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Russell Brand

Losing Change

  • Mr Gee
  • 15 Oct 08, 11:57 AM

It's been a bit weird to watch the financial world all tumbling down. I've been obsessively checking the impressive £29.99 balance in my regular account to see if anything has changed. It has and it hasn't. Actually, that's the only way my mind can realistically relate to all the manic panic of loss adjustment. When I hear on the news that billions have "disappeared" around the world, it seems unreal but if one day my balance read £29.98, I'd be a mess.

Last show had us taking a carnal carousing aboard the cathartic express. David Baddiel was this week's visiting volunteer who soon found himself immersed within the verbal hot tub. It was good to meet Ricky from the Pride of Britain awards and I'm glad to see that he's turned his tragedy around to go on and inspire others. I guess such life-or-death stories truly put the current fiscal losses into perspective. I still worry about that missing penny though.

The Karmic Cuddle of Kindness

Is the Bank balance half-full or half empty?
Event combination unlocks the stock of Baddiel-suited gentry,
Dollars down, depressed Euros and Pounds,
And yet a comedic cornucopia can now be found,

Bill's chameleon's molested,
Madeley came corrected,
But there's Good MILF Hunting from the horn of the plenty,

Married to the game,
Intoxicated with the fame,
Even chocolate's concocted so that reindeers can be tamed,

Ricky turned the tragedy of reality to offset the insanity of vanity,
But the Blighty-pipe layer still desired a Shag-bo calamity!

UPDATE: Oct 29th.
This evening as you probably know Russell resigned from his Radio 2 show. If you've arrived at this blog wanting to comment or respond to Russell's recent show with Jonathan Ross then you can comment on the Have Your Say site on BBC News. Currently it is very busy so please bear with us. Alternatively The BBC's formal complaints site is here and there are many places to discuss this news story away from the BBC .
In the meantime we are closing comments throughout this blog.
Jem Stone
Communities Executive, BBC Audio and Music.


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