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A question of ticketing

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Roger Mosey | 10:12 UK time, Friday, 26 November 2010

The last few weeks for London 2012 seem to have fitted the mantra "no news is good news". Compare and contrast the visit of the International Olympic Committee inspectors last week - which went pretty much unnoticed - with the torrent of words being devoted to the 2018 World Cup bidding process.

The announcement of the ticket prices for the Olympics was another of the potential banana skins that was side-stepped without anyone ending up sprawled across the pavement. As some of your comments showed not everyone was enamoured of tickets at up to £2,012 each.

But mostly there was an acceptance across the media that the organisers had done a decent job of balancing the need to raise income with the aim of offering as many affordable tickets as possible.

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What's for Breakfast?

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Roger Mosey | 13:24 UK time, Tuesday, 9 November 2010

It doesn't, to be honest, take a genius to work out what the BBC daytime and evening schedule will be during the Olympic Games. It'll feature lots of live sport - indeed, our aim is now up to 6000 hours of it playing across all our platforms.

Where there's more debate, though, is about the two ends of the day. I wrote a little while ago about highlights and where they should play late in the evening; and this week's discussions here at Television Centre have been about BBC One's Breakfast and its role within our 2012 coverage.

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