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Bang a gong

Simon Mayo | 09:30 UK time, Thursday, 14 January 2010

Thursdays opening song. The terms and conditions are out. A big hit needed of course and with a GONG somewhere. Usually seem to go at the start or finish but frankly as long as there's a gong in it I don't care. It can be a flat gong, a paiste symphonic gong or a nipple gong (yes really). It isn't, I accept, a classic rock 'n' roll instrument, but I'm sure you'll rise to the challenge. Over to you.

Nigel B is back today doing extraordinary things with Duck A L'Orange. If you have a great idea for a classic dish for Nigel to prepare let us know. You can do it on this site of course. And let us know all about your favourite culinary tip - maybe something which has been handed down through generations.

And do get in touch for homework sucks if you're stumped by anything your kids are asking. Though to be honest we can cope with anyone's homework, whether it has come from kids or not!

See you at 5.

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