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Where would Sven exit leave Notts County?

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Simon Austin | 11:22 UK time, Monday, 19 October 2009

The union between Sven-Goran Eriksson and Notts County always seemed an unlikely marriage. Now, after barely three months together, the two parties seem destined to go their separate ways.

The Swedish Football Association are keen to speak to Eriksson about replacing Lars Lagerback as their national coach.

Their president, Lars-Ake Lagrell, is a long-time friend and admirer of the former England manager and says he will sound Eriksson out about the job this week.

What's more, Eriksson has always said he would love to manage his home country. I have spoken to a close ally of the Swede's today, who says this is still very much the case.

Sven-Goran ErikssonEriksson's appointment ensured instant attention for Notts County

So things aren't looking good for Notts County. How badly damaged would they be by the departure of their high-profile director of football?

After all, Eriksson was appointed by County's new owners, Munto Finance, to bring instant kudos and credibility to the League Two outfit.

His recruitment in July ensured that the national spotlight was firmly focused on the previously unfashionable club - and it has been on them ever since.

The exit of Sol Campbell last month after only one match was an embarrassing setback for the club, yet many placed the blame on the former England defender.

The departure of Eriksson, the public face of the new regime, would be a different story altogether and would be sure to cast fresh doubt on County's mystery owners and their plans for the club.

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  • 1. At 11:54am on 19 Oct 2009, theroosterpie wrote:

    Yes, I'm afraid this would be a blow to Notts. Erikkson is currently on a mission to find the club a new manager and firmly set the ambitious vision the owners have for the club.

    If Sven were to leave and take this job, I would firmly wish him well, it is every football persons dream to represent their country in any position.

    However, I am appalled by the comment in this report "we'll have a telephone conversation on Wednesday". WEDNESDAY!!!! why do we have to have more doubt spread over this club for the next 72 hours? I find that very disrespectful from the Swedish FA.

    It will also be interesting to find out what will happen with Sven's shares in the club in which he holds, will this be a sticking point?

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  • 2. At 12:39pm on 19 Oct 2009, thelovelyEmpem wrote:

    This news makes me very sad indeed. The wheels seem to be falling off the wagon of this venture, with Sol Campbell lasting five minutes and now the Swedish FA trying to tempt Sven away. Poor old County seem to have become a play thing or distraction for those who can pick and choose whilst the fans are expected to be grateful for the interest being paid to them.

    Obviously, Sven hasn't made any decisions yet (or if he has, he's keeping quiet about it) so I don't want to assume anything but I agree with theroosterpie and think the club and its fans deserve a little bit more respect than they seem to be getting currently.

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  • 3. At 12:44pm on 19 Oct 2009, LawBestCharlton wrote:

    I imagine this wouldnt be a massive blow to Notts County as long as their next appointment as manager is a solid, experienced man who is more than capable of managing the club without the interference of a Director of Football above him.

    Sven gave the club a higher profile, as Simon Austin says. But for them to truly progress into the sort of club that the owners presumably aspire to, the real key is to appoint a manager capable of taking the team on to the next level.

    And best of luck to Sven - the kind of ridicule and contempt he has been held in by people in this country since around 2005-06 has been unjustified, and completely instigated by the gutter press we have the misfortune of having here. He's a fine manager, with an excellent track record, on the whole.

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  • 4. At 12:49pm on 19 Oct 2009, morecambe2009 wrote:

    Bye Sven

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  • 5. At 12:51pm on 19 Oct 2009, cliftonmugpie wrote:

    i'll just wait and see, we at meadowlane have got used to having many different stories about our club! if sven says it fine he can go, but so far we have been linked to well over 100 players,and 40 managers,and we are owned by every villian in the world.
    but what as actually happened a player came thought we was signing some of those players made up by the press ,got it wrong and left and we have sacked our manager, the leagues going to ratify the takeover and thats under the new rules!
    Has he said he's taking the job?or is it more made up paper talk?

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  • 6. At 12:53pm on 19 Oct 2009, SheffieldPie wrote:

    "Destined"? Since my club Notts County have started receiving more media coverage I have been amazed to discover the poor quality of journalism in this country - speculation, rumour, and opinion, all delivered in a patronising and know-all tone. The report on the BBC website contains no quotes from Notts County, Sven or his agent. It just says the Swedish FA will ask if he is interested in going on the short-list. How is that "destined" to leave? Last week was he "destined" to manage North Korea? The week before was he "destined" to walk out because of the Football League's "investigation"?

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  • 7. At 1:00pm on 19 Oct 2009, Chizzle wrote:

    Out of all the other jobs, I think the Swedish national job is the only one he'd go for nowadays. I haven't a clue what's going on at Notts County but it's fair to say that the takeover has done a bit more harm than good really, I would be incensed if I was a County fan to see my team being splashed all over the media every day, and not for footballing reasons. I think if Sven leaves we could see the Munto Finance group hightail it out of there and leave County to flounder until someone who is actually interested in running a successful football club and not just column inches turns up.

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  • 8. At 1:00pm on 19 Oct 2009, Barrister n Solicitor from hell wrote:

    Notts County will be even better without Erickson, they have have money and can buy simply players who requested by manager, he bought Sol Campbell and he was flop, and i think he will fail at sweden as he did at mexico, cause he is too old for the job and players will not respect him as they dont see him long term replacement.

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  • 9. At 1:04pm on 19 Oct 2009, Simon Austin wrote:

    I take on board what you're saying ian1917. I thought "destined" was justified here though...

    I have spoken to, and quoted, the president of the Swedish FA, who says they are keen on Sven and will sound him this week.

    Furthermore, I've spoken to a close ally of Eriksson's, who says he would love to do the job.

    There is a lot to sort out still, I admit. County say they have a gentleman's agreement with Eriksson, allowing him to leave for a big club or country though (I am going to add this to the story now)...

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  • 10. At 1:27pm on 19 Oct 2009, JG wrote:

    Who says Sven could not do both jobs? Both the Swedish National Manager and Notts County DoF are not 'hands on' and 'day to day roles'.

    Sweden is not the other side of the world AND Sven likes the money!

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  • 11. At 1:27pm on 19 Oct 2009, Dagger83 wrote:

    If County have any ambitions to be in the Championship/Premiership within 5 years, they need a bit of stability! The high profile signing of Sol turned out to be a farce, the manager has gone after less than a quarter of the season and now Sven may be off.
    I never really understood what Sven was doing there in the first place as any names Sven would be able to attract shouldn't be in League 2 (e.g. Sol).

    I wish Notts well but I do fear that without a stable management team, they may struggle.

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  • 12. At 1:35pm on 19 Oct 2009, DrivngChip24 wrote:

    He'll go, of that I'm sure.
    There are plenty of scurrilous rumours about our club everyday-you tend to ignore them as they're par for the course whe you commit the ultimate sin, like County. (I.E having a bit of ood fortune.) But I think you'd have to give a bit of credence to this particular story.
    But I don't think his departure would affect us that greatly, To be honest.
    Our fanbase is increasing all the time thanks to Sven-although It's a shame for Shrwsbury to have to lose all of their fans!

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  • 13. At 1:35pm on 19 Oct 2009, NoMoreMcNumpty wrote:

    I don't understand. Why can't Sven do the two jobs at the same time? The role of Director of Football hardly clashes with that of the head coach of the national team. In this way, Sweden gets a good manager, Notts County can hopefully keep Sven there longer as Sven won't get bored easily, and Sven can earn two salaries. No one would lose in this situation.

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  • 14. At 1:48pm on 19 Oct 2009, sharvey19 wrote:

    This would really put Notts County in doggy doo doo. He is the one real star they've got, and if they lose him too, they're back to square one - bringing faces in without Sven there will be even more impossible.

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  • 15. At 1:57pm on 19 Oct 2009, Dan wrote:

    LawBestCharlton I must disagree with your feelings that Sven is unjustly ridiculed in this country.

    Firstly, he is laughed at all over Europe for his womanising and his greed.

    Did he take this job to prove something? To Achieve? No, he took it because he would be paid a large sum of money to do not a lot.

    His actions in his personal life since 2005 are what draw this ridicule, people are not judging him as football manager they are judging him as a person and if they find him seedy, shallow and disloyal so be it.

    He is a sucessful manager, although his record in Italy is rarely scrutinised, I do believe any manager would have done well at Lazio with that kind of money being banded around, crazy even in today's terms.

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  • 16. At 1:58pm on 19 Oct 2009, dannytrfc wrote:

    I actually think Eriksson going would be a good thing for County. It’s not that he’s done a bad job or couldn’t help them, but I think he embodies what is currently wrong with the current regime (as I see it as an outsider, County fans are justified to disagree) - this attitude of getting the top players now and a big-name manager.

    They need to dampen expectations and build slowly. Rather than aim to entice Premier League players (e.g. Campbell), they need to be looking at top League One players (maybe even lower-end Championship players) that are willing to drop a division or two for a year or two. That should get them up to League One, then they could look a bit higher with top Championship players etc etc.

    You don’t need the ‘big names’, your has-beens looking for a final pay day or to prolong their careers, you need proven players with the ability to get you up and to build on that slowly and patiently!

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  • 17. At 2:07pm on 19 Oct 2009, Tiger wrote:

    I agree with "LawBestCharlton", I think the appointment of the manager is the key decision.

    The best man for the job is Peter Taylor. I would've taken him the day after the take over and certainly would now he's available for free. he knows the divisions, he knows how to get the best out of players and he's sensible with money.

    Notts already have Akinbiyi so that'll save him one job too!

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  • 18. At 2:40pm on 19 Oct 2009, Lokacious wrote:

    Follow the cash Sven.... loyalty is too big a concept for you

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  • 19. At 2:53pm on 19 Oct 2009, pedrosghost wrote:

    Being a county fan all my life and relatively new to being under the media microscope I've found it in equal parts hilarious and shocking. I've often commuted the 90 minutes to London yet I am amazed, according to the London press, just how far oop north Nottingham is and what a footballing minnow Notts County appears to be.

    For some reason this whole takeover just isn't right in the eyes of the media. This miracle of an outside investor picking Notts County, of all clubs, as if with a pin and blindfold has really upset the apple cart. It is as if the Media's sole aim is to remove this dodgy backing and put us all on an even playing field once more. Not one neutral journo has reported this from a Notts County fan's point of view.

    Simon if you were to ask any lower league fan what they would most want from their footballing fairy god mother it would be a big cash injection from somewhere and to get players worth watching and something to really cheer on. I think most people should bear in mind that just because we do not support a big club it somehow does not make us inferior football fans, you're not a better fan because you support a better team.

    We deserve this as much as anyone, Arsenal, Man Utd, Forest, Leeds fan or whoever. Where the money has come from is really a detail, good luck on asking any football club where the money backing the club has honestly come from.

    Sven has always been a square peg in the round hole of football managing. Just about everyone he has ever had a cup of peppermint tea with is being linked to the new Notts job, even laughably David Platt. It would not be another media day without some story linking Sven with a "better" management job. Why not ask him directly or just wait until it actually happens, oh yeah sorry I forgot the speculation game is more entertaining than the news.

    I know two people who are currently carrying out bespoke work on his new kitchen and his double bed. Hey let's start a rumour there...

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  • 20. At 3:09pm on 19 Oct 2009, Bury are Fantastic wrote:

    Correct me if i'm wrong but Notts reached the first division in the early nineties without Sven-Goran Eriksson. It'll be perceived as a blow to lose him and perhaps a bit embarrassing for the club and its fans but if the club's got money, they'll be able to attract players good enough to get them up the leagues.
    They don't need world famous, world class players to get out of league two or league one. Decent players already plying their trade in the lower leagues will still be attracted by the larger wages that Notts can offer and they'll be able to assemble a squad capable of getting them to the Championship in the next thee or four years and when they do, this'll all be forgotten.
    I have always had a soft spot for Notts since living in the city during their 90/91 (I think) promotion season so I wish them well, but not when they play the mighty Shakers in a few weeks.

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  • 21. At 3:10pm on 19 Oct 2009, liongeorge01 wrote:

    Not a problem for Notts County. They should get someone in who knows about football. Maybe Sven knows someone? Doubt it!

    Sweden are gonna need all the luck in the world if they employ this guy!

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  • 22. At 3:11pm on 19 Oct 2009, Dagger83 wrote:

    19. At 2:53pm on 19 Oct 2009, pedrosghost wrote:
    "Simon if you were to ask any lower league fan what they would most want from their footballing fairy god mother it would be a big cash injection from somewhere and to get players worth watching and something to really cheer on. I think most people should bear in mind that just because we do not support a big club it somehow does not make us inferior football fans, you're not a better fan because you support a better team."

    I have said before on 606 that I for one would not want what Notts have! I enjoy watching a team that have real success without the influx of money giving a false position. The Sugar Daddy culture is rife in football and it is killing it. Teams feel they need to spend more and more to compete when it just isn't sustainable.

    The Sol scenario with Notts proves this point. The guy was on probably 10 times more than his nearest earner yet played 1 game! I would never want this at Dagenham, it's a team game and there is no room for overpaid players disrupting the harmony.

    Give me us struggling to compete financially any day meaning we have 11 players giving their all to the cause every week than having a team of players just picking up a wage!

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  • 23. At 3:37pm on 19 Oct 2009, I actually like Sven wrote:

    "I think most people should bear in mind that just because we do not support a big club it somehow does not make us inferior football fans, you're not a better fan because you support a better team." when it comes to the media I am afraid you are wrong. We are told Newcastle fans have 'suffered the most', which will come as a shock to Boston United fans who have seen their team relegated 4 times in 3 seasons.
    You only need to see the BBC's coverage of live games this season to see only the big teams matter. In fairness to the media they have a duty to increase viewing and reading numbers and the lower leagues just don't cut it.
    As a fan of another League 2 club, I have been annoyed to see Notts County solely in the spot light and reinforcing the view that any league below the Premiership is some comedy club set up where bizarre people go along and watch football no better than that played by 5 year old lads. A good example of this view is the constant complaints about foreign players in the Premiership. It stops young English players getting into a team and so they vanish into the ether, they do not play for a lower league team and work their way back up like say Peter Crouch. I wish County all the best for the fan's sake. However I would rather go back to the days when the media left our league alone with out their snide remarks, and only once a year in the third round do we have to put up with their condesending attiutude about little *insert name* playing against a premiership team and the shock that they can kick a football straight, all be it up in the air

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  • 24. At 3:42pm on 19 Oct 2009, shrewdchemic wrote:

    Excellent point Dagger83. I get accused of being jealous when I say it but a mountain of cash (if it really exists, of course) is not what lower league football is all about.

    I've never believed in the so-called "project" at Notts County and everything that has happened so far has reinforced that opinion. Quite simply, why would anyone make a massive investment in a lower league club that gives no possibility of generating any return - not now, not ever?

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  • 25. At 3:46pm on 19 Oct 2009, dippizuka wrote:

    Your headline poses the question of where Notts will be if Sven leaves ... and then you do nothing to answer it.

    "So things aren't looking good for Notts County. How badly damaged would they be by the departure of their high-profile director of football?"

    "The departure of Eriksson, the public face of the new regime, would be a different story altogether and would be sure to cast fresh doubt on County's mystery owners and their plans for the club."

    Casting fresh doubt? Different story altogether?

    Apart from being the only paragraph which specifically mentions a future for Notts without Sven (others merely stating that Sven is "destined" to leave, in some form or another), it's also like the rest: provides us with information we already know and fails to add anything outside of the standard fare.

    I don't live in England. I live in Australia, where "marquee players" (because our clubs can't afford more than one star signing) are pushing the wrong side of 40. I can't get information like this; there's no local paper covering such high profile signings, and there's no available means for me to get reputable information besides through media outlets such as the BBC.

    For god's sake, give me some decent information! I'm trying to follow the Football and Premier League as good as I can with the limited access I've got.

    What about the fan clubs? (Don't refer me to the comments - that's the same as asking your readers to do your job for you?) What impact has Sven had on their organisations? Are their numbers up? Are they the same? Will they go down? Have their events increased or improved?

    Surely someone at the BBC can get access to statistics on what financial impact Sven has had since joining the club. Have gate receipts gone up? Has merchandise sales gone up? How are they fearing after the departure of Sol Campbell? What are the other figures for merchandise sales between say, Sol Campbell, and club captain John Thompson?

    I can't just make a phone call and ask these questions myself. As a journalist writing about it, you're supposed to! If you're not going to provide any real in-depth information, don't bait readers with misleading headlines!

    (Don't take this personally, if that's possible; I'm just trying to be constructive by imposing on you the kind of standards I would expect of myself if I was working for the BBC. And maybe you can't put in the time to do the research required - which is a shame, and most likely not your fault - and in that case, I apologise.)

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  • 26. At 4:06pm on 19 Oct 2009, ulstermax wrote:

    It wont make any difference.All these jobs in football,director of football for an example,isnt needed at all.Big names for a big salary when the average joe could do the same job.What do they actually do these directors of football?????

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  • 27. At 4:07pm on 19 Oct 2009, Simon Austin wrote:

    dippizuka...thanks for your comment. This short blog was intended mainly as a forum for debate.

    Most of the information/ insight should (hopefully) be in the news story I wrote...

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  • 28. At 4:22pm on 19 Oct 2009, pidgeGULL wrote:

    Don't worry guys, John Barnes will save the day.

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  • 29. At 4:24pm on 19 Oct 2009, LawBestCharlton wrote:

    @ Dan, #15:

    Fair enough, you have a fair point. It's just that I dont agree that he is "laughed at all over Europe" because of his so-called womanising. I think you'll find attitudes on the Continent towards a single, unmarried man's love life are a little bit more relaxed than our own (or, at least, those of the national press).

    And my interest is more in what he is like as a manager of football teams. Yes, there can be arguments on either side about his acheivements, but its just that people's opinions of him as hopeless or useless or clueless (see #21 liongeorge, for example) are all premised on irrelevant considerations thrust upon people from the tabloid media.

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  • 30. At 5:25pm on 19 Oct 2009, I actually like Sven wrote:

    Very true LawBestCharlton, there are very few managers who come out of the England job as being described as anything but idiots. Interesting that the Wally with a Brolly has gone on to do quite well despite the hinderance of being hopeless or useless or clueless. Sven's greatest footballing crime was going out to minnows like Portugal and Brazil with a decent group of players. Oh that and he didn't shout at people like a fan would. My favourite complaint was he didn't stand up at games and sat down instead.
    Dan #15, have a look at what Sven gets paid as a basic rather than if all his bonuses work out (such as a graduate from a yet to be formed County academy playing for England) and you will see he could probably have made more at a decent Europa level European club.

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  • 31. At 5:47pm on 19 Oct 2009, dippizuka wrote:

    Thank you for replying, Steve.

    Is there any information available on the local finances that Notts would normally rely on (and will continue to do if Sven leaves) such as season ticket sales, shirt sales and so on?

    It'd also be interesting to see if prices at smaller things - lunch items, cost of travel for away games or away tickets in general - have gone up since Sven's arrival in lieu of the higher profile the club has enjoyed.

    Additionally, do we know of any, and the amounts if that is the case, extra investment into facilities and infrastructure for Notts County recently?

    If any Notts fans can answer these questions as well, that'd be fantastic.

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  • 32. At 5:49pm on 19 Oct 2009, The Dirty Tackle wrote:

    Hi Simon,

    I'm no a County fan, however, I believe they will easily survive if Eriksson went. The club will always be there before and after him, he does not make it.

    It is also a possibility he may be able to juggle both jobs - a subject no-one has touched on.

    At the moment his departure is only paper-talk and pure speculation. The only people I could see his departure affecting would be the sunshine fans, as Ian McParland seems to be relishing his managerial role.

    Keep up the good work,

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  • 33. At 6:12pm on 19 Oct 2009, jollymrslade wrote:

    well if sven does go . whitch looks likely he should be banned from england because he just messes clubs about but lets @ c dont hold your breaths

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  • 34. At 6:43pm on 19 Oct 2009, heyvenus wrote:

    i'll admit to being fairly ignorant about this saga, but it seems to me that a likely outcome will be:

    Sweden get their man.
    Sven gets his job.
    Notts County get a tidy compensation figure.

    Hmmm ...

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  • 35. At 7:03pm on 19 Oct 2009, ... wrote:

    I think it would be worse for Sweden than Notts County.

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  • 36. At 7:43pm on 19 Oct 2009, Londonlangas wrote:

    At the end of the day it will all be about the money!..Why do we as fans continue to pay their wages.

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  • 37. At 11:46pm on 19 Oct 2009, MagpieSean wrote:

    Thank you for replying, Steve.

    Is there any information available on the local finances that Notts would normally rely on (and will continue to do if Sven leaves) such as season ticket sales, shirt sales and so on?

    It'd also be interesting to see if prices at smaller things - lunch items, cost of travel for away games or away tickets in general - have gone up since Sven's arrival in lieu of the higher profile the club has enjoyed.

    Additionally, do we know of any, and the amounts if that is the case, extra investment into facilities and infrastructure for Notts County recently?

    If any Notts fans can answer these questions as well, that'd be fantastic.


    I think you misunderstand, mate - Sven is not the be all and end all at the club. We will not need to rely on ticket sales etc as our owners, the reasonably wealthy QADBAK, will provide the funds and have done since they took over in July. However, attendances have dramatically increased, I'm seeing the new shirts everywhere, and we're generally back on the footballing radar around here (having been overshadowed by the admittedly bigger club Nottigham Forest in recent years).

    The prices have not gone up, although I'm lead to believe by the moaners on 606 that it is one of the most expensive away days in the league anyway.

    This season, the youth setup has been reintroduced. Before it had to be shut down due to lack of funding, Notts had one of the best youth setups in the area and produced players such as Espanyol player Jermaine Pennant. We are also in talks to get our own training facilities (yes, we have not had any in recent times that are actually owned by the club). Recently our chairman Peter Trembling has gone on record saying that should be fully equipped and ready to be used in time for the 2011/12 season.

    I'd be happy to help you if you want more knowledge, but I would recommend checking out articles on NewsNow or Google News to give you ideas about the takeover, Sven's job etc. Just remember that a lot of them are opinionated and not all of the are actual facts!

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  • 38. At 11:53pm on 19 Oct 2009, Golligosh wrote:

    The above writing is very poor indeed. "Destined to go their separate ways", oh dear another journo dishing up ...................nothing.

    Why would Sven leaving to manage his country cast fresh doubt on the owners?

    How on earth does this student make this assumption?

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  • 39. At 11:58pm on 19 Oct 2009, nzpie wrote:

    Dannytrfc is absolutely right. The Campbell move was illconceived and growth needs to be related to where County are now as opposed to where they are supposed to be in 5 years time.
    My concern is whether Minto are really in it for the long haul. Having Ericcson gave them publicity and a figurehead for the setting up of the project. But Ericcson, like Campbell, was too big for the club at this stage in their development. I fear that Minto will feel the need to appoint another 'name' who may well be attracted for the wrong reasons. If we were to speculate about who could be appropriate to manage County I would love to see Alan Curbishley in the role. He is an excellent manager and an excellent person who would only take on something he meant to complete. His tenure at Charlton serves as an example.
    This whole affair has the potential to be both wonderful for the club and also an absolute disaster. I am afraid that all this will be the ruin of County.

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  • 40. At 06:43am on 20 Oct 2009, Brit-exPat-In-USA wrote:

    As a liftime County fan - how can this be anything but good for County? The Sven and Sol circus has been a needless distraction, meanwhile the actual games (remember them) have put us in a handy position near the top of the table.
    Remember 6 months ago we were a club destined to fight relegation forever and we were perpetually broke. I can live with more Svens and Sols if the results on the pitch are good. Our rebuilt team needs time to gel and meanwhile has done well.
    Better to go through this now, get a more realistic management team and get on with the season than drag it out until 2010.

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  • 41. At 09:39am on 20 Oct 2009, ColmfromtheCastle wrote:

    As a Forest fan I've been watching the events at Meadowlane with interest. First of all I really hope it works out for County - it would be brilliant for Nottingham to have both teams in the top league again in the not to distant future. As for Sven, yes it would be a bit of a blow to loose him but I dont think the County fans should be panicing - at the end of the day the people with the all important money are still on board and I'm quite sure a top quality replacement could be found without to much bother (especially if they pay the wages that Sven is no doubt on). I also think County are sitting in a perfect position in the league - they are just going to get better as time goes on and with a bit more strengthing in January I can see them promoted with a bit to spare. I was reading recently that County have plans for a new training / academy facility - this is the sort of project which could have long term benefits for them.

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  • 42. At 10:09am on 20 Oct 2009, Simon Austin wrote:

    Strident views gollisgosh.

    This is why Sven leaving would cast fresh doubt on the owners' plans for the club:

    * Sven had said he was with County for the long haul. Why has he now changed his mind?
    * Sven is currently leading the search for a new manager. Will he be able to recruit a good manager when his own future at the club is in doubt?
    * Sol Campbell left last month, insinuating that "all was not what it seemed" at the club. Now Eriksson might leave. This is bound to raise questions about the owners/ their financial means
    * Sven has been the public face of Notts County. Peter Trembling said Sven's arrival highlighted the ambition of the club. What would it say if he left after barely three months???

    Keen to know your thoughts

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  • 43. At 10:11am on 20 Oct 2009, patked1 wrote:

    I think Sven only took this job on until a better one came along, and quite honestly I think Notts County were carried along with the hype. The Campbell fiasco just about summed it up. Sven when he was srill the England manager on more than one occasion expressed a wish to be the national coach of Sweden. There was also the meetings at Chelsea, the Aston Villa thing as well, so I don't think he has much loyality.
    When he was England boss there was a lot of hype with the 5-1 win in Germany, but England could have gone in 3-1 down at half time were it not for a save by Seaman and an unbeliveable miss by a German forward. But I remember the struggle against Abania and Greece after that. I don't think he will get Notts County up thru the leagues and they may do better without him.

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  • 44. At 10:42am on 20 Oct 2009, nivek2105 wrote:

    I agree that to say Sven leaving is "sure to cast fresh doubt on County's mystery owners and their plans for the club" is a strange conclusion to reach from all of this.

    The author tells us that Sven is a long time friend of the man who runs the Swedish FA and also that Sven has always wanted the Sweden job. That is the evidence he uses to suggest that he is 'destined' to take it. Having shown it to be virtually inevitable because of those reasons, then suggests other entirely unrelated matters at Notts County are an issue and Sven leaving will 'cast further doubt' on the club.

    There's no logic to that, because it would only be natural for Sven to leave for the Sweden job, according to the article. Also, he is in no way 'destined' to go, little matters like salary, Sven’s willingness to work for the smaller wage offered by the new post, and the ability of the Swedish FA to afford any compensation due come into it.

    Sorry, but it's a poor article and I don't see any evidence that the author really wants the views of Notts County fans on here. As soon as he gets them, he puts the commenter down for what they have said.

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  • 45. At 11:15am on 20 Oct 2009, Kite wrote:

    @ Number 8
    Sol Campbell was a free agent when Sven signed him up.

    Has any team ever paid to buy Sol Campbell from another team?

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  • 46. At 12:24pm on 20 Oct 2009, cliftonmugpie wrote:

    Has sven said to any of us he his leaving for the sweden job NO!
    If he leaves then fine notts get 2 million and sombody else to do the job,hes not the only one in the world to do it.Sol campbell left notts when he realised he had made a mistake in coming,the morecombe game opened his eyes to the harder side of football,and to say its because notts didnt sign people like roberto carlos is just a excuse by him.
    the take over will be ratified in the next 48 hours(bbc radio nottm last night colin slater),so the owners are not dodgey and have proof of funds they just dont want to be named and after the media frenzy every time notts do something can you blame them?notts have been inundated with high calibre managers in and out of employment and have got the list down to (5) and next monday will name the new manager!
    there has been a tabloid witchhunt since day one at notts, but everythings still moving forward ie new training ground, new academy being built ,youth teams ,scouting networks ,the teams alot better than it was in previous years but needs a manager that can stop dropping points charlie had a great plan A but no plan B,crowds gone from 4,500 average to over 8,000,notts fans are very happy with the improvements,others that just read tabloids are not told the good only the ficticious made up articles that sell papers!!!!!

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  • 47. At 1:01pm on 20 Oct 2009, Simon Austin wrote:

    Breaking news: Sven has rejected the job, according to the Swedish Football Association...

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  • 48. At 1:17pm on 20 Oct 2009, cliftonmugpie wrote:

    like i said has he said hes leaving NO!

    whats next in line for the tabloid frenzy with notts!!!!!!

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  • 49. At 1:25pm on 20 Oct 2009, Simon Austin wrote:

    The president of the Swedish FA has told me that Sven proposed a jobshare between Notts County and Sweden...

    "Sven was going to put forward a proposal to be at both the club and the association," said Lars-Ake Lagrell. "He had to speak to the owner of the club."

    Notts County chairman Peter Trembling was adamant yday that he would not allow this to happen: "We wouldn't allow him to do both jobs - this is a full time job at Notts County."

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  • 50. At 1:34pm on 20 Oct 2009, EdNCFC wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 51. At 1:37pm on 20 Oct 2009, Lokacious wrote:

    He's getting paid more at County than he ever would for his country... Sven loyalty is only to his bank manager

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  • 52. At 1:53pm on 20 Oct 2009, SheffieldPie wrote:

    Sven has just ruled himself out - destiny is a funny thing.

    What is underlying all this bad journalism is contempt for smaller clubs like Notts County, and hence a refusal to accept that being at Notts is something Sven is attracted and committed to.

    If a Premiership manager was linked with another job in such a tentative way, there would be more scrutiny before presenting it more or less as a done deal. Because it is Notts, journalists assume that Sven would rather take up any offer put his way. Lesson learnt?

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  • 53. At 1:56pm on 20 Oct 2009, thinkstuff wrote:

    Oh dear Simon. Care to retract your certainty that this was all destined?

    Seems you were just a touch early on this one. Just a touch.

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  • 54. At 2:08pm on 20 Oct 2009, Roberto Carlos Alvarez-Galloso wrote:

    I have just read in the BBC Sports webpage that Eriksson will be staying with Notts County. This is a great decision since Notts County is in need of a new direction, new image, and the possibility of rising in League Two and maybe to other leagues.

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  • 55. At 2:15pm on 20 Oct 2009, Simon Austin wrote:

    Obviously "destined" has turned out to be a bit strong and I have got a bit of egg on my face.

    But I would say:

    * Eriksson was keen on the job. I spoke to a very close ally of his, who said this. And the Swedish FA has confirmed this.

    * The president of the Swedish FA has said that Eriksson proposed a jobshare between County and Sweden, which was rejected by County.

    As I said in one of my earlier posts, the blog was intended as a forum for debate, posing a few questions. It was an addendum to the news piece I wrote...

    So I have learned a bit of a lesson - I should have made this clearer at the top of the blog, or written a piece with a bit more substance.

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  • 56. At 2:28pm on 20 Oct 2009, akaTommySmith wrote:

    stinpake - all you ever do is come on to slag off the bloggers

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  • 57. At 2:31pm on 20 Oct 2009, cliftonmugpie wrote:

    now we shall get the "only at notts for the money brigade".HA!

    he's a multi millioniar,and he has a choice!
    you cant blame him for wanting to manage his country,but the statement is there for all to see.
    now add this to the football league ratification of the new owners and a new manager.
    but this is only good news so i suppose the press wont swarm all over it!
    you piesssssssssssssssssss.

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  • 58. At 2:53pm on 20 Oct 2009, thinkstuff wrote:

    akaTommySmith - I wouldn't agree with you, I just find myself more motivated to write when there's a fairly significant issue with the story/blog rather than when I agree with what's been posted...

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  • 59. At 9:43pm on 20 Oct 2009, Golligosh wrote:

    You wrote that you wanted to know my thoughts Simon.

    I hope you have learned a very salutary lesson from all of this. As you wrote above, ensure you write something of substance in future and not something that was ultimately based on sand.

    Something you were hoping the Notts takeover was. There are enough tabloid journos out there who have absolutely no respect from anyone...........don't become just another one of them.

    Good luck for the future.

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  • 60. At 11:28am on 21 Oct 2009, this bhoy likes pie aka pieman316 wrote:

    As a fellow journo, this smells to me like you had an itchy trigger finger Simon. Not getting a quote from Notts County or Sven before you publish is pretty poor mate, particularly if you want to use a word like 'destined'.

    You'd have failed a University assignment for that oversight, but for you to make such a mistake in such a well reported story is very, very poor.

    Did you also find out that Sven had received 'more than twenty' job offers since he took over at Meadow Lane and yet he'd turned them all down? Just that little nugget of knowledge might have made you tone down your piece.

    Very poor story I'm afraid.

    Still, next time eh?

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  • 61. At 12:35pm on 21 Oct 2009, this bhoy likes pie aka pieman316 wrote:

    Although I would have to comment, you've certainly given me something to rant about in today's blog, so thanks for that!!

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  • 62. At 1:30pm on 21 Oct 2009, ooohtommyjohnson wrote:

    destined to part???? nope hes staying which hopefully will go some way in to showing that this is no joke appointment, even more so considering sven has stated in the past he would like the opportunity to manage sweden at some point in his career.This signals his COMMITMENT to Notts County Football Club. Onwards and Upwards

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  • 63. At 7:20pm on 21 Oct 2009, Simon Austin wrote:

    Guys, I take on board what you are saying, but must correct a dew things levelled at me:

    The BBC interviewed Peter Trembling about this story and I quoted him at length in my news story.

    Sven has not spoken to any media outlet about this. However I spoke to someone very, very close to him who told me Sven was keen on the job. Indeed the Swedish FA say Sven proposed a jobshare.

    I 100% stand by everything in my news story. It was balanced and well sourced.

    I admit the blog was a little ill conceived and insubstantial

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  • 64. At 02:03am on 22 Oct 2009, this bhoy likes pie aka pieman316 wrote:


    My comments were solely based on the blog, hence my indignation at the use of the word 'destined' without you backing it up. I accept you did indeed quote Peter Trembling in your news story which is fair enough. I do wonder if you had the information about his 'more than 20 job offers' since he took the Notts job at your disposal though.

    I'd also humbly suggest that when you blog you ensure you're commenting on facts. As it is, your blog was based on speculation which you reported as fact, which is very misleading.

    You don't want to look like you're making stuff up, otherwise a job at The Sun beckons!


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