besht blogmatey a feller c'dav.

  • Comment number 79.

    Ooo, me 'ead!

  • Comment number 80.

    Morning all, and a Happy Easter - oh,too late!

    So, did everyone havea good weekend? For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that my weekend included a little trip to A&E on Saturday morning, due to a conflagration between a bread knife, a baguette and my thumb. This visit resulted in an unfeasibly large dressing which comes off today. I then have to go to the docs to get them to insepct it for infection (yum). If all is OK, I'm back to work tomorrow. Meanwhile I am working at home today, so may be popping in and out of here.

    Oh, and I didn;t get to watch Forest on TV yesterday - the one day in the year they are on terrestrial TV and the in-laws descend upon us....

    #66 - DeeBee - if you have a look on the Interweb, you can find thousands of chord tabulature for more or less any song you like - saves a lot of trial and error trying to work out chord progressions, etc.

  • Comment number 81.

    Morning All!

    Hope your thumb's feeling better today Kev. And hope your head's not too bad this morning Paul.... ;-)

    So Kev, do I just google "chord tabulature"?

    I probably won't be around for the next few days as we're spending some time on our boat - yes, we have a yacht dah-lings... However, not as grand as it sounds - it's the tippy-over type with big white flappy things rather than the jacuzzi and gin type. Although, we do have gin. The forecast's not looking too good though, so we probably won't get very far. I might be able to manage the odd visit on here to see what (if anything) is going on, but wi-fi access is intermittent so I may not be back (on-line and in actuality) till the weekend.

    Deebee X

  • Comment number 82.

    Yes Deebs - for example, if you type in "Robbie Williams chord tabs" or similar, you'll get loads of websites giving relevant chords. Or, you can Google for a specific song in the same way.

    Enjoy the yacht, dahling!

  • Comment number 83.

    Well that's another celebratory weekend in the bag - time for some serious work for me. And parliamentary parties by the sounds of things.

    Hope everyone pops in here now and again. I know the blog has been about the show/music - and it seems we're not invited to contribute along those lines - but I've grown used the banter and really rather miss you all ..

  • Comment number 84.

    Good Morning Each. I suspect we are a tad thin on the ground this morning, and indeed this week. Just popped in with a a (lack of)progress report. As yet, no sticker, no cheesy comestibles, no Pedigree. Still hoping, though.

    I wonder if we will get a postcard?

  • Comment number 85.

    Morning all

    Only 4 weeks to the next Bank Holiday!

    Hope we all had/are having a good time. Kev, hope the thumb is getting beter; Deebee - try not to fall overboard!

    Must get some work done now!

    Tortie x

  • Comment number 86.

    #82 Kev, how is George Boyd doing at Forest? We at Stevenage Borough are hoping you go up and hoping you agree to pay large piles of pound notes for the White Pele as we get 40%+ of it (assuming Barry Fry doesn't manage to tie it in to a joint deal with another player and fix it so that the bulk of the money is for player with no sell-on clause).

  • Comment number 87.

    Paul #48 - only just caught up after being away at the weekend - very busy but excellent, inclouding 2 walks in the Peak District.
    Anyway, I missed reading your comment before it was on so will try and listen again. Thanks for the tip-off.


  • Comment number 88.

    #87 Whereabouts in the peak did you go, Nic?

  • Comment number 89.

    We stayed at Brough near Bradwell and did walks around Hope (a bit steep for Deevs that one!) and Great Hucklow.

  • Comment number 90.

    Ah, Bradwell, birthplace of Samuel Fox, inventor of the brolly (no surprise there then). Did you see the Roman fort on the river. Lu (Mrs of Sheffield) and I were out that way t'other weekend, buying some thick socks from William Eyres. Some of the walks on the hills made our faces a bit red, too. But, then into the Fox House for a snifter and a panini (panino?) on the way home. T'aint a bad place to live, Sheffield.

  • Comment number 91.

    #89 - bit steep and then some: even the sheep were wearing oxygen masks!!

    Hi everyone. More job rejections to cope with today so feeling really truly utterly hacked off at the mo.

    Hope you all had a lovely Easter.

    Cheryl x

  • Comment number 92.

    Hi All,

    Bit quiet around these parts. Missing the blog banter and the sound of brains whirring as we try and second guess what songs Simon will play, as opposed to what we would secretly like to hear (Twilight ELO, any James apart from Sit Down, Gram Parsons and Jethro Tull being those that instantly come to mind). Not sure about JT myself!!

    Deevs, so sorry to hear that you've had some job rejections. You have been so industrious with all the interviews etc, it seems so unfair. Am sure the right job is out there for you and am keeping my fingers crossed. Glad you had a good Easter break. Mr Mcw likes his mountains too- last year we had just scaled one particularly steep mountain in the Lake District, and just as we'd got down to reasonable oxygen levels I was informed that in order to get back to the car, we had to scale another mountain! I didn't realise quite how colourful my vocabulary could be until that point!

    Hope everyone had a good Easter, Mcw x

  • Comment number 93.

    #86 - Hi Ken. Boyd is doing OK. Hasn;t scored yet, but we have been going through a wobbly patch of late, especially away from home. Still 3rd in the table though, and a good chance of getting through via the playoffs. Mind you, last time I thought that we got drawn against Wolves. Played them off the park and were 3-1 up after first leg. Then we went to Wolves and lost 3-0. Ho Hum!

    Morning everyone else. Back at work now, thumb still attached...

  • Comment number 94.

    Morning Each! Kev, at the risk of setting off a For*st smug-gland, I would say that the playoffs are a real poison chalice, and the best outcome for any club taking part in them would, I think, be to be a losing semi-finalist.
    The biggest problem with them is that the clubs that make it to the final, have no clue as to which of the two divisions they will be playing in the following season, and can therefore make no plans for that season until the final has been played, by which time any decent transfer targets will have already been snapped up. This is likely to leave the promoted side so far behind the rest, that they inevitably overspend in the January transfer window, on players that were not considered worth bidding for the previous summer. net result, relegation with unsustainable debt, and (Please) the possibility of taking the title of worst ever premier team (off us). That said, Ireally do wish you the best of luck.

  • Comment number 95.

    Anyway, still no sticker, no cheese, no beer.

    What is that on the distant horizon? It looks like it might be Plan B.

  • Comment number 96.

    Hi Paul,

    I can understand your take on the playoffs, and in our case this year, I would setttle for losing semi-finalists. We really do not have the strength in depth, or the money to buy in players, to comete in the Prem. That said, Mr. Doughty, our philanthropic owner, has promised to put a lot more money into the coffers, and we would get the £30 mill for winning the playoffs. We are financially in a very good state, with no sizeable debt (it got paid off over the past 5 years or so by the afore-mentioned Doughty), so any new money coming into the club would go to buy players. As you say, though, the chances of buying a few bargains will be few and far between. Still, I wouldn't say no if we were given the playoff winners slot, although I would be happy with another tyear of consolidation - we were, after all, considered to be mid table at best this year.

  • Comment number 97.

    Paul's take on the playoff finalists situation is spot on.

    Stevaange were definitely affected when we lost in the playoff final to Carlise, and our playoffs finish two or three weeks earlier than the FL playoffs. It really does play havoc with planning for the following season.

    At Conference level it's much worse for losing finalists I think. There are plenty of bad/failing clubs in League 2, and the protectionism of Barry "intellectual proprty rights" Hearn and co (only two clubs relegated from League 2 and four promoted from League 2!) means those bad clubs stay there longer than bad clubs in higher divisions. So momentum usually carries the Conference promoted clubs through the next season. Can't remember any coming straight back down the following season in recent years.

    But for the loser, planning for the followng season is definitely affected, as players with mortages really don't want to wait - if they get an offer they snap it up.

  • Comment number 98.

    Situations Vacant. An opportunity has arisen for the post of Blog Tumbleweed Collector. Hours to suit, and will fit easily around term time commitments. No experience necessary, as full training will be given to the correct candidate, however previous applicants need not reapply. The successful candidate will be expected to join other bloggers in (very) occasional inane or pointless conversation, and must supply their own safety wear (thick gloves, goggles).
    Apply online, or below, giving brief details of your suitability for the post, or your lack of suitability for any other job.

  • Comment number 99.

    Dear Paul,

    My current job ends on April 16th and as nobody has offered me a job, I shall have nothing better to do. I think I would be ideally suited for this role. I have virtually no experience whatsoever, save for a propensity for waffling, as the ocassion arises.



  • Comment number 100.

    You would appear to be a perfect candidate. Unfortunately, on this occasion we have reached 100 posts. Your application will be held on file.(Somewhere or other)


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