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Decision time

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Alistair Mooney Alistair Mooney | 14:15 UK time, Thursday, 6 May 2010

I haven't voted yet but am going to, on the way home from work in the primary school where my grandpa went as a boy. I always wished I'd gone to a school that was taken over as a polling station, and now that I'm grown up and boring I wonder if those schools do work an extra day as 'suggested', or just accept the bonus holiday once every few years. Or do problems arise if the general election falls on a day during exam time, as it is this year. Anyone having to up sticks from their normal exam hall?

I had just finished typing up a post linking to all the BBC campaign coverage and election content when an email came in from Editorial Policy reminding us not to publish or broadcast anything like that while the polls are open. In fact, I'm not sure I knew that it is a criminal offence to broadcast anything about the way in which people have voted in the election until after 10pm.

The way the campaign has been covered in the media has been fascinating and one I think would be good to cover in class: the tv debates, the papers taking sides, celebrities discussing their political thoughts on Twitter and suchlike. You can read more about Election 2010 and social media in a post by Newsdrive's Nick Rougvie on Radio Scotland's blog and follow BBC Scotland's political team on Twitter. A media studies and modern studies crossover could be added with a look back at the history, not only of political parties and their policies but of how Britain has developed over the century as a result. Our sites too explain about the differences in the politics with our view from north of the border, and our news colleagues will tackle the results from a Scottish viewpoint. And once again, do search through our clips library about voting and elections, including what happens in different countries.

I know too some schools have been running mock elections. I'd really be interested in hearing how any of these have gone. Stirling High School's S1 pupils have been making manifestos, posters, banners, flyers, rosettes and even a few Party Political Broadcasts. How about an election results special from you too? Show us what you can do and see how the professionals do it.

I would encourage everyone to use their vote today. Particularly if you're a first-time voter. Enjoy the coverage if you're staying up. I think I'll watch the tv coverage till I'm sleepy then stick on the radio and let Derek Bateman and crew round up the results till the morning. Let's see what happens...


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