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Scott - Red Nose Desert Trek

Beccy Beccy | 15:05 UK time, Wednesday, 23 February 2011



Just thought i'd say hello whilst Scott is in Kenya on the Red Nose Desert Trek.

Spoke to him a bit yesterday off the radio and he is struggling, but he knows he's doing it for a really, really amazing cause. He's so grateful for everything that you've donated before but I so think we can get some more! I never ask you guys for anything, but if you want to show your support for him, whilst helping millions of people across the UK and Africa, click here and help out. I know it would make him so, so happy. It means so much to him... how amazing would it be if we could tell him we all clubbed together and raised over £500,000 for Comic Relief?

I know no one has any money at the moment, but if we each do a little bit, together we will achieve a lot. I've never been very good at writing these things but hopefully you know what I mean.

All the details of how to support Scott are on our Red Nose Day pages. Whilst you're there, check out his comedy filming. Must have a word with him about his camera skills - he loves the sky a LOT lol.

Come on guys - let's do this for Scott!

Beccy x


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