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Jonathan Fildes | 16:45 UK time, Thursday, 19 August 2010

FiatOn Tech Brief today: PlayStation hacks, crowdsourced cars and a homage to FourSquare:

• Earlier this week, it was revealed that the secretive North Korean government had taken to Twitter. Now, it seems, its neighbour is fighting back.

"Seoul has already blocked access to the Uriminzokkiri site, but Pyongyang has started putting different addresses on its Twitter page so users can bypass the block. The communist state has even put programs on the Uriminzokkiri homepage which users can download to help them break the block and enter the site, which is Pyongyang's official internet mouthpiece. "

• Last year, we reported on the efforts of George Hotz - the US hacker who gained notoriety for unlocking Apple's iPhone as a teenager - to hack the PS3. After he released the code for his hack, Sony responded by disabling some of the functions on consoles that he had exploited. Now Vlad Savov at Endgadget suggests that someone else has hacked the console.

"Scepticism remains advisable here. The PS3 has been a fortress of hacker unfriendliness, so we'd rather kick back, relax, and wait for some braver souls than us to do the testing."

• Facebook may be the biggest social network, but more nimble start-ups have stolen a march on it by launching services that allow you to tell your friend when you are at a particular location. One of the best known is FourSquare. Not to be outdone, Facebook has just announced its Place feature, which has many similar features, including the logo, says Alexia Tsotsis at TechCrunch.

"On the left is the logo for Facebook's newly launched geolocational product Facebook Places, on the right is the logo for the current leader in the space Foursquare. Notice anything interesting?"

• Finally, ever wanted to design your own car? Italian car-maker Fiat gave people that chance by opening up its design process to the internet. Olivia Solon at Wired UK reports on the its first-ever crowd-sourced car concept called the Fiat Mio.

"Submissions include an idea to have wheels that rotate 90 degrees to allow for easier parallel parking; cameras instead of rear-view mirrors and inter-vehicle communication to avoid collision."

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