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Edinburgh Day 3: The International Show

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Karen The Internet Girl Karen The Internet Girl | 18:33 UK time, Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Today Jennifer Coolidge AKA Stifler's Mom popped by. Scott had heard that she didn't like it when anyone mentioned American Pie or Stifler, so instead, he and Beccy tried to see if they could get the word 'stiff' into the conversation without her noticing.

Cue: "I'm scared stiff", "I'll need a stiff drink" and "There's stiff competition" LOL.


Next up was Reginald D Hunter, with his amazing deep voice. He shared his views on Grimmy's performance last night and talked about the difference between US & UK humour.


reg_hunter.jpgThen, back again after their appearance on the show last year, was the Australian musical trio, Axis of Awesome who cracked us up with How to Make a Love Song, and an updated version of their 4 Chord Song.


Thumbnail image for IMG_0814.jpgA very nervous Beccy headed out to give away tickets to her own show and then Rebecca Donohue told us about her show where she teaches people to say things in Spanish that they wouldn't learn at school (we reckon it may be a bit sweary).


rebecca_donohue.jpgLots of laughs and a totally international show before the team head off to Beccy's show, which will be like a comedy roadshow with Beccy doing impressions of loads of comedians.



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