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Sign of the chimes

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Robbo Robson | 13:15 UK time, Thursday, 8 October 2009

Eeee, the mysteries of football club ownership! Pompey have been saved!

And not by the digitally-challenged hands of Calamity James either! Capello might reassure us that at least he's not Ben Foster, who couldn't put his foot on a dead squirrel right now without it squirming over the line behind him.

This fella with the unimpressive beard, Al Fahim has lasted six weeks as owner of Portsmouth. That's surely the least impresive effort since Michael Knighton did them ropey keepy-uppies in front of the Stretford End (he had a dodgy 'tache n all... coincidence?)

I swear I heard the home fans chanting 'Sell up Pompey, Pompey Sell Up' last week so maybe that prompted the change of hands.
Sulaiman Al-Fahim
Sulaiman Al-Fahim has handed over the reins
But who is this Sulaiman al-Fahim? He promised £5m when he arrived, and £50m not that long ago from somewhere or other - and failed to come up with it. I mean he's in to Real Estate not Real Madrid so he can't have a bottomless pit.

I've been informed by a reliable source that a third of the world's cranes are in Dubai so he must be making a mint somewhere. On top of that, he's now flogged it on to a bloke who was ready to buy Pompey six weeks ago.

Add this to the Qadbak question over Notts County and you can't help feeling that English football clubs are being shunted back and forth across the Arabian peninsula like VW Touaregs. Still, you won't find Citeh fans quibbling, even if they do owe their recent form to one of the less showy purchases.

Craig Bellamy's one of footy's vulgar fractions:

Huge Talent
Pain in the Backside = X, and when X is more than zilch it's joy unconfined.

Faraj's first contribution has been to bring in Avram Grant, presumably to make Paul Hart look more cheerful - he's a kind of Super-Eeyore to Hart's morose donkey. They reassured Paul that his position is not in jeopardy but if the manager is not the director of football then what the hell is he? Never mind coach, he'll be blinking well driving the coach come Christmas.

Ask Kevin Keegan if this is a fruitful relationship - or Martin Jol - or Jose Mourinho... Hart's position is as secure as a tiny-handed man standing in the wall for a Ronaldo free-kick.

This new 'boys with toys' approach to owning footie clubs doesn't get any less worrying for fans. Martin Edwards has been quietly slagging off the Glazers, suggesting that burdening the club with 700 million quid might not be a great idea.

If the Glazers bunk off and leave the IOUs where they are you can see Carlos Tevez back heeling a winner past some numpty van der Sar replacement and United plummeting down to the unseemly depths of the Premier League. I'd love it, LOVE IT!!!!!!

Not that Chelsea fans should rest easy. The threat of an Abramovich about-turn still haunts that club. You can't help feeling that if they win the Champs League he'll be taking that eerie permanent smile back home to Russia.

Add to that the fact that George 'Stadler' Gillett has told Liverpool fans that the club's recent barren patch has nowt to do with him and Waldorf, and that the Abbott and Costello of football ownership have pumped £128m into the club in the last 18 months and you begin to wonder where reality starts and fantasy ends.
George Gillett and Tom Hicks Liverpool's dynamic duo
I'm sure he's telling the truth but where the hell did that cash come from? My bank won't give us two grand for a second-hand car. Clearly Gillett's bankers are located at the end of some rainbow or other.

Gillett also suggested that the blame should lie firmly at the door of the management. Ridiculous. Rafa's got two world-class players! TWO! And he's skilfully kept Yossi Benyayoon (David Pleat's pronunciation) off the pitch 'cos his form's just too good at the mo.

Plus he's replaced that no-good idler Alonso with a highly-talented crock. That Gillett knows nowt about football.

At least Mawhinney's got the right idea. It's important we know who the hell these people are. Fans are notorious for overlooking the credentials of the latest David Deep-Pockets to show an interest in filling our dust-laden and echoing trophy cabinets, but it'd be nice to think, say in Notts County's case, we could put a name to the acronym.

Meanwhile honest, well-run and diligent clubs like Middlesbrough FC continue to thrive through self-restraint and the sensible ownership of Steve Gibson. Well I say 'thrive'. Hmmmm. Bloody hell, Gibbo, get your Abu Dhabi Yellow Pages out and get a tail on them Hicks and Gillett fellas before that Mike Ashley gets in there first!


  • 1. At 1:50pm on 08 Oct 2009, disc0stu79 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 2. At 2:01pm on 08 Oct 2009, Starburst_995 wrote:

    To be fair on your beloved team Robbo, Middlesbrough are only well run now because they learned the hard way and so damn near went to the wall in 1986.

    So Pompey have been saved for the forseeable now. I really do wonder how much longer it'll be before the money and Arabic billionaires dry up and things start imploding.

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  • 3. At 2:13pm on 08 Oct 2009, Montees wrote:

    I am, at present, away from my desk. Please call back later and I'll decide if I want to blog...
    As an Oford United supporter I thought a few years back when Ali Kazzzzamm took change things were going to change. New players in, decent run of form and re-entry into the "big lads" league. Not a chance, what did we get? A new stadium/dig track and a legacy - The Ali Kazzzamm stadium! Top this year but only due to hard graft and a lot of British guts. C'mon.

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  • 4. At 2:15pm on 08 Oct 2009, Montees wrote:

    Apologies for the spilling mistokes above.

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  • 5. At 2:25pm on 08 Oct 2009, charlie_9 wrote:

    It is a worrying trend. The premier league title seems to be open to the highest bidder now. Obviously teams need to be bank rolled, but surely more transparency is needed. I mean these are our clubs, essentially. I don't mean that in a xenophobic way. I mean a lot of supporters eat drink and sleep his or her club. A lot of major cities are built around the clubs, and is responsible for a big chunk of the local economies. They are quickly turning into the obscenely rich's must have accessory. Of course a point that doesn't seem to be touched up on is a lot of the potential investors are coming from lesser developed countries. surely the vulgar amounts of money being thrown around would be better spent in there countries of origin. I know it all adds to the melodrama of our circus that is the premier league, and as a neutral "citeh" coming into the mix as another big hitter makes for a more exciting title race, but surely it cheapens the glory if it was just down to the "my arab sheik's bigger than yours" argument?

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  • 6. At 2:35pm on 08 Oct 2009, Bertie Button wrote:

    Fair comment Robbo:

    I'm not complaining, seeing my club is the benefactor of those Saudi oil investors. The CITY we have now is stronger from the foundations up, it looks like we have a plan and per Mr. Hughes we are ahead of our goal. Now we have had some dodgey owners Mr. Lee (promises millions and delivers us toilet rolls) Mr Thanksin (great singer but not a guy you would have a beer with)now the Shiek, and we are "Shaking" things up at the summit.

    Mr. Plattini thinks mid-table clubs should invest their revenue, great plan, let the top 4 keep getting richer, let the gulf between the top 4 get bigger, lets see the same Top 4 playing CL, its like an episode of CSI Miami, your know the ending.

    And yes, a TEVEZ back heel in the 90th minute (AKA: Denis Law) sealing Man Utd's return to the Championship and I mean Championship and not Champions League would be blissfull, like an episode of "Fantasy Island" der Plane, der Plane. What about the added irony that the TEVEZ back heel flicks off Mr. Wiley's left toe leaving Van De Sar's replacemnt wrong footed and the Hughes press conference hails the fitness of a referee who is box to box and as "Fit has Butchers Dog"

    "I have dream, I have Dream"

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  • 7. At 2:40pm on 08 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    Nice to be back and available to read the Robster thermidor of bloggers!
    (Although Robbo, your editor or your spell-checker should have spotted the less than impressive spelling of impreSive! No doubt it'll be post-edited).

    Half of a third of the world's cranes would be getting rusty if it ever rained over there and three quarters of seven eighths of transfer fees boggle the mind. I'm sure the transfer window creates panic buying. They're like Tigger on ice skates. Speaking of back heels, how much did Denis Law get sold for back in the day? How does that compare to the Tevez fee when adjusted for inflation?

    One day all clubs will be run like Whitley Bay!

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  • 8. At 2:53pm on 08 Oct 2009, jacksofbuxton wrote:

    Trotter,have Whitley Bay won any trophy's recently?I'm sure somebody out there could help?

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  • 9. At 2:54pm on 08 Oct 2009, Montees wrote:

    What like Spanish City? A once famous feature on the North East coast now reduced to a crumbling ruin and an eyesore on the still magnificent North East coastline OR a well run local football club and recent winners of the FA Vase trophy?
    Just wondering?

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  • 10. At 3:01pm on 08 Oct 2009, beardedshrimper wrote:

    Brilliant blog.

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  • 11. At 3:05pm on 08 Oct 2009, Coplandrdloyal wrote:

    First comment?

    Why does anyone feel the need to even mention this???! Do you want a gold star son?

    Anyway, good blog robbo, i hope portsmouth stay up

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  • 12. At 3:06pm on 08 Oct 2009, HenrikLarssonsDreadlocks wrote:

    "he's a kind of Super-Eeyore to Hart's morose donkey"

    love it!!

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  • 13. At 3:10pm on 08 Oct 2009, DennyCraneWHU wrote:

    Thank you, Robbo.

    It's been a long, hard day and at 1.20 am Sydney time, I can retire to my well-earned rest with a smile propping up my rosy cheeks. Even better if I can win this last table of online Poker,

    Night, night,

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  • 14. At 3:13pm on 08 Oct 2009, Mark Edwards wrote:

    Robbo can you ever write a blog that doesn't involve slagging of United, Chelsea, Liverpool? Wishing Man United to "implode" or whatever is just ridiculous. The Premier League would be rubbish without the top four, who wants to watch a premier league match were villa vs spurs is the highlight of the year? Robbo you should be a football supporter first and a boro fan second, Manchester United play (along with barca) the best football in Europe. You should be a bit more appreciative for what United have done for the English game!

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  • 15. At 3:30pm on 08 Oct 2009, Two_Footed_Challenge wrote:

    14 - Why should he?? I like the fact that Robbo continually slags off the 'Big Four'. I think because they are the 'Big Four' they are there to be slagged off! Keep it up Robbo.

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  • 16. At 3:34pm on 08 Oct 2009, oldnickyb wrote:

    TrotterUSA - Robster Thermidor, just great, Robbo you should use this from now on, I mean isn't a Thermidor covered in cheese!!!!

    I also loved the apology for the spilling mistake

    Entertaining Blog - cheers

    Thank the lord for PC at Stoke

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  • 17. At 3:41pm on 08 Oct 2009, Mark Edwards wrote:

    I don't mind slagging of the big four, we all slag off each others team, but wishing for them to go bankrupt and get relegated is pretty lame. I didn't take any pleasure in seeing boro go down nor do I think the situation at portsmouth is funny. I suppose it's just a question of class!

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  • 18. At 3:43pm on 08 Oct 2009, WhitleyBayWonTheVase wrote:

    Robbo, I think it is about time you were formally invited to Hillheads, home of the mighty Whitley Bay FC.

    It's just up the road from you, far enough away from the Toon not to feel sick and even further from the Black Cats so you'll not smell too much.

    I figure that if you experience true lower league football you'll be able to write a comparison and put all these critics to the sword in a few weeks time. They won't be able to accuse you of Top 4 bias (not that I think that anyway) and you might spot a few players that you wishere at the Riverslide.

    So, join me at no expense spared (I'll pay for you to get in, cos' I'm nice like that) on Saturday 17th October to watch us pummel Chester Le Street. You'll love it - and I mean that too.

    What is the attraction?

    Well, other than the fact we top of the Northern League Division 1 with 31 points out of a possible 33 (10 wins and 1 draw), with a game in hand on the team in second place - and the 3rd placed team is a full 4 points further back....the coffee is okay, the sausage rolls are well tasty and they do those Refresher bars that make the kids faces look like Joe Bugner for a few minutes.

    See, this league is rapidly becoming a 2 horse race between ourselves and Spennymoor and will build to a fantastic season if the Bay can hold out and keep putting in the performances we have been (beat Morpeth Town 0-3 away on Tuesday evening).

    So, there you have it - answer all these critics and blog about your afternoon at Hillheads. All expenses paid (well, you'll have to get yourself here and you find your own way home too!).

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  • 19. At 3:47pm on 08 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    #8 see #9 or wait until Whitley himself shows up and reminds us of their recent success! Ohh wait, here he is now! Good Job WBWTV! If Robbo doesn't show up McNulty will, surely if he can make it to the Reebok he'll fit your lads in!

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  • 20. At 3:48pm on 08 Oct 2009, tomefccam wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 21. At 3:51pm on 08 Oct 2009, dannytrfc wrote:

    #14 – You can’t have it both ways! You want to be a successful team but have no-one talk about you? It’s never going to happen.

    We appointed John Barnes to raise the profile of our club – and we’ve certainly hit the headlines!! – I for one would’ve preferred to have kept Ronnie Moore and stayed under the radar.

    In terms of ownership and “chasing the dream”, Portsmouth aren’t the first and won’t be the last to suffer at the hands of overspending to break the top 4/get into Europe/get up the League/get promoted/win silverware. Just ask Leeds and Darlington fans to name a few how that feels.

    For every successful team there will be at least a handful of unsuccessful ones. I fear for these teams once their owners lose interest and walk away!

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  • 22. At 3:56pm on 08 Oct 2009, awesomeMr_Burns wrote:

    Robbo if you discovered oil in your back yard one day while digging some manure around your roses and suddenly became rich beyond your wildest dreams.
    Would you buy Middlesbrough? (after youve treated the Missus)

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  • 23. At 4:03pm on 08 Oct 2009, poppyAstonvanilla wrote:

    I don't think that I ever will feel any sort of appreciation for anything Manchester United have done or will do. Most of us non- big four fans look forward to seeing United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea get turned over, especially United. Ferguson's lot aren't the be all and end all of British football you know.

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  • 24. At 4:05pm on 08 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    who wants to watch a premier league match were villa vs spurs is the highlight of the year


    I would suspect Villa and Apurs fans would especially if they were in the top 4 instead of Arsenal & Liverpool (which may well happen this season)

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  • 25. At 4:06pm on 08 Oct 2009, Neilthedrillgodden wrote:

    As a loyal Everton Fan, I’ve been frustrated for some time now by the way that teams such as Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea are run. The only “Top 4 Club” you can say is an exception is Arsenal, although that could all change soon. Whilst some of the original investment by foreign owners was initially interesting for all and exciting for the fans involved, the Premier League is now losing its sole to the participants using it as a rich mans fantasy football. Even worse, this disease is spreading to the purest of lower league football.

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  • 26. At 4:06pm on 08 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    #22 - I think you need to ask Robbo would he treat the missus after he had bought Middlesbrough -

    Prioritise in order please

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  • 27. At 4:08pm on 08 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    #25 - Don't worry - Cheter City are still owned locally (and on -13 points & bottom of the Blue Square Premier but hey what's league position when the money is coming from England)

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  • 28. At 4:09pm on 08 Oct 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    YES! 28th comment!!
    it's mine, all mine, and no one here can take it away!
    (ooh, here comes me mum with a snackie poo!)

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  • 29. At 4:13pm on 08 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    #28 - Denis ?? That is sooooo last week. You need to keep up with the times.

    This weeks is sequential posts (in busy times not at 2 in the morning

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  • 30. At 4:15pm on 08 Oct 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    Whitley - brilliant absolutely MUST report back in blog form, complete with photos (cartoon, of course) of pints & pies.

    and just thought i'd mention that i got moderated by McN*mpty a full 3 days after i posted... that man-bot never sleeps!
    think i'll start calling him Phil "of laughs" McNulty!

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  • 31. At 4:16pm on 08 Oct 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    like so?

    gold star me, teacher!

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  • 32. At 4:21pm on 08 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    Indeed - well done

    As for Pompey as least al-Fahim actually owned the club unlike Michael Knighton who promptly bought Carlisle and started seeing UFO's (Unidentified Footballing Objects)

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  • 33. At 4:22pm on 08 Oct 2009, Starburst_995 wrote:

    #30 ... What have you said to rag him off now? lol

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  • 34. At 4:26pm on 08 Oct 2009, Montees wrote:

    #18 WBWTV - It's a shame (in more ways than one) that the mighty 'Heed (Gateshead FC) are at home that weekend or I may have had a look see at the impressive Hillheads stadium. Alas, I am committed to seeing the 'Heed massacre the lowly Chester City (Ameen c'mon -13 points - how bad are they?). It sounds like they'll need to get the team bus serviced shortly if they keep up the good form.
    Agree with #30 Dennis - WBWTV to blog the next Whitley game. It's got to be good.

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  • 35. At 4:31pm on 08 Oct 2009, Two_Footed_Challenge wrote:

    Trying to have a discussion on the Phil McNulty blog is horrendous anyway! Waiting 20mins or so to get your post through is pathetic! Im giving his stuff a swerve from now on - proper borefest.

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  • 36. At 4:32pm on 08 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    #34 - If not for the points deduction they would have 12 points and be out of teh relegation zone while Gateshead would be in teh bottom 2. May not be as foregone a conclusion as you think

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  • 37. At 4:33pm on 08 Oct 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    #33 - simply told him how boring and short-sighted his ode-to-censorship of a blog is, using very plain, JDR style language... minus the spelling/syntax errors, of course.

    i'm actually attempting to become the JDR of that blog, just to feel a fraction of the exhilaration and self-satisfaction he gets here. call it a sociological experiment, or a pointless diversion, if you like ;)

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  • 38. At 4:35pm on 08 Oct 2009, Mark Edwards wrote:


    I don't think that I ever will feel any sort of appreciation for anything Manchester United have done or will do. Most of us non- big four fans look forward to seeing United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea get turned over, especially United. Ferguson's lot aren't the be all and end all of British football you know.

    There not the be all and end all I will give you that, but your missing my point. By all means have a constructive debate about the big four's domination, success always brings contempt, especially in England but If United weren't in the premier league, the EPL would be a compelling less attractive proposition. And by the way, despite your lack of respect for united, I have alot of respect for what is going on at villa, Martin O'Neill is a brilliant manager and I can see united poaching him of villa when fergie retires!

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  • 39. At 4:51pm on 08 Oct 2009, poppyAstonvanilla wrote:

    That's what worries me! I think that if United weren't in the EPL people would support a different club. A lot of teams are increasing their global fanbase year on year these days, even Championship clubs. I don't have a lack of respect for United, you have a marvellous heritage but so do a lot of the smaller clubs. Quite a few United fans would do well to remember this, especially with the resources that you have to hand. If Villa or Spurs had the sort of income that the top four have, then perhaps the footballing landscape might look a little different.

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  • 40. At 4:53pm on 08 Oct 2009, Starburst_995 wrote:

    Censored for becrying censorship, nice one Denis, and good luck with your little experiment :)

    Re the Chester City debate that's cropped up. Bournemouth stated last season on -17 and they got clear and out of trouble with time to spare.

    If Chester get a good run going they might not be the dead certs for relegation that so many people have pinned them down for.

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  • 41. At 4:57pm on 08 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    #40 - well said. In fact they have a gem in Eddie Howe as they are now top of League 2. It is interesting that Rotherham are also up there this season. Points dediuctions do not always guarantee relegation (unless you're Luton and have been deducted more points than you have players, or some really lowwer league teams have supporters for that matter)

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  • 42. At 4:57pm on 08 Oct 2009, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    Another good blog Robbo my old son... certainly tickled a couple of funny bones on a rather mundane yet annoyingly busy Thursday afternoon...

    As for the top four being the heart of british football or whatever... do me a quaver! The top four are so far removed with everything that proper football is it's not even funny... I think the prem as an organisation is a bit far fetched but those four giant fairies at the summit of English footy are just in a different world all together.. Play some beautiful stuff mind... and the school yard theatrics of managers, players and fans alike are brilliant... But its not a meat pie on a chilly saturday, thats proper footy! Anyway thiers my 2 and half cents... In conclusion, Top4 very silly but entertaining... alot like my favorite BBC football blog... Review of the week!

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  • 43. At 4:59pm on 08 Oct 2009, GenesisRed wrote:

    @ 25. At 4:06pm on 08 Oct 2009, Neilthedrillgodden wrote:

    "As a loyal Everton Fan, I’ve been frustrated for some time now by the way that teams such as Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea are run."

    Chelsea, sure. But Liverpool and United? The only thing frustrating about United's business model "for some time now" has been the success of it, as they capitalised on merchandising a strong brand around the world, built on the back of investment in the team starting with investment in homegrown youth. The only thing you should be frustrated with is that someone who doesn't have the money to purchase the club was none the less able to thanks to the banking system.

    Likewise with Liverpool. Likewise with Portsmouth.

    Sadly, success for United, and strength of brand for Liverpool, has cost both in terms of who was attracted to them.

    How someone can purchase a club valued at £400 million odd with loans, and then put the same debt onto the club to pay off, i'll never understand. At least they understand the importance of continued investment though. Unlike that muppet at Portsmouth and the pair of numpties at Liverpool.

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  • 44. At 5:00pm on 08 Oct 2009, crouchy_jonno wrote:

    Robbo i know its completely off task.. But can you do us a blog on the price of a pie and a pint? It seems to be an extortionate amount of money where ever i go and was wondering how they all compare?

    Love the blog and i look forward to the day when United and Chelsea is the big game for the reason of only one may remain in the premiership :P

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  • 45. At 5:10pm on 08 Oct 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    speaking of what English footy has become, for those who like a good hard laugh (wouldn't recommend to McN*mpty readers), there's a fantastic sketch from That Mitchell and Webb Look.
    whether they're laughing with us, or at us, it's an appropriate dig.

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  • 46. At 5:23pm on 08 Oct 2009, Starburst_995 wrote:

    Hmm do they sell pies and pints at classy joints like OT and Stamford Bridge? I would have thought that sort of cuisine beneath them these days.

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  • 47. At 5:34pm on 08 Oct 2009, TopVillain wrote:

    who wants to watch a premier league match were villa vs spurs is the highlight of the year

    Being a Villa fan, I'd love it!

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  • 48. At 5:57pm on 08 Oct 2009, The Kuz wrote:

    Your a joke. How can you be a so called un-biased pundit on the bbc. Shows that BBC have no clue... why do i continue coming on here???

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  • 49. At 6:12pm on 08 Oct 2009, Hilly55 wrote:

    Good question, why do you continue coming on here?

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  • 50. At 6:23pm on 08 Oct 2009, georgesbest wrote:

    I can't see why people complain about the money in football so much. Professional football is business and it always has been; it is effected by the same market forces as any other industry. There is a growing demand for English football, and as a result there is more money involved.

    Players make the team, and success is largely centred around them. With greater returns for successful teams the demand for quality players increases causing their price to go up.

    Players fees and salaries are result of the market. If someone in any other business is valued enough by a company that they pay them 50k a week, or an owner of a business has an annual seven figue income there are no complaints. We have found capitalist principals to be desirable, and since the players are key to success they are entitled to their piece of the pie.

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  • 51. At 6:43pm on 08 Oct 2009, United Dreamer wrote:

    How dare you compare Tevez to the great Dennis Law. Is the reason you want us relegated so we can boost Middlesbro's crowd for one day a season?

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  • 52. At 6:46pm on 08 Oct 2009, Robokopthe3rd wrote:

    Liverpool should have sold to DIC in the first place and not to the yanks. Unfortunately we are reaping what we sowed. But hopefully we can sell to the Saudi prince, and all will be well.

    But I have to agree that there is so much money in the prem league now, and that any old Sheik Mehandy or Mustafa Footyclub can buy a club and make them into the best in the land. I fear for all those young british lads at the premier league clubs who stand little chance of first team action, as clubs will pay over the odds for any young foreigner. Hate to say it, but Liverpool are very guilty of that. Where are the next Gerrards or Carraghers or Fowlers or Owens? And if not local lads then what about buying a Dalglish, Hansen or Souness...or a Rushie?! Of course I hope we win the league but are we selling our soul to the highest bidder ?(I would much prefer a British owner than a Saudi American, and no I am not xenophobic, I am married to a Norwegian and live in Norway). Bit concerned that the EPL is becoming the FPL (Foreign Premier League).

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  • 53. At 7:15pm on 08 Oct 2009, WhitleyBayWonTheVase wrote:

    C'mon Robbo, you can't hide from it forever!

    We have turnstiles (that don't work) that are probably the most valuable thing in the ground (barring the FA Vase that, in case I'd not mentioned it, we won at Wembley 2-0 earlier this year) because they're so old.

    Our scarves are rather attractive and how many clubs can claim to have an emblem as assertive and powerful as, umm, a seahorse? Other than Chelsea or Man United, how many clubs can claim to go on a 9 match winning streak or 11 match unbeaten run in the league system? Not that many.

    The blog you could write would be an unquestionable success. Think of the similarities you could draw between our players commitment and that of Sol Campbell. Streets apart (or country estates apart as the case is).

    You'll leave wishing you had Ian Chandler in charge at the Riverslide and be forever hoping for the day Southgate heads a bit too far up the A19 and you can smuggle Chandler out on a day that Dupont have got those strange steamy things burning well. They've probably gone now, but what the hell - I remember them.

    Finally, no-one will shout at you for standing up and calling the opposition left back a total twonk. He'll just lean over the rail and lamp you. Not recommended.

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  • 54. At 7:28pm on 08 Oct 2009, PsychoForPM wrote:

    First time poster to the blog, pretty much read it every time it's up even if it's a mix of groaning and smiling.


    It's Waldorf and StaTler not StaDler, you muppet! ;-)

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  • 55. At 7:36pm on 08 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    At 5:10pm on 08 Oct 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    there's a fantastic sketch from That Mitchell and Webb Look.


    Denis, this is ... well it's impossible isn't it?

    As for the money situation it is just everlasting circles. Whoever has the money owns the teams. Used to be the British industrialist families but then they all went broke, the banks were in there for a while but even I have more money than them now, and now its the Arabs.

    When the oil runs out, sometime around next July I think it's due to happen, then it will be the Chinese who own everything. If they have enough time what with owning American and all as well.

    Next time I'm in Newcastle I'm definitely taking a trip to see the mighty Whitley Bay. Never mind the trophies and the non-working turnstiles, WBWTV why didn't you promote the superb sausage rolls earlier?

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  • 56. At 7:39pm on 08 Oct 2009, Coweslepe wrote:

    Good column Robbo, though the Bellamy bit looks like an afterthought insertion, which is a bit like Bellamy himself actually. And I agree that the Man Utd comments could do with a pause for a couple of weeks; after all, they're still not in the same awful pit as Man City and, with a lump in my throat and an apology to the few loyal supporters that will remain once this all falls to rot, Chelsea. But I have to say, after all the niggling little slights over the years, it was good to see you give Wenger fair appreciation last week.

    It's funny in a way, but after all these years I've just realised that if you wish to write McN*mpty, you need to insert an asterisk. (Thank you Mr Dennis.) And don't for heaven's sake mention the plagiarism. For those of you whose messages I seemingly ignored, I apologise, but, not surprisngly perhaps, my account was 'innoperative' for a while after those postings relating to that naughty little issue of plagiarism cited above. Now let's see how long this one stays up.

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  • 57. At 7:48pm on 08 Oct 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    At 7:36pm on 08 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:
    At 5:10pm on 08 Oct 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    there's a fantastic sketch from That Mitchell and Webb Look.


    Denis, this is ... well it's impossible isn't it?


    i'm not saying all of their stuff is funny, but surely this is pure hilarity for footy addicts like us, no?! if anyone here views the link without laughing (honestly!), i'll pay their bleedin' license fee!

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  • 58. At 8:08pm on 08 Oct 2009, Roberto_Mexicano wrote:

    Love it Robbo,

    Couple of patchy ones of late, but this is what I look at the blogs for.

    Back to something like your best, and easily the best blog on the BBC

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  • 59. At 9:09pm on 08 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    44 Jonno...I for one think yours is an exceptional idea that will generate massive interest. As Robbo has a global audience you'll be getting some eye-opening feedback.

    Here in NJ you can get a pint of Guiness for about $6 (4 quid), bitter $5ish in a half decent boozer. In a dive bar you can get draft pi$$ for about $4 a pint or $3 at Happy Hour with $2 shots. Happy Hour lasts between 2 and 6 hours (a very happy hour) and usually comes with free chicken wings, a nut or two or some other equally delectable snack. Go into New York and you can add about 50%. In a top poser bar, all the above can be doubled or tripled if they're even available. More likely that you'll drink from 1/2 pint bottles at about $8 - 10 a pop. Remember also that US pints are a bit smaller than Imperial pints. 16oz versus 20oz but they have slightly bigger ounces (30gms versus 28.3gms).

    As for pies, no chance, sadly we never see 'em here! Just another reason to look forward to trips home!

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  • 60. At 9:45pm on 08 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    Aren't you the lucky one Trotter.

    In Ireland they have abolished Happy Hour. That's right, the government no longer want us to be happy. And I might add they are doing a very good job of it, about the only thing they get right.

    Apparently Happy Hours encourage irresponsible drinking, which has nothing to do with un-educated morons, it's all about being able to buy cheap drink!

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  • 61. At 9:53pm on 08 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    Gaz, they only call it Happy Hour! Happiness is merely a suggestion and not at all compulsory (just like on here really). Most folks there are the most miserable sods imaginable. However, by the end of Happy Hour, the odd glimmer of happiness can sometimes be spotted. This is usually followed by stumbling, vomitting, argumentation, occasional violence, divorce and prison. Of course I never attend.

    How much is a pint there? And a pie for that matter?

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  • 62. At 10:33pm on 08 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    Ah yes, a pint of Guinness in Dublin City centre, about half a mile from where it's made. Well you would start at about €5 and keep going up from there. YOu may of course find places where they cost you less, but they can end up costing you an arm and a leg if you get my drift.

    Before the "Oh ****, we're not all loaded any more" times you could have paid close to €7 in some of the Capitals more celubrious establishments. (ie pretentious ***holes).

    As for pies, well the Irish haven't really cottoned on to the beauty of the pie yet. Southern Ireland vs Northern Ireland is a bit like Southern England vs Northern England (I could get a lot of stick for that) in that Northern delacacies haven't quite made it south yet. You can't get a gravy chip for love nor money, which quite frankly I find disgraceful.

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  • 63. At 00:33am on 09 Oct 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:


    I will pop along one windswept rain-soaked, icy day. Maybe in the New Year if I can drag meself away from the Big-4 slagathon! Sounds kind of grim and grand at the same time!

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  • 64. At 00:35am on 09 Oct 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:


    Course I'd buy Middlesbrough - the football club not the town although some'd say it's a toss-up as to which costs more!

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  • 65. At 00:43am on 09 Oct 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    Pies and pints blog? Nahhh. Bring your own. The wife makes a cracking fluffy crust. Now I've writ that I'm wondering what might be construed. As for the bloke who suggested I'm a so-called unbiased pundit - bloody Nora! I'm about as unbiased as an outdoor bowl. If you want unbiased go and read, erm, ermm.... aren't we all a bit biased?

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  • 66. At 02:05am on 09 Oct 2009, THE-WORD-LIFE wrote:

    Robbo you never answered me on your last blog, I ask you again - Is it true that the Blue Bell is a gay bar?

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  • 67. At 03:24am on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    66, if you're asking him that why don't you ask how much a pint is as well? And a pie for that matter? Those gay lads probably like a pint as much as the next man, fluffy crust too dare I suggest!

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  • 68. At 07:48am on 09 Oct 2009, abramovichesdad wrote:

    So Hicks and Gillette are Statler & Waldorf which is really good simile but hang on a minute, what does that make Benitez ?.. Kermit ?, nope he was a frog so I guess it must be Miss Piggy....

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  • 69. At 09:18am on 09 Oct 2009, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    Gaz... Now as in most cases Aldershot is a bit of an exception to the rest of the south, but in my end of town, you can get battered mars bars, pie, gravy, curry, pretty much anything else you care to think of and CHIPS... Also 90% of the population is morbidly obese, unemployment is rife and Liverpool and Man Utd are the most supported teams... Come to think of of it, we are a little slice of the North on Londons doorstep... By 'eck lad!

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  • 70. At 09:19am on 09 Oct 2009, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    66... if you are going to ask the same question again, can i make my "your thinking of the Brown Bell" joke again?

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  • 71. At 09:30am on 09 Oct 2009, jacksofbuxton wrote:

    Might I suggest that Benitez is Beaker?

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  • 72. At 09:47am on 09 Oct 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:


    As far as I'm aware it's not a gay bar, no. The lasses look a bit blokey at times but that's hardly a qualification. Still I'm always the last to know so I'll think twice before slipping into me spandex jumpsuit for the hard rock karaoke.

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  • 73. At 09:51am on 09 Oct 2009, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    Benitez: Fozzie Bear (cant take him serious)
    Keane: Animal (for obviouis reasons)
    Fergie: Doctor Teeth (big red nose)
    Arsene: Dr Bunsen Honeydew (le professor)
    Phil Brown: Scooter (peep the cpmplexion)
    Southgate: Gonzo (with a shnozz like that!)
    Big Sam: Sam The Eagle (but not as happy)
    Berbatov: The Count (something of the night about that fella, ah ah ah)

    and of course...

    Steve Bruce: Juior Gorg form Fraggle Rock (they are the same person!)

    As you can imagine, a slow morning at work thus far in sunny Aldershot...

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  • 74. At 10:03am on 09 Oct 2009, joebloggins wrote:

    No afraid Ferguson would have to be sergeant beetroot.

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  • 75. At 10:26am on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    Were Statler & Waldorf two money grabbing lying scumbags - it's so hard to remember these things?

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  • 76. At 10:27am on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    Oh and

    £128m my *rse

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  • 77. At 10:48am on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    No they were the 2 old muppets who always heckled at the end of the show. They played Jacob and Robert Marley in the Muppet Christmas Carol (also known as Liverpool FC's December results - free gifts and goodwill). I think Randolph & Mortimer Duke in teh film Trading Places were based on them (good quote was " Jacob: -there was something about mankind we liked. I think it was their money (robert replied)

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  • 78. At 10:52am on 09 Oct 2009, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    See Barnsey just got sacked... Could he actually be the worst manager of all time? Certianly shaping himself up fo a good candidate...

    One hell of an Emcee though!

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  • 79. At 10:54am on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    The £128M is possibly realistic given how much Benitez keeps spending - worse than my teenage daughter going around town on pay day for how often he dips into the wallet for over-priced useless rubbish, while selling good stuff for a pittance and failing to throw away old worn-out tat. (although does look after 1 or 2 quality items)

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  • 80. At 10:55am on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    No JB sacked at Tranmere - what did expect points on the board AND pretty football - only 1 or the other generally at that level

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  • 81. At 10:56am on 09 Oct 2009, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    "You two scousers are always yapping
    I'm gonna show you some serious rapping
    I come from Jamaica, my name is John Barnes
    When I do my thing the crowd go bananas
    How's he doing the Jamaica rap?
    He's from just south of the Watford Gap
    He gives us stick about the north/south divide
    'cause they got the jobs, Yeah, but we got the side"

    He hasn't got a job or a side now...

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  • 82. At 10:59am on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    79 - I appreciate you're clueless at the best of times, adam but here is an instance where you you should really just shut up

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  • 83. At 11:05am on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    fell a bit sorry for Barnes, he doesn't seem to have the presence to be a good manager but it's hard to know what the Board at Tranmere expect results-wise when they sell half their first team in the summer

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  • 84. At 11:06am on 09 Oct 2009, ControlledMagic wrote:

    Georgesbest (#50) worte:

    I can't see why people complain about the money in football so much. Professional football is business and it always has been; it is effected by the same market forces as any other industry. There is a growing demand for English football, and as a result there is more money involved.


    I guess we complain out of sentimentality - but I don't mean to decry the act of being sentimental.

    When I was a kid my old man indoctrinated me into the glories of Manchester United; he is Mancunian, so he was allowed to. He'd seen them win the European Cup at Wembley a few years before my first game and so we had glories to consider - even if they were waning at the time. Point is, he could decide on, say, a Wednesday to take me to the match on Saturday - whether that was at OT or in London (we lived in Sussex). Consequently I went to loads of games in 'the hooligan years' and my indoctrination was complete as we suffered under the Lawman's backheel.

    United's success has been for many reasons but one of them was excellent stewardship - the nouse to buy the land around OT when it was available and relatively affordable allowed the ground to be expanded and the gates to grow. The vision to build a shop - then a bigger one, then an even bigger one, then a globally franchised website - to sell just about anything has, of course, supplemented the Sky millions to increase the turnover, so pay the wages, so buy the players, etc. But about 10/12 years ago I could still get into OT for about £15 if I remember rightly - all well and good.

    Now, (and I won't go into the Glazer needs for money to service debt, or WHY that debt has ended up being the club's debt cos I don't like or understand it either!) it costs a fair few quid to get into OT....IF you can get your hands on a ticket. I'm a 'member' of the club and so have an opportunity to get a ticket...but now I've got three sons of my own, so what use is 1 ticket? I can take out memberships for them to 'apply' for tickets too, but it's not free. I have thought about getting on the list for two season tickets (and maybe sharing with another dad), but at £700+, and more as you have to take the European tickets too now, that's a big commitment on a tight budget. Ok, it's not the club's fault that I live in Cambridgeshire and I've got to factor in travel costs as well but the fact remains the availability and cost become problematic.

    The grounds are full because of season ticket demand - fine - but that demand is increased by 'corporate' you get different people in the same season ticket seat each week...admiring the view and not screaming their heads off, to paraphrase SAF. This means the demand self-perpetuates, especially as United have never been light on support, even in the 2nd Division - back to me as a kid.

    The money means we get fantastic footballers that we might not have had on our pitches otherwise.....but the nation's clubs would still have had Giggs, Rooney, Rio, Gerrard, Cole (J), etc etc. They might not have been on c£100k a week but that wouldn't have been a bad thing, let's be honest. A big bubble bursting would soon cut the wage stats...what would they say "I ain't getting out of bed for less that 50 grand a week"? Get real.

    So, I've partially completed the indoctrination of my boys; they've all been to a pre-season game and one of them has been to OT three times. I'd like to take them all, all at once, but not break the bank. I'd like to decide on a Wednesday night that "I fancy watching United play Spurs" and roll up on the Saturday. I'd like them to be able to 'support' from elsewhere but the armchair. But how close to it will we be able to get? Supply and demand; great football; top footballers / unprincipled mercenaries / a bit of a mix - it's quite a cocktail.

    I even thought about taking my beasts to something more local to get them into, at least, a type of football atmosphere...but Cambridge Utd wanted to charge me £19, just for me!! Would I really pay that much for that s***e?

    But sentimentality says that I really, really, miss the 'older way' of doing it and lament the passing of football away from 'the common man'....even if I am lucky enough to have a cousin in Manchester with 4 of those pseudo-corporate season tickets I mentioned earlier. Hypocrisy surrounds, does it not....but I love my team.

    Apologies, that turned into a bit of a ramble.....but I knew what I meant!

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  • 85. At 11:09am on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    84. At 11:06am on 09 Oct 2009, ControlledMagic wrote:

    great post

    know exactly what you mean

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  • 86. At 11:13am on 09 Oct 2009, davidgilmourthe3rd wrote:

    Gooner here.

    Hi All.

    on the pompey issue.

    I for one am very happy to see Avram Grant back in the PL I think it was an utter disgrace how the guy was treated by the chav elite. He will do a good job for Pompey no doubt about that.

    as for Pompey being saved, let us hope that is the case, the little club ( no disrespect meant by little either ) from the coast has done well considering limited resources and I am glad they are not only saved, but now have someone at the helm that will get them up the table.

    regarding the " transparency " of ownership, dam right as well, we all need to know just who these people are and where and how they are making thier millions! to buy into the PL and the " tests " need to be far more stringent than they are at present. But will they be? knowing the politicans etc ( from either party ), the tests will only require that your presence in the uk will bring in money, it matters not how it was obtained.

    Good luck to pompey. and welcome back Mr Grant.

    PS: Phil Scholari to return to the PL next season as boss of City ( wink ) you read it here first.

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  • 87. At 11:16am on 09 Oct 2009, captainlazytim wrote:


    "while selling good stuff for a pittance "

    you're funny

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  • 88. At 11:17am on 09 Oct 2009, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    84... Spot on mate.

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  • 89. At 11:43am on 09 Oct 2009, captainlazytim wrote:

    Isn't the money just chicken/egg, and Jimmy Hill laid it (terrible mixture of brutal images). You are willing to pay £50 for a shirt, or ticket, so the club can pay £40m for a player. The money comes from somwhere, and it's mainly those on the sofas and in the pubs, or on the chat boards.

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  • 90. At 11:45am on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    #82 Tommy...

    Benitez has teh highest net spending of any manager in teh league. It is almost like a revolving door at Anfield with players in and out and he is always complaining about wanting more transfer funds.

    Examples of wastage, Craig Bellamy, Robbie Keane, Luis Garcia, Peter Crouch, Jermaine Pennant - there is quite a list

    Total Buys 210,425,000

    Total Sales 139,730,000

    Gives you a £70M shortfall and no league championship.

    Although next season will be your season

    Proof is right there on teh liverweb site - suggest that it is you that is clueless in this case and would do well to shut up - especially when all teh evidence proves my point (and it is one made by every national newspaper over the last 2 years)

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  • 91. At 11:50am on 09 Oct 2009, redpreacherman wrote:

    Just signed in and sorry to carp.
    25 smells a bit fishy to me and I'm wondering if it presages the Premier League ending up like a beached whale?

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  • 92. At 11:52am on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    #89 - even if they filled anfield every week and everyone bought a shirt and spent a minimum of £10 on food & say £20 in the club shop that would still only net them £70M per season which would barely cover the player & staff wage bill. - TV & Sponsorship also bring in a fair amount but again that generally goes on paying the various day-to-day costs of running teh ground, paying bills, league fees, policing costs etc so Hicks and Gillet will have had to put some of their own money into teh club to fund purchases

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  • 93. At 11:53am on 09 Oct 2009, redpreacherman wrote:

    Just signed in and sorry to carp.
    25 smells fishy to me and I wonder if it presages the Premier League ending up like a beached whale?

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  • 94. At 12:06pm on 09 Oct 2009, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    OK redpreacherman as you posted it twice i re read 25 and get your, totally awesome, fish puns... It was a rather Coy post no Trout about it, had me Perch-ed on the edge od my seat though, i'll be sure to Tuna in to the next blog to see if he posts again.


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  • 95. At 12:14pm on 09 Oct 2009, captainlazytim wrote:

    #89 - even if they filled anfield every week and everyone bought a shirt and spent a minimum of £10 on food & say £20 in the club shop that would still only net them £70M per season which would barely cover the player & staff wage bill. - TV & Sponsorship also bring in a fair amount but again that generally goes on paying the various day-to-day costs of running teh ground, paying bills, league fees, policing costs etc so Hicks and Gillet will have had to put some of their own money into teh club to fund purchases

    i agree, that fans aren't really enough, private finance is vital. all i'm saying is that the wages aren't obscene in the context of the game overall, and the money within it.

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  • 96. At 12:18pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    RBA - Great to hear that Aldershot is holding out against a tirade of Southern Softiness. As seemingly the only man there with a job, well someone pays you to sit and look at the internet all day, I think you should be commended that you remain living among the fat slobs. You're actually a bit like the South's version of Robbo aren't you? :)

    Great post from ControlledMagic. There are 2 really annoying things about OT for me. As you mentioned the corporate season ticket malarky. The amount of one match wonders that brings is just sickening, it's like a day trip to the beach to them. The quiet beach, where you just look at the topless ladies but don't scream at them. Which is pointless.

    The other think though is the amount of season ticket holding Mancs who think because the are from half a mile from the stadium and have a season ticket it entitles them to do what they want. Like come in after the match has started, like be an obnoxious **** throughout the match, like have a 25 minute half time break to get even more tanked up, and to leave early cos they have "to beat the traffic" even though they've never owned a car in their lives and live within spitting distance.

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  • 97. At 12:24pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:


    Good point in terms of turning up late and leaving early - why do that rather then enjoy teh atmosphere and get full valus.

    In terms of corporate guys a lot of those are local companies that own them and allow employees like me to use them once ina while when teh MD isn't and you can get a ticket although I do get a bit riled at people who will come to teh ground sit in hospitality and drink rather than sitting outside and watching the match (I mean what's the point)and they are at every ground (spotted some at Southampton at Newcastle as well when I was in hospitality as a guest of some customers)

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  • 98. At 12:26pm on 09 Oct 2009, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    Gaz, According to JDR and his posse, Robbo is from the leafy home counties anyway, so robbo could already be the southern Robbo?? Who knows? And for the record, incase my senior management ever stumble upon this sight (who knows Andre could be my MD... it would explain a bit) i do more than just look at the internet... i post on blogs, email freinds, make non work calls to the missus, but still smash my targets every month... So chill out!

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  • 99. At 12:28pm on 09 Oct 2009, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    Adam in defence of people drinking at Southampton and Newcastle during matches... I imagine their fans need a drink whilst watching them play!

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  • 100. At 12:35pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    Wow, people in Aldershot have targets. Who knew? :)

    Great to see you do exactly ilke the rest of the working population RBA. And have a boss like Andre, which the rest have as well. Proof that there is no justice in the world when people like that continually get into positions of power.

    But remember you could always make a TV program about it. Pretend its funny. Pretend that the star, instead of being a complete idiot that anyone in their right mind would kill within 30 seconds of meeting him, is in fact a comedy genius. Then get 3 Americans to find it funny. Then get everyone to think that if they don't find it funny there is something wrong with them. Then have ridiculous love-ins with Jonathan Ross. Then make rubbish movies without a hint of comedy but containing all the self love thats possible. And annoy us for ever more.

    I may have went on a bit of a rant there but I really really don't like Gervais.

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  • 101. At 12:36pm on 09 Oct 2009, davidgilmourthe3rd wrote:

    " but still smash my targets every month... So chill out! "

    hmmm i know the feeling, i bet many dont and you end up carrying them?

    I did when I was at a certain telecomunications centre, they always seemed to want more from those that were good and overlooked completely half the other *lonkers in my particular team.

    dont smash them to hard though hehe.

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  • 102. At 12:37pm on 09 Oct 2009, ControlledMagic wrote:

    Adam - I take your point about local companies - that is exactly the position of my cousin; he's got 4 tickets and gives them to his guys....well, occasionally me as well! Last time he did that was for the derby game and, for the record, when I left the ground (and for the next three days) I felt like someone had been running a cheese grater up and down my throat. He actually offered me 2 tickets for that game so in a nice bit of symmetry I took my old man.

    And Gaz - people leaving early; spot on. The same happens at Wembley and I always (cos I'm predictable) remark that I never, ever go to a match for the satisfaction of a quick drive home. I don't know why they do it. In fact, there was a particular case of 'fervent fanatic but let me be first to the bar at full time' at the derby game. We all know how that ended but just before it did....

    City scored - crowd pretty much silenced for a minute and despondent. This fella two rows in front stands up and turns to us all, making 'gee-up' actions with his hands and semi-shouting 'come on!!'. He then left.

    It must have given him enormous satisfaction, striding through the north stand tunnel to wherever he was headed with such importance, to hear the tumultuous roar as Owen netted....or perhaps he was at the bar in the Gorse Hill by then....


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  • 103. At 12:59pm on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    91 & 93, Perfectly appropriate that you posted that twice. I'm with RBA and you. It must be tough enough playing without one sole nevermind two. Just hope this doesn't take us back down the Campbell path!

    84, great posts. Back in the day we got to see some of the ex Man U lads at Burnden Park. Man U, LFC and Liverpool were feeder clubs for Bolton back then, oh happy days!

    Grand Final weekend at OT, maybe there are a few tickets left for what might just be the best game of the season in Manchester (ok, ok, it was tongue in cheek, don't get upset) come on ye Saints!

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  • 104. At 12:59pm on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    ooops, for Liverpool read City!!

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  • 105. At 1:10pm on 09 Oct 2009, davidgilmourthe3rd wrote:

    I " wrote "

    and prey tell, what is taking so long to deem it worthy of world wide publication , surely the word ******** has not breached the house rules if so i will repost and replace " ******** " with ******** in order to placate the more sensitive individuals amoung us.

    Up the Gunners.

    Shine On.

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  • 106. At 1:19pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    90 - it's hard to know where to begin with such a load of old pony

    70m net in 5 seasons ? = 18m a season including 2 seasons when G & H weren't even at the club

    - shows what a crock the £128m claim is btw

    makes him the highest spender in the league, does it?

    nice little phrase that glosses over the £250-300m Chelsea spent with Ranieri/Mourinho/Grant/Scolari, or Ferguson's ability to spend £30m a time on the likes of Rooney, Ferdinand, Berbatov or when he spends £18m a time on Carrick, Anderson, Hargreaves & Nani and were you asleep this summer when the Man City went chequebook crazy ?

    now let's look at this 'wastage'

    Craig Bellamy - bought for 6m sold for 7.5m
    Robbie Keane - bought for 19m sold for 16m
    Luis Garcia (absolutely pivotal player when Liverpool won the European Cup in 2005, btw) bought for 6m sold for 4m
    Peter Crouch - bought for 7m sold for 11m
    Jermaine Pennant - him - i'll give you - bought for 6.7m to a free transfer

    those 6 players combined = a loss of just over 6million. Ferguson lost £14m on Veron - all managers make mistakes in the transfer market - Taibi, Kleberson, the Djemba twins, Forlan spring to mind - How much of the £17m United spent on Nani will they get back when they sell him ?

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  • 107. At 1:19pm on 09 Oct 2009, WhitleyBayWonTheVase wrote:


    I will pop along one windswept rain-soaked, icy day. Maybe in the New Year if I can drag meself away from the Big-4 slagathon! Sounds kind of grim and grand at the same time!

    Okey dokey, well let me know when you can make it and we'll have you a scarf ready. Most of us have 5-6 of them to keep us warm, so you can have one as an honourary seahorse.

    As for Barnes, I do hope he doesn't further sully an outstanding reputation as a player by continuing his ritual self humiliation as a manager. Apart from the fact he is clearly not cut out for it, who the hell would make Jason McAteer their trusty assistant?

    A masochist?

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  • 108. At 1:28pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    makes him the highest spender in the league, does it?


    He is the biggest NET spender as the others have all recouped more than Benitez in sales. Fine we lost a lot of cash on Veron and a couple of others but at least we make up for that witha steady stream of young players who either make the grade or make a profit when they are sold.

    Apart from Robbie Fowler, Stephen Warnock, Michael Owen, Carragher & Gerrard who was teh last player to genuinely make the grade at Anfield (and you can't have Stephen Wright - (14 apps then sold) or Neil mellor - 12 apps then sold).

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  • 109. At 1:34pm on 09 Oct 2009, Starburst_995 wrote:

    A link to an article on the top ten richest football clubs in England according to the wealth of those who own them. You'll laugh when you see who's number one.

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  • 110. At 1:41pm on 09 Oct 2009, jacksofbuxton wrote:

    Glad I'm not alone on the "phenomenon" that is Gervais.I've always felt that if,say,Bernard Manning came up with some of the stereotyped,racist nonsense Gervais does he'd be slammed(quite rightly).Whereas Gervais is seen to be "making social commentary" or "sending up the racist".No,it's a load of old cobblers.As for Wossy....

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  • 111. At 1:43pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    Starfire - you wouldn't think it as the 3 of them dress like scruffs and buy crap palyers - Why aren't they bidding for Vieira and Messi & anyone else as they have more cash than City (easy answer don't bother). If they splashed the cash then QPR would be in the premier league in 1 season rather than being mediocre

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  • 112. At 1:44pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    Gervais is fine in cameos such as Stardust, Night at the Museum etc. Just can't carry a film as the major character

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  • 113. At 1:54pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    when and where have Chelsea recouped the money Abramovich has spent in the last 5 years?

    United just got in £80m on Ronaldo which nicely skews such figures for them but Berbatov, Rooney, Ferdinand all cost £10m more than Benitez has ever spent on a player, add in fees for Carrick, Anderson, Nani, Valencia, Hargreaves - and that's nigh on £180m on players currently at Man Utd in that little list alone, there's no way that can be matched by Benitez. He's bought and sold players because he's trying to build a team/squad - without a mega rich owner giving you £100m to spend in one window (a la City/Chelsea) that takes time, you have to gamble on lesser players and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Liverpool are clearly a stronger outfit now than when he took over but Man U and Chelsea are not standing still they're spending big money, while Wenger continues to weave his magic with young players.

    As for youngsters making the grade at Anfield it most definitely is a problem - hence why Benitez made the changes at the academy he did (Trotter will give you all the details ;o) ) over the past few seasons.

    But it's not just a problem for Liverpool - since the 'Fledglings' all came through together at United in the early 90s where are the rest of the young mancunians making the grade at OT ? There aren't any! United scout Europe/the World to enitrely legally entice young players to come to them, Arsenal do the same. A cursory glance at the make-up of Liverpool academy shows they are trying to catch up with such methods.

    All of which is getting away from the point - Gillet & Hicks/Statler & Waldorf are parasites on Liverpool Football Club and the sooner they up sticks and leave the better.

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  • 114. At 1:58pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    And the longer Rafa stays the better!

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  • 115. At 2:02pm on 09 Oct 2009, Holloway2Holland wrote:

    91 93 & 94, Surely this is not the plaice for that kind of talk.

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  • 116. At 2:03pm on 09 Oct 2009, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    DGMT3rd... Glad i am not alone in the carrying other people side of sales, though i am all alone in international sales these days so no one to carry... And Gaz of course Aldershot has Targets, however like our standards they are alot lower than what most would consider acceptable or proper. As for Gervais, i do agree but to be fair i din't hate ghost town any where near as much as i thought i would...

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  • 117. At 2:10pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    Danny Welbeck is local and there are a few prospects like James Chester, Danny Drinkwater, Danny Simpson and Tom Heaton are local lads who are on loan at the moment but looking promising. Richard Eckersley was also local and looked promising but didn't want to be behind Evra and Fabio so moved to Burnley but he got a couple of appearances albeit mainly in cup games and had been offered a new contract so Fergie obviously had some faith in him

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  • 118. At 2:12pm on 09 Oct 2009, Holloway2Holland wrote:

    RBA, isn't Aldershot the home of that large army barracks?
    I can imagine there would be loads of targets there.

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  • 119. At 2:16pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    So - i'm not allowed Wright or Mellor but you can have that list of nobodys ? How many 1st team appearances have they got between them?

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  • 120. At 2:24pm on 09 Oct 2009, RedBlueArmy92 wrote:

    H2H yep we are the proud home of the Brittish Army... so yeah we are never short on Targets... Also well done joining in on the Fish puns...

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  • 121. At 2:27pm on 09 Oct 2009, Holloway2Holland wrote:

    Thank you sir, btw Chris is up again.

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  • 122. At 2:38pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    #119 - If you count loan spells quite a lot actually. Factor in Craig Cathcart and you have over 150 first team appearances although a lot of those rae on loan elsewhere. I think they actually have about 30 starts between them if you count league cup games.

    If you look further down the list you'll find a lot of local lads at the academy a lot of whom are youth internationals so at least we are looking for local talent. Yours does as well but I can't see them making the grade as Rafa doesn't seem to like English players preferring to buy foreign.

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  • 123. At 2:39pm on 09 Oct 2009, JoeDavisRoach wrote:

    Well Robbo - certainly an improvement. A blog that contains a number of of different debate worthy points and no mention of the Blue Bell (other than whether or not its a gay bar).

    The issue of these mega rich owners taking over is a bit of a doube edged sword. As a non supporter of the big 4 from a purely specatator point of view I think that the premier league is becoming more competitive which makes it more exciting. The more teams that are comptitve and the more money available for clubs to attract big signings the better. Even the big 4 was really getting split into Man Utd/Chelsea and then Liverpool/Arsenal.

    On the other hand one does have to sympathise with clubs like Everton who have seen years of steady progress count for very little and increasingly less as clubs spend more and more.

    It does seem to good to be true at the moment that there wont be some sort of disaster waiting ahead for a premier league club who tries to buy success and the ones that seem in most anger are the smaller clbs such as Portsmouth who have no real brand so when the money runs out it seems like its a race against time to find a new owner or face going to the wall.

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  • 124. At 2:39pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    120 - RBA - Have you been copying the US Constitution? Just because Timothy Matlock couldn't spell British right...

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  • 125. At 2:47pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    Loan Spells? - why should i want to count loan spells? It's hard to converse with someone who continually wants to move the goalposts? I was talking about 1st team appearances for Man Utd (seeing as i assume you were talking about 1st team appearances for Liverpool for Wright & Mellor).

    btw - your last comment flies in the face of the promotion of Darby, Kelly & Spearing to the 1st team squad - but how are you supposed to know that?

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  • 126. At 3:03pm on 09 Oct 2009, davidgilmourthe3rd wrote:

    " A blog that contains a number of of different debate worthy points and no mention of the Blue Bell (other than whether or not its a gay bar). "


    I have to agree on your opinion of Robbo's Blog yes I have noticed he seems to cover quite a range for us to chip in with our two pennys. Much of which is done with a wicked sense of humour as well, he almost takes the sting out of what is often a hotbed of heated arguments, many of which fall on deaf ears, its all become a tad to serious, as if lives depend upon the outcomes of the various topics. The Humour is very welcome these days.

    I actually like Phil's Blog's as well.

    as can be plain to see i am not exactly the brightest of stars when it comes to commenting on shall we say the finer points in the game, Phil is very centralised, i assume thats because he covers the big matches etc but non the less the guy makes for an interesting read .

    Chalk and Cheese but which one is which I dont know and i am not to fussed ( was gonna say ermmm a**** ) both pen some interesting stuff and then leave it to us to respond.

    Shine On.

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  • 127. At 3:03pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    #125 - I'm only counting 1st team appearances - the loan spells was to indicate that they are decent players but still retained by Utd . Mellor and Wright didn't spend much time on loan they were just sold.

    As for the 3 propsects you mentioned I've seen Darby & Spearing's names in squads but the proof is in minutes and I don't think they'll see many of those under Rafa although Jay Spearing has played 1 match in the Carling Cup

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  • 128. At 3:05pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    Maybe we should get Obama on here to moderate and use some of his peace inspiring magnificence.

    For those of you in work you are missing Sky News having an all out epileptic fit at the news he has won the Nobel prize. I am tempted to switch on Fox News to see if O'Reilly or Glen Beck has actually blown up at the news but watching Fox News tends to induce appalling angry episodes so I'll give it a miss.

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  • 129. At 3:07pm on 09 Oct 2009, jacksofbuxton wrote:

    Now,I may be a little confused here Robbo.Is your blog meant to be a bi-weekly,whimsical column.Or is it course work for english g.c.s.e being graded by JDR?Please advise.

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  • 130. At 3:12pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    127 - Mellor spent a season on loan at West Ham, played a dozen first team games under Benitez at Anfield, got injured and was then loaned to Wigan, where he got injured again

    you should quit talking about LFC you're worse than Trotter

    128 - Obama got the Nobel prize? I can't believe Giggs was overlooked !!!

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  • 131. At 3:21pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    You're theone that brought LFC up. Quite frankly if the whole city fell into theIrish Sea and disapperaed forever like Atlantis I'd be more than happy.

    As for the Nobel Prize - forget Giggs or evn St Stevie,

    Step forward GARY NEVILLE.

    Let's face it he's done just as much as Obama to deserve it

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  • 132. At 3:27pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    131. At 3:21pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    You're theone that brought LFC up.

    Yes, i was slagging off the owners.

    You then proceeded to talk a bunch of crap about the manager, so i've had to put you straight. Not for the first time either.

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  • 133. At 3:33pm on 09 Oct 2009, davidgilmourthe3rd wrote:

    bloomin knighthoods again

    knights were knighted for deeds or daring do and other acts of chivalry
    some modern ones may not have done so with a sword or lance or joust but faced the the full might of the luftwaffer. i know i was there.

    sportsmen/women should make do with a rather over the top salary for doing little else than something enjoyable.

    and as for knighting Lollypop persons I am horrified.

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  • 134. At 3:34pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    Quite frankly if the whole city fell into theIrish Sea and disapperaed forever like Atlantis I'd be more than happy.


    Leave us out of this! We don't want it.

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  • 135. At 3:49pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    I didn't talk a bunch of crap about the manager.

    Benitez who you laud as a great manager has spent £210M since being manager and while jhe has won teh Champions league, Super Cup and FA Cup he has not yet lifted teh Premier League title and that is the milestone against which he must be judged and it is not very likely that will change this season. Yes Fergie & Mourinho have spent more but they have won the league and as a result their transfer dealings are not thrown into as sharp a relief.

    As for owners investment as pointed out matchday & sponsor revenue covers the running cost of the stadium, player & staff wages and academy costs. Transfer money is more than likely coming out of their pockets to a reasonable extent

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  • 136. At 3:56pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    brilliant - so now you admit that the only two managers who have won the League in the time Benitez has been in England have spent more than him - PROGRESS !!!

    There is no way on God's earth those two yanks have thumped £128m in to Liverpool FC. They took over a business in the red to the tune of £45m. It's now £245m in debt while the manager net spends an average of £18m a year.

    i know you're not the brightest but seriously, as they say stateside, you do the math !

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  • 137. At 4:04pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    They may have spent more but have recouped more which is why Benitez still has the highest net spend.

    I know scousers are thick but for heavens sake....

    and how do you know what they have or haven't paid in. Considering Benitez is always complaining that he has no money yet there always seems to be something for transfers they must have put something in. It may not be as much as £128M but then again it may actually be that high. Get hold of the accounts and you'll sharp find out

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  • 138. At 4:08pm on 09 Oct 2009, awesomeMr_Burns wrote:

    Its not really an investment buying a football club, it is, as we all know a rich mans fantasy football game, maybe its trendy if you own a footy club along with your yachts,mansions and fleets of cars i dont know.
    But what if it became less trendy even a bit tacky for the rich to own a football club and bowling clubs became the new rich thing to own and they started buying parks up and down the country and throwing millions into bowling greens turning them into all seated bowling green stadiums and grandads in their whites started earning a hundred grand a week and flashed their cash at the working mens clubs.
    It could happen !!!!

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  • 139. At 4:12pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    I think the rich should start buying darts clubs. My dream of darts caddies surely will then become a reality!!

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  • 140. At 4:20pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    Yes but can your pub fit tne necessary cart to travel from the oche to teh board (may need one of those mobility scooters)

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  • 141. At 4:27pm on 09 Oct 2009, Holloway2Holland wrote:

    140. At 4:20pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:
    Yes but can your pub fit tne necessary cart to travel from the oche to teh board (may need one of those mobility scooters)

    Maybe you could relocate your team from the pub to the nearest a la carte resteraunt...

    Coat please caddy me old mate!

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  • 142. At 4:37pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    Segways are the way to go!! They even have those for golf now.

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  • 143. At 4:40pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    I think they're illegal in the UK though except on private land (which I guess a pub would count as although you couldn't go out with it)

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  • 144. At 4:41pm on 09 Oct 2009, adampsb wrote:

    # 38 - best start practising my bowls then although I have a few decades before I qualify for grandad whites

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  • 145. At 4:55pm on 09 Oct 2009, Holloway2Holland wrote:

    Good call on the Segways Gaz, there's loads of 'em over here, even the meter-maids use them. (sc*mbags)

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  • 146. At 4:59pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    137 - and i'll ask you for the second time

    where and when have Chelsea recouped the money Abramovich has spent in the last 5 years?

    Our chief Exec has said the club is in £245m of debt. That's £200m more than when they took over. Where is the £128m?

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  • 147. At 5:00pm on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    TommyO, why are you bringing me into this debate? Having tucked a small slip of paper into my 2014 follow-up folder I then spent a small fortune on an LFC brainwashing week in the mountains and now you're bringing it all back again. It's not right.

    In other news, I was recently rooting through a drawer looking for something and uncovered a programme from a Liverpool legends game signed by all the players and of all people....Stan Boardman!

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  • 148. At 5:01pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    adam - it's clear you know sweet FA about Liverpool - so let's try and align it to the situation at Man U and see if the penny drops

    Man Utd are in over £600m worth of debt - how much money do you think the Glazers have put in to the club?

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  • 149. At 5:04pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    No offence meant - It was a wee jokey dig, Trotter - following on from your revelations the other week about the writing being on the wall for Benitez because Dalglish now had a role at the club

    it turns out we've found someone who knows even less than you about Liverpool FC but wants to talk an awful lot more about it.

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  • 150. At 5:08pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    I know nothing about Liverpool FC apart from the fact they have the bestest manager in the whole wide world and I want him to stay there forever!!

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  • 151. At 5:11pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    you had me at

    * 150. At 5:08pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    I know nothing

    great youtube vid the other week btw - just seen it - the last line cracked me up

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  • 152. At 5:17pm on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    Way I see it, G&H were and are looking to make some cash, they're both strapped over here with their hockey and baseball interests being hard hit. They certainly have put a lot of dosh in and they expect a return one way or the other, either going forward or with a sale.

    The Glazers are still in good shape with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but they're stinkin' up the league this year and if things don't improve on the field the cash stream will dry up a bit but still very healthy. I think they have actually reduced the debt on Man U below that at the time of their purchase. If they paid 700 and they're only in debt 600 then it's going in the right direction. From my understanding it was their clout that guaranteed the original purchase and that debt was then transferred to the club, is that about right? No big deal, they have an 85% mortgage on what should be an appreciating asset!

    Abromovich never had any expectation of making any money, for him it was a play thing, however, the realities facing his own empire have probably given cause to pause and reduced his lavish spending somewhat.

    Who weathers the storm only time will tell. Hopefully Bill Gates will buy Bolton next week.

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  • 153. At 5:23pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    Trotter, now that Bill devotes his time to The Gates Foundation which solely helps out the unfortunate and those in need of charity then surely the prospects of him buying Bolton are likely.

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  • 154. At 5:30pm on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    Gaz, once again you make a great point, it must practically be a done deal!

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  • 155. At 5:39pm on 09 Oct 2009, Starburst_995 wrote:

    Bill Gates owning Bolton?

    That I'd love to see and (no offence intended Trotter) will get rid of that irksome fool Gartside who's so adamant of splitting the prem into two tiers and bringing the Auld Firm into the mix.

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  • 156. At 5:40pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    btw - has anyone signed up to pay to watch Ingurland on the internet tomorrow?

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  • 157. At 5:43pm on 09 Oct 2009, Holloway2Holland wrote:

    Trotter mate, what's your (& the statesides) perception of Stan Kroenkie of the Colarado Rapid & Denver Nuggets(I think) Cheers.

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  • 158. At 5:45pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:


    Pay to watch something on the internet?

    Now you truly have lost it!!

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  • 159. At 5:46pm on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    Star, if Gates buys Bolton he can even have the No.9 shirt on a Saturday afternoon.

    I'm working on a plan to split the prem into 3 divisions. The Haves, The Have Nots and the Never Will Haves. Sponsorship opportunities available.

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  • 160. At 5:46pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyO wrote:

    was what i was thinking - surely no-one's been that daft?

    [adam aside]

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  • 161. At 5:51pm on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    Hold on Holland, I'll do a poll in the office.

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  • 162. At 5:55pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    There's a Pole in your office?

    I thought they had all went home.

    Unless it's a lap-dancing pole, in which case I may need some therapy to get that image out of my mind.

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  • 163. At 5:58pm on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    ok, results are in...

    The question was posed "what do you think of Stan Kroenkie."

    Respondent #1, 51 year old female : Who?

    Respondent #2, 30 year old male : F%&*, that dude's loaded man.

    Respondent #3, 40 year old male : Didn't he buy a piece of some soccer team in London, I mean in England someplace, you know, over the pond? He owns a s%&* load of sports franchises.

    Respondent #4, 25 year old female : Maybe we can talk about it over lunch Sir?

    Conclusion : not an overwhelming interest but a mild acknowledgement of his financial and sporting qualifications.

    I know there was talk about a radio host buying his interest in the NFL St. Louis Rams but don't think it happened as yet. If further information is forthcoming you'll be the first to know.

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  • 164. At 6:01pm on 09 Oct 2009, Holloway2Holland wrote:

    Trotter, I'll help you with your 3 division plan, how about spliting it into the Haves, the Have Nots & the Have Notts County.

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  • 165. At 6:02pm on 09 Oct 2009, Holloway2Holland wrote:

    And cheers for the pole

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  • 166. At 6:03pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    This seems like a fun way of wasting Trotters valuable work time. Maybe we can all put a list of questions for him to conduct polls to our American friends...

    Do you know where Australia is?
    Should we bomb Finland as there is an Arab living there?
    Why do you still allow Bill O'Reilly to walk among the free?

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  • 167. At 6:22pm on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    Holland, is that the same pole that rhymes with sole! The circle of life eh'! Whichever it is, you're very welcome!

    25% knew that Australia was next to Belgium.
    25% knew it was an island off the coast of Aborigine.
    25% knew exactly where it was and could spot it on the globe printed on the squishy rubber ball that sits next to their stapler.
    25% asked if we could talk about down under after lunch.

    Hurry up with next week's poll questions. The 6 hour happy hour starts in 40 minutes so they'll all be off. I'm off mesel' - a wedding weekend (not mine).

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  • 168. At 6:26pm on 09 Oct 2009, Holloway2Holland wrote:

    Trotter I was being sincere, the poll was funny, enjoy your weekend.

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  • 169. At 6:30pm on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    you too Holland, have a good one!

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  • 170. At 6:32pm on 09 Oct 2009, WhitleyBayWonTheVase wrote:

    I think a few people have caught the wrong end of the stick with the rumours that Bill Gates might be interested in buying Bolton.

    He is visiting it, thats right.

    However, thats because he overheard a conversation in which someone said there were lots of cracked windows there.

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  • 171. At 6:32pm on 09 Oct 2009, WhitleyBayWonTheVase wrote:

    There you go, I'll set up, you....

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  • 172. At 6:38pm on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    Whitley, you're only able to get away with these scandalous comments as you have the best team in football at the moment. A Bill Gates visit to Bolton would only be akin to Robbo Robson visiting Whitley Bay and therefore, entirely within the realms of possibility!

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  • 173. At 6:51pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    Bill visited Whitley because he wanted a new Office and heard there was a nice Vista from one there. When he got there he saw that the football team were Excelling and used his Power to Point them in the direction of the Premier League.

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  • 174. At 6:57pm on 09 Oct 2009, TrotterUSA wrote:

    he probably crashed fourteen times on the way there. Gosh, there are so many stories to tell but sadly they all end with floppy discs.

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  • 175. At 7:27pm on 09 Oct 2009, Starburst_995 wrote:

    I heard it's a hard drive to Whiteley.

    I'll get my coat...

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  • 176. At 8:00pm on 09 Oct 2009, TommyB wrote:

    Robbo, I have a bone to pick with you. I'm unimpressed with the fact that you have printed a photo of our messiahs (yes, on Merseyside we are duotheistic). If you were a Danish newspaper.... In fact, I'm just dispatching Stan Boardman to the home counties with a rucksack and a copy of the Republican Charter. He has been trained by Bill O'Reilly. Be afraid.

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  • 177. At 8:44pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    As long as you don't dispatch Boardman with his 'joke' book!

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  • 178. At 9:00pm on 09 Oct 2009, THE-WORD-LIFE wrote:

    Robbo I know someone that lives in Leek Town and they have confirmed there is a gay bar in Middlesbrough called the Blue Bell.

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  • 179. At 9:14pm on 09 Oct 2009, Holloway2Holland wrote:

    @ 179. Maybe not the safest place to take a leak.

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  • 180. At 9:15pm on 09 Oct 2009, Holloway2Holland wrote:

    *@ 178. Maybe not the safest place to take a leak

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  • 181. At 00:06am on 10 Oct 2009, redpreacherman wrote:

    Reply to Tommy Onion 136.
    This time I'm being serious. I don't know about £128m but as I understand from reading what accounts info is available there is an indication that G&H have invested £105m into Liverpool FC. What worries me though is that from day one G&H have not invested a penny of their own money into the club; it has all been leveraged. That could leave LFC in a hole.

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  • 182. At 01:11am on 10 Oct 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    a. how far is Leek from the Boro
    b. it's not my boozer he's talking about and to be honest if I keep asking questions on your behalf I'm going to get me face caved in. Now enough of this nonsense!
    PS you are welcome in the Blue Bell if you are gay but don;t assume owt.

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  • 183. At 03:21am on 10 Oct 2009, redwillhunted7 wrote:

    Fellas, prediction for Fabio's fancies vs Ukraine? Big incentive for Ukraine to win to try to get in the play-offs.

    Off to see Australia v Holland tonight in Sydney. Some decent players on show (strange for this neck of the woods) with Cahill, Kewell, Kuyt, Huntelaar etc on show...

    Robbo, if Boro get back in the EPL (gawd help us) they need to sort out their away fan seat ticket allocations so you can bolster ur coffers with full gate figures :-)

    Have a good weekend all...

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  • 184. At 10:05am on 10 Oct 2009, Starburst_995 wrote:

    3-1 to England, on the basis that in spite of the fact we've already qualified the team won't be going easy because Capello's not the sort of guy who'll put up with it.

    Also there'll be several players making their case as to why they deserve to board the plane to South Africa next year ;)

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  • 185. At 8:43pm on 10 Oct 2009, Starburst_995 wrote:

    Hmm, so much for that prediction :S Mind, given they had to play 80 minutes with 10 men they didn't do so bad.

    And we can console oursleves with the very real possibillity Ukraine will beat Croatia to ther playoff spot.

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  • 186. At 10:10pm on 10 Oct 2009, Bantam_Doonhamer wrote:

    Gawd help me, I work with a few Croatians and next time I see them I'm going to get stick for England allowing the Ukraine to qualify in their place!

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  • 187. At 11:39pm on 10 Oct 2009, redwillhunted7 wrote:

    Starfire, Capello seemed incensed with the official. Havent seen the sending off incident yet so unsure whether it was contentious...i see he showed the red to Rio first tho until the 4th official intervened :-)

    It's hard to play in Ukraine with 11 men, let alone 10! Luckily there are no ukranian/croatians at my work...if there are and i dont know them, i'll probably be introduced on Monday...

    watching Colombia v Chile game, defending is shockibg in 1st half..

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  • 188. At 11:40pm on 10 Oct 2009, redwillhunted7 wrote:

    ...almost as bad as my spelling

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  • 189. At 12:44pm on 12 Oct 2009, captainlazytim wrote:

    Blue Bell is a school, not a bar. A Michael Essien school.

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  • 190. At 12:46pm on 12 Oct 2009, bluehellsbells wrote:

    166. At 6:03pm on 09 Oct 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    Should we bomb Finland as there is an Arab living there?

    Have spent the weekend chatting to my old mate Barrack about this, and I can give you a worled exclusive on his decision:

    Reluctantly decided against this due to the fact a) it clashes a bit with the Nobel Peace Prize idea and b) the arab was spotted with a can of Castrol GTX in his hand ...

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  • 191. At 12:54pm on 12 Oct 2009, bluehellsbells wrote:

    actaully on second thoughts, what is the point of Finland? There are probably fewer famous Finns (other than Jaws) than there are Belgians

    Bomb away - only after Trotter has poled his office though

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  • 192. At 5:27pm on 19 Oct 2009, HMS_KnightHawk wrote:

    Every year you bubble heads Say ManUnited look weak and they not going to take any silver this and every year we prove you all wrong.

    Ropey!!? that's what you think Robbo / like you said driving a fast car dose not make you a better driver and jumping to common conclusions like those pub stool annalist who think that they have a finger on whats, whats in football.

    ManUnited is having a change of the guard and is going about it in an a orderly manner; by slowly breaking in the new player. While winning games.

    ManUnited is a team, all 11 players help win the game, we don't depend on one or two players- all can step-up and put in the winner if they have too, and that is what makes ManUnited and others top teams

    there are only 3 teams that I think that can win games without key players and that is
    Manchester United - Chelsea - Arsenal

    Liverpool showed that they can't
    Tottenham I think can take liverpool spot as a big 4
    ManCity is still a question mark
    Aston Villa seem to be always a few players short of saying "Yes We Can"
    Sunderland has a way to go still like the rest of the table... most are stronger this year and again the relegation battle will be hot again this year

    After the Xmass break; we will see who really got what it takes to be King Of The Hill.

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