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Multi-skilling's the name of the game

Robbo Robson | 11:26 UK time, Friday, 27 March 2009

It's very encouraging to see a new approach to young footballers who haven't quite been able to cut it. If a lad can kick a ball, chances are he can tonk a six, serve an ace and chuck a javelin 70 feet.

In fact there's usually one kid who can do all four pretty much simultaneously. There was at our school and it didn't matter that the lad could hardly write a sentence - that wasn't what we aspired to anyway (although one day I hope to achieve it). It didn't seem to harm his chances with the lasses either.

There used to be a few individuals who played footy and cricket - Phil Neale springs to mind (not the Liverpool right-back) and Phil Neville was apparently a very handy cricketer.

I myself was on the slagheap at 16 - I was thrown on it after I 'Bendtnered' one over the bar from five yards out in the last minute. But I was one of them kids who lived and breathed football. In fact, until Debbie Harry came along nothing else mattered.

Debbie Harry

There's a consensus in the Blue Bell among topers of a certain vintage that a perfect day would end up with you and the Blondie lass (circa 1980) togged up in nowt but a Boro shirt on a hotel bed about the size of Manchester sipping a more than passable real ale from the very recently won FA Cup.

Any road it makes sense that lads who haven't quite cut it get to try summat else sporty. I'm sure I'd have benefitted from some advice at 18 when Hartlepool rejected me. (That's not summat you get over quick - being rejected by Hartlepool - I mean it's the footballing equivalent of Anne Widdecombe telling you she's washing her hair).

It was thought I had a talent for fencing but they couldn't prove that in a court of law, and me mam was always telling us I was for the high jump, but frankly the park kickabout became me only solace. Unfortunately it's a bit late for me now, unless the IOC start giving the game of darts its due. Beer-swilling blokes in buttoned up polyester tents deserve their own sporting recognition too.

You can't help thinking that there are a lot of Premiership footballers in this day and age who could've been diverted into other career paths and we'd all be a lot better off. It hardly needs saying that a lot of them could swap the turf for the springboard at the local baths and there'd be no discernable difference in their behaviour.

If Cristiano Ronaldo wasn't a footballer, I reckon he'd be perfect for dressage. I can just see him kicking up his heels and panting furiously as Zara Phillips tries to get the show pony to criss-cross across a bit of Buckinghamshire.

His namesake Brazil's Ronaldo is a shoo-in for the four-man bobsleigh - although I'm not sure where they're going to put the other three blokes - after all he's been careering downhill at a rapid rate for years now.

I can see Afonso Alves as a hammer thrower. Given his radar, he'd hit the net every time in that sport. (It's sad to hear that MIddlesbrough are losing its sponsorship deal with a sat-nav company just at the time we were thinking of fitting one on to Alves's boots).

Wazza would make a good canoeist given his liking for raging torrents of abuse. Paul Scholes has got to be good at the long jump, I mean he must break the world record every time he's goes in for a tackle.

Shaun Wright-Phillips would make a splendid speedway rider - it's just a case of getting your head down and going round and round in circles; Welsh boy Robbie Savage has always had the look of a bit of a flanker to me; and there's not a centre-back worth his salt who wouldn't be well-qualified for a bit of freestyle wrestling once they hang up the fingernails they used to hang on to slippery striker's shirts.

In fact, why stop at other sports. Footballers are always going to need to plan for life after footy (unless they're Dean Windass who will clearly be trying to intimidate long-throw specialists when he's 97.)

David Beckham playing for AC Milan

Becks could work for the Post Office cos it's the delivery that's really lacking there. Every time a cross goes in Heurelho Gomes already looks like a frenzied butterfly collector, somehow. Maybe Wenger should be an optician, he'd certainly be a good poster boy - 'I did not see what happened in the tunnel' - non?

Of course, in the old days you had two choices when you retired from football. I mean permanently retire as opposed to retiring every away game a la Robinho. You could become a manager or open a pub. Job security was nil in both cases and continues to be. Me, I think the likes of Lineker, Lawro, Hansen and Dixon have got it right. Take a crash course in media chitchat and you've got yourself the easiest job in the world. (Aye it's not the toughest job for me either.)

No disrespect to them blokes but I watched Clough on ITV this week and there's not a man comes close when it comes to top-notch punditry. And, before the booze got the better of him, what a devilishly handsome fella Cloughie was too. Compared to him, it's like the current crop have had the charisma airbrushed out of them.


  • 1. At 12:28pm on 27 Mar 2009, NottinghamHotspur wrote:

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  • 2. At 12:30pm on 27 Mar 2009, ossiesdream81 wrote:

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  • 3. At 12:32pm on 27 Mar 2009, supercornishhatter wrote:

    Sorry Ossiedream81 - most I've laughed at Robbo's blog for a long time!!

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  • 4. At 12:41pm on 27 Mar 2009, CHRIS wrote:

    Not bad, did like the reference to 'Bendtnering' the ball over the bar from 5 yards out. How many negative comments do you reckon will get posted this week from people who claim it's a rubbish blog but still seem insistent on reading it every week!!!

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  • 5. At 12:42pm on 27 Mar 2009, L-M-R FC wrote:

    lol at the wenger quote

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  • 6. At 12:43pm on 27 Mar 2009, cov1985 wrote:

    Ah! Debbie Harry!

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  • 7. At 12:44pm on 27 Mar 2009, Not Everything is Black and White.....It's RED wrote:

    Worth it for the memories of Debbie Harry alone.

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  • 8. At 12:46pm on 27 Mar 2009, Spitfire wrote:

    Most professional sports people are better than you and me in our evening pastimes coz they have 'it' in them. The extra bit of hunger, that extra bit of hand/foot eye coordination, that fractional advantage in reflex times etc.

    Still, if you cant pass a ball to another fellow but can outrun most others, go ahead and take the chance. You never know what club will never miss you.

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  • 9. At 12:50pm on 27 Mar 2009, Teiam - problem solved wrote:

    Rejected by Hartlepool comparison, quality! I sprayed my brew on my monitor though!! ...Can I sue?

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  • 10. At 12:52pm on 27 Mar 2009, Spitfire wrote:

    And how could I forget. Me and me mates agree, Aishwarya Rai replaces Debbie in that fantasy. We must move on with the times Robbo. No use being stuck back in glories long lost.

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  • 11. At 12:56pm on 27 Mar 2009, HALLDA-Y01 wrote:

    have to admit im not always a fan but this was robbo back to his best!!! great laugh

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  • 12. At 12:59pm on 27 Mar 2009, doyles_left_foot wrote:

    How can you forget that amazing keeper and bowler Steve Ogrizovic!
    Also Aron Gunnarsson, he of the long throw, is pretty good at handball. It's where he gets his throw in technique from.

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  • 13. At 1:19pm on 27 Mar 2009, Sasuke_nffc wrote:

    'Christiano Ronaldo doing dressage'.....classic

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  • 14. At 1:35pm on 27 Mar 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    ...deliciously brutal dig at Ronaldo the Rotundo in the four-man bobsled, even if you did make a Bendtneresque attempt at spelling "careening."

    and Gomes the "frenzied butterfly collecter" runs a close 2nd!

    would've liked to see you call out the hopelessly short-sighted Hansen, though. a decent pundit should be able to veil his club allegiance at least a little, no?

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  • 15. At 1:48pm on 27 Mar 2009, taeryn wrote:

    Rory Delap for the shot put?

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  • 16. At 1:50pm on 27 Mar 2009, judddd wrote:

    Gareth Southgate for the high jump? (sorry)

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  • 17. At 1:52pm on 27 Mar 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    S'alright. Southgate is currently the opposite of Samson - the longer his hair grows the weaker he gets.

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  • 18. At 2:00pm on 27 Mar 2009, Monjo wrote:

    Why should a man who spent over a decade with a club hide his allegiance? As long as his view point is not bias - and he has been critical of Liverpool many-a-time.

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  • 19. At 2:18pm on 27 Mar 2009, offtouni wrote:

    Absolutely brilliant Robbo - thoroughly enjoyed it and pleased to see you're back to your usual standards! 'Bendtnered' was brilliant, but I also loved the scholes dig as well. Seems a bit obvious, but surely Rooney for welterweight? (I think people are giving him a hard time on 606. What, 6 bookings in a season so far, and then a justified sending off and all of a sudden people are banging on about how he's a threat and needs to curb himself?!?).

    I'd like to reiterate no. 4's question of how many people do we think we read it and then complain? If they really find it so painful and yet go through with it, perhaps they should be wary of falling into S & M habits!

    oh, and even though I'm from 1989, I've always rated Blondie in her hay-day (spelling???). Her and the girl Meat Loaf gets in his videos...

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  • 20. At 2:22pm on 27 Mar 2009, jlaughlin wrote:

    So 'Becks' as you call him, or the most overhyped, overrated footballer/model/celebrity & tabloid icon as he's known to anyone who understands football and the media should work for the post office, eh?
    Unfortunately, you wouldn't get away with working for 5 minutes every few months or gaining plaudits for leaping on a colleague's back when they do their job. In fact, you wouldn't even make the front pages of the gutter press every time you so much as scratch your backside.

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  • 21. At 2:22pm on 27 Mar 2009, Researcher 13482677 wrote:

    I cannot believe you are a real reporter for the BBC and you are capable of slander like this. What nonsense. Are you actually paid to write this? You are an embarrassment to reporters everywhere.

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  • 22. At 2:27pm on 27 Mar 2009, offtouni wrote:

    oh my word. Researcher 13482677 - seriously, take away whatever's stuck under your nose and go and read the Torygraph if that's what you believe. i for one, and many others, welcome a bit of light hearted banter and journalism that brings a few smiles to your face. get over it, and don't read it.

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  • 23. At 2:34pm on 27 Mar 2009, LallanaWonderland wrote:

    Like Robbo Robson's blogs? Join the Facebook group below!

    Don't like Robbo Robson's blogs? Join this one!

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  • 24. At 2:34pm on 27 Mar 2009, SerieA wrote:

    spot on post 21, i know this is supposed to be funny or i hope it is, but this is taking the word "poor" to a new level

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  • 25. At 2:36pm on 27 Mar 2009, Spl football wrote:

    Light hearted banter? hes about as funny as chick young.

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  • 26. At 2:36pm on 27 Mar 2009, fizzyak7 wrote:

    well done robbo for yet again producing another good article, i quite enjoyed this blog it made me laugh

    as for you idiots who always complain about these blogs, if you hate it so much then why do you bother reading it? get a life!

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  • 27. At 2:38pm on 27 Mar 2009, Valderramas_boots wrote:

    Good stuff Robbo.

    Shame some people want serious journalism ALL the time.

    What is this world coming too!?

    Anyway Cristiano Ronaldo's other career choice surely should of been 'Diving' at the Olympics! He'd be a hot favourite to win that one!

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  • 28. At 2:38pm on 27 Mar 2009, offtouni wrote:

    re: part one of post 23, there's this option too...

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  • 29. At 2:39pm on 27 Mar 2009, Spl football wrote:

    The fact that this drivel is being paid for by the tax payer may have something to do with people reading it. Maybe hoping that for once they get something decent in return of their hard earned cash.

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  • 30. At 2:41pm on 27 Mar 2009, GalacticAracnid wrote:

    cracked me up! do you think this crash course in media punditry could include not being biased towards Liverpool? im sick of hearing hanson and wife going on and on and on...
    oh, and all you nay-sayers - grow a sense of humour.

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  • 31. At 2:41pm on 27 Mar 2009, gizmohead wrote:

    At 1:48pm on 27 Mar 2009, taeryn wrote:
    "Rory Delap for the shot put"

    Rory Delap is actaully an exceptional javelin thrower, FACT!

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  • 32. At 2:41pm on 27 Mar 2009, gizmohead wrote:


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  • 33. At 2:43pm on 27 Mar 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    Crikey #29,
    Better keep quiet about my occasional hedge fund management for RBS as well then, eh?

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  • 34. At 2:43pm on 27 Mar 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    it's called journalistic objectivity, and his viewpoint is always very biased. when he's critical of Liverpool, it's like he's about to cry. i know he's got no sense of humour, but he's half Robbo's age (guess), and twice as dour. Robbo seems to celebrate the beauty in football, while Hansen can't slag Arsenal off enough for bringing it! he should be banished to some 'Pool fanzine, really.

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  • 35. At 2:45pm on 27 Mar 2009, redandblackT-Save 606 wrote:

    Worst article this year Robbo!Maybe next week!

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  • 36. At 2:46pm on 27 Mar 2009, StratfordBlade wrote:

    Hahahahahahaha, The researcher has lived up to the occupations reputation and done none at all.

    As always Robbo, a bit of a giggle for a Friday afternoon. Thought you might have had Fergie working for the speaking clock and Scott Duxbury at West Ham could always work for the Immigration Department for Her Maj.

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  • 37. At 2:48pm on 27 Mar 2009, smee18 wrote:

    post 20. over-rated? played for 3 of the best teams in the world and excelled at each. Has 108 caps for england and has awards such as PFA young player of the year, UEFA club player of the year and was in the 1998 FIFA World Cup team of the tournament. It annoys me how there are people out there who have a hatred for one of Englands best players of the last decade. Why in England do we seem to knock the successful and complain at the unsuccessful? its impossible to win.

    Said all that didnt even mention the blog, was poor tbh but ill keep reading for the odd bit of humour (such as Bendtnered)

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  • 38. At 2:48pm on 27 Mar 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    how unsurprising that someone called SerieA has got things totally backwards!

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  • 39. At 2:50pm on 27 Mar 2009, bandanaboy wrote:

    The Beeb does a great job of catering to many tastes.
    I for one think Robbo's blog is a hoot and find much other output on the beeb a chore to read/watch you don't find me chasing the cast of eastenders around London shouting how crap they are at them ?

    Cruel dig at (the real)Ronaldo -though he is still possibly the greatest striker in history and if he can score those comeback goals for corinthians while doing a good impression of Sumo Quinn ,I think he could make a comeback for Brazil when he gets the weight under control.

    Also at #15 Rory D actually was an under age javelin champion I believe

    Keep up the good work Robbo

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  • 40. At 2:55pm on 27 Mar 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    By the way #21, I think you'll find that there's no slander in here whatsoever as that's 'the action or crime of making a false SPOKEN statement damaging to a person's reputation'[OED]. As far as I can tell this is all just WRITTEN DOWN, so that'd be libel. Ee, I don't know, talk about ignorant - call yourself a researcher?

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  • 41. At 2:56pm on 27 Mar 2009, offtouni wrote:

    oh god- post 29, here we go again! every week, do you people not learn?! just because of the tv license, you are not compelled to read/watch/listen to everything that the BBC offers! Next you'll be phoning in to points of view and complaining that Marcus Brigstock is an annoying grumbler without anything positive to say in the Now Show!

    are you one of the people who complained when "The Jerry Springer Show" was shown on BBC 1, presumably with a gun to your head forcing you to watch that too? get over it grumpster

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  • 42. At 3:01pm on 27 Mar 2009, Whiteoutloud wrote:

    One of the joys of reading your blog Robbo is the only your text but the reaction it creates from those who read it.
    OOOO that Boro boy has had a dig at my club. Snarl! Snarl!
    The fact that 11 out of the first 13 post were removed says it all. Brilliant.
    The supporters of these Prem clubs need thicker skins.

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  • 43. At 3:13pm on 27 Mar 2009, Theo Logical wrote:

    Hartlepool rejected me... the footballing equivalent of Anne Widdecombe telling you...

    I wonder who would feel more offended here, Hartlepool supporters or Anne Widdecombe!

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  • 44. At 3:19pm on 27 Mar 2009, TheDeluded wrote:


    oh it's not right, you made fun of all the wollies who come on this page saying how they don't like it ... and now hardly anyone's writing on it.

    c'mon wollies, have your say, even if it's completely irrelevant and puts people's backs up. at least it gives us a further Friday afternoon larf!

    oh, one more thing for the BBC to consider: stop pouring money into tv chefs, gardeners, naff reality shows and crappy sitcoms, before you think of removing Robbo's entertaining articles.
    and for god's sake, whatever you do, BBC, do not make any decent, well written comedy dramas, with great writing, casting and acting - that would take up too much scheduling time from the chefs, gardeners, reality shows and sitcoms.

    (sorry, while we're voicing random opinions on BBC output, thought I'd join in and say something completely irrelevant too)

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  • 45. At 3:23pm on 27 Mar 2009, joerred124 wrote:

    I read this blog each week, mostly due to being bored in work on a Friday afternoon already having exhausted the rest of the website. Fair enough I should get a job that keeps me a little more occupied, but that's neither here nor there.

    This blog is rubbish. I occasionally smirk at one of your analogies, but on the most part it is a pointless piece of writing. I feel your audience is getting smaller and the ratio of negative to positive comments is most definitely showing negative.

    As for your argument against the guy who said your comments are slanderous, that they are in fact libel, was laughable, same difference. Yes everyone likes to have a pop at any rival players, but it's not for a place on a blog, and it was such poorly executed. You may have thought it was quite clever using the story about pushing footballers towards other sports, but you really need to put a bit more effort in mate.

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  • 46. At 3:26pm on 27 Mar 2009, blitheringbrooks wrote:

    These blogs are ALWAYS worth a read.
    If you want a poor, ill conceived blog, go and read that one about the Damned United...

    I will always, ALWAYS keep coming back to the BBC site to read these blogs, if for no other reasno.

    The BBC is so ecnompassing that it often lacks detailed content about each subject, it's just a way to scan over the various titles of news really. Apart from where amusing, light hearted football blogs are concerned. Robbo is top notch at this, and if anyone thinks they are poor, I challenge you to write your own and post it in the comments to this article. If it's good enough, maybe the Beeb will give you a job too!

    You try being funny and topical, it's not that easy! Just look at most of the so called comedies on television...

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  • 47. At 3:27pm on 27 Mar 2009, U13890069 wrote:

    On the bit about not being able to write a proper sentence...most of our lads that are in professional footy (in the UK) have never been to university or even finished their education prior to playing for their clubs. This maybe why many footy players seem to have a bad use of the King's english. In the states "most" footy players in the MLS have a university education prior entering the MLS. It maybe a rubbish league but those lads can spell and contribute to society outside of footy. Just a thought...

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  • 48. At 3:31pm on 27 Mar 2009, blitheringbrooks wrote:

    As for 'pop at rival players'

    He has a dig at Boro EVERY week, probably just so people like you don't have a leg to stand on, but even so, you STILL don't have a leg to stand on.

    I'm a City fan, yet I'm not complaining about the comments about Robinho. OF COURSE there is far more to the situation than Robbo can possibly point out in a light hearted, entertaining, humourous blog like this one, but I don't care, it's funny and that is what matters.

    The people who don't like this are those who don't see football objectively, their team and everything it does is always right, and fair and 'the best' and should anyone dare to criticise it then they deserve shooting down immediately. WRONG.

    Fact is, most clubs, in fact, most footballers are such hungry winners that they don't mind being cheats as well. 'If you're not trying to cheat, you're not trying hard enough' is a phrase well suited to ANYONE at the top of ANY sport, that's how you get there. And, as such, these sorts of people are ripe for criticism, both serious and amusing.
    Just because we have TV pundits who kiss these players behinds every week, doesn't mean that is what we at home are all thinking...

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  • 49. At 3:31pm on 27 Mar 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    joerred: learn how to write. your post is painful to read, and not just due to your lame opinion.

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  • 50. At 3:36pm on 27 Mar 2009, Zulu Warrior wrote:

    Wow Robbo, so Blondie is your dream woman eh. How very dare you, my Debbie Harry fantasy came before well yours. Mind you you have more chance with Debbie H than of Boro winnin the Cup. But which one would you choose???
    Go on I dare you to answer.

    Good craic this week

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  • 51. At 3:45pm on 27 Mar 2009, NEARPOSTHEADER wrote:

    Load of old tosh, Robbo (apart from the Anne Widdecombe comment - had me smiling broadly, and it's still only 9.30am here in sunny Mexico).
    Rumours that Sir Fergie is going to hang up his hairdryer next year - Teaching Scottish as a Foreign Language has to be his next challenge, and Wenger could write 'Ow to Leeve in ze Cuuntree fur 20 Years an Steeel Not Be Ebble to Proonounce Ze Languij.

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  • 52. At 3:52pm on 27 Mar 2009, BCChris wrote:

    LOL Ark at these idiots claiming that their hard earned cash pays your wages. Lets be fair, most of your hard earned cash is paying for television rights to the Formula 1 :P

    But in all seriousness, im happy my license fee if paying for this stuff. Its either this or ready steady cook, and between yourself and Chris Charles, its money well spent.

    Oh and if it makes you feel better #21 & #29... you suck :) so no1 cares what you think. We live in a democracy where - i would say, and dont quote me on this - more than 90% of people who read this article enjoy it. So live with it

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  • 53. At 3:54pm on 27 Mar 2009, ZEUSFC wrote:

    thank you for the blondie reminder... in fact the image is now firmly in my head for the rest of the evening

    ...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

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  • 54. At 4:11pm on 27 Mar 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    45. At 3:23pm on 27 Mar 2009, joerred124 wrote:
    I read this blog each week, mostly due to being bored in work on a Friday afternoon already having exhausted the rest of the website. Fair enough I should get a job that keeps me a little more occupied, but that's neither here nor there.

    This blog is rubbish. I occasionally smirk at one of your analogies, but on the most part it is a pointless piece of writing. I feel your audience is getting smaller and the ratio of negative to positive comments is most definitely showing negative.

    As for your argument against the guy who said your comments are slanderous, that they are in fact libel, was laughable, same difference. Yes everyone likes to have a pop at any rival players, but it's not for a place on a blog, and it was such poorly executed. You may have thought it was quite clever using the story about pushing footballers towards other sports, but you really need to put a bit more effort in mate.


    Now I'm sure you won't expect me to let this one go by, mate. How you can say, on the hand, that 'I should get a job that keeps me a little more occupied', you have the cheek to tell me to put in a bit more effort, mate. I don't want to sound chippy but please give me the website for your workplace and I let 'em know how you spend your Friday afternoons (when you're not picking fluff out of your navel or watching the grass grow).

    That being said, thank you for really very lovely advice.

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  • 55. At 4:13pm on 27 Mar 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    Many thanks for that. To be fair I think that 0.00000000000000001% of your taxes go on my wages. I'd give it back but it'll be 500 years before each of you see a penny.

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  • 56. At 4:17pm on 27 Mar 2009, Alan Harris wrote:

    For what its worth Robbo, your blog makes me smile every week, and that's the point isnt it? The BBC produces Panorama to depress us and something that is just there to be funny is a perfect balance, I wish the likes of Researcher 13482677 would get a life !

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  • 57. At 4:19pm on 27 Mar 2009, flyingbluebird wrote:

    Good Afternoon Robbo!

    For what it is worth, me and My Dad think your blog is marvellous and I always look forward to seeing the next one pop up.

    Have a nice weekend :)

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  • 58. At 4:28pm on 27 Mar 2009, toonfan wrote:

    As a Toon Fan my team are frequently mentioned in Robbo's blog, and it's rarely complimentary. I take it all in the same vein that it's meant (I hope) as banter. Anyone who takes any of these blogs seriously has missed the point completely. Lighten up, find a sense of humour and use it!

    Keep it up, Robbo, always worth a read.

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  • 59. At 4:36pm on 27 Mar 2009, LFC1968 wrote:

    Hey Robbo, another good blog and just ignore the negative comments.

    I despise EastEnders, but I don't complain to the BBC telling them it is a waste of my licence fee. I just don't watch it. I wish people who didn't like this blog adopted the same approach!!

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  • 60. At 4:48pm on 27 Mar 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 61. At 5:05pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    Fantastic blog mate, more than anything, i love to read the blog after its been live for a good few hours, the responses you give are hilarious, almost as good as the blog, keep it up, dont let any sourpuss anchor your ship!

    Have you read about the "three R's" ronaldo (C), ronaldinho, and Ronaldo (fat)'s potential band, more suited to cristiano, because this season he hasnt done much has he, he needs to turn the crying and screaming into singin

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  • 62. At 5:06pm on 27 Mar 2009, Malky79 wrote:

    I can't say this is my favourite blog but cannot believe how worked up some people seem to be by it. If it not for you stop reading it. I quite enjoy it for what it is, a bit of light hearted banter about football and sport in general. Ok so it isn't always comedy genious but generally raises a smile two most weeks .

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  • 63. At 5:12pm on 27 Mar 2009, wengitari wrote:

    GazUtd, the whole argument that as a license payer, you have the right to critique everything the BBC does is a bit of a weak argument.

    It's not like BBC employees actually work for you.

    You pay the license fee to support the BBC in providing entertainment through media (radio, tv, internet etc.) to the public. They provide a variety to accomodate the variety of people within the audience of the UK!

    Not everything is going to be to your liking. The world is not about you.. and neither is the BBC. Get over yourself. You don't like these blogs, fine... move along.

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  • 64. At 5:14pm on 27 Mar 2009, mjmaguire wrote:

    I have read Robbo's blog a few times and I have to say it is bile. This current one sounds like it was written by a 12 year old for a school project.

    And this guy's name isn't even Robson.

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  • 65. At 5:17pm on 27 Mar 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    Do you like everything the government does? I would have to guess no, unless you are clinically insane.

    Therefore seeing as you pay taxes can't you complain about what they do that is wrong?

    As any type of taxpayer you do have the right to critique anything you want, so you get over it. As someone who writes a blog you have to put up with people criticising it, as does any writer.

    And just because someone criticises something doesn't make them automatically think the whole world revolves around them, in fact you are the one telling me what to do so obviously you think you are way more important than me.

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  • 66. At 5:18pm on 27 Mar 2009, GazUtd wrote:

    Oh what a surprise, freedom of speech once again silenced by the BBC.

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  • 67. At 5:19pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    totally agree with wengitari, and mjmaguire, mate if you think its written by a 12 year old, why read it, read something more suited to your age, what ever it may be, unless you like reading pieces written by a 12 year olds....

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  • 68. At 5:22pm on 27 Mar 2009, dyrewolfe wrote:

    Another enjoyable read, Robbo. Funny from start to finish but the best (or possibly worst) bit left me with the bizarre mental image of Zara Phillips riding the Gelled Tumbler (not a bad name for a horse actually).

    I was thinking the entire Boro first team could have had alternative careers in pantomime.

    Toatlly with you on the "perfect day" although for younger fans, swap Debbie Harry for Hayden Panettiere (Claire from Heroes).

    By the way Robbo - have you ever considered going into football or pub management if or when you retire from journalism?

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  • 69. At 5:23pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    i am more important than you gazutd

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  • 70. At 5:30pm on 27 Mar 2009, Spl football wrote:

    (post 65) You are correct! dont express a negative opinion though whatever you do, if you dont lick the blog writers AKA robbos ring piece the vultures swoop down to get you. Im not saying the guys a bad writer i just didnt like this article thats all. But apparently your not entitled to an opinion on here unless its what the do gooders want to hear.

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  • 71. At 5:30pm on 27 Mar 2009, mjmaguire wrote:

    I read it because I thought it might be funny. Alas, it was bile.

    I should have known better.

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  • 72. At 5:36pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    yup mjmaguire you should have

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  • 73. At 5:38pm on 27 Mar 2009, dyrewolfe wrote:

    All the people complaining about Robbo's blogs should start writing their own articles, so the rest of us can be amazed and delighted by their incredible humour...not!

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  • 74. At 5:38pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    because if you had known better, you would have savoured your time colouring pictures and keep it within the lines

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  • 75. At 5:40pm on 27 Mar 2009, mjmaguire wrote:

    I'm a little confused as to why you love 'Robbo' so much reggie. I don't like this blog, you do. I reserve my right to say what I like about his blogs on a publicly funded website.

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  • 76. At 5:47pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    I understand what you're saying mj, but the fact of the matter remains this, do you watch everything on the bbc? Im over 100% certain you do not, if you don't like the blog, leave it for those who do, its always been the case with certain bloggers that they always seem to point out negativity, why not focus on the lighter side of what this blog is, a good FRIENDLY banter about the beautiful game, so be it on a publicly funded website, I wouldn't like to go into what else your tax money goes into, because some of it would make this blog feel like a gold mine.

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  • 77. At 5:47pm on 27 Mar 2009, Spl football wrote:

    (post 73) If the bbc start paying me mega bucks for sitting on my backside writing dross, then il gladly post up articles for everyone to rip into.

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  • 78. At 5:50pm on 27 Mar 2009, mjmaguire wrote:

    Reg, I'm not arguing about the licence fee being used to fund this blog - some people obviously enjoy it.

    I just find it childish, contrived and bereft of intelligent comment.

    Don't know why I commented really, I just felt compelled to.

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  • 79. At 5:51pm on 27 Mar 2009, Thanks A lot BBC7 wrote:

    retiring Robinho was a good one - can only be bettered by Robbo exiting the BBC come May.

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  • 80. At 5:51pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    So why not leave the webpage altogether, and let those who enjoy it appriciate it, you cant tell me that your someone who can dictate what people should and shouldnt like

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  • 81. At 5:53pm on 27 Mar 2009, Andrey "Ice cold killer" Arshavin wrote:

    oh, and even though I'm from 1989, I've always rated Blondie in her hay-day (spelling???). Her and the girl Meat Loaf gets in his videos... "

    the girl in atleast 1 of his vids is Angelia Jolie ;)

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  • 82. At 5:54pm on 27 Mar 2009, mjmaguire wrote:

    No I am not a dictator - what in any of my posts leads you to think that?

    I believe in free speech and the right to write whatever you want, and read whatever you want.

    I also believe in my right to be able to comment on what I see as a poor piece of journalism.

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  • 83. At 5:55pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    SO what is commenting going to achieve for you?

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  • 84. At 5:57pm on 27 Mar 2009, mjmaguire wrote:

    I am going to be able to publicly air my disapproval with this bile which - after all - is on a publicly funded and publicly available website.

    Is this OK with you? Because you're the one who is starting to sound like a dictator....

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  • 85. At 5:59pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    I dont mind being a dictator, would be great :)

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  • 86. At 6:04pm on 27 Mar 2009, Defoe to Pavlyuchenko wrote:

    I think all you 'haters' don't know what your on about! Seriously, do not read it if you do not like it, simple really.
    Getting rid of Robbo's blogs would be one of the biggest mistakes the BBC could do. His blogs are hilerious!
    I can't wait for the next one, keep it up Robbo! :)

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  • 87. At 6:06pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:


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  • 88. At 6:07pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    mj.....mjmaguire....peekaboo, where are you?

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  • 89. At 6:12pm on 27 Mar 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    Essentially this is meant to be light-hearted stuff. Most of us get fed up with the way sport and football in aprticular is treated too bleeding seriously. 'Bile' suggests it's downright vicious what's on this blog, and I don't know where you get that idea. Nevertheless thanks for exercising your right to express your opinion. (That was a hard sentence to write!)

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  • 90. At 6:17pm on 27 Mar 2009, cards wrote:

    cripes does everybody need to get a life? i only like the funny banter --would everyone else please leave its too much work to sift through the boring 'rubbish/great' stuff anymore...

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  • 91. At 6:17pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    couldnt agree more robbo, love all ur articles

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  • 92. At 6:22pm on 27 Mar 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    hey Robbo - i'm thinking of changing my name to: Will(iam) RobboEverRespond2oneOfMyBrilliantComments?

    any instructions for me? ;)

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  • 93. At 6:25pm on 27 Mar 2009, Defoe to Pavlyuchenko wrote:

    Could not put it in better words myself, well said redstared.

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  • 94. At 6:33pm on 27 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    cheeers mate

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  • 95. At 6:38pm on 27 Mar 2009, Uninventivename wrote:

    Do some people really have nothing better to do then read a blog they don't like so they can moan about it? Actually, silly question, this is Britain, any time spent moaning is time well-spent. People always seem to be under the impression that if a part of the BBC's output doesn't meet their demands then it's a waste of their license fee. In actual fact the license fees are used to cater to the ENTIRE population, so there are bound to be parts of the BBC that other people like and you don't.

    Anyway, cracking blog this week, probably the best Robbo's come out with for the past few weeks, most amusing.

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  • 96. At 6:44pm on 27 Mar 2009, DazzlesVR6 wrote:

    Very interesting to read all the positive and negative comments back and forth but do feel the point has been missed somewhat....

    This is FUN!! A dictionary definition of fun can be provided if there is an issue in comprehension....

    If you wanted to read a piece of serious, in depth analytical journalism I doubt that a FUN blog is the best place to start to be hones..

    Good read again Robbo!

    And yes, Blondie every day of the week over my team (The mighty Posh!) winning FA cup...

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  • 97. At 6:45pm on 27 Mar 2009, dyrewolfe wrote:


    The catch is, its got to be better than what Robbo writes (according to those of us who do like his blogs), or else you have to stop criticising him. ;-)

    Also, I'm fairly sure the BBC doesn't pay "megabucks" to anyone, except maybe the Director General and other execs.

    To put a twist on an old phrase: you pay parmos, you get Teessiders :-D

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  • 98. At 6:52pm on 27 Mar 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    I don't get paid in parmos. It's always blinking paninis - London mafia and all that, I suppose.

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  • 99. At 6:58pm on 27 Mar 2009, DenistheGenius wrote:

    OK, if that's how you want it...

    you've made a very powerless enemy today, mr. Robson!

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  • 100. At 7:43pm on 27 Mar 2009, TNeile wrote:


    I'm from the States (insert obligatory insulting, bitter, snarky, uncalled-for, unintentionally self-revelatory anti-U.S. comment here). I simply don't get why you seem to engender such animosity for writing what I feel is a truly entertaining and unique sports column. I never miss it, and I never miss a Premiership match or an England match (infinitely harder to watch, usually). What makes it even more enjoyable is that you are a supporter of a club that I find to be almost unsupportable (like the Chicago Cubs in the U.S.), as well as one of the most consistently sleep-inducing teams I've ever watched in any sport. Which only enhances my opinion of your loyalty and character (if not sanity). Most of your comments are spot-on... not the least of which is the one about Debbie Harry (I remember her from the 70s, though, so I may have drooled over her a few years before you did). No, my taxes do not go toward your salary. But considering some of the things my taxes DO pay for, your salary would be a welcome change. As for your detractors, when, exactly, did the English go from being the funniest people on the Earth to being entirely humorless (or humourless)? Appears you've gone from Monty Python to Bleak House in a generation. Keep up the good work.

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  • 101. At 8:58pm on 27 Mar 2009, A_Brit_in_France wrote:

    Another great blog which had me laughing out loud - fencing and the high jump, Alves hammer throwing and Scholes long jumping to mention but a few.

    I enjoy reading the blogs each week - Gav for his lower league insights and Robbo for his chuckle factor. And this week Gav was talking about players putting in the effort when rejected to get back on - reminded me of Becks when Capello rejected him at Real Madrid because he was going to the US - Becks carried on working hard and Capello put him in the team on merit. The same at the moment for his inclusion in the England team setup.

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  • 102. At 9:28pm on 27 Mar 2009, hughphemism wrote:

    Love your blog....v.funny and enjoyable to read, a refreshing change from the relentless torrent of mind-numbing jabber
    Btw…… the way your smoggy frivolity seems to bring lot’s of people’s ‘chalfonts’ down. I thought I was uptight! What a giggle…..keep up the good work my man

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  • 103. At 9:32pm on 27 Mar 2009, reynarddasilva wrote:

    I admit I am a BORO fan way out West in Houston, Texas. I'd rather be a fan of my local team than Manure, Skunks etc.
    I too wait for a while before reading Robbo's blogs because of all the comments both for and against Robbo. It adds to a normally quite entertaining original blog.
    The best comment this week was from dyrewolfe 'you pay parmos you get Teessiders'. Definitely an addition to my stock of one line comments for the future, assuming it isn't copyrighted of course.
    Seeing as this is my first attempt to contribute to this blog I feel to get into the swing of things I think it is indefencible that you have the audacity to comment unpositively on my beloved BORO and our world class footballers. Admittedly we are suffering from bad refereeing decisions, bad luck and the fact that so many other fans don't appreciate us at the moment but if we win all our remaining games we will finish midtable.

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  • 104. At 9:34pm on 27 Mar 2009, cards wrote:

    re 100
    I am also a yank, i of course moved to GB because of the renowned sense of humour and of course the fantastic free health service. My mom was a big cubs fan, i can still remember the disappointment of the 1984 loss to the padres and i was in chicago at the time....i really thought they would do it, it was soul destroying.

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  • 105. At 9:56pm on 27 Mar 2009, King wrote:

    OMG !.. Can everyone just chill? This is meant to be light-hearted stuff and not serious writing (Robbo..pls dont shock me by saying that you are trying out for literature prizes or something)

    the analogies are always funny.. and i look forward to his blog on monday/friday

    lines like "gelled tumbler",
    "ol beetroot nose has been sent down from planet taggart to win everything in sight" etc need a completely different line of thinking..

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  • 106. At 10:19pm on 27 Mar 2009, War Baby wrote:

    A very good theme Robbo, but I feel you didn't really develop it enough - obviously got distracted by the delicious Debbie.

    5/10 must try harder.

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  • 107. At 11:21pm on 27 Mar 2009, ForTheLulz wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 108. At 00:34am on 28 Mar 2009, regstared wrote:

    hahahahahahahaha classssss

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  • 109. At 01:05am on 28 Mar 2009, madgaz_down_under wrote:

    Excuse me, but I thought I'd visited the world respected BBC website yet find myself reading an article littered with spelling mistakes and bad grammar. Does the author think that, as a working class northerner, he needs to write as he speaks in order for others to understand? Please do not forfeit the English language and belittle ones self. Shame on you, BBC.

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  • 110. At 01:18am on 28 Mar 2009, Spl football wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 111. At 02:17am on 28 Mar 2009, beijingren wrote:

    #103 Reynarddasilva - are you FTB? - if you are you'll know what I mean - if not sorry to have troubled you - DTB here.

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  • 112. At 03:10am on 28 Mar 2009, djmackempride wrote:

    Oh dear, Madgaz (#109),
    A case of glass houses? You really shouldn't bang on about Robbo's spelling and grammar, passing yourself off as a scholar and self-appointed guardian of the english language, when you yourself have committed a cardinal grammatical error. Ones self? I'm afraid not my friend. It is a reflexive pronoun, and as such should be written as one's self (note the possessive apostrophe), or the more common contracted form oneself. Perhaps one should be more certain of one's facts before haranguing others.
    And as for you Sean Mee (#37), Beckham was not in the FIFA world cup team in 2008. How can a man who missed the first two games and then got sent off in the fifth possibly make an all-star team? Perhaps if people didn't use wikipedia for all of their research, and checked the relevant official websites instead, inaccurate facts like this wouldn't be perpetuated on blogs worldwide.
    And in defence of Robbo; people, it's a bit of fun! Get over yourselves. I'm sure you won't rest until all of the humour has been drained from our lives. The lad is only trying to raise a few smiles on a dreary Friday afternoon. I for one appreciate his efforts. Keep it up, mate! (A Mackem defending a Smoggy; who'd have thought it?)
    And before you complain, this post was written with tongue firmly in cheek (except, of course, the defence of Robbo). I've even included a few spelling errors to cheer up Madgaz. Can you spot them?

    Complain about this comment

  • 113. At 03:35am on 28 Mar 2009, djmackempride wrote:

    On a lighter note, you're not alone Robbo. I too have Bendtnered one over, in a cup final no less! I tried to hide behind the excuse that I'm a centre half, but deep down I knew the truth; I should have scored. But Bendtneritis is a serious affliction, one not fully understood by the media and public at large. It's a seriously debilitating affliction (trust me, I'm a doctor), affecting one's career and social standing alike. I would urge fellow sufferers to form a support group, Bendtners Anonymous (or BA for short; we don't fly to meetings and are partial to the odd Snickers) so that we can beat this together, one step at a time (cue "My name is XXXX, and I Bendtnered a chance.......). Just a thought.

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  • 114. At 04:52am on 28 Mar 2009, clickem wrote:

    Robbo's blog is a prime example of the dumbing down of society today. I notice he only ever mentions Foucault in passing and never attempts an in depth critique, considering the exorbitant license fee it's a very poor show.

    It's amazing the number of people that can't come to terms with the fact that it's a comedy sports blog, which often skewers its targets to perfection, Ronaldo will forevermore be the Gelled Tumbler, not a piece of Hugh McIlvanney prose.

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  • 115. At 08:47am on 28 Mar 2009, redforever wrote:

    Like Viz, it was funny for a while...then its time to move on.

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  • 116. At 09:44am on 28 Mar 2009, Ch4mp50 wrote:

    Once again an enjoyable blog.

    I liked the way you chose a different job after retirement.
    The negative comments turned into a bit of a bun fight between a few.

    May I suggest a few of them try another career like "spitting the dummy" or even better "chucking the rattle"?

    As for the comments made by the so called experts on MOTD I choose to turn the sound off or throw my foam house brick at the telly.

    Everton for the cup!

    (that should stir a few of them up)

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  • 117. At 10:15am on 28 Mar 2009, Joe wrote:

    Robbo, thanks again for a most entertaining read. I always look forward to them and this one was worth waiting for. As a Englishman abroad the thing I miss the most is the dry wit and humour you still get ooop north.

    The one thing I do not miss is listening to all the griping, moaning and 'I pay your fees' from misinformed members of the general public. I did not realise just how many wierdos there are out there until I started using the internet regularly. I do believe in democracy and freedom of speech but the downside is that most of the comments posted are just dross. The internet is a great invention (British to boot!) but the fact it now seems to cater mostly for porn addicts and the morbidly disenfranchised does not bode well for the future of the human race.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the 'negative' comments are posted by Robbo himself so that he can read the ensuing torrent of supportive responses from the rest of us that just enjoy a laugh. Must be great to have so many 'fans' who write in to say 'I always read your blog just to slag you off afterwards' - as they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity. The only downside is that the rest of the posts just seem to become slagging matches between the opposing factions.

    For the record, we are now speaking (Or supposed to be speaking) the Queen's English and not the King's English as the last one died in 1952 or so. Sorry to be a pedant #47 but this is the site for pedantry!

    I will only start writing to the BBC to complain IF they stop Robbo posting his blogs. By the way, I had a ticket to see Blondie perform at Sheffield University (90 pence only!) but passed up on the chance to see them because I couldn't get 2 more tickets for my friends. This was in 1978 or 1979 and I still have nightmares about it. Thanks for the memory!

    Cheers, Joe.

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  • 118. At 11:22am on 28 Mar 2009, SR819 wrote:

    GazM has commented negatively on many a previous blog, so he obviously has no liking to this blog, which begs the question, why does the keep coming back, when he has already realized it is not something he likes? A lot of people say they pay the licence fee, and that they expect good quality journalism provided, but just because you don't like it, doesn't mean others don't. Moreover, the "serious" journalism can be found in the news sections, and even practically all of the sport section of the website. This is perhaps one of the few light hearted blogs around. I can't see why it's such a crime to write about the world of sport in a jovial, sarcastic way.

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  • 119. At 11:37am on 28 Mar 2009, CamTheWasp wrote:

    funniest bit was the comment about managing a hedge fund for RBS. you should get a column in the business section, too...

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  • 120. At 12:03pm on 28 Mar 2009, Boro31 wrote:

    Dear Robbo,

    Shame you didn't coincide your time at Hartlepool with Clough; it could have been you picking up the European Cup instead of McGovern. I am convinced that Boro' have bought the 'wrong' Alves. Either that or the bloke struggles with the concept of wearing boots on the appropriate feet. Southgate must have vowed not to cut his hair until the team enjoys a winning run. If this carries over to the fans, the hairdressers in town will be a tad concerned.

    If Boro' go down, will you have to de-camp from the Blue Bell?

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  • 121. At 12:07pm on 28 Mar 2009, mjmaguire wrote:

    No.107, I'm sorry pal but I just don't understand your post.

    It must be too clever for me.

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  • 122. At 12:14pm on 28 Mar 2009, KingArthuronice wrote:

    A good laugh.
    I did like Debbie Harry but she couldn't replace Shirley Eaton or that girl in all the Hammer films (Ingrid Pitt?)
    Clough produced some memorable quotes but I don't think he was the best pundit. Remember him calling the Polish goalie (I know his name, just can't spell it!) "a clown"? Well that clown stopped England from qualifying with some great saves while several real clowns in the English defence allowed them to score. Never mind Robbo, you could have been rejected by Boro :)

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  • 123. At 1:26pm on 28 Mar 2009, Crumbs wrote:

    I think the problem with this blog, and numerous others that are very similar in style, is not to do with it's humour or controversial subject matters - on the contrary, good journalism can be seen as offensive and right from the horses mouth - but the way in which it is written.

    The fact that it reads like a "funny essay" from a clever 16 year old, thinking he's making a point, it just lacks any sort of professionalism. This isn't even an opinion, it's clearly evident in the chosen style. I'm all for humour and controversy, but I also like to be able to read coherent sentences and proper English, rather than utter dreck.

    The style of journalism on show here is extremely unprofessional and says a lot about the people who work for this company and take it to be brilliant English and informative news, and also the people who find it "hilarious."

    There are much, much better "funny writers" out there than Robbo Robson, it's quite laughable at how many people fail to find a fault or any sort of flaw in his "hilarious stories." Shows how well read the majority of 606 users are, and the sense of humour they all have.

    Journalism IS a serious medium, whether it's online, in the paper or in the news, and deserves at least proper English, coherent sentence structure along with decent grammar and not every piece should be a dialogue which seems to be case with these blogs. Informal is fine, but in moderation, and I'm sorry but if it's not the case, then a lot of people have the right to form a derogatory opinion of the articles that keep being posted.

    Journalists don't exactly have a great reputation as it is, and this clearly doesn't help. I don't know about many other people but I definitely can't take this guy or a lot of other "bloggers" for the BBC seriously at all. But of course, a lot of people on 606 are looking for a laugh and we all know that most young people in this country don't even understand the difference between their, there and they're, so really, proper English relating to football based discussion is a bit of a tall order! And yes, that is me incinuating the majority of people associated with football - fans and players - aren't exactly the brightest people around, nor do they care.

    This comment won't last very long on the messageboard, I can just tell!

    Complain about this comment

  • 124. At 2:12pm on 28 Mar 2009, I am a number not a free man wrote:

    Jeez, it's difficult to get a reply in edgeways for all the uptight, knickers-in-a-bunch, snide, waste-of-time-so-why-not-go-and-do-something-more-worthwhile-with-your-life comments.

    It's a blog, it's about footy, it's supposed to be humorous. I thought it was pretty good, though Robbo might be dismayed to hear his chances of winning Pulitzer Prize have been pretty much shot down in flames. If you don't like it, just ignore it, and go read a book or play Mah-Jong or build a scale model of the Bismark out of Garibaldi biscuits !
    Surely that has got to be better use of whatever time you have left on this planet, than spending it arguing the toss on an internet forum ??

    Apologies for any spelling errors, but as I have been a footy fan for 34 of my 40 years I can barely hold a crayon, let alone construct anything approaching a coherent sentence, and have therefore asked Cleo, my cat, to type this response.


    Complain about this comment

  • 125. At 2:23pm on 28 Mar 2009, Micky Quinns Gut wrote:

    Long-time reader, first time writer. Good stuff again Robbooooo!
    Scholesy a long-jumper and Wright-Philips a Speedway Rider. Chortle Chortle - absolute classics!! How long before Hughton and SOuthgate resort to religion? Bets anyone???

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  • 126. At 2:27pm on 28 Mar 2009, Micky Quinns Gut wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 127. At 3:10pm on 28 Mar 2009, clickem wrote:

    The BBC should reinstate the telephone interview rants and ribaldry. There then maybe a slim chance that the people who criticise this blog, for not being what it's not meant to be, will realise how ridiculous their comments make them appear.

    Complain about this comment

  • 128. At 3:16pm on 28 Mar 2009, hughphemism wrote:

    What's with all the journalistic critique? This is a footie blog and a funny one at that. If you don't dig it, go take captain picard to warp speed somewhere else

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  • 129. At 04:11am on 29 Mar 2009, jlaughlin wrote:

    Re: nYes, I'm afraid so, over rated. Milan & Madrid are no longer among the best teams in the world and he was bought only to sell T-shirts. Did he excel at each? At Utd, yes, but at the others I could have excelled at each!

    >Has 108 caps for england
    The last 20/30 caps he has been brought on with about 5 minutes remaining, again, to sell England shirts. The false record of England caps (for an outfield player - does anyone out there have the intelligence to recall that Shilton still holds theoverall record - why the desperation to give any record to Beckham? - are people getting commission for shirts sold or something?)

    >and has awards such as PFA young player of the year, UEFA club player >of the year and was in the 1998 FIFA World Cup team of the tournament.
    Fair enough, but how long ago can you go?! 10 years ago. What are you getting outof this?

    > It annoys me how there are people out there who have a hatred for one >of Englands best players of the last decade. Why in England do we seem >to knock the successful and complain at the unsuccessful? its >impossible to win.

    Win what? Beckham's dingleberries? Get off your knees.

    Complain about this comment

  • 130. At 1:22pm on 30 Mar 2009, NeilG42 wrote:

    Shaun Wright-Phillips would make a splendid speedway rider - it's just a case of getting your head down and going round and round in circles.

    Yet another Robbo classic line, he always has at least 1 an article that's worth reading his blog for on it's own.

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  • 131. At 2:32pm on 30 Mar 2009, bandanaboy wrote:

    The comments area should be an area to discuss the content of this weeks blog ,not the weekly rant of jealousy from wannabe's.
    If it upsets you so, write a letter to Anne Robinson (assuming that show is still going )and complain but leave the comments area here to discuss the content.

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  • 132. At 3:08pm on 30 Mar 2009, tricky-knee59 wrote:

    Just so many wonderful negative comments this week has left me perplexed. Not sure who the Mary Whitehouse Award should go to, probably the first one to mention wasting the licence fee.
    My favourite line this week from the blog was the Hartlepool - Anne Widdecombe bit. Just my sense of humour.

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  • 133. At 05:28am on 31 Mar 2009, jonnothecitizen wrote:

    I love that no matter how low I'm feeling, this blog and the comments that follow never fail to cheer me up.

    Please keep it up Robbo

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  • 134. At 08:42am on 31 Mar 2009, orangeBomber_Abe wrote:

    Haven't read the blog.... couldn't read past the Debbie Harry picture....

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  • 135. At 10:30am on 31 Mar 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    You're right. I told 'em to put the picture at the bottom of the blog.

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  • 136. At 11:47am on 31 Mar 2009, digispoonerta wrote:

    Just a question to the many people who don't like this blog ....

    When has Robbo EVER claimed to be a journalist?
    As far as i'm aware he never has and probibly never will!!!
    He is asked to write a blog which the definition is ...

    Short for Web log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.

    I think the operative words being personal and personality!!!!

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  • 137. At 04:13am on 03 Apr 2009, reynarddasilva wrote:

    Beijigren, I don't understand what FTB stands for so I guess I am not the person you think I am.
    I been known to go to the Darkside, or as it is now Cybergadgies.

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