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Will Tevez row spoil Man Utd party?

Simon Austin | 15:30 UK time, Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sir Alex Ferguson is quite clear about who Manchester United fans should blame if their hero Carlos Tevez is not at Old Trafford next season.

"(Carlos) knows we want him to stay...and the terms he has been offered are good," the Scot said after watching Tevez inspire United to a victory that took them within touching distance of the Premier League title on Wednesday.

"The problem is we are not negotiating with a football club."

Instead, United are dealing with 37-year-old Kia Joorabchian, who reacted immediately to Ferguson's comments with a furious statement arguing it was "categorically untrue" that United had made an offer for Tevez.

Kia JoorabchianThe Iranian-born businessman fronts a group of investors who own the economic rights to the tenacious Argentine striker.

He says United actually agreed the terms of a permanent transfer for Tevez back in 2007, when they negotiated a two-year loan deal for him.

I spoke to Joorabchian earlier this week and he said: "They had an option to sign him permanently and have chosen not to take it up. They have not made an offer and it's inevitable now that he will leave United. There are no hard feelings."

Joorabchian said several other clubs had already expressed an interest in the player, although discussions with them had gone no further because Tevez was focussed on winning the Premier League and Champions League with United.

Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester City are the clubs that have been linked most persistently with the 25-year-old. And Joorabchian certainly doesn't discount the possibility - which would be particularly galling for United's fans - of Tevez joining City.

"The Champions League is the biggest but Carlos isn't the kind of person that says 'I have to play for this club, in this situation'," he said. "He wants to go to a club that has a real ambition and focus."

Joorabchian already has a working relationship with City, having sold another of his players, the striker Jo, to them in 2008. And a current member of City's board told me he was involved in talks to bring AC Milan superstar Kaka to Eastlands in January, although "not in the main talks".

The companies that own Tevez obviously want to get the best possible return on their investment. Although their valuation of the player has not been revealed, Ferguson has suggested he and United are unwilling to meet it.Carlos Tevez

So we look set for a few more weeks of brinkmanship to coincide with United's quest to retain both the Premier League and Champions League.

What is certain is that this will be the last time United have to negotiate with a third party for a player. Last summer the Premier League introduced rules outlawing third-party ownership and if another English club does land Tevez, they will have to buy him outright.

Joorabchian would be unable to retain a stake in the striker. His involvement with Tevez stretches back to the summer of 2005, when he was a director with Media Sports Investments and they brought Tevez to Corinthians from Boca Juniors for a fee of £14m.

If Tevez does choose to leave United, how much will they miss him? Ferguson seemed to damn the player with faint praise after watching him score in the win over Manchester City last Sunday.

"The fans love a trier," he said. "That's the great thing about football - a lad who tries can be forgiven for a lot of things."

The implication was that Tevez was more perspiration than inspiration, the polar opposite of Dimitar Berbatov, a player the United fans are yet to warm to. Tevez's goalscoring record in his two years at United has been modest.

In 28 league appearances this season, 11 of which have been as a sub, he has scored five goals. Last season he hit 14 goals in 34 appearances, all but three of which were from the bench.

Could Ferguson add more spark and impetus to his squad by using his transfer kitty to sign a completely new player?

Or will he struggle to replace a striker who has become a fans' favourite thanks to his tireless work ethic and knack of scoring crucial goals?


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  • 1. At 4:13pm on 14 May 2009, tj wrote:

    Ferguson could use the money if we dont sign Tevez on another striker but I think it would be a risk. He is settled, the fans love him, the players all like him and he has said he wants to stay but if he is going to get some games. I think the best we looked this season is with Tevez and Berba upfront and Rooney left and Ronaldo right but these two swap and roam etc.

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  • 2. At 4:14pm on 14 May 2009, Torres' right peg wrote:

    It already has.

    And the Ronaldo whinging.

    The most boring and unhappy team is going to win the league.

    What kind of world do we live in!

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  • 3. At 4:16pm on 14 May 2009, lukem23 wrote:

    Im a United fan and think Tevez is an amazing player. If I was Fergie I would sign him permanently!!!!
    I think if there is any reluctance to pay the 30 million being banged around its because his goals to games ratio isnt great.

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  • 4. At 4:23pm on 14 May 2009, Im an honest Gooner wrote:


    WILL LEAVE UNITED IMO. They wont pay another £30+ million for another striker.

    Would love him at Arsenal, but would never happen!!! If only Wenger could offload the un enthustiastic Ade and replace him with this player!!!

    SWAP KIA???????

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  • 5. At 4:24pm on 14 May 2009, Afghan ManUtd wrote:

    I have always been against the very theory of comparing Tevez to Berbatov.
    I think Berbatov has absolutely nothing to do with what happens to Tevez in the future, so why all this comparison,support and condemn.
    They are two different players. Let them play their own game within their own capacity. I would love it if Tevez could be signed permanently,though it looks difficult.

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  • 6. At 4:25pm on 14 May 2009, FrankyMCM wrote:

    It's unfortunate that a player cannot complete a move - clearly supported by fans of the club - because he has become a commodity that needs to yield a "best possible return on an investment". The beauty of the game is undermined by greed. Is this the way ahead, will it just keep getting worse until it spins out of control and another bubble is burst?

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  • 7. At 4:33pm on 14 May 2009, nitinchan wrote:

    well this jorabaichan thing is trying to take away tevez from united and his fans for his own good
    but i wonder what will happen if tevez says he will not leave man utd and not play for any other club then what does kia do? sell him for free
    or beg money or lodge a court case????
    I mean tevez can act like those rebels in the club who want to leave the club hence clubs recieve low prices for them
    if tevez is commited to united kia cannot take him away thats what i think and what he should do

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  • 8. At 4:33pm on 14 May 2009, Football Fanatic wrote:

    I hope we do sign Tevez because he is an amazing player. I also believe that Berbatov has been great for us this season, he may not have to work rate of Tevez but he is still a very good player.

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  • 9. At 4:34pm on 14 May 2009, supermalk wrote:

    Why do we need these agent parasites taking money out of football? Surely the Players' Union ahould be able to employ skilled negotiators to act for their members and any fees earned should go into players benevolent funds and/or back into promoting the sport at youth levels. This needs to be coming from FIFA so that all International Associations are singing from the same songsheet. But who's brave enough to kick-start it?

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  • 10. At 4:34pm on 14 May 2009, collie21 wrote:

    Talking about Tevez goal count is a misleader, he does more work on the field, wins back more ball and creates more out of nothing than most of the players. The row won't spoil the party. I would love if he was there next season, won't be surprised if he isn't. He will be an important player in the champions league final for sure. He has made the difference between 1 st and 2nd this season and that in my book is worth 92 million never mind 32.

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  • 11. At 4:36pm on 14 May 2009, whatbill wrote:

    I think it depends on who else wants Tevez, how much they will pay, and how much say Tevez will have. If he has a big say I'd have thought he would want CL football which would rule out the likes of City. However, if Joorabchian is able to call the shots then presumably he will hold an auction and sell to the highest bidder - in this case it is likely to be City.

    I think United would want him to stay but are clearly not willing to pay the full previously agreed fee - and his goal return supports this stance. He's a great option to have but doesn't warrent a full time starting place. However, if Liverpool were to come in for him he should think carefully before taking the Robbie Keane role in the Gerrard/Torres show...

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  • 12. At 4:38pm on 14 May 2009, patterdalesforus wrote:

    I do not think that United will pay a third party a vast sum of money for basically the right to play football.You could understand it,if Tevez was coming from a club that had nutured his skills and that had brought him through the footballing system,but what has Joorabachian done except get his signature on a scrap of paper.

    United will let him go which is a shame for the player,but i for one would be very annoyed if they decided to pay millions to an agent just for the right to play for the club.In effect it is like paying for a service, which of course is one of the oldest profession's in the world

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  • 13. At 4:40pm on 14 May 2009, dudedavethegardener2 wrote:

    is the moderator in the house ? how can we comment on this blog if everything is awaiting moderation

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  • 14. At 4:41pm on 14 May 2009, eighteen-four wrote:

    'And Joorabchian certainly doesn't discount the possibility - which would be particularly galling for United's fans - of Tevez joining City.' assured utd fans would rather have him at ciddie than at liverpool. 'to buy' package of around £30m.....seriously is he worth it? The guy is energetic and a nightmare for defences as they have no time to dwell on the ball but for £30m I want a player of Torres goalscoring ability, as much as I hate to say it.

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  • 15. At 4:46pm on 14 May 2009, fatoldprop wrote:

    What if both SAF and Joorabchian are both telling the truth?

    That would be the case if Utd gave the offer directly to Tevez and not to Joorabchian. Consider this: "Right Carlos, We'll pay you a fair wage for you services, and you just tear up that contract with him, because we've looked at EU law and it won't stand up."


    Not saying I've got secret info, but if this was the case, and we were going to have a legal battle, then SAF would surely want to get PL and CL out of way first, send everyone off on holiday, and then drop the bombshell. There can, however, be little doubt that there is contempt for Joorabchian from Utd, the terse nature of comments give that away.

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  • 16. At 4:47pm on 14 May 2009, Teiam - problem solved wrote:

    I love Tevez but I know as a United fan that if he didn't run around as much as he did, he'd be exposed 'cuz he isn't the biggest talent in the world but his constant running and pressuring really does help in the premier league. I'd love us to sign him but I can understand why we wouldn't.

    As for Berbatov, I love him loads too, i'm really glad we've bought him, he's a class act and we can all look at Tevez scoring 2 in his last 2 but Berbatov did the hard work to create his goal against City, there are very few players that could do what he did.

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  • 17. At 4:59pm on 14 May 2009, beardedshrimper wrote:

    I would tend to agree with Ferguson, which is rare indeed. Kia Joorabchian is trying to line his pockets as thickly as possible, that's my guess anyway

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  • 18. At 5:00pm on 14 May 2009, vic777 wrote:

    As a United fan, I'd really love to keep Tevez. In fact, I'd far rather keep him than Berbatov - although Berbatov's class is undeniable, he hasn't in my opinion brought it to the table at United yet. I detest his "laziness" and just the way he slows play up. Although he rarely loses the ball, whenever he gets it, any impetus in an attack or counter attack seems to die instantly, and have to be rebuilt. Tevez is the complete opposite of course. When he gets the ball, he is instantly sprinting at defenders and attacks lose none of their devastating pace. Take United's 3rd goal against Arsenal for example. Although neither Berbatov nor Tevez were involved, the goal was a perfect example of the lightning counter attacks we have used so efficiently the past 2 seasons. However, place Berbatov in the middle of this specific counter attack, and instead he undoutedly would have held the ball up and waited for 3 United players - and 4 defenders - to sprint past him before passing the ball. Instead, place Tevez in the counter attack, and nothing would have changed. It is this flowing football that I would rather see us play, and so for me, it is Tevez over Berbatov.

    Having said that, if Fergie doesn't manage to sign Tevez, it might not be the end of the world. Instead of spending £30m on Tevez, if we can get a player like Villa for £20m, I'd be very satisfied. A similar player, probably even better than Tevez, and for a cheaper price from financially-stricken Valencia. Alternatively, how about Benzema for less than £30m. I love Tevez, but if he doesn't stay, we still have options...

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  • 19. At 5:04pm on 14 May 2009, Istanbul2005_4eva wrote:

    whats the point in posting, it wont be moderated until i come back into work tomo mornung!

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  • 20. At 5:06pm on 14 May 2009, God-Supports-ManUnited wrote:

    Much as i rate Tevez high, I think £32 m is alot of cash. If this deal fails, I believe Sir Alex can use the savings wisely. I trust Fergie's judgement. All the bold decisions that he has been making since he arrived at OT have been made in the best interest of Man U.

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  • 21. At 5:15pm on 14 May 2009, Roonaldos wrote:

    rooney is being wasted on the left wing, why is fergie compromising one of our 2 best players

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  • 22. At 5:15pm on 14 May 2009, Johnhillen wrote:

    Please answer me Simon, why are you only looking at his league goals statistics when you say he has a ´modest´ record. Yes he only has 5 league goals this season, but in all competitions he has 15, so your hardly giving the readers a complete picture. Is the league the only competition that matters??
    His overall record for united is 34 goals in 97 games. Thats better than 1/3 and when you consider over a quarter of those appearances have been from the bench, its actually a very good record, and not merely ´modest´
    Why not give the full picture rather than only looking at goals in 1 of the competitions?

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  • 23. At 5:16pm on 14 May 2009, funnyvivalarasa wrote:

    torres' right peg everyone knows loserpool are the most boring and unhappy team,Rafa benitez anyone.I rest my case.

    Losers might have scored some goals recently but that is more due to some really poor defending.We'll take everything from you except your title as the most boring team and obviously rafa "it's anyone's fault but our's that we drew so many matches" benitez.

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  • 24. At 5:17pm on 14 May 2009, sixty8ninety9zero8 wrote:

    The main problem as i see it is without harking too much back to my schoool days

    The cost benefit analysis.

    Is tevez worth the £32 million pounds being bandied about. Not particularly.

    How much would utd lose if they didnt have him.

    On the showings against Spurs and Wigan.. Potentially alot more than £32 million in revenue as his goals seem to have got utd over the finishing line for the title....

    I'd prefer he stayed, but if he didn't you have to trust Ferguson to have something up his sleeve. He is not going to weaken his squad so if Tevez goes, someone must surely be coming in.

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  • 25. At 5:19pm on 14 May 2009, reddevilincalifornia wrote:

    @ #2: "The most boring and unhappy team are winning this year".

    First of all are you absolutely off your rocker?... United and boring?? mate i think you are referring to a certain team wearing a red jersey from the merseyside.

    And yes... united have won 3 trophies already the premier league is 1 point away and the Champions league final is on the 27th. How unhappy a team we are, we have won all but 1 of the trophies available to be won, surely Liverpool who have won so much(0) are the happier team.

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  • 26. At 5:20pm on 14 May 2009, diggsgiggs wrote:

    Its hard to figure out whether the reluctance to sign him has to do with ability, or with the business structuring and Tevez' agents, or maybe even that he wants to start more games rather than coming in off the bench. He certainly has charisma and is entertaining to watch, and I think thats why most fans really like him. Would his absence be the end of the world? Probably not, but as a fan you hate to see a winning formula end.

    If he left, though, we do have a quite a few young prospects who deserve a shot and might not get it otherwise. Macheda and Wellbeck we've only seen glimpses of, but look like they've got the right stuff and Manucho is waiting in the wings too.

    Its like when Ruud left, people wondered what the boss was thinking of. Now we know- trust the gaffer!

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  • 27. At 5:21pm on 14 May 2009, nitinchan wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 28. At 5:22pm on 14 May 2009, sixty8ninety9zero8 wrote:

    2. At 4:14pm on 14 May 2009, Torres' right peg wrote:
    It already has.

    And the Ronaldo whinging.

    The most boring and unhappy team is going to win the league.

    What kind of world do we live in!


    Apparently a world where a Liverpool fan is obsessed with the goings on down the East Lancs. Enjoy the BORING title celbrations on Saturday mate.

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  • 29. At 5:29pm on 14 May 2009, GenesisRed wrote:

    lol @ #2

    The most boring team? Three or four exciting games and the scouse think they own exciting football all of a sudden. I don't think many United fans are complaining about the quality of football!

    As for would we miss him? Maybe, but we have lots of work ethic with better finishing, and we have excellent creativity waiting in the wings. I'd be happy to swap him out for Rossi to return.

    He's a good player, Tevez, and he's done great for us to come in and work hard. His finishing is pretty lacking though, and though i'd be sad to see him go, he's not a patch on Rooney.

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  • 30. At 5:34pm on 14 May 2009, Red_Red_Devil wrote:

    I can't believe that after all this time Utd fans still don't trust Fergie on his choice of players. There is only one player that Fergie has regrets about selling. That player is Jaap Stam. Fergie said the money offered for him was too good to turn down, but the fact that selling Stam left him with a defensive crisis meant it was a mistake. Are there any other instances where we can say Fergie made a mistake letting a player leave?

    No. If Fergie thinks Tevez isn't worth the money that is being asked, then I trust his judgement.

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  • 31. At 5:35pm on 14 May 2009, chips_in_the_queue wrote:

    Will Tevez row spoil Man Utd party?

    Of course not. Winning the premiership is always special but even more so when it would bring United level with Liverpool's 18 league titles. The Tevez 'saga' is just a sideshow but Ferguson, who knows far more than the press, seems pretty relaxed about it.

    The press do love their sideshows. United win against city to move one step closer to the title and the press reaction focused more on the non-story that was Ronaldo's behaviour after he got substituted. A vital last-gasp victory against a spirited Wigan side last night that puts United on the brink of the title and now the talk is about Tevez. As a United fan I couldn't care a less if Ronaldo sulks when he is substituted or Tevez wants a few extra thousand a week on his contract - the important thing is winning that title.

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  • 32. At 5:37pm on 14 May 2009, N Porter wrote:

    All these posts moaning about Joorabchian not 'playing the game' and letting United sign Tevez at a bargain basement price! Utd knew of the fact that MSI and Joorabchian owned the rights to Tevez when they took him on the loan deal, and according to Joorabchian agreed the terms of any permanent transfer then. Utd knew exactly what the terms of the agreement was, and were happy to sign up to it to get him on the playing staff for two years. They have had two years to take up the option to buy him permanently and haven't, so the situation is now very simple - either stump up the cash to buy him in accordance with the agreement, or let him go.

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  • 33. At 5:42pm on 14 May 2009, LanosIceland wrote:

    Tevez deserves a contract but he's not worth 30mil on top of the 22 already paid. That would be insane.

    Berbatov is a great player but he's not suited for United; the club is simply too grand and intimidating for him; he'll never succeed at United. He needs a smaller club with less pressures.

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  • 34. At 5:54pm on 14 May 2009, RedDevilMOB wrote:

    I for one hope we sign Tevez permantley. He is quality, a real fan favourite, and we cant afford to let him leave to one of our league rivals... especially City!!


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  • 35. At 5:58pm on 14 May 2009, jack halford wrote:

    I think that the Tevez affair is just a storm in a tea cup compared to Ronaldo and his tantrums. I believe that Ronaldo will spoil the end of season party, and already is showing signs of not trying since his substitution last week !
    What,s that about Leopards and their spots ?

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  • 36. At 5:58pm on 14 May 2009, chrispaz wrote:

    Torres' right peg - how many more boards are you going to go on claiming that United are boring? You really are quite bitter. The best thing for you to do would be to accept the fact that Liverpool have not been good enough this season. Yes, you have a great record against the other 3 teams in the big 4. But what about all those draws? And your failure to beat teams like Hull, Stoke and Middlesborough? One day you'll understand that the title isn't won on the big grounds, it's won at places like the Britannia or the Riverside. You are better this season than you have been in years, but you still aren't there yet. United have been the best team all-round and they deserve the title.

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  • 37. At 5:58pm on 14 May 2009, lookseehear wrote:

    @Torres' right peg.

    Bitter much?

    I really really dislike this Joorabchian guy, he's obviously very ambitious, i just think that he stirs too much and gets involved where he shouldn't. I'm also very pleased that the EPL has stopped third party ownership of a player, it doesn't make sense for the sport and takes a large chunk of money out of the game that would otherwise have filtered through the leagues (or possibly gone to another team in another country, but still the money would have gone into football not the pockets of Kia and his slimy co-investors).

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  • 38. At 6:18pm on 14 May 2009, not again ole wrote:

    Tevez has become a legend because of his work ethic - but shouldn't we expect this ethic from every premier league footballer? They are paid ludicrous amounts, the very least they should do is push themselves each and every match. carlito tevez is not only a united fans' favourite, but also a working mans' favourite...

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  • 39. At 6:21pm on 14 May 2009, iknowwhatilike wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 40. At 6:23pm on 14 May 2009, Super_Frank wrote:

    Chelsea please sign him up !!!!

    chelsea should rethink their forwards and go with (dreaming now)


    Would we win the league?

    With a good/average manager i think we would have a good shout.....


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  • 41. At 6:26pm on 14 May 2009, berbatovsky wrote:

    I hate it when people start comparing berba to tevez .. berba doesnt make the team selection... SAF is at the training ground and knows what goes on there and thats how he selects his players for big games... take a look at the city game.. berbatov was at the centre of both goals and recieved no credit for his work done.. nonetheless i think SAF should get tevez but it will make sense if he doesnt considering the pice on the table.. hes not worth that much... plus we got young strikers waiting to prove a point!

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  • 42. At 6:32pm on 14 May 2009, The Trawler wrote:

    nice try Simon, but whether or not United retain Tevez is a completely separate party to the one we'll be having when United become the first team in English football history to win the league 3 times on the trot twice.

    what a clever headline though (yeah riiight), well done. I'm sure the BBC will be proud of you.

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  • 43. At 6:33pm on 14 May 2009, Brian Golden wrote:

    # 9.

    My thoughts exactly.

    Why do players need agents when the union model of pay negotiation works well elsewhere? I know there is more individualism but theres not that many players that couldnt be covered by a well resourced set of PFA reps.

    There should also be a salary cap, transfer thresholds and a limit on ticket prices. Im open to arguments against but not ones based on an unsupported notion that markets are always best.

    This Tevez saga would be a lot less complicated and players themselves might just join clubs more cos of fans etc and not just money

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  • 44. At 7:02pm on 14 May 2009, Emile Keeway wrote:

    Tevez is a goos impact player - but I would be disappointed if Fergie pays 30 million plus for him. I'd like him to stay - but at the right price.

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  • 45. At 7:04pm on 14 May 2009, Carlo Champcelotti wrote:

    Last summer the Premier League introduced rules outlawing third-party ownership and if another English club does land Tevez, they will have to buy him outright.

    I thought the 3rd party rules where in place for years.Isn't that how West Ham got fined? Yes it is and that was before last summer.

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  • 46. At 7:05pm on 14 May 2009, Arctic wrote:

    United are boring. Most of their wins have been 1:0 this season. The only reason they're going to win the Premiership is because they resorted to a Chelsea style of football and got lucky.

    I think Tevez will move on, probably to City, because they're the only team that will pay 30 million for a 15 million pound forward. Chelsea's owner seems to have lost his appetite for big spending, so that won't happen. Barcelona and Madrid prefer a different style of player, which is no bad reflection on Tevez, he just doesn't fit in with their game.

    Tevez is a decent forward, no doubt, and has a great deal of style and flair. But he isn't worth 30 million, very few players are. I don't see many teams continuing to pay inflated prices any longer because they won't be able to get the bank loans to do it. That's how most of our teams can afford huge transfer fees, the financial rewards of the Premiership simply don't add up to these transfer values, not when you consider all the other costs involved in running a club. Wages, maintenance, staff, stadiums, all of that consumes their gate receipts, merchandising and the 10-20 million they get in Premiership money won't buy a single player priced that highly. They finance these deals with loans and over time. But with Tevez they can't do that, because they have to buy him outright immediately. If it was a club they could spend 5 years repaying the money and that's what Ferguson means when he says the sticking point is he's owned by a company not a club.

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  • 47. At 7:06pm on 14 May 2009, alexsupertramp wrote:

    i think, eventually, tevez will sign. as a united fan, i would rather have his hard work than ronaldo's whining and tantrums. i think once the prem and CL are wrapped up, then tevez will put pen to paper for united

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  • 48. At 7:08pm on 14 May 2009, 24DarrenFletcher24 wrote:

    "Last season he hit 14 goals in 34 appearances, all but three of which were from the bench."

    Be interested to know where you got your stats for here. Unless you were trying to say something different. Taking the Newcastle and Middlesbrough home games alone, that is 4 goals from a start. His goalscoring record has been poorer this season because he hasn't played in the right games or had a good run in the side. 14 goals is very respectable for a creative striker who will have played a huge part in many of Rooney and Ronaldo's goals as well. Tevez is also a big game player - league goals this season coming against Liverpool and City and hugely important goals against Stoke and Wigan and there would be many more but he hasn't been given the chances when it really matters. Of course this isn't counting FA Cup quarter finals, CL knockout stages.

    Don't agree with the sentiment of the article anyway, Tevez is showing that the row is not affecting him and his form has been better than ever lately, probably because he has finally managed to force his way into the team.

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  • 49. At 7:13pm on 14 May 2009, scarolinared wrote:

    Most of the discussion on here is about Tevez not being worth Pounds32 million, and I agree with that, but I understand that the Pounds 10 million that United has already paid for 2 years lease of the player is offset against the 32 million in case United buy him, so for 22 million he is a United player. If this is the case then I think he is worth the money as long as he can accept that he is number 3 or 4 striker in the squad (assuming Ronaldo is still there and he is a striker).
    The youngsters - Wellbeck, Macheda, Campbell and Manucho are not yet ready and another year of loan or reserve team football will tell us a lot more. If any one of them is good enough to step up in 2010/11 season then we could sell Tevez for more than 22 million - it is a no lose situation for United.
    The difficulty may be that Joorabchian does not want to sell to United for 22 million if he believes he can get an extra 5 - 10 million by selling him to City or whoever.

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  • 50. At 7:43pm on 14 May 2009, Namesake wrote:

    Tevez apparently wants to stay at MU. If they are the only club he wants to play for, why would another club want to buy him? Would another club risk paying X millions only to find his heart is is elsewhere?

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  • 51. At 7:55pm on 14 May 2009, Stokerambo wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 52. At 7:56pm on 14 May 2009, madeiraman57 wrote:

    I agree basically with # 12, the player, by signing for an Agent or whatever the Iranian is , has done himself no favours and now at the 11th hour he realises it and is stoking the fires along with his feudal lord.
    He has indeed scored some very valuable goals for his team, but so he should that's his job, not often enough for me. Maybe more time spent in United's reserves with OGS would have sorted him out.
    Surely he can walk from his contract with the conglomerate, then sign as a free agent, United would be his first choice I'm sure with much gold to come.
    Stop whingeing and get on with it.

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  • 53. At 7:57pm on 14 May 2009, kingeric1997 wrote:

    Tevez has proved his quality and has changed many games this season. He is a fantastic impact player, but I often feels he lacks composure at times, and despite the charging around, can find himself on the fringes of games. That said, the reverse is also true in that the whole game can turn on his energy and commitment.

    Goodness knows what goes on in the boardroom, but I clearly this Kia is not exactly trustworthy, and Fergie has let many a star player leave that he feels is attempting to hold the club to ransom. Whatever the reasons, I am sure United are trying to keep him, but not exactly happy to be dealing with a businessman.

    As for many United fans and the media, I think Berbatov is a class act, and is starting to perform. His careful knitting of play through clever touches, and movement is just the aspect the team needs. We may see the best of him next season. I seem to remember Henry was a victim of the boo-boys and media in his first season at Arsenal....

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  • 54. At 8:00pm on 14 May 2009, g baby wrote:

    tevezs' goal ratio is important as rooney doesnt score masses of goals and berbatov, while a great player hasn't yet scored loads either then we cant just rely on ronaldo to produce evry season while he is around. tevez is good, good for 15-20 million but for anymore we might as well try to buy eto.

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  • 55. At 8:03pm on 14 May 2009, xscream wrote:

    Negotiate a deal with Tevez personally, tell Joorabchian to go and stick his contract where the sun doesn't shine.

    Tevez cannot be held to a contract with a third party.

    Let the lawyers do something worthwhile for a change.

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  • 56. At 8:11pm on 14 May 2009, auntiehascontempt wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 57. At 8:13pm on 14 May 2009, hunk4hire wrote:

    Read between the lines of Fergie's statement; "we are not dealing with a football club".

    Translation: We are dealing with a bunch of opportunist wide boys who are asking well over the odds for Tevez and are attempting to stitch us up. We're not playing that game and won't be railroaded.

    Tevez is gone.

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  • 58. At 8:15pm on 14 May 2009, 11_Giggsy_11_dont_save_606 wrote:

    re: 48 - he had a run in the side when Rooney got injured. He didn't really do much. Yes, he has scored 14 goals, but only 5 of them have been in the league and 2 in Champions League. Only 1 more league goal than centre back Vidic. Only 1 more Champions League goal than Park. 6 of Tevez's 14 goals have been in the Carling Cup. Not exactly a competition high up United's list of priorities is it? A competition where United play a few reserve players. So lets clear it up, he has scored 5 league goals in 17 league starts and 11 sub appearances. Compare that to the unpopular Bendtner, who has started the same amount of league games and one more sub appearance. How many goals? 9. So Simon is right to say his goalscoring has been modest.

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  • 59. At 8:21pm on 14 May 2009, magictylerdurden wrote:

    I'm a United fan but feel the pressing need to defend Torre's right peg's claim that United are a boring side.

    Liverpool's Champions league away game against Chelsea and their home game against Arsenal have been two of the most exciting games I have seen this season. I have been enthralled by the fact that they can score four goals and still not manage to win the game.

    If only the United defence could do more to always keep the opposition in with a chance. I am sure it would make a much better spectacle for the fans.

    Still I also enjoy winning trophies so I guess it all balances itself out in the end....

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  • 60. At 8:33pm on 14 May 2009, JustForThe Record wrote:

    It's pretty obvious Alex Ferguson doesn't want to deal with Joorabchian and who can blame him? These agents are a curse on football and are one of the reasons money and the 'money-men' have taken over the game today.
    I am no United supporter but I hope Ferguson sticks to his guns even if it means losing such a valuable 'commodity' (that's all players are nowadays) as Tevez. Boot the Joorabchians out of the sport sez me!

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  • 61. At 8:34pm on 14 May 2009, Bobby Charlton wrote:

    This has become an ABSOLUTE joke of an issue. This man Tevez should have been signed a long, long time ago. The is no one on our team that gives as much as Tevez does. Trade the whole team if you MUST, but, keep Tevez !!!!
    End of story.....

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  • 62. At 8:36pm on 14 May 2009, mightymuk wrote:

    i think that tevez won't be signed up by fergie because he many other options if he leaves, like benzema, ribery etc, but would like seeing tevez playing upfront with torres, that would be an unstoppable attack, with gerrard right behind them, can't get better then that eh,but fergie is always a manager that spends his money, unlike wenger and benitez, look how much benitez bought torres and then look at fergie and berbatov, torres is miles better, even dirk kuyt is better then berbatov, sorry united fans but he's a waste of money and space, he has quality passes and shots, but hardly moves much, and i bet he's never been man of the match since he's came...

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  • 63. At 8:53pm on 14 May 2009, 24DarrenFletcher24 wrote:

    "he had a run in the side when Rooney got injured. He didn't really do much. "

    This would be the time we won every single game and he built up a good partnership with our other striker would it? His general play was great, didn't get the goals (although 2 in 8 isn't terrible) but contributed a lot to our performances in that time.

    Tevez, when given any sort of run has been great, last season he was great. He isn't ever going to be a prolific striker but what he offers to the team, nobody else can at the moment and we badly need to sign him.

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  • 64. At 9:12pm on 14 May 2009, mightymuk wrote:

    think bout it,
    teves--torres the two forwards, new name, t&t

    gerrard attacking midfielder,stevie G

    best team ever!!!

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  • 65. At 9:14pm on 14 May 2009, bballchris wrote:

    I really hope united lose tevez and I also hope they would lose park and hargreaves (when he comes back) coz then their true weaknesses will be highlighted. First of all they have too many weak midfielders. eg scholes, carrick and fletcher.

    Then the only good defenders they have are evra and vidic.

    Plz fergie dont sign tevez and waste money on benzema (who isnt even proven at prem level) and is hardly setting the french team alight with his performances, then we will see you fail to retain the title next year.

    ...fingers crossed.

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  • 66. At 9:19pm on 14 May 2009, Eat Cheese and be Merry wrote:

    The main problem we have with regards to the Tevez situation is, as Fergie says, we are dealing with a company, and not a club. Whilst Joorabchian may be a colourful character, he heads a consortium of investors, and it's purely common sense in the business world to want to sell your 'product' for maximum market value.
    In a perfect world, we'd have already snapped up Tevez, but that's not taking into account the extra pressure this would have put on the club financially.
    I love Tevez as a player, but in all honesty, can anybody hold their hands up and say he's worth £32 million pounds in today's market? Maybe 3-5 years ago, when Chelsea were buying all and sundry; maybe. But now, with clubs and their owners feeling the pinch, can we really justify spending that kind of money on a player who, despite his recent form, is essentially a poor man's Wayne Rooney?
    I suppose it's because I prefer Berbatov that I'm making this point, but we already know that Tevez is going home after this one last contract, because he's said so. This means he'll have basically no resale value as well, not to mention his high wages, considering, as others have said, he's got around the same return as Bendtner.
    I'd like us to bid around £15 million max, considering we've already paid £10 million, and if we can't get him, then I'd wish Carlos well, and use the money on getting a player who can offer something a little different, and who can play around 30 games in all competitions, score 10-15, and not complain. Basically, I want Solskjaer!
    It all depends what we do about the left wing as well. If Nani or Tosic step up, then great; if not, will we keep Rooney there, and play Berbatov and Ronaldo up top, needing a right winger, or will we need to buy a new striker?
    If we did hypothetically buy Tevez, this formation could genuinely work:


    Somehow, however, I'd want to see us spend the Tevez money on a fast forward, who ca can head it and finish (Torres!). I know quite a few United fans will disagree with me, but I think we need a quick player who knows where the net is. Maybe a cheeky bid for David Villa would be worth it; unlikely, but I'd rather we paid a bit extra, say £30 million for him, than £22 million for Tevez.

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  • 67. At 9:22pm on 14 May 2009, LFCfan128 wrote:

    I dont know the details but how can another person own the right/live of another person in modern football, or anything else?! I think United got until the end of May to sort this out? Being a Liverpool fan, I would love to see Tevez playing alongside Torres, with Gerrard supporting. With their speed and skills, any defence will find it hard to shut them down.

    Re his contribution to United this season, Tevez really havent had a decent run of games so its difficult to judge, but from the games he has played, he is a trier and has scored some important goals but is he worth £30M? or even £22M? Who else is out there? Also, Fergie is not the type of person to be held at ransom over cash. So I do hope that he will leave United going to either City, Liverpool or even Madrid!!

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  • 68. At 9:34pm on 14 May 2009, rapidstretfordender wrote:

    Tevez is amazing!
    he shouldnt go anywhere!
    sign him up fergie!

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  • 69. At 9:36pm on 14 May 2009, CosmicPrune wrote:

    As a United fan, I'd rather Tevez went to City than Liverpool if he does leave. City might buy one or two titles like Chelsea have done, but Liverpool are the only club with the history and track record to rival United. City can have their day in the sun but Liverpool must be beaten at all cost.

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  • 70. At 9:38pm on 14 May 2009, sebastev wrote:

    Next season its all gonna be about the magic 4, you wait and see, tevez wont leave and its going to get seriously messy as United tear it up. People say Berba, Roon, Ronnie and tevez cant play together as the person up top demostrated that it what it is going to look like from now on.

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  • 71. At 9:44pm on 14 May 2009, thouston wrote:

    This Kia Joorabchian seems to be nothing more than a plantation owner. I shutter to think that his kind is the future of football, speculating on young talent and "owning" the financial rights of another human being as if they are some stock market derivatives. The EU has to come in at some point and stop this.

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  • 72. At 9:46pm on 14 May 2009, DDiabolik wrote:

    The importance of many of Tevez's goals over the last two seasons can't be underestimated, not to mention the number of goals he has put on a plate for others when United were in deep, deep trouble.

    An interesting point is raised on here regards a situation where Tevez simply refused to sign for another club. You'd imagine Joorabchian would've insisted on a contract clause which insists on the players (Tevez & Mascherano) being signed to a club constantly, and so earning for Joorabchian all the time.

    Does anyone know if there is an end date to the contract? Why would these two players agree to contracts with MSI, which would run indefinately? They must have been paid in gold bullion and treated to a night out with Ledley King to agree to that.

    Also if MSI are holding out for £30-32m for Tevez to be signed permanently, then the link with Liverpool surely must be a tabloid attempt at whipping up some excitment for the now dead title race (The idea failed). If he is to leave United then Madrid would seem the only logical next destination for Tevez bur he has already clearly stated his desire to stay in Premiership. MSI have told the press that Tevez would't turn his nose up at a move to City but would he really be prepared to move there? MSI are clearly trying to make these stories gather momentum to boost the price and put pressure on United.

    I stupidly hoped we'd seen the back of all this two summers ago.

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  • 73. At 9:57pm on 14 May 2009, BezzaMassiveLad wrote:

    In a perfect world we should sign him up. He scores vital goals, has a phenomenal work rate, and is very creative. If MSI were asking for £15 Million, which is probably what Tevez is worth, we would be stupid not to sign him.

    But if MSI are asking for around 30 Million to make his deal permanent, then I can understand why Ferguson and Gill are being a bit hesitant about concluding a deal. They are being unrealistic about his value. £30 Million is a lot of money for a player in these credit crunching times- Berbatov looked worth the fee before we bought him and may well be worth the money eventually, but it is difficult to justify spending so much on a player who is not quite as good as Rooney or Ronaldo, yet is not completely different from them in terms of playing style.

    I just hope Kia realises that MSI's valuation is unreasonable.

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  • 74. At 9:58pm on 14 May 2009, Liverpool_speaker wrote:

    I am a liverpool fan but first and formost congrats to Manchester UTD and all the fans because surley youve won it. I hate people who diss other teams, if a premiership team came knocking at your door one of the ones youve just slated would you say no?
    Why do you slate them good enough for the prem good enough for me, hopefully well beat Utd out on the pitch, and seening as LFC fans are a minority beating all UTD players at school tommorow in foulin footie.

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  • 75. At 10:01pm on 14 May 2009, Liverpool_speaker wrote:

    why is everyone harpin on about Ronaldo he's a class player but one with a cleat attidude problem, id give anything to play for at least half the game and be losing, it means more when you havent got it, ive been sidelined since December with Dislocated Hips

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  • 76. At 10:17pm on 14 May 2009, 11_Giggsy_11_dont_save_606 wrote:

    63 - thats your opinion and maybe you have different standards but i didn't think his contribution was all that in terms of attacking threat or goals. He showed his usual bad first touch. Of course his work rate was good as per usual but work rate, hustling and defending from the front is what i expect from Fletcher, not a striker, not a striker who will cost an overall fee of £32m. Tevez has been great off the bench but apart from the City game, he hasn't played well in games he has started in the league. His goal return this season isn't great, especially when you consider they have been surpassed easily by a mediocre unpopular striker like Bendtner who has 9 league goals. Just because Tevez is popular, doesn't mean his performances or figures are good

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  • 77. At 10:42pm on 14 May 2009, davebellmk wrote:

    Ferguson and Man U. management were under no illusions about a "third party" being involved when they decided to buy Tevez. They can't moan now they have to deal with that third party.
    I'm sure the average uncommitted football follower is just heartily sick of talents like Tevez being kept from us while the club use him as a bench-warmer, and angry that FIFA allow any person or "company" to effectively own a player.

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  • 78. At 10:45pm on 14 May 2009, pered77 wrote:

    The article is headed "Will Tevez row spoil Man Utd party"

    The answer is a resounding NO !!!

    We stand on the brink of 18 league titles and a 4th European Cup.

    If you had told me at 23 when we had 7 league titles and 1 European Cup that in my lifetime we would match Liverpools title haul and win more European cups I would never have believed you.

    If we get the point required, absolutely nothing will spoil that feeling.

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  • 79. At 10:48pm on 14 May 2009, olympicgoat wrote:

    Will Tevez row spoil Man Utd party? In a word, no. While Tevez is a good player, and Man Utd are a better team with him, if they don't sign him permanently the world won't stop. They have Rooney, Berbatov, Welbeck and Macheda alongside Tevez.

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  • 80. At 10:50pm on 14 May 2009, Blue Cowboy wrote:

    It is patently obvious that United just don't have the money to buy Tevez. They arranged a fee 2 years ago and now don't want to pay it, end of. There are many rumours circulating here in the States about the Glazers and their reluctance to finance the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Under the salary cap the Buccs have $20 million available to spend but the Glazers are not coming forward with the money.........because they don't have it. I advise the lemmings that follow United to start looking for a new team shirt to wear, one with pretty colours that will look good in the Southern English sunshine. We are witnessing the end of an era, the sun is setting on Old Trafford and a blue moon is rising.

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  • 81. At 10:55pm on 14 May 2009, sarcasm7 wrote:

    I don't understand why Ferguson just doesn't play Berba and Tevez (who have shown to have a great partnership) up front with Rooney and Ronaldo down the flanks, who will keep interchanging and cause havoc on both sides. We've produced more than decent performances whenever thats happened and all the big forwards are playing. I like Park but he just doesn't have anywhere near the same quality as these players. I actually prefer Rooney down the left, he's played fantastic there every time he's played there. I really don't think it's worth losing Tevez just to have Rooney up front with Park on the left...

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  • 82. At 11:03pm on 14 May 2009, nathan-bey wrote:

    why are we willing to pay out £30.75 million for berbatov but do not want to sign an on form brilliant player.

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  • 83. At 11:18pm on 14 May 2009, ablake wrote:

    in response 2 11_Giggsy_11: r u havin a laf son??? bendtner has scored that many goals because he is playing with the best passing team in d pl!! they put it on a plate for the chap and hes still useless!!! with some of his finishes ud contemplate puttin him in d back 4!!! if in doubt, put it out!!! he also starts a ridiculous amout f games(lord knows why??). tevez offers somthing alot different up front!! his ability 2 hold d ball up nd pick a pass is tough found elsewhere!!! we kno he can finish he jus spends more time outside f d box laying up others!! the most unselfish player going!! just look at his assist stats!!! 4 d ammount f games hes playin his return isn all that bad!!

    the man is comin 2 merseyside this summer!!! watch it happen!! hed b unreal jus sittin off torres(best striker in d league). u herd it here first!!

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  • 84. At 11:44pm on 14 May 2009, Stan_Mathews_Fan wrote:

    Lets face it,football, in the PL (as everywhere else on the planet)is ALL
    ABOUT MAKING MONEY !!!! especially so in UK, where wages, contracts, sponsers, tv rights, entrance fees are astronomical, just an example lets
    look at all the bla,bla,bla from Ferrari,Renault, about cost cutting in F1
    to give the smaller teams a better chance of surviving & competing, no, they want to spend millions like always & don't give a hoot about the "sport", to them its not a sport, it's about marketing their products, sponsers etc., & threaten to take their ball home & get out, (personally I'd like to see that happen, maybe it would make it more of a sporting
    event), apologise for mixing F1 & footy, but its just an example, having said that we, the common fans don't have a clue whats going on in the
    murky background of owners, investors, agents, bookmakers etc., so maybe
    SAF has his hands tied on this decision, or he's playing his hand very close to his chest, or he knows something we don't, but I'm sure nothing will happen until the PL, is in the bag & hopefully give Barca an embarassing day on the 27th, for which myself & many more out there will be chuffed to bits, but whatever happens the old fox will do the best for the club, as he sees it anyway.
    Just for the record, it's surprising so many fans compare number of goals scored = quality player, using that as a criteria then Ronaldo CryBaby is on a downward curve & should be sold at a staggering world record fee to Real Madrid, & then SAF could buy Carlitos plus plenty of change for his wishlist, after that disgraceful dislay of the Prima Donna the other day just goes to show how much respect he has for his team mates, Mngr, club & all us fans, dump him now while he's at top sale price, (how many goals did he miss against Wigan?), thats what many people miss, we have so many players that are capable of putting the ball in the net that comparing players scoring statistics is not always the best comparison, every player has his own style, specialities, qualities etc. that all combined make up the team, quality players is the name of the game. So to finish whatever happens Fergie DON'T LET CARLITOS GO !!! Cheers to all fom Macae Brasil

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  • 85. At 11:46pm on 14 May 2009, AmericangirlinaGiggsshirt wrote:

    Spot on, I'm not super genius...or are I?
    Both Tevez and Berbatov have something going for them. While Berbatov is slower than Tevez, he does create, and he scored several late goals this season that have helped get United to where they are now. Working with some faster players could help negate Berba- maybe a reason for Fergie to keep Ronaldo?
    The issue here isn't whether Tevez wants to stay or Fergie wants to keep him, it's the agent and the people who own Tevez. Obviously, his agent isn't happy with Man United's offer because the percentage he gets from the deal isn't satisfactory. He's probably hoping that Man City, who have more money then Ronaldo has hair gel, will make a ridiculously large offer and he'll get more out of it. Whether Tevez will want to go to Man City or United will let City get one of our players....
    If Tevez stays, great. He's a good player and a good guy, and he'll continue to work and do well. If he leaves we've got Berbatov, a certain Wayne Rooney, young Danny Welbeck, and of course Saint Kiko of Lazio, Patron Saint of Wondergoals and Supersubs.

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  • 86. At 11:54pm on 14 May 2009, thefrogstar wrote:

    I think the Tevez-saga is just another business affair, not really a football issue.

    Man Utd is now, necessarily, run as a business and these things will, necessarily, crop up every now and again. In the long run it will work to the clubs advantage, even if Tevez does leave.

    Like Chelsea now do, Man Utd will occasionally have to walk away from a deal/player in order to show that that they will not be taken for a ride by some "sharp" businessman.
    Wenger knows it too. He made another comment today about "the price doubles when a name is mentioned".

    And these days, I wonder how many people pay the asking price for a house?

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  • 87. At 00:37am on 15 May 2009, lennon4life1968 wrote:

    I too think Tevez should stay at Old Trafford. But I'm curious as to why Joorabchian's nationality has to be mentioned? It seemed out of place unless the story intends to imply that his place of birth is relevant to the situation.
    The headline asked whether this situation will tarnish the party.
    Not even close!

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  • 88. At 00:46am on 15 May 2009, CarefreeCoors wrote:

    Can someone please tell me, this 30 million figure that's being thrown around, is that a concrete figure or is that simply the owning party's valuation of Carlos? In that, is there an actual clause in the deal between Manchester United and the owners of Tevez's contract that states he must be sold for exactly 30 million, no less?

    As it's fairly obvious that United are dragging their feet over the asking price, it's a question of how negotiable the owners are.

    I think United will find a way for Tevez to stay at United and I don't think it'll involve them shelling out 30 million for him.

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  • 89. At 01:19am on 15 May 2009, manu4lyf007 wrote:

    tevez will sign a contract wid utd its jus a hype das goin on...... berba lov ur skills control movemnt its jus 2 slick.... roooney lov ur pace n runnin at players ... ronaldo lov ur special free kicks go man u .. u rock da world !!! champions 1nce agen unbeatable champions of 2009 MANCHESTER UNITED !!!

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  • 90. At 01:19am on 15 May 2009, noiseboy120db wrote:

    i just want to say
    Kia Joorabchian, what is the story where is fifa or uefa.
    lets look at it, this guy has cost sheffield unuted big time, a place in the premiership and countless money and west ham have never recovered money wise since the saga started but he is still wealthy and in football.
    after the west ham fiasco how come he was aloud to still be involved in the professional game. west ham were found guilty of breaking the rules, surley he must have been as well. west ham were fined yes but what about him. instead he is left in football to keep causing trouble.
    Will Tevez stay, i doubt it Fergie has a history of his way or the high way. the papers are saying Tevez is upset at the amount of first team football he is getting, two things he has played in 49 games this season 16 as a sub, maybe he should go have a chat with ole gunnar who i believe is still at the club because his loyalty was repaid. to be part of the team that is winning should surely be the goal. When people talk about Ole do they say do you remember that sub Man U. had or do they remember what he did on the pitch.
    Iam not sure how true these comments are may be the lad wants to stay, may be he just wants to go but to me it seems to be much more about how much this Iranian can make out of it, and since when did the middle east know so much about football that they are calling the big shots.
    the money is obvious but at some point Fifa and Uefa need to get a handle on all this investment.
    Where is the whole thing going to end. I know we have been seeing this coming for years but when i look at the money men buying up football (roman, and the glazers) there has always been the comfort of knowing they were not just doing it for money, they wanted to win, to be champions. Man City may have been the real start. that Thai guy just wanted to make money and be a celebrity, and i have a feeling this new one is not much else himself. Kia is a money man out to make money any where he can.
    how does a business own a player, surely he is under contract to a club or he is out of contract and a free agent.
    How have the governing bodies ever allowed these to get to this stage.
    What do think.

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  • 91. At 02:38am on 15 May 2009, Paulfrompye wrote:

    Its been a great season for Man Utd regardless of who's scored more goals or played as often. Football is about money and if you dont pay the man you dont get what you want who ever that may be.
    Boardroom directors are unfortunatley in control.
    If the players had the final say over who would stay and who would go Tevez would stay , same for the fans, but its out of the hands of the fans ,even though its the fans money that keeps the club going.

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  • 92. At 03:14am on 15 May 2009, aec1902 wrote:

    As an united fan i wouldn't be to upset to see tevez go. I would like to see kiko or wellbeck (prefer wellbeck cause he's english) get a good run in the squad. Kiko in the fa cup semi showed the same rooney/tevez work rate running around after lost causes.
    I think Berbatov has still to prove himself but a second season at united helps i.e. Vidic.

    In fergie i trust.

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  • 93. At 03:50am on 15 May 2009, berbafan wrote:

    Interestingly, Tevez pairs better with Berbatov than with Rooney, and Berbatov pairs better with Tevez than with Rooney! There are more Berbatov/Tevez assists than Berbatov-Rooney or Rooney-Tevez this season.

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  • 94. At 04:15am on 15 May 2009, Stan_Mathews_Fan wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 95. At 04:20am on 15 May 2009, Observer321 wrote:

    It's Berbatov that needs to be sold.

    £30m of over-hyped and over-rated ridiculousness now.

    If Tevez goes, so should Berbatov

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  • 96. At 04:34am on 15 May 2009, coccamocca wrote:

    Who is lying? Someone is lying here! The Iranian businessman Kia Joorabchian or Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill? Kia says there have been no offers, Sir Alex says there is.

    I want to know, cus this situation with Tevez is making me upset.
    If we can't trust our own manager, then who can we trust?

    Don't make me point to the obvious mistakes done in the past. Sir Alex never admitted to any mistakes for over a decade, it had to be dragged out of him by Sir Frost, the same man that made the famous intervu with, at then time president of the United States of America, Richard Nixon..

    At this time I must say, when Tevez signed on a 2 year loan deal, it was announced that they, United, had the option to buy him after that, so far it hasnt come to that. So?

    Surely this is why we have the BBC reporters? Do some digging will ya! Dont park those body of yours behind your desks all day long. Go out and knock some doors down! Get some answers!

    If this turns out the way I have the feeling it will, that Manchester United dont really have the money to invest in Tevez, Sir Alex should say so.

    If not, its time to pack your bags my friend, and leave while you can leave at the front door, with your head held high. Cus this case can turn real ugly, it could well be known in the future as Fergie-gate.

    And I read that a another man utd fan, like myself, ask the forum users if we dont trust Sir Alex, if he thinks tevez is not the right man for united then we should have fate in that? That united fan can clearly have no memory, cus when we sold Jaap Stam, we didnt win the league the year after, when we sold Beckham, we didnt win the league for 3 years.

    Tevez is already a crucial part of the United team, his work ethic is second to none, his a proven goalscorer and he will be a star for Argentina, that could well go all the way in the world cup next summer in South Africa. If Berbatov is worth £30m, so are Tevez. So pay up.

    The biggest club in the world, with an estimated 350 million fans worldwide cant seem to find it possible to have 4 world class strikers.

    Dont even get me started on the cheap barging of Manucho, or the 3 youngers of Welbeck, Macheda and Campbell. If they are good enough, then why did we buy Berbatov?

    Last time i checked, United had over 60 professional players! 60! Thats enough to fill 5 football teams. This firstteam/reserve/academy squad is getting out of hand. We have an entire football team out on loan, and if you check the current manchester united squad, how on earth would someone ever get into the side? How many years have we had Lee Martin at our club? I dont see him any closter to the first team now, than 5 years ago.

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  • 97. At 04:44am on 15 May 2009, George wrote:

    I love Tevez, he's one of my favourite players but is he worth £32 million? Maybe... In the current climate? No. He works hard and scores the odd important goal... Sounds like Vidic, Giggs, Scholes, Carrick, Park and O'Shea.

    Tbh, Man Utd have a plethora of strikers: Rooney, Ronaldo, Berbatov, Macheda and Welbeck are all in the current team and also have Campbell and Manucho coming back at the end of the season; why do we need to pay over £30 million for another one?

    Personally i'd rather see this fought out in the courts because it *has* to be against European Employment law

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  • 98. At 04:46am on 15 May 2009, sporting65 wrote:

    Berbatov was a big waste of $$$$$. I'll take Tevez over him any day.

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  • 99. At 05:08am on 15 May 2009, Stan_Mathews_Fan wrote:

    My apologies to the moderators ! after reading yr rules on the legal aspects I can see what you mean, over here its a bit more liberal on those sort of remarks so it's pointless to me rewriting as it could be interperted in so many different ways, but lets hear it for the 27th & condolences to Darren, he must be feeling gutted, a real sportsman, you didn't see him threatining the Ref. or throwing warmups to the ground !!!

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  • 100. At 06:36am on 15 May 2009, SingaporeFling wrote:

    Man. Utd. would be better off with Tevez in the squad than without him. But everything has a price. Fergie clearly beleives that the price for Tevez is unacceptably high and that for the same money he can find an equivalent replacement. I have long ago given up on trying to second guess Fergie! Kia's motivation, as an agent, is to get teh highest prie possible for Tevez. If, as seems likely, the price for Tevez is higher from rivals than from Man. Utd. then Kia is going to encourage Tevez to walk. Sadly, I think we are going to lose Tevez...but that is football. Bring on the next season.

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  • 101. At 07:06am on 15 May 2009, kawayinet wrote:

    I would love if he was there next season, won't be surprised if he isn't. He will be an important player in the champions league final for sure.

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  • 102. At 07:47am on 15 May 2009, 11_Giggsy_11_dont_save_606 wrote:

    83 - three assists in 17 league starts and 11 sub!) Not very creative is he. Aren't United a attacking team? Don't they create chances? Stop making excuses for Tevez. He is not playing in a relegation team where goals and chances are hard to come by. See beyond the work rate. Forget work rate, he is a striker, not a box to box midfielder. At the end of the day, he is a striker who will cost £32m and his goalscoring figures this season in the league have been put to shame by a mediocre striker who cost peanuts, Bendtner. His ability to pick a pass? thats a new one. He might do it once in a while but that doesn't mean thats his key strength. We already got a second striker who does that on a regular basis, Rooney. Feel sorry for Rooney, he hasn't played behind a striker on a regular basis since Saha. But still Rooney, this season, has been better than last season in terms of performances he has put in. Lot more movement and creativity. Strange that isn't it. Oh btw, Bendtner has started the same number of league games as Tevez this season, 17 and only one more league sub appearance. At the end of the day, Tevez is a likeable player because of his energy, body language and work rate. Not necessarily because of his goalscoring record or his creative ability in the second striker role. The key men in our attack is Rooney and Ronaldo. I want Rooney as a second-striker, but instead he gets shafted onto the left wing or up front as the main striker, with either Berbatov or Tevez (last season) floating behind him. We got three three second strikers, (Berba has been playing more deep than he did at Spurs and is playing as a second strikers these days for us) which is ridiculous. Three is too much, we need a variety. Most of what Tevez brings to the team, Rooney does anyway and more. I'd rather have a variety of strikers. Most clubs are lucky to have one specialist second striker. Give me a fit Saha over Tevez or Berbatov anyday, with Rooney roaming behind. Don't get me wrong, i like Tevez but considering how much he would cost, i want some variety.

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  • 103. At 07:52am on 15 May 2009, Sergei from IT wrote:

    Well said #74. Its good to read a comment that is not de-valued by the slagging off of other teams. As a PL neutral (I support a non-league team) I watch the PL purely for entertainment and the appreciation of skilful football. That has provided in abundance by all of the top 10 teams on varying occasions.

    As for comments #83 and #89. Totally incomprehensible. Please re-submit them in an intelligible format. Preferably using words that can be found in an English dictionary.

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  • 104. At 07:56am on 15 May 2009, emmashot wrote:

    To me SAF made a mistake spending so much on Berbatov who always play like a big man. sir Fergei is just using Carlos as a scape goat knowing fully well that the media will make mockery of him if he decide to loan out shy Berbatov. Tevez far better than Berbatov.

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  • 105. At 09:07am on 15 May 2009, Chris Harper wrote:

    I wonder what the count would be if you included all the goals we have scored this season where Carlos was involved in the setting up of the goal.
    Also how many points has he got us this season?? I mean the odd goal he has scored doesn't sound good I admit, but I can remember at least two of those being the difference between us getting one point and three.. if it add;s up to anything close to SIX.. sign the man!

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  • 106. At 09:15am on 15 May 2009, alwaysindoubt wrote:

    I'm a bit surprised by all this Berbatov bashing. I wonder whether people are actually watching him play and thinking for themselves or just picking up on the labels dished out by some sections of the media. His contribution is ridiculously underrated at the moment.

    Tevez is a fantastic asset to bring off the bench against a tiring opposition, or against a team where you want to press and stop them having time on the ball to build from the back (Barcelona??). But quite rightly he wants to play all the time.

    That's one of the the great things about modern football. Because it is a squad game, and the best players want to play in every game, it prevents any one team from getting too far ahead of the others.

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  • 107. At 09:26am on 15 May 2009, Madiba wrote:

    +30m is way too much for Tevez. He's great, but i personally dont think they will splash that amount on him.

    Sir Alex, if you are reading this please sign me instead. Our season has just started here in RSA and i have banged 16 goals in the first 6 games. That saying, +30m for me is a bargain. Do it for the team. Do it for the fans. ManU need me.


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  • 108. At 09:32am on 15 May 2009, Meist101 wrote:

    I just have to say that I disagree to all of the "Tevez Saga" ruining our celebrations etc. In fact whatever the result is after Manchester United play, there is a negative post match reaction every time.

    United Win - Berbatov what a waste of money....
    United Win - Ronny has a strop...
    United Win - Tevez must be signed etc etc...

    When we beat City, a glorious day (after the stick us Mancs get up here giving us a few weeks of peace), but as soon as the game finished, did Sky replay any of the goals, any reaction on the game itself. No, for the first 5 minutes we had a multi angle replay of Ronny throwing a strop. So, he was out of order, but Sir Alex will have a word and thats that. Not let's look at the game.

    Same again now, nothing is being ruined, it's just whatever the media which includes the BBC, can milk just for a few headlines. Let Alex do his job, let him worry about his players, because it looks like we have just won our third league in the row and in the Champions League final - that doesn't look that bad to me! Shall we talk about that BBC?

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  • 109. At 09:35am on 15 May 2009, GenesisRed wrote:

    @65 BBallChris

    "I really hope united lose tevez and I also hope they would lose park and hargreaves (when he comes back) coz then their true weaknesses"

    Seriously, what a stupid comment.

    Maybe we should also lose the entire first team, so the weakness of not having an entire second squad could be exposed.

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  • 110. At 09:38am on 15 May 2009, Hydrans wrote:

    Personally I love watching Tevez play, however he does not score enough goals to be worth $30M. As a lifetime (35 years) Man Utd supporter the only striker that I have ever seen worth that kind of money playing for Utd has been Ruud.
    Personally if I was SAF, I would be looking incredibly closely at getting at getting Klass Jan Huntelaar from Real Madrid, who is finding it hard to get a game, but is a truely world class striker, and is likely to cost about 15 million. Spend the other 15 million on a quality left winger to replace the gap left by Giggs lack of pace (maybe Diego).
    Next season I genuinely feel that we will be the last for Scholesy, Giggys and Neville (if he does not retire after the Champions League final in Rome), which will be sad, however something that is inevitable.
    So enough chat about Tevez being worth 30 million, he is a 18 to 20 million pound player, lets not blame this on SAF as has he really ever made a massive mistake in the transfer markets before? (sure there have been but I cannot really remember it).

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  • 111. At 09:50am on 15 May 2009, Meist101 wrote:

    (110) - yes but the catch 22 situation is that we have already paid £10 million already for his services on loan. To complete the signing, only £20 is required. Appreciating what you are saying about Huntelaar, but the players and fans love him already and if he is worth at the top end of your estimates £20 million, then this would get him - although I hear that Fergusson is trying to barter a bit!

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  • 112. At 09:57am on 15 May 2009, expat_99 wrote:

    i agree with several of the posts here: the point is not do united want berbatov over tevez or vice versa, but do united want tevez for 25mill or would they rather keep that money for another player like Villa or Benzema. If united could get him on a free, i have no doubts that ferguson would snap him up in a heartbeat, but 25mill for tevez is not necessarily great business.

    dont get me wrong, i love tevez and think he does a great job for united, but is he really the best we can get for that sort of money? tevez is quite a similar player to rooney in terms of his work ethic, pace, strength and technical ability, but i do think rooney is the more complete player with greater vision and influence on games.

    i am sitting on the fence over whether i want tevez for that kind of money, but if loopholes can be found in the contract, which it appears do exist, then, as long as tevez can tear himself away from that snake of an agent, i would welcome him with open arms...

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  • 113. At 10:01am on 15 May 2009, Paul bain wrote:

    SAF is not one to be to be told what to do. but Joorabchian holds all the aces! man u should just meet his demands! they know there gettin a great player who would work hard for them for the rest of his career. the fans love him and so do the players! id happily take him at liverpool and i cant imagine city will delay with an offer!

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  • 114. At 10:06am on 15 May 2009, Adekunle Olajide wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 115. At 10:24am on 15 May 2009, kevthered83 wrote:

    fergie is always a manager that spends his money, unlike wenger and benitez,

    Oh dear. Benitez doesnt spend money does he? wake up and smell the coffee. Then you follow with...

    even dirk kuyt is better then berbatov

    There is definatley a village missing an idiot here!

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  • 116. At 10:26am on 15 May 2009, kevthered83 wrote:

    I really hope united lose tevez and I also hope they would lose park and hargreaves (when he comes back) coz then their true weaknesses will be highlighted.

    Oh dear....another idiotic ABU! Hargreaves hasnt played all season, whilst Park and Tevez have been bit part players and very rarely started. Yet we are still on course for 4 trophies. yes you are right, it has exploited our weaknesses!

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  • 117. At 11:12am on 15 May 2009, il_dolce_far_niente wrote:

    Senor Tevez has one special quality that gives him the edge over other players. He's a winner - in both South America and Europe. So ideally, he should be retained - but not at any cost. If the legal team at United can find a way of signing him that would exclude Joorabchian then that would be good for football in general. If not....well, sometimes you have to fight for a cause and a belief, even if there is a personal cost. If Tevez isn't retained, it would be nice to think that one of the youngsters might be played more regularly rather than just buying someone in, no matter how talented.

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  • 118. At 11:21am on 15 May 2009, HarryLondon wrote:

    United seem to have an exceptional squad of players, that is the key to their success this season. As other teams have struggled with injuries, United seem to have a player to slip into every position.

    This is not affordable to most clubs, United are the richest club in the world,so they win most things... which means 'might makes right'.

    but is it sustanible in the present climate? United struck a deal for Tevez two years ago, it seems now they have gone back on that deal.

    Maybe that even the richest club in the world is feeling the pressure.. lets hope so, if not football will be come incredibly boring.

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  • 119. At 11:56am on 15 May 2009, enricosuarve wrote:

    The whole Tevez affair is detracting from United's assault at an unprecedented double-double.

    I think it is fairly plain to see that SAF does not value Tevez at the purported £26-32 Million his people are demanding for him. This fee was negotiated in 2007, long before the Credit Crunch / Global Downturn / Recession (or however you wish to term it) - the fact is Tevez cannot command that sort of transfer fee for hard work alone. Managers are judged on results, forwards on goals - he hasn't scored enough in his two years at OT.

    My own personal feeling is that SAF has more than half an eye on Benzema of Lyon (after impressing in last seasons ECL against United). If he could get Benzema, younger, faster, more dynamic than Tevez for £40M, why spend £30M on Tevez? It is said 'a good big'un always beats a good little'un' and I think SAF realises Benzema can play as the lone striker, as a pair, or just behind if required. He is probably more of a target man than Berba & Ronaldo (if he isn't sunning himself in Madrid next season) so would fit perfectly into United's attack & allow Ronaldo to slot back into his wide role.

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  • 120. At 12:00pm on 15 May 2009, boydiesel wrote:

    So what Carlos is not the most prolific of goal scorers, strikers don't always win the games it's bull dogs like Tevez who do the ground work and set up chances that need to be in the team too.

    He plays a vital role it will be a sad loss and a great gain should another team get their hands on him.

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  • 121. At 12:42pm on 15 May 2009, mahdi_manutd wrote:

    By just looking at Tevez's contribution to Man Utd this season, even at a glance, you could easily find the reason Man Utd fan's adore Tevez and want him to stay. He has of course scored vital goals for Utd, one was the goal he scored against Porto in the first leg of the CL quarter finals at Old Trafford. If it was not for that goal, perhaps Man Utd had no chance to win the CL this season.
    I don't mean that Man Utd are dependant on Tevez for every single win, but he has done all he could to give his team the chance to have an astonishingly magnificent end of season. Other players like Ronaldo, Van der Saar, Vidic, Roney, Berbatov, Ferdinand, etc, are to be considered parts of Man Utds' current place and prestige, but to neglect the efforts Tevez has put into Man Utds' achievements this season is extermely relentless.
    I, regardless of being a Man Utd fan, hope Tevez stays and is treated better than ever. He has one heart and that only beats for Man Utd. This is apparent. Why shall we ignore it?

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  • 122. At 12:51pm on 15 May 2009, JoachimX wrote:

    guys, if Tevez decides to leave the best and most complete football team, that's fine. I want him to stay, as all united fans, but I hardly think he is worth paying more than 12-15 million quid. And on top, would be happy to see Benzema or any of the other options Sir Alex has in his mind coming to Old Trafford. What does worry me is the thought that Ronaldo will leave this summer.

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  • 123. At 12:59pm on 15 May 2009, StefhanB wrote:

    I love Tevez for his attitude, workrate and desire, but the end product isn't always there and think the rumoured £25 million price tag isn't justified, lets hope a lower fee can be agreed. If Benzema is a realistic transfer target however someone has to move on... Berbatov needs a big season next year (starting with the Champions League final) but both he and Carlos could form a terrific partnership with Benzema...

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  • 124. At 1:18pm on 15 May 2009, pamison wrote:

    I'm a united fan and bought a shirt with Tevez on the back, so I would be biased towards him staying, I agree with the fact that there are some things we don't quite know about the affair,

    I'm not sure if he is worth the supposed £30 million but the talk of getting Villa or Benzema, i'm sure clubs would not want to sell there top players so cheaply and without competition, united should have signed him when they had the chance and I'm sure his price may now go up if more clubs come in for him.

    Also I've noticed that no one has mentioned he is only the second player ever to win the south American player of the year three times in a row, not a bad accolade for someone so young, if there was a striker who had just won it three times in a row this season i'm sure there would be some big clubs after such a player.

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  • 125. At 1:25pm on 15 May 2009, Ibrokay wrote:

    I think Teves is a fantastic player and by any chance Sir Alex should not let him go.They should try as best as possible to reach an agreeable agreement with Kia Joorabchian and TEVES.
    HE IS A TRIER AND MARVELOUS GOAL SCORER.And looking at the present Europian football trend,these are the kind of players that can do the unimmaginable,so I strongly urge United and Sir Alex Fergusson to sign TEVES on a permanet deal.

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  • 126. At 1:27pm on 15 May 2009, Karthick Arvinth wrote:

    I really really hope Tevez stays. To all those who claim he's not worth the money or doesn't produce the 'end product' - you're all blinking naive. At this moment, Tevez is way more important to the team than Berbatov.

    The thing that infuriates me about Berbatov, is that he drops back so deep to get involved in play even when United have the ball, I think it's a bit ridiculous to classify him as a centre forward. He's undoubtedly talented and should be using all his silky skills in the final third, not the centre circle. Did he play so deep at Spurs? I don't think so.

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  • 127. At 1:27pm on 15 May 2009, Ibrokay wrote:

    This means that United should do all it can to keep Teves at United.

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  • 128. At 1:29pm on 15 May 2009, AndrewSydney wrote:

    Tevez probably gets a kickback from Joorabchian. Because a team might pay 20-30mils for a player but wouldn't pay him half that much in wages during his contract. So its a win-win for Tevez and Joorabchian.

    Keep in mind as well that the pound was stronger compared to euro 2 years ago. AND we didn't have recession and a decrease in transfer spending. However this doesn't change that the player will go to the highest bidder, if this is ManU so be it. Else there are a lot of teams with hard cash out there...

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  • 129. At 1:32pm on 15 May 2009, Studs First wrote:

    Simon has somewhat of a point in declaring Tevez's league goal scoring record as modest for United. If you look at the bigger picture, however, his goal scoring record looks rather more impressive. As a second striker who spends plenty of his time tracking back and arguably has had a rather inconsistent run in the team he's notched up 34 goals in 97 appearances.

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  • 130. At 1:44pm on 15 May 2009, massivemeatball wrote:

    I love the fact that Liverpool fans sit by the internet all day waiting for an article about United to be written so they can vent their fury. So bitter its unbelievable. And that perch is getting closer and closer.......................

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  • 131. At 1:50pm on 15 May 2009, bonze89 wrote:


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  • 132. At 1:53pm on 15 May 2009, soccerinteg wrote:

    IMHO it looks like United is bargaining in 'bad faith' hoping to land Tevez without paying off MSI which acquire ownership ($14 million?) from Boca. Correct me if I am wrong.

    I doubt United will inveigle Tevez without paying MSI. City might end up buying Tevez rights. Signing another Argentinian, Agüero, will provide City with lots of striking power.

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  • 133. At 2:00pm on 15 May 2009, TopBlogger wrote:

    I agree that Tevez has contributed a lot to our success over the last two years. Some crucial goals and gut-busting performances.

    I always judge a players committment to a club by asking myself "would he get the club's name tattoo'd on his arm". I would have to say yes, Tevez would. Carlos has become a fan's favourite at Old Trafford and many people would be upset to see him leave.

    I don't think we should have paid £30 million or Berba last year and I don't think we should pay anything like that for Tevez. We are stuck with Berbatov now and hopefully we will keep hold of Roon and Ron, so what does Sir Alex do in the summer? Personally I think we should use Ronaldo as more of a striker and bring in a right midfielder. Valencia at Wigan would be a fantastic addition to our squad and will probably cost half as much as Tevez.

    What an interesting summer it promises to be....

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  • 134. At 2:11pm on 15 May 2009, Andre the Giant wrote:

    Tevez is crap

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  • 135. At 2:16pm on 15 May 2009, Joe G wrote:

    I think Tevez is a cracking player, always been a fan and think his suitability for the English game is something the fans, and crucialy Tevez, seem well aware of.

    But all this talk of how great he is, how hard he tries, how popular he is all puts a sticking plaster on a seemingly insurmountable problem. Whether you rate Berbatov or not, whoever you like, whatever formation you like a team can still only have 11 people on the pitch.

    Ronaldo will play when fit, Rooney will play when fit. To that list you can add a goalie, four defenders and at least two central midfielders (presumably Hargreaves and Carrick). That is TEN players.

    United may have large budgets but they're a financially tight run ship and it's hard to see how they can justify spending what one presumes would be at least 20-25m on Tevez when they've spent 32m on Berbatov. No matter what Ferguson says and how much he rotates, buying Tevez gives you two players who will expect to start and only one position.

    People can go on and on and on about Tevez's qualities, popularity and such like as much as they want. But if you're a United Fan that's all a side issue. If you sign Tevez either him or Berbatov must accept they will be partial bench players.

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  • 136. At 2:28pm on 15 May 2009, Joe G wrote:

    Gaargh, how to make a fool of yourself in one easy step!

    Ronaldo, Rooney, two central midfielders, four defenders and a goalie is nine players not ten. Mia Culpa!

    I meant to throw in a left sided midfielder (or right sided if ronaldo moves to the left) into that mix. I realise Rooney can play on the left but on a full time basis week in week out? Surely not.

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  • 137. At 2:37pm on 15 May 2009, jordanuk90MUFC wrote:

    I think the Old Trafford faithful summed it up nicely on a few occasions.... Fergie, Sign him up, Fergie Fergie, Sign him up

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  • 138. At 2:42pm on 15 May 2009, Hammerous wrote:

    Tevez has a knack of scoring crucial goals, a proven winner you can't just replace that kind of talent. Where would United be without Rooney this season. Tevez and Rooney are energitically, skilled and built the same way. Agreed that Tevez's goal scoring ratio to games played is not electric - but he more than makes up for it in 'effort' and 'grit' which I can't believe (from the insinuation in the article above) doesn't inspire the team. I think with Tevez you've got to look at his all round game - he tracks back, has a big heart when tackling, a killer pass and a great understanding with Rooney (which was evident yet again in the Champions League). Surely worth splashing the cash on, from a financial return point of view!!

    I genuinely think Fergie wants him, but on his terms - and doesn't want Kia to be calling the shots. I'm afraid it looks like stalemate to me, unless Tevez is bold enough to want to sign for free. I think there will be a twist in the tail with this one, especially as Man City are being touted as a club lining up for Tevez's services..... As a neutral it makes for an exciting prospect, if Tevez leaves, next season for United will be very tough and I don't think they will be genuine contenders on two let alone five fronts like they have been this season.

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  • 139. At 2:59pm on 15 May 2009, Rachadinho wrote:

    One thing i dont get and donf fully understand....when Tevez played for West Ham under this 3rd party ownership, west ham got fined and they said that they wouldnt allow this kind of ownership in the premier league so why has it been allowed 2 continue?

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  • 140. At 4:29pm on 15 May 2009, ArmoAG wrote:

    From yesterdays blog to this.....

    its simple manu agreed to the loan deal and to sign him after 2 years. The price was agreed.

    that was before the money men at united realised they cannot go on borrowing cash to get to where you are now ( considering your club debt is over 800m).

    its all blown over because manu dont want to pay 22m. In total it will cost you 32m. I dont think its a bad deal and you cannot blame MSI, if manu cannot afford him ( which is what I think it is), then MSI have the right to sell him to someone else!

    Get over it and realise that the spending spree at manu is over! no more 17m for crocked MDs. If Hargreeves is worth 17m then 22m for Teves is a very good deal.

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  • 141. At 6:19pm on 15 May 2009, Adekunle Olajide wrote:

    I'm just having a laugh all the time ever since the Tevez debate began. People just have a psychosomatic ways of looking at things. The only reason most people are criticizing the E30million for Tevez is simple. They were let into the fray and it's HAPPENING DURING THE SEASON.

    Imagine if we all get a chance to debate if Berbaslow is worth the price before he was purchased by SAF. Everybody know that Levy and Co. at Spurs conned MUFC by making them pay 32 million for a player they should have gotten for less than 20 million. Let me step on toes by bringing Rooney into the fray. Rooney is a fantastic player but when you look at accuracy of shots on target or improvisation inside the box, Tevez is a little bit ahead IT IS A SOUTH AMERICAN THING. IF YOU WANT PROOF, LOOK AT THE ONLY PENALTY SHOOTOUT TEVEZ WASN'T INVOLVED IN THE FA CUP SEMI AGAINST "EBERTON" (SPELLED EVERTON). Not that I want Rooney on the bench.

    I think SAF made a misjudgement by using the money we should have used to reward Carlito Tevez after his fantastic first season to pay for Dimislow. It just seems like we blame our lack of finishing off chances created earlier in the season on Carlito only forgetting that every teams out there defend for their life whenever playing against reigning Champions. You think about it: Did we do much in terms of scoring this season other than grinding out results against teams that park the bus? Berbaslow got brain, good passing skills and all but I'll take Tevez over him any day any time. The reason is simple: DEFENDERS WILL NEVER SHITE THEMSELVE AT THE SIGHT OF DIMISLOW BECAUSE HE'S GOT NO SHOT, NO HIND-VISION AND ZERO PACE. IN FACT I'LL TAKE IBRACADABRA OVER HIM.

    In conclusion, if I have money I'll buy Tevez for MUFC because my motto is: NEVER MESS WITH A WINNING FORMULA OR TEAM.

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  • 142. At 6:51pm on 15 May 2009, bismarkacheampong wrote:

    i think fergy should make it a point to sign the argentine striker for i need him next season

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  • 143. At 9:29pm on 15 May 2009, M3BLOND wrote:

    This issue is a no-brainer. Tevez is passionate, commited & without question can turn a game into Utd's favour. What more do you want from a player ? My partner & I were at the CL QF against Porto at Old T. My partner was amazed at the fans reaction when he warmed up in front of us - my partnner's reaction - what are Utd waiting for, he has the making of another legend !

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  • 144. At 9:52pm on 15 May 2009, csomethingood wrote:

    Theres an extreme lack of imagination around these boards. Most of you all are trying to diagnose Tevez's value through goals and thats just not how it works. He runs, tackles, creates everywhere on the pitch. Given a full run of games rather than just stop-starts whenever Berba decides he doesnt feel like it that day, he'll score as well. And even if he doesnt, the goals he scores tend to be important - he's won at least 6 points for united this season and contributed massively to a lot more. Those 6 points have just won you the league.

    I think SAF doesnt want to lose him to any rival, but cant offer him a start in the first 11 and he isnt cheap enough to buy. Maybe if he gets a goal in the CL final (he does tend to up his playing in the big games) then maybe he'll be staying. If not - cross the road Tevez mate, theres a team in sky blue who'd welcome you and treat you like the fantastic player you are, AND pay you a huge wad too!

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  • 145. At 10:30pm on 15 May 2009, PJBoi09 wrote:

    I think teves should go to Liverpool.... He should sack his agent to

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  • 146. At 10:44pm on 15 May 2009, Pboro91 wrote:

    Tbh from what ive read on this that man utd have not put any sort of offer on the table for this lad yeaah its pathetic last season comes off bench scores vital goals creates goals, chances and even gets back and defends, they should be doing everything in their power to be signing tevez cause they spend £30.75 mill or sumit and all hes done is moan moan moan yeaah he may score but to me tevez puts in the effort and everything so fergie if you read this SIGN HIM NOW!!! before he leaves for another rival and i think he will regret this one

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  • 147. At 04:11am on 16 May 2009, scorpiofrancis wrote:

    his agent says that tevez wants to go to a club with
    united don't have ambition? excuse me. this man obviously hasn't a clue what he's on about. what a tragedy the career of an obviously dedicated red lies in the hands of such a man.

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  • 148. At 06:11am on 16 May 2009, KelvinEkejija wrote:

    SAF should do his utmost to keep Tevez most espscially because of his work ethic, but Joorabchian should be considerate,I think 30m is just a fee too exorbitant for Tevez.

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  • 149. At 12:18pm on 16 May 2009, niceMAN4MANU wrote:

    Having read the statement from Joorabchian - I believe he has shown his true position when he has been reported as saying Carlos said ,

    "The Champions League is the biggest but Carlos isn't the kind of person that says 'I have to play for this club, in this situation'," he said. "He wants to go to a club that has a real ambition and focus."

    The fact is when you compare Manchester United's record to that of other European teams surely the ambition and focus of Manchester United as yet to be surpassed - going for a treble of premiership wins and back to back champions league wins - that is why Tevez is with the Red Devils!!!

    As a Manchester United fan all my life , Tevez no doubt has an important part to play in the success of the team - once again the business men need to be realistic and look after their players and let the team deliver the trophies - Ferguson will not be blackmailed by a man with a history of dodgey deals - Tevez needs to stand up and say he wants to stay and help secure a realistic bid - personally if we can pay 30m for Berbatov then we should look at Tevez contribution as an all round player - for my mind he is worth similar fee and is tried and tested in the united set up - Fergie pay 30m na dget the dodgey iranian off our backs!!!!!

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  • 150. At 8:50pm on 16 May 2009, Simon Austin wrote:

    The Tevez saga provided a fascinating sub-plot to today's game, I thought. When the Argentine was substituted, he shook his head and there was a chorus of boos. That seemed almost incredible to me.

    Here was Fergie about to deliver another league title and the fans were booing him for taking their hero off. Such dissent from the Old Trafford supporters toward the legendary manager is obviously extremely rare.
    There were again chants of "Fergie sign him up" and, according to reports on Five Live this evening, fans waited by the directors box to appeal for the striker to be signed up on a permanent deal.

    In the post-match press conference, Ferguson again reiterated his desire for Tevez to stay at Old Trafford. The fans have certainly made their feelings very clear.

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  • 151. At 7:08pm on 17 May 2009, coccamocca wrote:

    I must say thank you to BBC for tracking this story. Stay on it!

    [b]Tevez future to be sorted in June[/b]

    As I wrote in my first post, this latest article from the BBC show that if United dont have the money to invest in Tevez, all Sir Alex had to do is say so. Instead they created this highly toxic situation. David Gill and Sir Alex Ferguson admits the price of the player set in the 2 year old loan deal contract is too high..

    The fact is that, if Tevez sign for Chelsea or Liverpool, and he get to play the majority of the matches, he could well be the reason those teams take the next Premier League title. Thats how good he is.

    What then?

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  • 152. At 11:21am on 18 May 2009, RedsNine wrote:

    What's with all the fuss around Tevez staying at Old Trafford?

    Had SAF really wanted Tevez to stay, that contract would have been signed and sealed by now. Leaving it for June, really shows the importance of having Tevez at OT. SAF is a shrewd Old Buck. Tevez is not in his plans for the bigger picture. Should Tevez stay, you will see more of the same Tevez in this past season. Coming of the bench and also playing cameo roles in the Carling Cup (previously known as the 'worthless cup').

    Who is doing mosting of the talking here? SAF or Tevez agents? When Beckham wanted to stay at OT, it was Beckham doing the talking and SAF keeping quiet knowing full that Beckham is no longer needed. When Ronaldo was gonna be poached by Real, it was SAF doing all the talking. Ronaldo will surely be at Real in the summer. And now just who is doing all the talking? Should Tevez stay, he'll be doomed doing many minutes on the bench. Whether he joins Chelsea, LFC or Man City he'll sure get first team.

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  • 153. At 4:50pm on 18 May 2009, ManUnited4lyf! wrote:

    Sell Berbatov!!! he is rubbish!

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  • 154. At 5:42pm on 17 Sep 2009, Nigol66 wrote:

    @ massivemeatball #130
    So bitter its unbelievable.

    really? I don't think so. Every time we mention 4-1.... the boards go crazy from utd fans!!!! we're use to you winning the PL and CL and any other cups for that matter. Fact is you don't like it when Liverpool is talked about because we have so much history and get compared to utd. Just let it go.... :o) you're winning, Liverpool are losing. chill !!!

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