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Your Landscape Story, Our Crew!

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Guest blogger | 10:26 UK time, Tuesday, 11 May 2010

We have an exciting opportunity for keen students to make their own film with our crew about their landscape. Our Producer, Neil Scott, will fill you in...
Your Landscape story

Last year, I had a cup of tea with David Gregory, HM Inspectorate of Education. We chatted about various ways that the BBC could support cross-curricular learning opportunities - particularly for S1 and S2 pupils. We had biscuits as well.

One of our thoughts was to offer students the chance to get themselves to the very heart of the content that the BBC makes for them. The "Your Landscape Story, Our Crew!" competition is a step in that direction. The idea is simple. Schools send us 300 words describing their idea for a five minute film about their local landscape and we select five ideas and film them.

It's a win, win situation for all. We get closer to the pulse of our audience and through participation in development workshops with the schools we will learn more about what excites them and what is relevant to them. Students will get an opportunity to purposefully think about their local patch as they assess which landscape features might be attractive and of interest in a national broadcast context.

The end reward for everyone should be some "spot on" learning content to share across the schools community and a better understanding of the challenges of programme making.

Those 300 words (or less!) offer a chance for students to work across subject boundaries and to take their local knowledge to a national broadcast platform for others to see and learn from.

So just what is it that's sitting on your very doorstep that people will sit up and take notice of? What secret has your neck of the woods got tucked away? It might be a natural feature, it might be a world war two bunker, and it might be the latest thing in clean energy development. Whatever it is, if it excites your students it's very likely to engage others and be a story worth sharing.

David Gregory, who is now one of the competition judges, spoke very passionately about the importance of finding relevancy and context for learners. This competition could meet some of his expectations so please help us by getting your entries to us by Tuesday 25th May. The other judges include Ollie Bray, Learning and Teaching Scotland; Scott Donaldson, Scottish Screen; and Dr Gill Stewart, Scottish Qualifications Authority. We look forward to seeing your entries soon.



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