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The L.A.B. serves up Food... and more!

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Claire O'Gallagher Claire O'Gallagher | 14:12 UK time, Monday, 12 October 2009

The L.A.B. is our space where groups can come in and make their own content - animation, photography, audio or video. It's become a real success, and competition for workshops is fierce! However, the L.A.B. team also engage in outreach work with community groups and people who may find it more difficult to come and visit us here at PQ.

One of the projects they've been working on recently is 'The L.A.B. serves up Food', which is a tie-in with our programmes on Food (coming soon), as well as the national 'Dig In' campaign which encourages people to grow their own vegetables. Our team, led by Jaqui McAlpine, followed the stories of two allotments: one from a primary school in the south side of Glasgow, and on the other side of the city, a community food initiative aimed at helping refugees and asylum seekers grow their own food.

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The whole project included the added element of doing what the L.A.B. does best - encouraging media literacy, as the groups began to film their own progress with the team's help. From a curriculum perspective, the obvious areas that jump to mind are literacy, sustainable development education and outdoor learning... but then you could look at calculating growth rates, making healthy food choices, learning about scientific processes... the list is pretty extensive!

The videos are entertaining, informative and I urge you all to have a look - as someone who is far from green-fingered, I think the allotments look wonderful, and I'm keen to have a bash at planting now, inspired by these films.


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