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Congratulations to Memnos and Radha!

SH Line Producer | 10:18 UK time, Sunday, 8 November 2009

See Hear were at the Remark! awards last night to see 1,300 Deaf people dressed to the nines (with a couple of exceptions here and there), and to watch various awards given to the cream of the Deaf community for their achievements in the media.

The first two award categories of the evening were best male presenter, and best female presenter. Both categories were really hotly contested, with a lot of very talented people on the shortlist.

We're really happy to say that both Memnos Costi and Radha Manjeshwar won, for their work as presenters for See Hear. Both gave very moving and emotional acceptance speeches (and in Radha's case she seemed genuinely surprised to have won, which made her speech even better!). 

Here at See Hear, we love working with them both, and we think their awards are richly deserved, not just for their work this year, but all the years of loyal service they've given to See Hear and the Deaf community. Especially in Memnos' case - he's been presenting since he was a teenager...!

For more information on the Remark! awards and the other award winners, visit the website:


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