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Clare Spencer | 15:07 UK time, Monday, 7 February 2011

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

Proving popular with Guardian readers is a story about Steve Coogan's disgust at remarks on Top Gear about Mexicans. Richard Hammond said that "Mexican cars are just going to be lazy, feckless, flatulent, overweight, leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus". The comedian says the show's presenters are "three rich, middle-aged men laughing at poor Mexicans" whose attempts at humour are "more tragic than comic".

Telegraph readers are catching up on the latest news about the decline of the honey bee. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard argues that as the UN's index of food prices hits an all time-high, it is becoming urgent to know whether the plight of the honey bee risks further exhausting our food security. He says almost a third of global farm output depends on animal pollination, largely by honey bees. Yet the bees are being killed - at a "disturbing" pace by "colony collapse disorder".

The Independent's most popular world story says the US's Egypt convoy has business links to Egypt. Robert Fisk says President Obama "scrambled" to limit damage after Frank Wisner said President Mubarak should remain in place as Egypt's leader. The story reports Mr Wisner works for a New York and Washington law firm which works for the Egyptian government. The paper calls this a blatant conflict of interest, while the White House is reported as saying Mr Wisner was speaking in a "personal capacity".

One of the Daily Mail's most read stories reports 16-year-old Molly Campbell is back in the UK. The teenager famously became involved in a "tug-of-love" between her mother in Stornoway and her father in Pakistan. The article reports Molly's father, Sajad Ahmed Rana, claims his daughter is on holiday. By contrast, her mother, Louise Fairlie, "suggested the move was more permanent".

Sun readers prefer to look at a story headlined My Big Fat Gyspy Council House. The article says a family of gypsies are "making wealthy neighbours' lives a misery after being housed by a council in a £1.2million semi". It goes on to complain that the house is a "total wreck". The paper says it "inspected the house" to find "ceilings have collapsed, paint has been stripped off walls and electric sockets are hanging out".

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