Alex Trickett

Publishing delays (0)

Sometimes comments do not appear promptly.

The number of comments you see after each post (and on the right hand side of the main blog page) is the number of comments that should be on each post. But there are some technical limitations which slow this process...

Here's why it happens.. (you may have seen this explanation before, on Nick Robinson's blog..)

"The difference is due to the way that the content of the blogs is published. Without going into too much heavy detail, when a blog is updated, certain bits of it are rebuilt and certain bits are automatically changed. These rebuilt sections are then transferred across multiple servers. Sometimes due to the heavy load on some of the bits find themselves stuck in a queue waiting to be published. The rebuilt bits can take longer to arrive than the others... and so there is sometimes a disparity between number of comments 'totals' and actual published numbers."

Please bear with us and your comments will appear, subject to them not breaking the house rules.

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