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One Minute Mills and Mongrels Challenge

Karen The Internet Girl Karen The Internet Girl | 12:20 UK time, Tuesday, 13 July 2010


On Friday, I posted a tiny preview clip of Scott having a bit of a bad time with a puppet fox from BBC Three comedy, Mongrels, and today we can announce what it's all about.

Yes, Scott will be appearing in an episode of the BBC Three adult puppet comedy, but more importantly, he's got a challenge for you...The 'One Minute Mills and Mongrels Challenge' where we'd like to see what you can do with footage of Scott and the Mongrels gang.

We would like you to make your own minute-long Mongrels video using the greenscreen footage provided. Send it to us and it could be considered by the Mongrels production team for inclusion on the Mongrels website

All of the details, files and instructions are over at the BBC Comedy Blog.

Here's a little something we came up with so you can see what we mean:

Download the footage and take on the challenge.

More about the Mongrels show (Guidance: Mongrels contains adult humour) Mongrels website!



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