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Sheikh ya money!

Robbo Robson | 15:08 UK time, Thursday, 15 January 2009

So it's started - the men in the desert are swapping round their Panini stickers and deciding which ones they want to buy.

Were I a sheikh in Abu Dhabi (and I'm glad I'm not 'cos I can't stand them sub-human temperatures or the freaky chill of air-conditioning) I'd be sending a little posse of henchmen off to Manchester United with the Securicor van loaded to the gills for the gelled tumbler.

Kaka's not a bad place to start though, eh? But when they start talking about 90 million quid and the lad being on half a million a week, you just think well let's forget it. The Blue Bell can cut its Sky subscription, and we can get the crib board and dominoes out of the dusty cupboard behind the bar and just relax.

Hell, let's go the whole hog and get the cheese skittles and the shove ha'penny out and indulge in some proper humble low-budget entertainment, 'cos I'm getting right racked off with contributing to WAG leopard-print scatter cushions and walnut flippin' dashes on the Mercs and Porsches.
No-one, NO-ONE, deserves to earn £100m * for kicking a chuffin' ball about the place. For that amount of money you should be curing cancer, inventing an even larger hadron collider thingamabob and single-handedly arresting the downturn. (*assuming he gets a four-year deal.)

Fact is, I've never particularly begrudged a lad like Rooney or Becks earning a shedload for being able to toe-poke a pig's-bladder creatively, but this has taken it onto a scale where even Rio 'eight-months-off-for-missing-a-drugs-test-but-I-still-want-a-pay-rise' Ferdinand might say: "Do you know what? I think it might be a tad too much per week, that."

There are people all over Europe chewing on bits of wood and wondering where their next job might come from, not to mention the people who scrape by every day regardless of credit being crunched, and this fella who's bought Man City is chucking his cash around with all the care of a cat de-feathering a sparrow. I tell you, it's vomit-inducing.

And the thing is, you wouldn't mind if these millionaires actually got better with each and every salary rise but you look at, say, Chelsea and it's the opposite. There are mercenaries out there on ageing legs whose performances have been so limp you'd almost think they carried their week's wages in their trim and sweaty jock-straps and it was weighing them down.

Some sportsmen'll tell you that the money is not important and I dare say Andy Murray couldn't give a fig about the cheque right now. But the BlueBells (unbeaten in three) all agree that were we to get, ooh I dunno the money Sheva gave his cleaning lady every week while he was in London, we'd all do a damn sight better and we might even stay out of the boozer till after the game out of respect for the dosh we'd be getting.

Then again if you're stupid - or should that be honest - enough to admit that money's the objective, as England's Alistair Cook did before the Stanford charade, then some pillock - a coach or a captain, maybe - will insist that every Englishman is there to represent his country and the million dollars is of secondary importance.

Ballacks. The Stanford match was all about the money. That was the blinking point!

It's the same with Kaka. Man City have been around a while but anyone thinking that the lustre of the sky blue greats that have gone before (Colin Bell, the chubby tumbler and bog-roll magnate Frannie Lee, Tony Book, ermm... Shaun Goater?...) will attract the big names to Eastlands is three strikers short of a starting XI (although that wouldn't worry David Moyes).

If Kaka arrives it'll be for the lolly. He's a devout Christian and gives a good chunk of all he earns to the Church, so he might be able to convince himself in that way. I dunno, though, I'm not sure the Church needs that money more than, say, Middlesbrough FC's transfer budget.
From the noises coming out of Kaka's corner it doesn't sound like he wants to go, but you can bet the Rossoneri are well-interested. It's been suggested that Berlusconi is too proud a man to let a prized asset go but he's not to proud to wear that strangely fixed smile or that spookily black lacquered hairdo that makes him look like a burnt-out mahogany matchstick.

But it's not what Kaka decides that's the problem - and you can hardly blame him if they lay a trail of fivers from his door all the way to some private country residence in Cheshire (not too close to Keano's mutts, mind).

It's the fact that with every passing wage-hike in Premier League land, your average footballer learns less and less about the reasons why we, the wage-payers, go and watch them fall on their sorry backsides every week.

'Cos they used to be like us. They'd fluff a chance and you'd buy 'em a pint after the game and tell them to do better next time. Now they wouldn't go to a pub, and even a lounge bar has its perils.

They live in a cotton-wool world where every step they take is monitored and managed by their clubs like they're poorly pigging kittens on Rolf's Animal Hospital. They're about as in touch with the real world as Blake Fielder-Civil. (And how ironic is that 'Civil' in his name, eh?)

I'm with Shearer on this one - if the Abu Dhabi lobby do handpick a clump of galacticos it'll last for five years max, they'll get bored, everyone'll scuttle off for their retirement jobs at somewhere less freaky and City fans will be left pining for the days of Big Mal and Peter Swales and paying heaps for Steve Daley and Kevin Reeves.

As we say to our grandson Wilfred when he's eyeing up the electric carving knife over Sunday lunch, so I say to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan: "Put it down! It's not a toy!"


  • 1. At 3:47pm on 15 Jan 2009, Aziz1985 wrote:

    Another well written blog, robbo keep it up mate.

    If this deal goes through for the proposed sum then i for one will definately lose faith in football, these people already earn ridiculous amounts of money this is the final nail in the coffin.

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  • 2. At 3:48pm on 15 Jan 2009, abramovichesdad wrote:

    I'm a Spurs fan and we are the living proof that spending a lot of money doesn't get you anything.

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  • 3. At 3:51pm on 15 Jan 2009, Boshorange wrote:

    Money aside, would anyone swap Milan for Man City? Kaka sits amongst some of the greates players around in Nesta, Maldini, Seedorf, Pirlo, Inzaghi, Beckham, Shevchenko and Ronaldinho.So, its them or its Vassell, Hamann, Jo and possibly Bellamy.......hmm. Milan are one of the most decorated clubs in the world in terms of honours, where as not so long ago Man City were being beaten by the not-so-mighty Lincoln City in the league on a cold tuesday december night! The truth is, Man City haven't earned the right to attract a name like Kaka, and they won't do any time soon. Having money will not make them the biggest club in the world, money doesnt buy the history of Milan, Man Utd, Barcelona etc and it never will. If Kaka signs for them, it will be purely for the money, then not even Jesus will be able to save footballs soul. I truly hope he doesnt set foot in Manchester, not just for the sake of football, but for the sake of Man City and all those involved. His arrival would put too much pressure on the other players, fans, owners, manager and the lad himself and eventually all of them would crumble and that would be a sad thing to happen.

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  • 4. At 3:51pm on 15 Jan 2009, chazwozza666 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 5. At 3:52pm on 15 Jan 2009, kevthered83 wrote:

    kaka to city....never gonna happen.

    I also find it strange that on 1 hand City are linked with the brilliant Kaka....and on the other linked to Bellamy.

    And im sure if West Ham are watching City bid 100m for 1 player, they wont plan on letting Bellamy go for anything less than 75m

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  • 6. At 3:52pm on 15 Jan 2009, Tundra_Boy wrote:

    Excellent blog.

    This is all causing me to have a bit of a crisis of conscience about football in general. £500kp/w does actually make me feel slightly physically sick.

    Comment 1 basically sums up my views nicely - a loss of faith and the final nail in the coffin should this happen...

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  • 7. At 3:54pm on 15 Jan 2009, Bumdiwold wrote:

    Sometimes it's worth rememberig that something (or someone) is not just worth what someone else will pay for it.
    No one is worth that money.
    Unless someone is willing to pay it.
    We all know that City wont benefit in the long term.
    But who looks to the long term in the PL anymore?
    Nice blog.

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  • 8. At 3:57pm on 15 Jan 2009, mcswegan wrote:

    £100 million and £500,000 a week is a joke. HALF A MILLION every 7 days is unbelievable. I hope Kaka dosen't sign for Man City as it would give me some hope that there were still some footballers who play for the love of the game and not the love of the cash(insert your own Ashley Cole joke here). Has no-one learnt that one day these clubs who have overspent will reap what they have sown ala Leeds United

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  • 9. At 3:59pm on 15 Jan 2009, philtoon82 wrote:

    nice one robbo

    would surprise you if the Abu Dhabi lot do try handpick half of europes talent and then get bored and 'do one'. Just like it wouldnt surprise you if abramovich does the same in the next couple of years.

    Having said that its got to be exciting times for genuine man city fans right now being linked with all the stars, although they've now got to look forward to all the 'tag-on' fans turning up to eastlands that chelsea started attracting a couple of years ago. The whole of Manchester will now be prawn sandwich munchers!!

    by the way what do you think of boro's chances this season i reckon either boro of newcastle for relegation......

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  • 10. At 4:01pm on 15 Jan 2009, nogginthenogforever wrote:

    Whislt I agree that wages on offer are insane, you also have to look at the bigger picture.

    Average American footballers regularly have salaries in excess of $20 million a year, and they dont even have to be on the field if the team is defending and they are an attacker, they just watch!

    Its ultimately an unternable position of course, in football, because the wage bill can never be recouped by the marketing department, and as shown by Chelsea, ultimately the club has to balance the books, no matter how deep the owners pockets, and at that point you find out who are the footballers and who are simply there for the money.

    Kaka will be exchanging any chance of picking up the european/world player awards for next year for his 20 pieces of silver, because no player not plying his trade in the champions league will win either.

    Once a player values monetary rewards over achivement, hes nno longer a player worth having.

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  • 11. At 4:03pm on 15 Jan 2009, PompeyAmerican wrote:

    "Put it down! It's not a toy!"

    Quite right. Excellent summation of the situation.

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  • 12. At 4:05pm on 15 Jan 2009, Dave Manchester wrote:

    As ridiculous as it is, the prospect of City signing Kaka whilst they're floating around the wrong end of table does open the possibility of him playing in the Championship next season.

    Which, apart from being comedy gold, would probably boost attendances around the nation. I mean, who wouldn't want to see the worlds most expensive player dazzle Blackpool? We could his comparison between dowdy old Milan and the bright lights of multicultural Burnley.

    I can see him now, proudly opening the Eastlands branch of Netto, before dazzling the newly promoted MK Dons.

    And if Oldham get promoted, and City relegated, I would be proud to guide the Brazilian great around the mezzanine floors of our kebab shops and to sip a glass of bitter...

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  • 13. At 4:14pm on 15 Jan 2009, Friendlycard wrote:

    Great blog, as usual.

    Amusing though it would be to see Kaka playing at elite championship stadia like Doncaster and Burnley, I'm pretty sure there would be a clause in his contract whereby City would have to sell him if they get relegated.

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  • 14. At 4:15pm on 15 Jan 2009, Parish87 wrote:

    He'll be earning only a quarter of that £100m you quote Robbo, the poor lad. You probably got his little hopes up then.

    Good blog nontheless.

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  • 15. At 4:17pm on 15 Jan 2009, BCChris wrote:

    Im glad someone has finaly written a decent, honest and ballsy article on this Man City saga. It is bloody rediculous. If this continues, and the Kaka deal goes through (Which would be a shame because Kaka is one of the very few decent human beings left in the upper tiers of the world superstars, my faith in humanity would be severely slashed) then it will completely fluff up the transfer window for years to come. You will have the the top for slightly edging eachother for a player, upping the bids slightly, untill Man City decide they wanna get into the mix and shove an extra 20 Mill on top of the highest bid. It will be a shams! The clubs doing the selling are not realy at fault. If you were selling your car, you have valued it at 2,000, and someone comes in and offers you 10,000 to prevent further bidders, of course your gonna sell.

    The next few years will be very interesting, and potentialy devastating for English football.

    Anyway Robbo brilliant blog, im glad you have came out on said what we are all thinking. Someone had to

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  • 16. At 4:19pm on 15 Jan 2009, cov1985 wrote:

    There's an interesting parallel between this blog and an article written on the BBC website this week that links the downturn in snooker's popularity on TV to the fact that people don't relate to the players anymore. Football is losing its characters. There don't seem to be many personalities out there anymore!

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  • 17. At 4:21pm on 15 Jan 2009, eboue4primeminister wrote:

    Strong but fair words Robbo, good blog.

    Although I don't think this transfer is going to go ahead, I took the liberty of working this out:

    It would take someone, on an average wage in the UK, 21 and a half years to earn what Kaka is prospected to earn in 7 days.

    Disgusting money, hope it doesn't happen.

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  • 18. At 4:23pm on 15 Jan 2009, Football Fanatic wrote:

    I would actually be amazed if Kaka went to City.

    Another great blog Robbo !

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  • 19. At 4:23pm on 15 Jan 2009, Lee wrote:

    I'm already sick of the dosh being splurged on footy. My Sky Sports sub was scrapped at the end of last season, and once the introductory offer finished with Setanta this season, it got KO'd too!

    It's a scandal how money has twisted football at the top level to a behemoth that bears no resemblance to the game we all played and watched as kids.

    Hopefully, with Abramovich looking like he's gettin' fed up with Chelsea, and the credit crunch affecting messrs Gillette, Hicks and the Glaziers et al, some sanity can prevail, and in 3 or 4 years time, the game might become worth watching again.

    I for one, can't wait.

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  • 20. At 4:25pm on 15 Jan 2009, georbrya wrote:

    i am a chelsea supporter and when abromavic bought chelsea we all thought that he had wrecked football, even i thought that it was a bit stupid

    but now these almost trillionaires come in and wreck the world of football with stupid amounts of money

    kaka is an amazing player at a good club with a wage that is probably still pretty stupid, lets just hope that kaka doesn't turn into an amazing player at an alright club with a stupidly high wage

    this is what you call wrecking the game of football

    it is a total disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 21. At 4:27pm on 15 Jan 2009, Samwell2804 wrote:

    More Good Stuff Robbo

    i cant help but think that this could be the start of something else that could begin to rot global football, how long is it before it becomes even more like american sports where the stars earn silly money like a million pound per game, its just madness, and as u say its putting these stars less and less intouch with the average man who goes to watch the footie and puts his hard earned cash into the club to pay their wages, altho i dout at 500k a week that the fans will be able to pay his wages?!

    Man City need to build from a squad of good players rather than trying the "Real Madrid Galacticos" because we all know it never works or lasts, get they're selves a solid base of up and coming players who want to make a name for themselves and become successful, kind of like Aston Villa have done?! then they can start to add the big boys and big star names?!

    If Kaka arrives it'll be for the lolly. He's a devout Christian and gives a good chunk of all he earns to the Church, so he might be able to convince himself in that way. I dunno, though, I'm not sure the Church needs that money more than, say, Middlesbrough FC's transfer budget.

    "makes him look like a burnt-out mahogany matchstick. " - Genius, High-Lar-Ious

    and im with you on the brinnging back of the crib board and dominoes out of the dusty cupboard behind the bar, good old pub times eh?! haha

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  • 22. At 4:29pm on 15 Jan 2009, Shetland James wrote:

    Great read Robbo.

    The last thing that the Church in Britian needs is more money, so Kaka can keep his money!

    Also, if Man City do get Kaka in on a 500k a week contract and 60% tax him... recession reveresed!

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  • 23. At 4:32pm on 15 Jan 2009, lightother1 wrote:

    the premier league ceased being a sport years ago! its now a circus!with arabs/russians as ringmasters! bogroll magnate.. class mate

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  • 24. At 4:33pm on 15 Jan 2009, God_Tony_Yeboah_21 wrote:

    Great blog Robbo as always, love your stuff!

    What we all have to remember tho guys is that the only value anything or anyone has is that which is placed on it. If my boss offered to double my yearly wage to around a tenth of Kaka's reported weekly wage then that would be what I was worth to him. To someone else I wouldnt be. And the guys with all the money, oil and sand they need can value things higher than anyone else can because their money is basically worth less to them.

    I do have to disagree about not being able to buy a history like Manchester United's or AC Milans though. At some point in time they had won nothing either. Maybe City don't have that right now but if the Sheikh's bankroll Premier League and Champions League wins for the next 10 years running wouldnt they be close to that kind of history?

    I still think it's lunacy, just wish they had taken over from Bates at the Mighty Whites!

    Anyway, keep up the good work everyone and just hope that the next thing the Sheikh's decide they need at ManCity is a 27yr old never played above the welsh league ex-midfielder who now sits behind a desk all day!!! At least thats what I'm hoping... could I be worse than Hamann though?

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  • 25. At 4:34pm on 15 Jan 2009, Mark wrote:

    The efforts to sign Kaka, successful or otherwise, will be looked back on in years to come as to say 'did they really involve that amount of money?'

    No some in football don't know anything about the credit crunch or anything else about the real world. They will know though. The debts in football will only get worse until at least one casualty comes forward and before you know it boom will turn to bust. I wonder which club will be the 'Lehman Brothers', or the 'Bear Stearns'? It will happen, and football will not the the same. To my mind though with all the rampant avarice and arrogance in the game now, that will be no bad thing.

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  • 26. At 4:35pm on 15 Jan 2009, lolthebraps wrote:

    Not qualifying for the Champions League could inadvertantly be the greatest piece of business Milan ever do. Why is Kaka the chosen one and not, say, Messi? Because without the CL he's far more likely to switch to the Premiership. Because of this they have been offered £91m, which no player is worth. They've got to sell, it then comes down to whether or not Kaka can see City winning trophies.
    I don't think he'd go purely for the money, from what I've heard he's fairly down to earth. But if he's promised more money thrashed around to give him a chance of winning the PL, I think he might just be tempted!

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  • 27. At 4:36pm on 15 Jan 2009, God_Tony_Yeboah_21 wrote:

    #22 Shetland_James

    Best comment I ever saw, period. I pretty close to wet myself.

    Recession reversed... thats just genius. Get him in now!

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  • 28. At 4:36pm on 15 Jan 2009, ffctom1989 wrote:

    I made this bbc membership account purely to tell you how awful your blogs are. please stop

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  • 29. At 4:39pm on 15 Jan 2009, Parish87 wrote:

    28. At 4:36pm on 15 Jan 2009, ffctom1989 wrote:

    I made this bbc membership account purely to tell you how awful your blogs are. please stop


    I made this reply purely to tell you noone cares about your stupid opinions, please stop.

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  • 30. At 4:41pm on 15 Jan 2009, Tomo19 wrote:

    Do you ever stop to think before you write?

    It's all very well and good saying "nobody deserves £100million quid for kick a football", yet you dont say a word about the guy who's fronting the cash - what does he do? Or Abrahamovic? He was a guy that bought something at the right time and now he makes billions a year sitting on his backside.
    These footballers you actively critiscise put in more effort throughout the year to achieve their goals than the majority of us put together!

    If the fans are willing to pay the ridiculous ticket prices to build a clubs bankroll, then dont moan when they spend ridiculous money on players that the fans want to watch.
    Its an entertainment business!!
    Movie stars make millions per film, arguably less work goes into that than becoming a world class footballer.

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  • 31. At 4:42pm on 15 Jan 2009, erictheking45 wrote:

    Good blog, Robbo. Especially liked the ending where you pointed out how removed current football stars are from the real world.

    Half a mil for a week makes me sick, especially when people are losing their jobs around the world because of the credit crunch.

    Keep it up!

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  • 32. At 4:42pm on 15 Jan 2009, saintgoingmarching3 wrote:

    Pretty terrible blog. The temperatures in Abu Dhabi aren't subhuman, they're superhuman.

    And the proposed deal has Kaka on around 25 million a year, not 100 million a year.

    What awful, awful journalism.

    As to the comments/opinions - go into any pub in the land and you'll hear the same, probably more amusingly and articulately expressed.

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  • 33. At 4:45pm on 15 Jan 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    #2. Quite right about Spurs. Palacios is the next one to arrive but will he have his talent removed before he arrives like Modric/Bentley/Bale?

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  • 34. At 4:45pm on 15 Jan 2009, thinkstuff wrote:

    Robbo, you like puns. I get it. Well done!

    I don't know why this seems to have caught people by surprise.

    For one thing, City have already demonstrated that they can spend this money with Robinho (and they did it on a few hours' notice) - these kinds of bids were only a matter of time.

    For another, we've seen inflation of wages and fees already through the Abramovich era.

    And for a third, all clubs have been raising their fees and wages since forever, and into overdrive since the inception of the Premier League. I remember when the world record signing was Gianluigi Lentini for £13m. It was amazing. And we didn't know how the Premier League could ever compete with Serie A.

    Is this good? No, not really, unless you believe that capitalism is the natural order of things. But let's not pretend that this is anything other than the football club and the proposed transfer that the Premiership deserves.

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  • 35. At 4:48pm on 15 Jan 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    #32 - what do you mean about the temperatures being superhuman not subhuman - shall we just say chuffing hot and leave it there.
    Besides which of course my opinions sound like that of a man in a pub. Where the hell do you think I was when I wrote this?

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  • 36. At 4:51pm on 15 Jan 2009, TimMalone wrote:

    It's irritating that people complain about the footballer's wages but not the chairmen or faceless bureaucrats that would like to impose wage caps so they could take the profits for themselves.

    Compare footballers to entertainers in the music industry and their wages often don't come close. Allowing the player's full rights to merchandising income from shirt sales might placate some.

    But where are the howls of protest about banker's £50million bonuses? Complain about the real discrepancies of income between the mega-rich (like the Sheikhs and British aristocracy) and the rest of us before turning on those who at least entertain with talent.

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  • 37. At 4:51pm on 15 Jan 2009, andyd54 wrote:

    fantastic blog robbo, thoroughly agree with every point in the blog (for a change)

    it makes me feel sick as well to think that for the transfer fee alone, hundreds, if not thousands of jobs could be created at a time when so many are being lost.

    if kaka goes to city it will lower my opinion of him drastically. a player of his quality needs a quality team around him. the only quality i can see in man city is robinho and possibly stephen ireland, and with all the pressure being heaped on him to perform, he'd crack eventually.

    what milan would have to consider if selling him is also the marketing they generate from him and the role he has within the club. not only that but they need to think of their popularity amongst their fans. those are things that are difficult, if not impossible to put a price tag on.

    if kaka were to ever move, my bet would be on barca/madrid/united/inter (though would probably be suicide lol), a club with a history of acheivements, and somewhere he would fit in with other players of his class/style.

    before man city got all their new found cash i would be interested to find out whether kaka even knew they existed....

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  • 38. At 4:52pm on 15 Jan 2009, aredeegee wrote:

    I disagree with most of you. You're worth what they're willing to pay you. ALthough it doesn;t guarantee success - I think that's the point these people paying huge amounts don't get.

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  • 39. At 4:54pm on 15 Jan 2009, mcfste wrote:

    I'm a Man City fan and I do find it a bit disturbing that our beloved club has all the hallmarks of someone playing Championship Manager with an infinite money cheat on.
    On the other hand years of watching bog standard huff and puff journeymen and more recently half decent underachievers has left me with a unsurmountable desire to see an ultra team of unbeatables at Man City.
    Even if it only lasts a few years and then we do a Leeds it'd be worth it, because to be honest I quite like the 1st and 2nd divisions!

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  • 40. At 4:55pm on 15 Jan 2009, thinkstuff wrote:

    35. At 4:48pm on 15 Jan 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:
    #32 - what do you mean about the temperatures being superhuman not subhuman - shall we just say chuffing hot and leave it there.
    Besides which of course my opinions sound like that of a man in a pub. Where the hell do you think I was when I wrote this?


    Do the BBC pay for your pints while you work?

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  • 41. At 4:56pm on 15 Jan 2009, Musiclovesyou wrote:

    Good blog Robbo, I don't always agree with what you have to say but fair do's on this little gem of a story.

    I think it's a damning indictment of just how far removed from the notion of footie being, 'the working man's game' this beloved sport now is.

    I'm a Liverpool fan myself, and having a mortgage for the last couple of years, I can just about scrape together enough money for 2 or 3 games a season. Anything more than that and it's credit cards and overdrafts all the way. And Liverpool's tickets are some of the cheapest in the Premier League, at least as far as the top teams go.

    Considering everything that's been going on in the world in the last couple of years, you'd reasonably think that transfer fees and player movements would decrease for a time, but not if Kaka's transfer goes ahead.

    What I do think is a bit unfair is people queueing up to have a pop at Kaka. He's made it absolutely clear that he wants to keep playing for Milan, Captain them and even end his career with them, but should the club decide otherwise then that would be that.

    I think if, as seems increasingly likely if reports are anything to go by, the transfer does go through, it won't have been Kaka's choice, but that of his club, who mugged Chelsea when they received £30 odd million for an over-the-hill Shevchenko and would be crazy to turn down the opportunity to secure their immediate future financially at the cost of some crazy Sheikh in the Middle-East with clearly more money than sense.

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  • 42. At 4:58pm on 15 Jan 2009, MonsieurAbeille wrote:

    100m? They're taking the kaka

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  • 43. At 4:58pm on 15 Jan 2009, zjayzjay wrote:

    All the complaints about spending huge amounts of money are unfair I think - from man c's point of view this is clearly a statement of intent; regardless of whether this transfer goes through or not Abu Dhabi Co are showing their flare and relentless ambition, and that can only be a good thing?

    However, as a sport I think football will learn from F1's mistakes and investments like these will be few and far between - i mean look at the 'big money' since ZZ's transfer?

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  • 44. At 4:58pm on 15 Jan 2009, Redurn wrote:

    Well I actually think it's good. I hope City do sign him and a load of other stars (and no I'm not a citeh fan).

    The premier league is so predictable. It needs another team up there.

    Do we really all just want to watch Man Utd and Chelsea battle it out every single year (like Rangers & Celtic)? I bl00dy don't.

    Yes £500k a week is obscene but so is £100k a week. Until City get big names money is the only way they can attract them. Once success starts for them it'll get easier.

    Get off City's back everyone and let them enjoy their time!

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  • 45. At 4:59pm on 15 Jan 2009, bleedinwages wrote:

    I think we're all looking at this from the wrong perspective. It's not about football....
    I've worked out he'd be getting 82.6 pence per second, which means whenever he takes a dump - based on my own 5 minute routine - he'll have earned 248 pounds.

    As I said, it's not about football... nobody, but nobody, should be getting 248 pounds for taking a crap!

    I don't care how much Jesus loves him... I bet he still needs to light match before he opens the bathroom door!

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  • 46. At 5:00pm on 15 Jan 2009, fatClyde wrote:

    Robbo was slightly of amusing once, but his efforts are boring now.
    So City might sign a player for a world record transfer fee. And how does that differ from the exorbitant sums paid to movies stars/singers/F1 drivers/golfers etc etc etc...
    I just think all the Man U, Chelski fans are seriously worried. Not that we might get Kaka, but we might actually become a realistic challenge to the current, boring, hierarchy .
    Man Utd and co have never been shy of paying over the odds for players they rate, have they ? Even when they were a complete waste of time , nobody got their panties in bunch then, so what's the problem ?
    Good luck City..I don't think it will come off but I wish you well :)

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  • 47. At 5:00pm on 15 Jan 2009, Born_Again wrote:

    Is Kaka a defender?

    they'll end up lining up like this:

    1-2-5-3 and getting beaten 8-4 every week.

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  • 48. At 5:01pm on 15 Jan 2009, Wud82 wrote:

    All you people complaining sound very bitter to me, including you Robbo.

    How many of you have ever and will ever turn down a pay rise??

    (by the way I'm not a Citeh fan)

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  • 49. At 5:08pm on 15 Jan 2009, richthehammer wrote:

    saintgoingmarching3 and ffctom1989: you tell em Robbo, great blog, keep up the good work, always makes me chuckle!

    With regards to the finances behind this particular deal I totally agree that the sums involved are astronomical, however the only real effect they have on the average football fan is slightly increased Sky subscriptions and higher ticket prices. For these reasons fans can justifiably claim that if the Sheik can throw £175m towards one player then surely ticket prices could be lowered.

    However, many people, on this blog and others, have been stating that the money is disgusting/absurd/vomit-inducing etc given the good causes it could be helping. In my view this argument is totally irrelevant; why should the Abu Dhabi royal family be funding, for example, a hospital in Great Britain?

    It is frankly ludicrous to suggest that if they weren't spending the money on Kaka it would be used for 'better causes'!

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  • 50. At 5:09pm on 15 Jan 2009, Y-I-1892man wrote:

    top draw blog Robbo,makes the money Abromovitch spent look like coppers!!for you youngsters,I dont mean policemen!!
    City will have to spend an extra fortune to buy more players to team up with Kaka!!the present squad is inadequate but money doesn´t seem to be a problem so ...... your guess is as good as mine.
    ¤24-Sir Matt Busby is the reason Man U are where they are-after losing most of their squad in the Munich disaster 58,he rebuilt the team with The Busby Babes.United have been a force to reckon with over the last 50 years.Just check the players that have come through their own ranks since then.Sure they´ve spent money on the likes of Law,Dalglish,Cantona,Nistelrooy and Ronaldo but the mainstay has been own products.All this coming from a NUFC fan!!

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  • 51. At 5:13pm on 15 Jan 2009, scottish_joe wrote:


    By doing things like a higher-paying west Ham? Where all players wanted 50% more than they would be happy with to move there and each player set a new precedent.

    To Say Kaka is worth £500k p/week and that's what they'll have to do is pretty naive - if they want another good midfielder as mentioned recently, they may get someone like Marcos Senna for £20-25 million. What will he say? 'I want £250k p/week as I'm definitely worth half or more what Kaka is - you're happy to pay him that much...'

    Man City could do a similar thing to Aston Villa, who it is generally accepted could spend far more than they have in the transfer market, but refuse to be held to Ransom (Ashley Young was maybe £3 or £4million over-priced at £13million if you look at walcott).

    Man City's new owners have no patience, that is the problem.

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  • 52. At 5:13pm on 15 Jan 2009, Where's?the?next?Kenny?™ wrote:

    @#45 - Absolutley fantastic! Lovely Stuff!

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  • 53. At 5:16pm on 15 Jan 2009, wonderfuljohnson wrote:

    Quality blog

    i agree if kaka goes there for 100 million then football has just gone ridiculous.

    if i was a player like kaka i wouldnt wanna go to city, only clubs id wanna go to are man united, real madrid, inter, barca, even arsenal over city

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  • 54. At 5:17pm on 15 Jan 2009, andyd54 wrote:

    46, as a utd fan i am seriously NOT worried, and i agree utd have never been shy of paying over the rate for certain players, but more often than not united are always within the top 4 of the premiership, if not winning it.

    this is because they have a reputation that goes back decades and have a talented squad built up of a high number of home grown talented players from their own academy and youth systems, and more often than not the players they buy fit perfectly into the squad.

    city buying kaka would be like exeter buying ronaldo from utd. he just wouldnt fit in. he's several leagues above in quality. add that to the fact that city are currently 15th and he will more than likely want to move to a team capable of competing in the champions league.

    if city can do that within the next couple of years then buy all means go on ahead, but until then its just going to destroy the guys career by tempting him with that amount of money to a team that currently isnt capable of competing for the uefa cup, nvm the champs league.

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  • 55. At 5:18pm on 15 Jan 2009, richthehammer wrote:

    *45, nice analogy, like it!!

    However, are you really naive enough to think there are not people in this world earning £500k a week outside football?

    Kaka is one of the top 3 stars of a multi-BILLION pound industry, if someone is prepared to pay him that then so be it

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  • 56. At 5:20pm on 15 Jan 2009, claytop wrote:

    ye this move may be immoral but at the end of the day most of the comments on here are from jealous football fans.. these are genuienly exciting times for city fans and most fans would like their clubs to be linked with such greats, kaka isnt worth 100mil but thn neither is berbatov 32 mill and others in the same boat.

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  • 57. At 5:20pm on 15 Jan 2009, SirFergie wrote:

    Wud82 wrote:
    All you people complaining sound very bitter to me, including you Robbo.

    How many of you have ever and will ever turn down a pay rise??


    Footballers can't be expect to be judged as normal people when it comes to pay rises. If they do then football will be judged by fans as a business rather than a part of local history. And that means no more buying overpriced replica shirts, no more singing at games etc. It works both ways

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  • 58. At 5:23pm on 15 Jan 2009, kippax71 wrote:

    @ georbrya. This is brilliant, a chelsea fan whining we are ruining football, superb stuff and much more entertaining than the blog itself!

    I don't see the difference in what players earn, to me 125k per week is as much fantasy as 500k per week is and a 100m on a player is as much a ridiculous figure as the 30m for rooney was.

    I dont see why people should moan, if we dont buy kaka its not like adug will instead donate the money to something useful like cancer research, is it?

    Anyway consider the tax that this country will receive on these ridiculous wages.

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  • 59. At 5:23pm on 15 Jan 2009, randalthor1812 wrote:

    As a City fan i find the money side of it ridiculous but i suppose his yearly wage is what 2-4 days of drilling oil depending on price of oil.Put that against all the publicity City are getting worldwide whether he signs now (yeah right) in the summer (more likely) or not at all (even more likely) and it could be worth all the press.
    If it happens though with Kaka ,Robinho,SWP, and Vassell in the team who wouldn't want to join the Adug Utd bandwagon.

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  • 60. At 5:24pm on 15 Jan 2009, SirFergie wrote:

    Whoever Man City/Chelsea buy the clubs that made it big because of their fans, staff and homegrown players will forever be Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United.

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  • 61. At 5:27pm on 15 Jan 2009, rosey05 wrote:

    robbo how did you get this job? did you get spotted being a bit funny one night in your local?

    This to me is very different to how Chelsea found success. Without CL football i think City will find it quite difficult to attract top stars to the club apart from those money-grabbers like Robinho. Talking of Robinho... will he still be at City if they don't make the CL next year? And those big name players they do sign in January or in the summer will have ridiculous clauses in their contract allowing them to leave if they don't get in the CL.

    Man City have always been a club who has suffered alot of low points in their history and i can really see a repeat here.

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  • 62. At 5:29pm on 15 Jan 2009, LRD wrote:

    its ridiculous, i mean, how will kaka's life be any better for the 300K extra he earns a week? 120K and hes living a life of luxury with everything he wants basically. Milanhave great players, a great setup, a great history, and then theres city...

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  • 63. At 5:30pm on 15 Jan 2009, Obaydah Al-Namer wrote:

    why aren't you posting my comments?


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  • 64. At 5:32pm on 15 Jan 2009, Joe G wrote:

    I think that despite some people’s protestations of colossal greed and how immorality of it all, tinged with a slight hint of jealousy perhaps, footballer’s wages have to some extent retained a slight logic to date.

    The argument that no-one should be paid 100k+ per week for kicking a ball has always been based on a false premise. Indeed no-one should be paid 100k per week for kicking a ball, but of course no-one is! Manchester United don’t pay Rio Ferdinand what they do because of the quality of his defending alone, they pay him 100k p/w because of what his play and the use of his image results in. If we (purely for sake of argument) accept Rio is about as good as central defenders get currently then United and Rio’s agent will argue that he increases their chance of winning the league and the CL significantly. The financial benefits of succeeding in the PL and CL outweigh Rio’s £5m per year but a truly significant margin.

    Consider for a second a top team’s squad wage (such as United), if the average wage is £50k p/w, multiply that by 22 players and 52 week, you have an annual wage of approximately £55m per year before bonus’s. Now consider that winning the CL (allegedly) earns you between £30m - £50m, winning the PL earns you another large in marketing and prize money into the ten’s of millions. This is before you consider the £3m PER GAME United earn in gate receipts and the club’s own personal merchandising. If the club earns in the region of £300m+ a year in total (which United do), the players will just ask for the % of that they feel their commitment warrants. If Rio Ferdinand is on £5m per year then he is claiming a mere 1.6% of the credit. Using that logic, paying Ronaldo £150k per week actually seems a bargain.

    But the problem is, £500k per week… All that maths falls apart, there’s no way you can fix the figures, look at it from an angle or bring in his merchandising potential. No player is worth 500k per week and if Kaka moves to City on that deal it makes a mockery of wages, it finally says “the world of football doesn’t use the laws of economics of common sense”.

    This attitude ruined Leeds, it will ruin Man City, in the long run it will ruin football as a sport and turn it into a circus.

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  • 65. At 5:34pm on 15 Jan 2009, kippax71 wrote:

    Who cares Sirwhiskeynose? You could say united became world famous because of the tragic events of 58, liverpool because of the greatest manager to ever live and personally although a great club I dont think you can say arsenal are anywhere near either historically.

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  • 66. At 5:34pm on 15 Jan 2009, diggsgiggs wrote:

    Its all a bit sad really. You had the forthright, highly principled young lad who is adored in Milan, loves his club and promises never to leave. Then a club of whom I'm quite sure he'd never heard (ok, maybe his buddy Robinho told him, although more likely Robinho still thinks he went to Chelsea and no-ones bothered to set him aright) offer enough Euros and budda boom budda bing, next thing you know he's off to the gloomy north of the blessed isle. He's come off the boil a bit already with Milan, so you just know that he's another Sheva in the making (was also ex Milan;now ex-ex Milan). And you know the City fans are, truth be told, boggled by the whole thing. Going from the over-performing underdogs that any true fan can get behind (like, how happy were they to beat Man U last year? How happy were they when Micah killah of strikahs came through the ranks?), to Chelsea north in one fell swoop is just too much, although the current fans can expect lots of flavour of the month fans to now swell their ranks. Like I say, even if you're one of the Gallagher lads, when you're done pounding your chest I expect the fans will ultimately take the tea cloths from their heads and look back longingly to the good old days. Course, maybe its coz I think there's only room for one superpower in Manchester. .

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  • 67. At 5:34pm on 15 Jan 2009, BognorRock wrote:

    Presumably Kaka is on about 100k a week already at Milan. What is there that he possibly can't afford already that he will be able to by going to City? Earning 100k and going up to 500k surely your life isn't going to get that much better? There must be ceiling on the amount of money a human can physically spend surely?

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  • 68. At 5:35pm on 15 Jan 2009, Ian Bittiner wrote:

    would surprise you if the Abu Dhabi lot do try handpick half of europes talent and then get bored and 'do one'. Just like it wouldnt surprise you if abramovich does the same in the next couple of years.


    Not going to happen. Abramovich is only there to have links to london just in case the Russians turn nasty about the legality of his acquired his billions.

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  • 69. At 5:35pm on 15 Jan 2009, Obaydah Al-Namer wrote:

    could someone please tell me, why aren't the bbc posting my comments, except these..

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  • 70. At 5:37pm on 15 Jan 2009, kippax71 wrote:

    Maybe there are some naughty words in your post?

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  • 71. At 5:38pm on 15 Jan 2009, stuie wrote:

    im a massive liverpool fan and think that all this throwing money at problems to make them better dose not work over long term look at chelsea now a loads of nearly retiring tired players who are looking forward to there pay day at end of week.

    HOWEVER if someone wants to pay you £500,000 a week to do your job then you must be an absolute idiot to say no i do agree its ridiculas but it would be more ridiculas to say no to it surley????

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  • 72. At 5:39pm on 15 Jan 2009, Obaydah Al-Namer wrote:

    there's gaza?? and some political points..



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  • 73. At 5:40pm on 15 Jan 2009, madeiraman57 wrote:

    Well stated Robbo.
    This is the biggest nonsense ever when it comes to football transers.
    Kaka would be a complete fool to move to City no matter what the salary / fee. He currently plays in a pretty good team with about 8 word class players, City have one , maybe 2 , the rest are at best Premiership journeymen and are playing like poor Championship players.
    Hughes is talking rubbish , it makes business and footbal sense - get real !!
    Today, with the Stock Market sinking and Brokers thinking about suicide ( not a bad idea actually.. ) , the prices should be tumbling for players and salary caps should be negotiable everywhere. except at a few teams.
    These Arabs should splash their obscene cash in the Middle East and help sort out their kin folk.
    5 years ago I worked in Bahrain and the owner of our JV Company gave his nephew 18 million $ on his 16th birthday - madness !!

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  • 74. At 5:41pm on 15 Jan 2009, liv_pool_crazy wrote:

    Its not often I say this to (I presume) a Man United fan, but I couldnt agree more.

    It doesnt matter how much money you have- if Man City won the league every year from the start of next season, they wouldn't overtake Man U until 2037, and liverpool till 2038.

    Does anyone seriously think these owners will still own Man City then?

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  • 75. At 5:50pm on 15 Jan 2009, Franeire wrote:

    Post 50:

    Has nobody else noticed that Dalglish signed for United???

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  • 76. At 5:51pm on 15 Jan 2009, kippax71 wrote:

    Who knows, will any of us be here by then?

    Did anyone think 10 years ago that united and liverpool would be 100's of millions in debt and city would be the richest club in the world?

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  • 77. At 5:51pm on 15 Jan 2009, God-Supports-ManUnited wrote:

    Another good act robbo. My advice to the bosses at eastlands is a local proverb which says ' we should learn from the mistakes of others coz we wont live long to make all mistakes ourselves.' remember how much Becks is earning at Galaxy? And what has the club achieved? Success is never bought. As for Kaka it will be Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! All the way to the bank.

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  • 78. At 5:52pm on 15 Jan 2009, liv_pool_crazy wrote:

    haha!!!!!!!!!!! post 50. Dalglish for united? made my day

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  • 79. At 5:58pm on 15 Jan 2009, Time to stare wrote:

    Robbo, i fully agree. This all started with good old uncle jack at Blackburn. Then Jack Hayward at Wolves (that lasted well eh), My own club has been half heartedly courting a sugar daddy and everywhere you look spotty youths are going round saying "they've only spent 40 million, theyre not serious about stopping up" you never hear people talking about the game anymore just the money. Its turned into a game of monopoly. Whenever we used to play my little sister used to throw the dice out the window when she landed on Mayfair. I don't know what the football equivalent is but it probably involves financially crippled foreign investors breaking up a club and selling it off so that they can all keep their Porsches and Bentley's and guess who'll lose out then? People who still like to pay on the gate and just enjoy the game.

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  • 80. At 6:15pm on 15 Jan 2009, caz9999 wrote:

    if kaka really does belong to jesus then the FA will need to look at this signing very carefully, we don't want another tevez situation a year down the line.

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  • 81. At 6:16pm on 15 Jan 2009, Y-I-1892man wrote:

    glad to have made someone smile-I admit a slip of the tongue on the Dalglish/United!!! in¤50,got the others right - shit walks!!!money talks!!!

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  • 82. At 6:27pm on 15 Jan 2009, westy84 wrote:

    Comment 22 is hilarious but just can't see it happening.
    The arabs will be out the door when they're bored, just like abramovich will be sooner rather than later.

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  • 83. At 6:28pm on 15 Jan 2009, Stop Joshing About wrote:

    good blog robbo!
    i completely agree with the ludicrous state of affairs football has reached,

    and as my adaption of the chant goes-


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  • 84. At 6:30pm on 15 Jan 2009, fcforme wrote:

    good point well made young man, come down to gigg lane one windy wednesday, no galacticos in sight just honest non-leaguers watched by sensible northern lads enjoying a crackin atmosphere - with some old fashioned football thrown in. remember the days ? players spending more time on their feet than their backsides.

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  • 85. At 6:31pm on 15 Jan 2009, Darwinsapprentice wrote:

    But it is a toy! And asa City fan, I'll be glad to take even five years where I am not staring at the backend of the big four in December. If you have some great English bloke who can plop down the money for a team, they have not shown up. So just bleat on with the rest of the sheep. The English game is world class because of the world's money. Deal with it.

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  • 86. At 6:32pm on 15 Jan 2009, footballisacon wrote:

    Who will pay for this nonsense - Sky/Setanta et al will pay for it - they have no choice as TV and football desperately need each other. And how does TV recoup it's outlay? Through all of you guys who cannot live without your football!

    Switch your allegiances to Leagues 1 and 2 - or as I call them, 3 and 4 - as well as the lower leagues as you are being 'screwed' by what passes as the Premiership! It's not even a consistently good standard of football! Most games are dire!

    It is a 'con'!

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  • 87. At 6:44pm on 15 Jan 2009, Parish87 wrote:

    50. At 5:09pm on 15 Jan 2009, Y-I-1892man wrote:

    top draw blog Robbo,makes the money Abromovitch spent look like coppers!!for you youngsters,I dont mean policemen!!
    City will have to spend an extra fortune to buy more players to team up with Kaka!!the present squad is inadequate but money doesn?t seem to be a problem so ...... your guess is as good as mine.
    ?24-Sir Matt Busby is the reason Man U are where they are-after losing most of their squad in the Munich disaster 58,he rebuilt the team with The Busby Babes.United have been a force to reckon with over the last 50 years.Just check the players that have come through their own ranks since then.Sure they?ve spent money on the likes of Law,Dalglish,Cantona,Nistelrooy and Ronaldo but the mainstay has been own products.All this coming from a NUFC fan!!


    King Kenny will NOT be happy for lowering his legacy to claim he played for Utd!

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  • 88. At 6:44pm on 15 Jan 2009, Rockinbottom wrote:

    All I can think about during this whole crisis is how can anyone hold on to a player if Man City come a knocking? I am a pompey fan so I am getting very worried.
    Why should players care if they get in the team if they're earning that sort of money?
    There should be a wage cap to stop this sort of thing, like in Rugby. £26 million a year for kicking a football? I could do with £26 right now!

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  • 89. At 6:50pm on 15 Jan 2009, basamta wrote:

    why are we all being critical?

    history wasnt written, it was made in time. it started someday.

    i just hope we can give man city the oppurtunity to maje history too with robinho kaka and the likes.

    And Robbo, its not all about kaka, where i come from, even if u declare ur pay this evening, it would still be outrageous.

    your perception of too much is relative!

    Great blog anyway

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  • 90. At 6:53pm on 15 Jan 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    I know football clubs have been rich men's playthings for a while now, but most chairmen/owners at least feign an interest in the wellbeing of the club. Even Roman used to turn up at every home game. (Looks like it'll be Chelski for not much longer)
    Not sure the Abu Dhabi family have got the best interests of the club at heart.

    #80 - very nice!

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  • 91. At 6:53pm on 15 Jan 2009, sidslot wrote:

    I can think of quite a few teams and players that would just go all out and try and stop Kaka at all costs, regardless of their respect of his talent. The cost of attracting such talent to the Premiership just goes to show that 16 teams maybe 18 teams will all be playing to just exist. I know plenty of MCFC supporters over many many years and they will all tell you it';s either fantasy or a nightmare. There is no way Kaka at MCFC will be good for the game in England.
    He's also better of for his own sake at AC Milan.

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  • 92. At 7:00pm on 15 Jan 2009, nearly92 wrote:

    80. At 6:15pm on 15 Jan 2009, caz9999 wrote:
    if kaka really does belong to jesus then the FA will need to look at this signing very carefully, we don't want another tevez situation a year down the line.

    Absolute genius !,

    love the blog robbo keep it up champ

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  • 93. At 7:02pm on 15 Jan 2009, BeBeSeeFree wrote:

    What a load of Kakaaa...

    Half a million pounds a week wages for an already wealthy footballer? The yearly turnaround of 100 small businesses paid for one player.

    What the Sheiks are doing is indecent and downright rude.

    This is the beginning of the beginning of the end...

    Football is not immune to what is happening in the wider global economic situation. We can see the changes happening already.

    In a couple of years Manchester City's games will be presided over by the Sheiks, their families and their wealth-oiled mates. The rest of the seats will be filled by cheering slaves who are also paying slaves, incidently.

    Kaka will be playing with the best players of the world in a private game that is a league of it's own.

    After 90 minutes, the mad-hatter will stand up and cry over the tannoy 'all-change!' and the 30 world footballing-stars will shuffle around and the eternal game shall resume.

    The players will be paid the equivalent of a small country's GDP and the only channel showing it will be SheikManc TV. Basic subscription starts at £1,000,000 GBP per month.

    Football will never be the same again...

    Oh wait, I've just woken from a horrible nightmare. I am so glad nothing has really changed...

    Manchester City are 4 points from the foot of the table, and that is with the sublime Robinho, who has only missed two games since the 13th of September.

    Man City may win something somewhere down the line but I'm sure it will only happen after 19 changes of manager, 162 Transfers and 2 Billion pounds in oily cash.

    Do you think people will be saying that Manchester City bought the...

    Carling Cup in 2013?

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  • 94. At 7:05pm on 15 Jan 2009, BeBeSeeFree wrote:

    2010 Ballon d’Or Shortlist of 30.

    Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester City)
    Wayne Rooney (Manchester City)
    Nemanja Vidic (Manchester City)
    Edwin van der Sar (Manchester City)
    Frank Lampard (Manchester City)
    Didier Drogba (Manchester City)
    Michael Ballack (Manchester City)
    Steven Gerrard (Manchester City)
    Fernando Torres (Manchester City)
    Cesc Fabregas (Manchester City)
    Emmanuel Adebayor (Manchester City)
    Iker Casillas (Manchester City)
    Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester City)
    Rafael van der Vaart (Manchester City)
    Sergio Ramos (Manchester City)
    Pepe (Manchester City)
    Lionel Messi (Manchester City)
    Xavi (Manchester City)
    Samuel Eto’o (Manchester City)
    Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)
    David Villa (Manchester City)
    Marcos Senna (Manchester City)
    Kaka (Manchester City)
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester City)
    Gianluigi Buffon (Manchester City)
    Franck Ribery (Manchester City)
    Luca Toni (Manchester City)
    Andrei Arshavin (Manchester City)
    Yuri Zhirkov (Manchester City)
    Karim Benzema (Manchester City)

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  • 95. At 7:08pm on 15 Jan 2009, The Professor wrote:

    You're right, Robbo - NO-ONE deserves 100m a year.

    But how do you feel about Kaka's proposed 26m a year deal?!


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  • 96. At 7:14pm on 15 Jan 2009, piemanhudd wrote:

    I Think that making this offer is a big mistake for the Man City management. They have shown the whole football world their cards and what they are willing to pay. Whether or not Kaka does sign for Man City, the moment they put in such a huge bid they instantly inflated the transfer market for themselves, in much the same way that Chelsea initially did. Kaka is part of the identity of Milan as a club and a huge portion of this transfer is a premium to overcome the problems of loosing one of its icons. No club running out of its own profits or on credit could afford such a huge transfer fee for one player. Any further superstars will cost City amounts in the same region (I'm sure Real Madrid would have asked for much more than 32 million for Robinho had they seen this amount flashed around). 10 more players nearing Kaka's quality and Man City may field the first billion pound team!
    This running of the team is unsustainable in the long term and no matter how rich the owner he will not tollerate running at a loss for ever. If City's ambitious marketing plans do not go according to plan, there is a risk that the owners will pull out, leaving a shell of club behind.

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  • 97. At 7:25pm on 15 Jan 2009, gunnerdownlikejimi wrote:

    I’ve got to wonder why Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan decided to buy MCFC in the first place. I can understand the pointlessness of purchasing a super successful Man United or Barcelona… but of all the clubs in world football with storied histories and checkered seasons!

    I would think he’d have a much easier time luring the best of the best to a club like PSG or perhaps even Newcastle (with their frenzied fan base), but I suppose a great manager with international pulling power could change all of that. I just don’t see Hughes fitting in for very much longer.

    But what a position for Kaka, eh?? Can you imagine? Sheikh Mansour lives in a Royal Palace worth £8 billion and owns a 17% share of Barclays! He single-handedly saved the bank from this financial crisis with a £7.3 billion cash injection! I say - let him spend on something we all love.

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  • 98. At 7:30pm on 15 Jan 2009, Palmertherat wrote:

    Just a thought, but how much tax would he pay on 500k a week. Surely get him over here! We can open a new hospital for every season he stays!!!!

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  • 99. At 7:32pm on 15 Jan 2009, jonnyboy1104 wrote:

    So its the death of football if Kaka signs then?

    So i take no one will tune in or turn up to watch him play?

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  • 100. At 7:33pm on 15 Jan 2009, Steve wrote:

    Clearly, these people do not understand anything about football.

    Gone are the days when football was about scouting the globe for bargains who could improve your poorly-funded team. Nowadays, with people like Sheikh around, we can fling credit-crunch-curing money around just to sign and pay one player.

    What has the world come to?

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  • 101. At 7:35pm on 15 Jan 2009, Edu Gomez wrote:

    who cares, it'll be an absolute bust! The ronbinho thing hasn't exactly panned out as planned. It's obvious Man. City's current owners don't know a thing about building a football team. Hughes will be sacked come season's end, and city will be where they always are which is a bottom 3rd team. This whole thing is solely about building a brand. It's far easier to sell a shirt when it's the same one Kaka wears. I dounbt people were rushing out to buy City shirts when Steve Ireland had the ridiculous bowl cut. That won't sell anything. Anyway, let them spend, let them make the implication that top footballers in England should get half a million per week, let them destroy football. I don't begrudge what they think they should do with their money, but it will ultimately ruin the game, or at the very least, it will ruin Man. City.

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  • 102. At 7:41pm on 15 Jan 2009, aconlon wrote:

    better blog than usual but as well as why kaka wouldnt go the reasons he would arent explored

    1. Milan realisticly aren't in europes elite anymore. the only clubs who'll compete for the CL in the next 5 years are englands top 3 and spains top 2, perhaps Inter. Don't forget Milan are playing in the Uefa Cup this year and finished 5th in Serie A last year

    2. Doubt that history has much to do with it. Man U were able to attract big players in the 90's having only really had 1 world class team in its history and having been in the Championship (or division 1) not too long before. Nottm Forest have just as much history and it doesn't do them much good.

    3. The PL is the biggest league in the world. not necessarily the best (i think once you include teams outside the top 4 Spain is better) but it's without doubt the most popular and it's quality is still on the rise

    4. Italian football is on the decline ever since the Italian scandal and it'll take a big change to turn things around

    5. Just imagine the look on Ronaldo's face when not only is he still not the highest paid player in the world, he's not even the highest paid in Manchester and probably never will be...

    ...wouldn't that make it all worthwhile?

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  • 103. At 7:50pm on 15 Jan 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    Point 5 from #102 - at last - a decent argument for the signing to go ahead.

    Oh and #98, re the tax thing - I'm sure there are ways and means and accountants queuing up to inform Mr. Kakakakaka that he doesn't really need to pay 40% if he follows some basic loopholes. It's a nice thought though.

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  • 104. At 7:55pm on 15 Jan 2009, lespickers wrote:

    Robbo you're being blinded by the money, this will not be a life changing amount to Kaka and 7 years ago Zidane at the age of 29 was bought for €76 million euros only €24million euro less than for Kaka a 26 year old.

    Kaka will only go to City if he believes the plans for City's World domination are feasible and NOT because they'll pay him that much money. The money is the only way we'll get AC Milan to even consider selling him.

    Footballers already earn a ridiculous amount of money, whether it's £150k a week or £300k a week it's still a galaxy away from the guys chewing wood in Europe so it won't make any difference to them.

    I'd rather see Kaka, entertaining millions, receiving this much money rather than City bankers taking home 7 figure bonuses for bringing banks down.

    As for Shearer, everyone said £15 million was crazy and no doubt they said £1 million for Trevor Francis was too much.

    It'll be fantastic for the Premiership if this happens and no doubt Richard Scudamore will be loving it as the Premiership gets stronger and stronger.

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  • 105. At 8:02pm on 15 Jan 2009, dodiesmith wrote:

    Robbo, dare I say it? this was a very good measured (Alan Hansen used that word) and controlled statement, NOT a rant. We have all learned from Rafa (bless his heart, he had the balls to tell it like it is and he has everyone running around saying oh dear, he's criticising Fergie.)

    You now say what we KNOW to be true.
    The millions just boggle the mind.
    I thought of George Dubya Bush and the billions paid out on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and was told THAT money could have given health coverage to every person in the U.S. As you say, what if it was going to a cure for cancer?

    You are SO fine, Robbo. Love your work
    (and only another writer would KNOW that it is work.) Forget about all the negative comments.... I really am getting weary of those messaging in about their urinary problems.... what does that have to do with the beautiful game....please stop NOW!

    Kaka just has to change his tee-shirt to say he belongs to Jesus. Supposedly Jesus said to his followers, leave everything and follow me. Enough said.

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  • 106. At 8:05pm on 15 Jan 2009, JR wrote:

    I would be interested if one of the top teams [no offence City] had a bid accepted by Milan but offered lower wages.

    We would then see if he is leaving for the money or not!

    I know, it's unlikely anyone else can afford the £100m reported fee, unless Roman is feeling particularly charitable, or Man United remortgage Old Trafford!

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  • 107. At 8:10pm on 15 Jan 2009, MerciaMcMahon wrote:

    @15 if this transfer would destroy the transfer market for years to come, why is the record transfer still Zidane's transfer in 2001?

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  • 108. At 8:19pm on 15 Jan 2009, hortas wrote:

    Good blog.
    Hopefully this transfer will go through, along with more of the same for the big City club. To compete Man U ? Liverpool ? Chelsea will have to follow suit. This will make the Premier League even more an uncompetitive farce than it already is. English clubs will continue to ruin the European Champions League as a sporting contest. The only logical outcome will be the overdue setting up of a European Super League. Hoorah!! - then the rest of us can get back to enjoying "real" domestic football and God will resume his rightful place in this green and pleasant land.

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  • 109. At 8:19pm on 15 Jan 2009, nanaloa2001 wrote:

    Who wouldn't jump at the chance of earning such cash.Kaka never asked for it so people should just leave him alone.At least he is a decent human being and doesn't do the crazy stuff most footballers do.Leave him alone.

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  • 110. At 8:22pm on 15 Jan 2009, dhimmi wrote:

    Why now has a journalist decided to say something?

    Is it because, shock horror, a top player might be going to an English club that isn't Man Utd/Chelsea/Arsenal/Liverpool?

    I for one hope that Kaka does come and help to end this boring game killing monopoly.

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  • 111. At 8:28pm on 15 Jan 2009, DixieandPele wrote:

    Am I being naive when I think that a 'professional footballer' who spends presumably five days a week at the practice ground ( God knows how many hours they put in before they call it a day,) should after so many years of perfecting his 'craft', be able to hit the ball no matter how it happens to come to him and be able to direct it either straight towards a team mate or towards a spot in the goal that the goalkeeper would be unable to reach ? I asked that question more than 50 years ago, before such 'sportsman' were elevated to the ranks of the rich and famous celebrity status, and guess what ? I'm still asking that same question today. My wife is now completely fed up to the teeth of hearing me repeatedly saying: " I can do that !" while watching EPL games on TV. That Madoff guy who 'madoff' with all those billions, obviously was not alone when it came to masterminding scams.

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  • 112. At 8:35pm on 15 Jan 2009, Mauberley wrote:

    I've never really found your blog funny up till now Robbo, but today you totally redeemed yourself.

    "It's been suggested that Berlusconi is too proud a man to let a prized asset go but he's not to proud to wear that strangely fixed smile or that spookily black lacquered hairdo that makes him look like a burnt-out mahogany matchstick."

    Pure genius.

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  • 113. At 8:37pm on 15 Jan 2009, Natbankofuganda wrote:

    Spot on #110.

    Man City seem to be offending what appears to be a London-based media who believe that anyone outside the Big 4 and Spurs, has no right to be ambitious and just maybe challenge for honours.

    The same sneering went on when another even more 'unfashionable' North West club - Blackburn - spent big and challenged the big boys in the early/mid 90s.

    I note how Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool - who were unashamed free market apologists when it came to leading the Premier League breakway in 1992, will probably be the first to call for salary caps, transfer fee caps and overseas player limits - if City dare challenge their self-appointed elite club.

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  • 114. At 8:39pm on 15 Jan 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    Ah, genius is an overused phrase, but, humbly, I accept your fine compliments. I described Don King as looking like a cigar that needed tapping out once n all.

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  • 115. At 8:46pm on 15 Jan 2009, lespickers wrote:

    Can't wait to see Robinho, Kaka and Vassell combining in a front 3 for City!

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  • 116. At 8:48pm on 15 Jan 2009, jb5837 wrote:

    Good blog.

    I don't think anyone would blame Kaka if he went for the money but like the majority I certainly hope he doesn't. At least not until he's started donating to a worthy cause. Surely he can find a charity that would take his money so he doesn't have to waste it on the church.

    Personally, it sickens me that so many sportsmen attribute their success/talent to mythical entity. I cringe every time I see a player thank the heavens after scoring a goal or doing that ridiculous cross thing before they run onto the pitch. When we they recognise that 90% of their success is down to their own hard work and that they have their parents to thank for the remaining 10%?

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  • 117. At 8:48pm on 15 Jan 2009, joe_howru2day wrote:

    I think you're looking at this in completely the wrong way.

    Firstly, let's face it, I'd rather Kaka have ridiculous amounts of money than the Sheik (who is already one of the richest men in the world). The money has to be somewhere, and it might as well be spread out a bit. Kaka will probably give a lot of it to charity, and he's bound to spend a lot of it in the UK economy, which would be fairly helpful in the troubling ecomonic climate.

    Secondly, think how much tax he would pay! At 500k a week, £26m a year, he'd pay over £10m tax a year. With that, we could fill all those gaps in the Olympic spending, so all the fencers and handballers out there could rejoice!

    One other thing. I think it's unfair to judge Kaka should he decide to make this move. If I was living on a confortable wage (as he no doubt is), but was offered not just a slight wage increase, but an insane one, I think I'd have to take it. It would allow a person to change the world in many ways otherwise impossible. So I would think that if he has anything in his life other than football, which I'm lead to believe he does, he *must* take such an offer.

    Other than that, I think it would be awesome to have him in the Premiership. As for him playing in a weak team, his presence would attract others and they'd have a great team before long.

    I think it's very odd that they're focusing on strikers/midfielders at the moment though, considering it's their defence which is no doubt the weak link.

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  • 118. At 8:52pm on 15 Jan 2009, redbybirth wrote:

    i dont know which world mark hughes is living in. to say that £100 million for kaka makes football sense in nonsense. to start with his own position at man city is not guaranteed. if the owners are ready to splash £100 million for a player of kaka's quality than im sure they will be more than ready to splash half that amount to get a decent manager which im sure they will. remember money does not guarantee success, just ask chelsea!

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  • 119. At 8:52pm on 15 Jan 2009, paulalancroft wrote:

    It's not rocket science [a phrase I hate but soddit] Anyway it's not what I just said and the very simple solution is that ALL clubs should have to operate within agreed financial parameters.
    As a long time Arsenal supporter I'm proud that the club has operated within a budget that will keep it in existence for the forseeable future. I believe a league table that showed results linked to expenditure would show just how well the club has been run over a sustained period.
    No, it's not a toy but the way things are heading, with it being treated as such, I fear the whole thing could implode.
    Not the funniest blog Robbo [and I really enjoy the humour of your writing each week ] but this - in football terms anyway - is a very serious subject.

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  • 120. At 8:55pm on 15 Jan 2009, birchvilla wrote:

    So Robbo, a rich buyer comes along and bankroles the boro. Would you still write the same article?

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  • 121. At 8:58pm on 15 Jan 2009, Different Game wrote:

    The worst bit is that this whole thing has Robbo talking about scatter pillows.


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  • 122. At 9:02pm on 15 Jan 2009, Gilo wrote:

    The subject of too much money is irrelevant, just like a London 2 bed its worth exactly as much as an idiot wants to pay for it. Kaka is worth it if they pay it....its still not a big signing in comparison to say Baseball players...

    What WILL prevent Man City from ever winning a title or CL is that they will be resented for this by every club in Europe. An extreme version of Chelski's early days where all fans and teams united against the instant £££ buy success mentality. This is of such a grand scale and with a team that right now cant win two games in 10, have the premierships most overrated manager since Roy 'spent millions and run away again' Keane, and that kaka will be kicked to shreds for being the most shallow footballer since errr Robinho......

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  • 123. At 9:04pm on 15 Jan 2009, LlawnDaioni wrote:

    As the mighty Genesis might say:

    "Too many men,
    too many people -
    making too many problems -
    and not much love to go round...
    Can't you see,
    this is a land of confusion..?

    This is the world we live in -
    and these are the hands we're given -
    use them and let's start trying
    to make it a place worth fighting for."

    (Insert your own "woah-oh-oh"s.)

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  • 124. At 9:11pm on 15 Jan 2009, colijohn wrote:

    Robbo you are a gem,
    If anybody in this world is worth 500,000 a week you'd be first in line.
    But seriously the footballing world has gone mad. Nobody and I mean NOBODY is worth the kind of money that is being talked about.
    Surely 100 milion would be beter spent trying to save the lives of thousands of people from starvation and disease around the world.
    Keep up the good blogging,
    Colijohn from Holland

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  • 125. At 9:21pm on 15 Jan 2009, Sven wrote:

    You poor poor Man Utd,Liverpool,chelsea and Arsenal fans, your whole belief system shattered! Is nothing in the world certain anymore?

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  • 126. At 9:22pm on 15 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    im not a city fan(Celtic). and i dont see what the problem is with citys owners wanting to spend the money they have. manchester united's owners use what they can afford , so does liverpool and so does chelsea , and lets not forget all of the above teams were took over by rich people promising to spend big money and bring thier clubs forward. chelsea won the league spending money, manchester united win it by spending money maybe not as much as city are goin to spend but the reason for that is because... NOT ONE OF THOSE TEAMS HAS AS MUCH MONEY. I never heard of anyone mouthing the money and wages being paid by roman at chelsea and the gills and ferguson at united over the last few years , and now we have a person richier than any of them and willing to spend what he wants to take his team and business to the top , well damn him eh? lol wise up , its his money , his club and he can do as he well pleases same as all other "top" teams in europe have been doin for years. its not manchester city that have ruined football , its the whole EPL and the MONEY thats floating about in it . i think its about time a team outside of the big 3-4 in ANY league turns the tables on those clubs who got their players and success(which leads to more money) by outpayin other "small" clubs in their leagues. that goes for italy and spain aswell.

    Fact is city shouldnt be used as a scape goat for this because they have all this money , the EPL as a whole and FA should take resonsibility for this for allowing it to get to the stage for the EPL isnt about football its all about money , and thats for every club in it , the players care more about money than playin football.

    how can anyone just get by on say ...£30,000 a week ... it must be very hard.

    how many players in the big four are on over £80,000 + per week?

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  • 127. At 9:23pm on 15 Jan 2009, fathomer1 wrote:

    .......and yet another great blog.

    All valid points, well written and with a bit of humour.

    Sad to see people coming up with all the hackneyed, 'they only get paid what they are worth' (what!) 'if it were boro you wouldn't be moaning' stuff.

    Why? Because, as so many posters pointed out, and Robbo summed up nicely, this latest round of transfers, even if Kaka doesn't arrive on these shores, sums up how totally out of touch footballers, and more importantly football itself is, with the ordinary football fan.

    We are in the grip of the worst Worldwide recession in decades, money is tight all over, and once upon a time, although football itself took the hit at the gates when times were hard, at least it provided some form of outlet for those finding it tough.

    Fat chance of that now. As Robbo said, and it wasn't so long ago either, I was drinking with some top flight players in SW London back in the late 80's, and they were keen to muck in and chat with the fans.

    Twenty years on (is that all it is?) they are living in another World. Trophy wives, multiple mansions, fast cars, they are more like movie stars than footballers, and they move in that crowd.

    And here we come full circle. Because (too) many of the modern football fans make me wonder if they are into football at all? They hero worship these people like movie or music fans, and worship them, not as sporting idols, but like untouchable screen Gods.

    Me, I prefer to watch footballers than the overpaid, ego maniacal, over blown and over hyped EPL 'stars'.

    They certainly aren't Georgie Best, but curiously enough, with their lack of charm grace or wit, (although boy, can they act!) they aren't Olivier either........

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  • 128. At 9:25pm on 15 Jan 2009, citytilidie29 wrote:

    Along with you in your blog, alot of people are complaining about the money involved and say that fotball has gone mad. I ask, has golf gone mad because Nike pay Tiger Woods $40m PER YEAR, plus the money he gets from Gillette & General Motors. If Tiger can be paid that sort of money why can't the best footballer in the world. If the Sheiks can afford it what does it matter... Would anyone complain if they paid £100m for a painting? I doubt it, so if they want to pay that for a footballer what is the problem. How much does Brad Pitt earn from a movie and do you boycott it, no. Did you boycott the the Hatton Mayweather fight, because of the money they were earning? i doubt it. As long a City Progress i don't see a problem for us. After years of season tickets and no success I can't see a negative of being a blue at the minute (apart from the recent performances). Any fan of any club would delight in being in our position.

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  • 129. At 9:33pm on 15 Jan 2009, skyscraper wrote:

    kaka's move is a storm in a tea cup. how can you say he would earn too much a week?

    that implies there is a line where it's alright - like 140k a week is ok, but 141k would be obscene.

    there is no line.

    if somebody wants to give £100 m to football, let them. kaka in the premier league would be a good thing (though actually i rate him less highly than many).

    furthermore, i would like to add that 28. is spot on. this blog is poor and unamusingly opinionated. i know that's kind of the point - 'grumpy old gogger talks about football with 'humorous' edge', but no, this blog is EPIC FAIL.

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  • 130. At 9:35pm on 15 Jan 2009, king_cantona_73 wrote:

    very good blog.... i think the best solution to this problem would be if EPL enforces a salary cap.... like they have in NBA...

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  • 131. At 9:37pm on 15 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    im not a city fan(Celtic). and i dont see what the problem is with citys owners wanting to spend the money they have. manchester united's owners use what they can afford , so does liverpool and so does chelsea , and lets not forget all of the above teams were took over by rich people promising to spend big money and bring thier clubs forward. chelsea won the league spending money, manchester united win it by spending money maybe not as much as city are goin to spend but the reason for that is because... NOT ONE OF THOSE TEAMS HAS AS MUCH MONEY. I never heard of anyone mouthing the money and wages being paid by roman at chelsea and the gills and ferguson at united over the last few years , and now we have a person richier than any of them and willing to spend what he wants to take his team and business to the top , well damn him eh? lol wise up , its his money , his club and he can do as he well pleases same as all other "top" teams in europe have been doin for years. its not manchester city that have ruined football , its the whole EPL and the MONEY thats floating about in it . i think its about time a team outside of the big 3-4 in ANY league turns the tables on those clubs who got their players and success(which leads to more money) by outpayin other "small" clubs in their leagues. that goes for italy and spain aswell.

    Fact is city shouldnt be used as a scape goat for this because they have all this money , the EPL as a whole and FA should take resonsibility for this for allowing it to get to the stage for the EPL isnt about football its all about money , and thats for every club in it , the players care more about money than playin football.

    how can anyone just get by on say ...?30,000 a week ... it must be very hard.

    how many players in the big four are on over ?80,000 + per week?

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  • 132. At 9:38pm on 15 Jan 2009, ManicRed wrote:

    "Movie stars make millions per film, arguably less work goes into that than becoming a world class footballer."

    Hey hey hey, hold the phone, it I know what your saying and I agree with it but have you seen Will smiths new movie, bet that's harder to do than strike a ball.

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  • 133. At 9:54pm on 15 Jan 2009, Medieval-Evil wrote:

    Having read a Snooker article on the Beeb mentioning how over-professionalism is killing the sport, I was struck by the realisation that the same thing could be said about football.

    It's just becoming so sanitized, so abnormal. Sure it's great fun, and usually exciting, but it just is beginning to ring a bit hollow for me. As Robbo says, these blokes come to clubs for no reason but the money, phone in performances and retire home to their mansions without ever having to meet a 'real' person.

    I love football to death, but my love for it feels that little bit more perverse every time a story like this comes out.

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  • 134. At 10:01pm on 15 Jan 2009, chidwickR wrote:

    I think Robbo's article comes at a fitting time, as Kaka's potential 100 million plus signing could actually take the premiership to point where, if not already common sense and reality are almost lost.

    I think in the last couple of years the premiership has come on leaps and bounds in terms of the entertainement and fanatstic football provided.

    Who could ever have thought that 10 years ago when we still has the likes of 'The Crazy gan' knocking footballs arund that we would have sheikhs with enough money to literally by the league if laws aloud them to.

    I am not concerned because a world- class footballer maybe coming to the premiership. I am concerned that if a transfer like this goes ahead, and the signs are all too probable, then the premiership could actually be ruined by a few astronomically wealthy individuals who treat buying Kaka and there ownership of a club as their right to lieterally pull the strings, and almost become the manager.

    I think the influence of super-rich fat cats is unfair on the millions of people who have little say in football whatsover. When Malcom galzer took over Man U even the staunchest militant fanbase could not prevent the club being taken over. That being said I think the take over of Man U or Liverpool is an example (if clubs should at all be owned by one indlivdual,) how it should work. The owner should not play any part in the player management side of football and the players, or indeed which transfers are to be made, and who is to be bought.

    We have seen how the initial success of Mourinho at Chelsea was affected by Amraomvich clearly directing the club's transfer policy with transfers such as Shevchenko, or the spoilt child like, "I want Arshavin at Chelsea."

    We could basically see one man ruin premier league football if ludicrously large transfers are continually made, it could ruin players, managers, teams and the league at large. We have to remember that Kaka is one individual is on chap who can kick a ball, (rather well i might ad). While money is clearly important in the premiershup as with every facet of life, it needs to be used effectively and responsibly, and in football football in concjuction with careful and astute management seen by the likes of Arsene Wenger.

    We only have to look at the UK's economy to see how money can be used irresponsibly, and how the bigger the rise the harder the fall. One of the many reasons the UK economy collapsed is because of bad management, lack of astuteness and above all a lack of moral reality. I am concerned that all this good fortune in the premiership will end in a collapse very much like the economy and for the same basic reasons.

    I may end up eating my words, the kaka transfer may not go ahead, and it it proceeds, premiership football might not be ruined. I can't see Mark Huges keeping his job past next season as good a manager as he is, i don't think the answer to having the best team is to buy all the worlds best players either, it is about building your team, maybe buying a few big names, but generally not liveing beyong our mean.

    I am a close follower of Man City as well, buy all means get great players but don't let one very rich sheikh think hes doing good for the club then destroy it.

    End if Rant,
    Richard Chidwick

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  • 135. At 10:10pm on 15 Jan 2009, chidwickR wrote:

    oh apologies for my spelling,


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  • 136. At 10:10pm on 15 Jan 2009, steve milne wrote:

    Didn't really understand what you were on about in you blog, but think its just a jealous rant. Zinedine Zidane was sold in 2001 for 47million if you add 10% a year this would be a transfer fee today of 91.5 million at that price Kaka is a bargin. CTID

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  • 137. At 10:11pm on 15 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    I just found this Blog post. As an American, I who has seen a lot of big money signings in his day, allow me to make a few observations.

    1. Robbo you are right, there is no way anybody is worth 39 million dollars(26 million pounds) a year just to kick a ball. There is no way any one is worth $30 million just because he can swing a bat at a baseball ball either (Although that does seem to attract the interest of Madonna). Sometimes you really have to wonder if it is even Real Money because the figures make it sound like a game of Monopoly.

    2. Unfortunately, we live in a free market system. That is why Athletes like Kaka, Tiger Woods, and Micheal Jordan are able to command the huge salaries that they are able to command. If some owner is willing to spend that kind of money on one player that that is what the market for that player is.

    3. I don't stop following a sport just because one player has been paid a high sum of money. It doesn't stop me from rooting for My team. If I were a fan of Man City (I'm not) I would be thrilled by this signing, because it sends a message that the owners are committed to putting the best product they can out onto the field.

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  • 138. At 10:13pm on 15 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    richard what team do you support?

    The EPL has already ruined football!!

    120,000 a week isnt bad? its as bad as 500,000 a week and so is paying 30mill for a player to paying 100mill.

    real madrid , barcelona , chelsea , manchester united , liverpool , ac milan , inter milan , just to name a few have done the same as man city will be doing for this last decade they have bought all their success but out bidding other clubs and offering silly amounts of money to the players they sign and the clubs they sign them from. And now we're in a recession and they banks will hardly back these big clubs anymore , and their in 100's of millions in debt , then suddenly a team "smaller" than themselves find themselves in a far better position than them the press jump on the bandwagon to ridicule this. I'm glad to see city doin this and cannot wait to see the EPL hit the ground an awful smack and see those "top" clubs come down to earth.

    Why these clubs are allowed to operate with such outstanding debt is beyond me while some of the biggest business' in this country shut because of less debt than that.

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  • 139. At 10:17pm on 15 Jan 2009, geniusTalkingHeads wrote:

    Hahaha - it's hilarious how many rival fans are here airing their unbiased opinion on so called "scandalous" transfer fees and wages.

    From what i recall, David Beckham is on the exact same wages £500,000 at LA Galaxy.

    People were screaming that Mark Hughes had no idea, that he wasn't targeting big names.... some people have no idea of football management - Hughes is one of the Premier Leagues best. It'll take minimum two years before Man City hits the big time.

    Few last words - Envy leads to Jealousy... it's a terrible disease.

    End of rant :)

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  • 140. At 10:19pm on 15 Jan 2009, tarquin wrote:

    nothing personal to man city fans, but I hope you fall flat on your a*ses

    I know Chelsea and United are big spender offenders themselves, but the buck has to stop somewhere and the situation at City is taking it to a new level

    Altho I would like to see more teams crack the big 4, not like this - sorry state of affairs

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  • 141. At 10:22pm on 15 Jan 2009, geniusTalkingHeads wrote:

    AmericanSportFan wrote:
    2. Unfortunately, we live in a free market system. That is why Athletes like Kaka, Tiger Woods, and Micheal Jordan are able to command the huge salaries that they are able to command. If some owner is willing to spend that kind of money on one player that that is what the market for that player is.


    Precisely. If football's governing bodies are not man enough to place a cap on transfer fees/wages.... then it's Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

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  • 142. At 10:23pm on 15 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    nothing personal to man city fans, but I hope you fall flat on your a*ses

    I know Chelsea and United are big spender offenders themselves, but the buck has to stop somewhere and the situation at City is taking it to a new level

    Altho I would like to see more teams crack the big 4, not like this - sorry state of affairs.

    to that comment ,...........well please share your idea on how to break the big four and big teams in europe if u cannot match them money and wage wise......

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  • 143. At 10:23pm on 15 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    nothing personal to man city fans, but I hope you fall flat on your a*ses

    I know Chelsea and United are big spender offenders themselves, but the buck has to stop somewhere and the situation at City is taking it to a new level

    Altho I would like to see more teams crack the big 4, not like this - sorry state of affairs

    to that comment ,...........well please share your idea on how to break the big four and big teams in europe if u cannot match them money and wage wise......

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  • 144. At 10:24pm on 15 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    nothing personal to man city fans, but I hope you fall flat on your ases
    I know Chelsea and United are big spender offenders themselves, but the buck has to stop somewhere and the situation at City is taking it to a new level
    Altho I would like to see more teams crack the big 4, not like this - sorry state of affairs

    to that comment ,...........well please share your idea on how to break the big four and big teams in europe if u cannot match them money and wage wise......

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  • 145. At 10:25pm on 15 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    sorry that went in 3 times , was sayin there was a problem.

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  • 146. At 10:26pm on 15 Jan 2009, fathomer1 wrote:

    Good to see lot of differing points of view, but a good many people seem to have wildly missed the point - whereas others have it spot on.

    First, I cannot believe someone actually said that haven't seen moaning about Chelsea's spending under Russian one. We've seen nothing but! At the same time, Utd's crass splashing of the cash has caused rumbles going right back to Fat Rons days! The only team that doesn't get dissed for their spending, and this despite spending massive amounts of money (£80 million in just 3 season, when that still meant something!), even going back to to before the US arrivals, is Liverpool. As for the last member of the big four, Arsenal, big spenders?! Surely some mistake here? Please name a time when (under any manager!) Arsenal were big spenders in modern times?

    As for 'other sportsmen' earning fat piles of cash, let's get this in perspective shall we. Most American sports, who by and large are the biggest payers, don't however, have the same sort of annual earnings that footballers do. An American recently pointed out that despite the hype (or attempts to justify our players wages) NFL players do not, on average, over a year (no play, no pay) do not earn anything like what an EPL player can earn!

    As for Tiger Woods, I think the key word is 'Nike'. It's also rather a 'shoot in foot' comment, as footballers are also on massive contracts with companies like Nike, and that is NOT included as part of their club income. Thus they can be earning millions per year at the club, and still be raking in a fat, multi million contract with the likes of Adidas et al. Not to mention of course that Woods earnings are the exception, while silly money is now the rule in the top half of the EPL.

    Finally, as others have been keen to stress, this sort of money, in the current climate, could well spell the end of football as we know (and love it) and draw the line under a new era of clubs as rich man's playthings - as they, disastrously are elsewhere in the World.

    Disastrous? Well, just ask the fans and players of clubs which have the chairman interfering (it's his toy after all) at all levels.

    They may promise they won't, but, as recent events have shown, everyone knows what a rich man's promise is worth don't we?

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  • 147. At 10:27pm on 15 Jan 2009, kerimizzlefc wrote:

    "No-one, NO-ONE, deserves to earn £100m a year for kicking a chuffin' ball about the place." Isn't £500,000 times 52 significantly less than £100 million?

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  • 148. At 10:31pm on 15 Jan 2009, supamarcusred09 wrote:

    I am a man united fan i think it ridiculous the amount of money footballers are on these days football shoul be about winning things and not how much money you earn truefully i think football is out of control players are earning more money in a year than some people earn in a year money dosen't alwalys bring sucess though look at tottenham spent god knowns how much in the past to season look at them fighting 4 survival at the bottom of the league!!!!

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  • 149. At 10:32pm on 15 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    arsenal arent a big spening club now because they are in debt to their eyeballs with this new stadium and have admited that they wil have to keep sellin their players for at least 10 years. im not just sayin the top 4 , its the same right through the EPL as a whole, what teams get for finishing in the bottom half of the league is more than what other big clubs in other countries , former european champions included from many countrys , get when winning their respective leagues , and entering champions league. look at what rangers earned for gettin to the uefa cup final, buttons compared to even the spening of hull city. and believe me im not a rnagers fan.

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  • 150. At 10:35pm on 15 Jan 2009, Smuggalicious wrote:

    "For that amount of money you should be curing cancer, inventing an even larger hadron collider thingamabob and single-handedly arresting the downturn"

    No you couldnt

    "There are people all over Europe chewing on bits of wood and wondering where their next job might come from, not to mention the people who scrape by every day regardless of credit being crunched, and this fella who's bought Man City is chucking his cash around with all the care of a cat de-feathering a sparrow"

    Thats capitalism. kaka provides a service for which people are willing to pay big. Deal with it.

    "No-one, NO-ONE, deserves to earn £100m a year for kicking a chuffin' ball about the place"

    Its not about 'deserving'. its about what people are willing to pay. Pretty much the basic tenant of the capitalist system. A remarkably naive comment thats basically just pandering to common opinion.

    "They live in a cotton-wool world where every step they take is monitored and managed by their clubs like they're poorly pigging kittens on Rolf's Animal Hospital."

    Right, back to the standard 'footballers are an overpaid bunch' stuff. How original.

    Whether or not anyone should pay Kaka 500 grand a week is a contentious point. But what is truly remarkable is that someone can churn out this 'blokey-mate-down-the-pub' drivel that you usually hear from people after about 8 pints and actually get paid for it. Still, thats the world we live in, so from your point of view, if your employers are willing to pay you, why stop? Which, of course, is what Kaka might say to you.

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  • 151. At 10:38pm on 15 Jan 2009, breddarz wrote:

    this is exactely why i swapped watching premiership football for Wycombe Wanderers!

    Nothing better on a saturday then standing in a freezing terrace, watching at times, quality football, and at other times a complete shambles. I'm happy with paying £275 for a season ticket for that; I wouldn't be happy spending £50 or so a week watching Man Utd or Chelsea playing the shambolic and boring football they have been recently!

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  • 152. At 10:38pm on 15 Jan 2009, Smuggalicious wrote:

    Also, 500000x52 = 26000000. Not 100 million. Clearly you're a fan of hyperbole but this is a bit OTT don't you think?

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  • 153. At 10:38pm on 15 Jan 2009, NorthKent Gill wrote:

    Kaka has never hidden the fact that a lot of his wages goes to charities. I am sure the extremely poor struggling in his home nation will benefit from his enourmous salary.

    Kaka isn't a greedy player but is intelligent enough not to turn it down when it comes your way. I wonder how many people on this blog have turned down a pay rise? He is anti the 'bling' lifestyle some other footballers have. Ronaldinho's attitude about money is one of the reasons why Kaka isn't as settled in Milan as before and his form as suffered since although people who say he is past it are living on another planet! He is only 26 and hasn't even reached his prime yet. His 'poor' form is still a million times greater than most of the worlds players.

    I can think of a lot worse players/people in general to give £500k a week to.

    jb5837 if people want to donate their money to the charity who are we to tell them where it goes even if it is the church?

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  • 154. At 10:44pm on 15 Jan 2009, robbyking wrote:

    While I agree this is rediculous, I can only laugh.

    I am a Chelsea fan, and we've put minor clubs, and some major clubs to shame with the money that was poured in.

    But when you think about it, the financial clout of Man UTD, Liverpool has made it VERY difficult for other teams to 'challenge' in the transfer market.

    Without caps and fair policies in place, this happens, and makes Chelsea, ManU, Lottopool feel like EVERY other team has felt for decades.

    It's time for the football world to act, back to the days of local buisnessmen owning clubs. Back to day of an all English starting eleven. Back to the days when a season ticket didn't require a call to ocean finance.

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  • 155. At 10:47pm on 15 Jan 2009, wooderbeen wrote:

    Sigh. Here we go again. Man City ruining football. How can they sleep at night? Let's put aside for one second the Sky deal that first brought multi-millions into the game, and the fact that Saturday afternoon football is almost a thing of the past, and the 700 million that Man United (those bastians of all things good and pure about English football) are in debt, and the fact that the world transfer record gets beaten on a regular basis, and the conveniently forgotten statistics about the kind of money that his been bandied around in the last decade not only by scapegoats Chelsea but also by Liverpool and Man United, and the fact that Kaka is definitely worth three Crespo's. Yes, let's put all that aside for one second whilst we once again berate a long-suffering club for even thinking about aggressively pursuing success.

    It's hard to argue that somebody deserves 500k a week for kicking a football around... I get that. It's also hard to argue that someone deserves 100k a week, 50k a week, even 10k a week for a kicking a football around. So before all you supporters of other clubs start getting on your moral high horse I suggest you take a good look at your own club.

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  • 156. At 10:48pm on 15 Jan 2009, mcginn92 wrote:

    Jealous much !
    People cannot deal with the fact that man city are an up and coming team ! Lets get serious here what do you care about where the money goes anyway because there is not a hope in hell u would ever see a penny off it. If clubs want to spend big.. i say let them ! Its not going to change anything about football its going to be the same game. If City get Kaka i think it will lure more players to the club because they will think if City is good enough for world class players like Robinho and Kaka then it is good enough for me !

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  • 157. At 10:51pm on 15 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    Without caps and fair policies in place, this happens, and makes Chelsea, ManU, Lottopool feel like EVERY other team has felt for decades.

    It's time for the football world to act, back to the days of local buisnessmen owning clubs. Back to day of an all English starting eleven. Back to the days when a season ticket didn't require a call to ocean finance.

    ... you wouldnt get half a league out of the english players in the premier league , if the EPL lost its foriegn players that would be the end of the english leagues, and i noticed the reference u made to liverpool there , and believe its rich coming from a chelsea fan, you bought the league titles you won and paid over the odds and mad wages to get there. and what sort of local business is going to take on clubs into 100's of millions of debt eh? not many and you can only blame the EPL as a whole and FA for allowing this to happen.

    Roll on the day when all these so called big clubs come down to earth with a bangs with their debts and go bust. may it crash hard.

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  • 158. At 10:52pm on 15 Jan 2009, Bendtner's finishing touch wrote:

    Math ain't your strongest thing, Robbo, is it? If he earns half a million every week then he will end up earning about 26 million in a year and not 100.

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  • 159. At 10:57pm on 15 Jan 2009, Dave I wrote:

    Paying £100m is no more obscene than being able to afford it!

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  • 160. At 10:59pm on 15 Jan 2009, Jazzmcfc wrote:

    As a man city fan i would love to see the worlds best players at eastlands but even i can agree that £500,000 per week is rediculous! How can somebody earn that for playing 90mins of football every 7 days. Paying £100mil isnt that bad to get the best players in the world we need to offer that. If we do get Kaka it would be the start of a revolution at COMS. Names such as David Villa and David Silva have been mensioned also Buffon and Casillas. The summer will be very interesting for all involved in man city but as football goes this could ruin football as we know it. I just hope that the owners dont get bored and decide to sell up in the next few years.

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  • 161. At 11:01pm on 15 Jan 2009, TopClassCitizen - Its Hart-y Time wrote:

    I agree with most things you've said, Robbo, except about the owners leaving. They have NOT made any indication that this is a 5-year deal. They are clear that they are staying in long-term. That aside, as a City fan, Yes I'm excited by the prospect of Kaka playing at Eastlands and Yes, if he should, by some miricle, come here, then I would not be able to believe it!
    However, under the surface, I can't help but worry. 100m is too much for any player on the planet. If it is that, it will be over double the highest money spent on one player! I also worry that he might not play that well here and this is, by far, my biggest worry. OK, you look at Robinho and the amazing impact he made and if Kaka makes anything as near to the brilliant start Robinho had at Eastlands then I'll be happy. I just worry that he won't play well and we see all of that money sliding down the drain...

    By the way, I know that the second half of my post makes it seem like he will come but that is just hypothetical...

    So that's my take on it. I just hope that my fears will be calmed if he comes.

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  • 162. At 11:01pm on 15 Jan 2009, chidwickR wrote:

    Mr Cillyutj or you could be a Mrs, but i will take a gamble on MR. I think your points are valid, I was on a bit of a rant...

    Although top clubs like Milan, Man U or Barca, do bid for players in the same way as Mancity are now doing, what i object to is this Seikh chap pulling all the strings and saying who the club can and cannot buy. It shoudl be left to the manager.

    I am an Arsenal fan since you asked and I do not think you would see wenger spend 100 million on a player, any player, because he realises you can find equally talented players for very little or a lot less.

    I also accept that arsenal are a team in fairly big debt which is why they can't afford to buy Arshaivin stratight off, but at the same time i can't help think that although Arsenal say they can'nt afford players that does not mean they can't. I firmly believe that Arsenal could spend 20mill on Arshavin without it causing too much trouble, but Wenger knows that through his own experience not all of it good, that buying an expensive player is not the best always the best option. What if kaka is bought and breaks his leg like Edurdo? Do you then go and buy Messi!

    Man City before they were bought by Thaksin s (can't spell his name), were commonly mid to bottom table team, who rarely or never got into the top five for a long period of time. Teams such as liverpool and man u have been doing this astrinomical bidding for a fair time now, but heese teams have been buitl over years not s couple of seasns.

    Man city have the valuable and envyable position of being able to be cautious as well and build a team without spending 100 million on Kaka. They could next season actually get into the top four or even challenge for the title without buying Kaka. So spoilt rich boy Shekh can give his money to me instead! RC...

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  • 163. At 11:04pm on 15 Jan 2009, allydfc wrote:

    I suspect that if Kaka does move to Man City, he may end up doing a Shevchenko. He claims to love Milan and, if that's true, he may have trouble adapting to life in Manchester and his performances will suffer as a result. The he'll be back to Milan in a few seasons for a vastly reduced price, leaving City to look foolish. Spend your £100 million on quality and experienced players: Henrik Larsson, Ibrahimovic, Vieira etc and some young English talent like Young or Downing.

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  • 164. At 11:06pm on 15 Jan 2009, Chris Charles wrote:

    158: hANDoFdEVIL (and others) - actually I'm the one with the maths problem, given that I subbed the blog. Robbo originally based the piece on reports Kaka was to earn a mere £250,000 a week. I amended it to read half a million and somehow worked out he'd earn £100m (must have been basing it on a four-year contract - ahem).

    Apologies to all, especially Robbo, who I'm supposed to be going out for a drink with next week. No prizes for guessing who's buying now! I've also amended the copy to take out the 'a year' reference. Sorry, Robbo!

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  • 165. At 11:07pm on 15 Jan 2009, jb5837 wrote:

    North Kent Gills I wasn't trying to tell Kaka where he should donate his money. I merely stated that it was my preference that he didn't get paid more if he would donate it to the church because there are an unlimited number of organisations/causes more worthy than the church.

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  • 166. At 11:14pm on 15 Jan 2009, TopClassCitizen - Its Hart-y Time wrote:

    162: ChidwickR, whwere is your evidence, (or anyone else's for that matter) that Hughes didn't ask for this?

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  • 167. At 11:14pm on 15 Jan 2009, sure_star wrote:

    Its not fair to blame Kaka. If the club is ready to accept £100million and sell, why would you refuse £500,000 a week salary. Unless you are Robbo!

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  • 168. At 11:17pm on 15 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    Here in the States (where I came to football through the US 1989 World Cup Qualifying run, first time in 40 years they'd qualified for the finals) I root for a baseball club that pays a lot of money for players and gets criticized for it in the process. Because of this I can definately say that money doesn't buy championships.

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  • 169. At 11:25pm on 15 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    i would also be against this move if i thought for a second kaka would keep the 500,000 a week to himself, if he passes even a tiny amount of that onto charity every week he would be doing more than most players. But can we all say for certain that 500,000 is going to be his wage? these are paper reports , suspected estimates based on the owens wealth , and how many time wee seen the papers absoluty wrong?

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  • 170. At 11:49pm on 15 Jan 2009, RAFA should go fact wrote:

    Its gunna take a lot more than a kaka to proppel mancity into a position to challenge, manutd, liverpool, chelsea, arsenal and villa, they need a whole new defensive set up, with a new keeper, granted they now have a decent left back, and i think swp, ireland and robinho are the only players who could possibly even come close to keeping their places in this squad by next season !

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  • 171. At 11:57pm on 15 Jan 2009, Joe wrote:

    I do not have a photographic memory but I do believe in actually reading what is written and not making things up.

    Robbo did not say £100 million in a year. He just said that no-one is worth a £100 million for kicking a football. Read the sentence again. Considering the contract Kaka would sign would be for 4 or 5 years at least then this amount makes sense. One post adds the words 'a year' and everyone else picks up on this. Maybe Robbo did actually get this wrong and meant a year when he typed the blog but this is not what was written down. Maybe he has already confessed whilst I am writing this but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt for now.

    The inner or core temperature of the human body is 37 degrees centigrade so sub-human temperatures also makes sense. I lived in the Gulf for a several years and can testify that such temperatures are common.

    I stopped going to football matches decades ago as I thought the RELATIVE cost of the sport had swung far too much in favour of the players. I took my nephew to see Scunthorpe get promoted a couple of seasons ago and it cost £24 for two of us to stand up and he is a junior. For that amount you can take a family of four to the movies. Ok, you want to watch Ronaldo and not Jackman and they both get paid a lot of money to perform but the cost of a cinema ticket is only a fraction of the cost of a seat in any Premier League stadium.

    I made my mind up a long time ago - the fact that the situation is even crazier now alters nothing. I do not care how many people come out with the comment that footballers are worth what others are prepared to pay them for their services - no-one is worth £100,000 a week whatever they do let alone £500,000. Get a grip!

    This point applies to all sectors of life and I accept that many people get paid more than they should. However, you do not go to the City in London to watch over-paid bankers diving off roof-tops for fun and entertainment (this is not a dig at Ronaldo) and two wrongs do not make a right. When the EPL implodes the way the financial sector has everyone will then be saying these silly wages are the cause. Too late!

    Spending too much money is just as bad as spending too little as there is a law if diminishing returns. Anyway, at least this depressing issue lead to a good blog as usual - keep up the good work, Robbo.

    Cheers, Joe.

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  • 172. At 00:32am on 16 Jan 2009, SalemHanna wrote:

    I have a huge respect for Kaka as an individual. I'd like to think that he wouldn't make a career-defining decision based purely on money. Saying that, I think AC Milan probably want the £100m more than they want to keep he may as well speak with City and see what happens.

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  • 173. At 00:34am on 16 Jan 2009, FCK4REALFOOTBALL wrote:

    the only way you stop this from happening is having a salary cap and set equal transfer budgets for all clubs in each division. (on a sliding scale) This way the clubs have to 'grow' their star players and not just pay 100million or whatever it is for players.

    Football is becoming less and less realistic in real terms. I find it more enjoyable to go and watch the rugby now. its cheaper and they don't swan dive about and get called the best player in the world either!

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  • 174. At 00:37am on 16 Jan 2009, ArsenalIndian wrote:

    Surely if Kaka doesn't want to play for City (and if he doesn't, clever boy), he can do something to stop the deal?

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  • 175. At 00:47am on 16 Jan 2009, SalemHanna wrote:

    Surely if Kaka doesn't want to play for City (and if he doesn't, clever boy), he can do something to stop the deal?

    I was just thinking this earlier today, not about Kaka in particular but transfer season in general. Can a club force their player to be sold against his will, or do they just have to terminate his contract when he insists he wants to stay?

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  • 176. At 01:00am on 16 Jan 2009, chidwickR wrote:

    Ok. citizen blogger, fair question, i'm sure most managers would want Kaka in his side,

    1. Hughes is clearly a man of principle, who I imagine has been stongly advised to buy a world class player like Kaka.

    2. Hughes may now be attempting to buy kaka, but from Hughes' initial transfer attempts/gossip it emerged players like Santa Cruz, and Diarra , who both are world class players but not in kakas league, and buy Kolo Toure and Bellamy (the latter I think is far from world class).

    3. I have no evidence for this, fair enough but I imagine the seikh is the guy pulling the strings with this kaka transfer, it would not be possible without him.

    4. Why would hughes bother trying to buy Bellamy if he new he could by Kaka? Sorry to mention Bellamy again but really!

    5. When the sheikh bought the club he expressed his desire to what could only be described as a fantasy 11 including Kaka , as well as C.Ronaldo and C.Fabregas. Since the seikhs clear re-invovlement since the window opened the kaka deal has emerged.

    Lastly why give 100million plus to Milan? That is the worst thing you could do, give a club already super rich ridiculous qualtities of money, going indirectly into Burlosconi's pocket, it's basically a rich sheikh giving a politician money through the back door, dodgy I think.

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  • 177. At 01:39am on 16 Jan 2009, wezhenshaw wrote:

    How can hughes come out and try to justify what city are doing, football and business sense my A**E.

    Had respect for hughesy being a united fan but not so sure after his latest comments.

    And what are those three stars above the badge?? wins over united?

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  • 178. At 01:42am on 16 Jan 2009, wezhenshaw wrote:

    or are those stars robinho kaka and bellamy?

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  • 179. At 01:47am on 16 Jan 2009, RedIsaac wrote:

    Robbo, Kaka is a very rich and wise player. He does not need the money and so he will not make his decisions based purely on that. He is after all the highest payed footballer in Italy and definitely one of the top 3 worldwide. However, like you said A.C. Milan may not be able to resist the temptation of 120 mil euro.

    Now that Milan have essentially put him on the market, he may easily turn around and say"I've talked to Man. City, wasn't satisfied I want to go elsewhere". Elsewhere will most probably be Real Madrid and for less money than the proposed City deal. I don't think he's very happy in Milan anymore with them being an aging team and he did once say that he was still trying to work out how to play with Ronaldinho.

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  • 180. At 01:48am on 16 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    Re 173

    As an american I am very familiar with Salery Caps and can honestly say, they are means to ensure mediocrity. I don't believe in Slaery caps because it forces teams to get rid of good players and fill out their rosters with young and experienced players who for the most part do not have the same skill as the players they are replacing. As an American I can point to the NFL as an example of what happens when you have a salery cap as for the past 15 years the quality of play has steadily gone down to the point, where I stopped watching 8 years ago. I do not seriesly believe that any team from the past 15 years could beat any team from the non salery cap era. Inspite of NFL propoganda that says otherwise.

    A salary caps is designed to introduce parity into sports. I am no big fan of parity because I think that it seriously harms the quality of the game itself. I think it would be a shame if EUfa or even Fifa were to institute a salery cap, because from what I know of football's current economic structure, a salary cap would force a lot of top clubs out of business and I know thats not what anyone wants.

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  • 181. At 02:33am on 16 Jan 2009, Emmnues wrote:

    If this was Man City bidding 100 million for Rooney - the song would be different. If this was Man Utd bidding 100 million for a player the song would be different.

    Man City is raising the bar the same way Man Utd and recently Chelsea have done so everyone should live with it. By the way 100 million won't solve poverty or dent it...

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  • 182. At 02:53am on 16 Jan 2009, Konvictz wrote:

    This is a toy, its a game.

    I feel that what rich people do with their money is upto them, and shouldnt matter to us, because its their money. If they want to buy big players with big money, they can, cant they?

    But i want to think about the consequences it will have on the sport.

    Personally i have no objections about the transfer fees going to insane amounts, because its sort of a 1 off sort of thing. Real Madrid would be willing pay 120 million for Ronaldo (or so it was reported). But when the wages of players start getting into insane amounts, it could be bad for the sport.

    Do other top teams have to raise their player's salarys to keep them?

    You will see how amazingly negative next years accounts for man city will be. If logic can tell us something, its that if its sustainable, then it works. Man utd earn big, spend big and still make big profits, it works. When you spend big and make big loses, its not a cycle, and it does not work. So how long do these owners last until they are fed up and move away.

    The closest thing to this we have in the premiership is chelsea. Mr abromivch brought it, spent huge amounts of money, and to be fair to him, established chelsea in world football. Financially, they have no debt at all and they have been making losses in the millions every year (maybe their breaking even now, i dont know). Mr abromvich is not happy inside with that.

    Im sorry man city fans, there is no long term prospect for your situation at all.

    Cristiano Ronaldo wearing the light blue number 7 shirt for city anytime soon? I do understand that many man city fans reacted strongly to that saying they will not stand to see a united player in city's shirt. But do you really think the city owners give a dam about these english rivalries?

    Sir Alex Ferguson, the greatest football manager of all time, said 'Threats come and go all the time, chelsea came with their billionair owner, but we adapted' when the man city owners came in. The only problem is, the new owners pockets are (reportedly) 30x deeper than Mr Abromavicthes. And if theres anything to note in this materialistic world of ours, its that money definitely talks.

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  • 183. At 03:24am on 16 Jan 2009, allahnageris wrote:

    comment #28 - thank you.

    i don't know what makes me more sick; these comments or the fickle nature of somehow vilifying Kaka in all of this. do we blame him for his talent? i've heard not a single argument with the logic behind milan wanting to sell - 'you cant blame them for wantin to sell for that much money'. yet every single person commenting is talking about their respect for Kaka plummeting because 'he's going for the lolly'. if milan wish to sell him, why should he stay? he's reiterated time after time his desire to stay at milan (whilst humbly conceding the premier league is a brilliant competition). if you had sense, you will realise he WANTS to stay at milan but it is their choice to allow him to leave. who wants to stay at a club that has publicly given another team permission to open talks with their most valuable player. its a disrespect to his ability and an indictment of milan's missing integrity. does every player really have a price? 80million was on the table for ronaldo in the summer. ferguson said no, gill said no, united said no. negotiations were never in sight between the clubs. stop discrediting Kaka and instead focus on the club. keane was definitely right when he said it's the club's loyalty that should be questioned and argued over - not always the player's. if this was a mercenary footballer (anelka perhaps) then ye, he's going for the money. this is an understated personality whose love for football is only dwarfed by his faith in god. enough individual-slating, enough Kaka-hating, direct your invective and opprobrium for milan. they perpetuated this mess by not saying no.

    and finally to the comments, from gentlemen probably on the wrong side of their youth, regarding the dismal state of affairs in the professional game. what are you watching? do you prefer the era where players drank alcohol before, after and (no names here) during games? let me guess; back then it was all about heart, English grit, and a good headbutt now and then. today's game has taken these players to the echelon of professional athlete. at no point in premier league history has such a degree of specialised training, on and off the pitch, been so prevalent. never has there been such a wealth of players determined to amaze us existed, despite your incessant criticisms. which league does the current balon d'or and world player of the year play in? which top flight league has the best average crowd turn out, week in, week out? which league has the most consistent champions league performers in the last half decade? you talk of a fallen game but instead it's your understanding of that game that seems to have diminished.

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  • 184. At 04:41am on 16 Jan 2009, OzziebasedBrit wrote:

    Ref. comment #29, WillParishLFC you're a genius! Very funny.

    Robbo, why don't you make up an article about how you're going to get a pay rise for your blog and then sit back and watch the moaners flood in?!

    No, even though it would be worth it to upset those misery guts who can't understand a joke and have nothing better to do than write in and complain, their comments would still depress me too much.

    How refreshing it was to read insightful, interesting, amusing comments from your readers and not get one pathetic whinge until comment #28. How about setting up a filter that causes all whingeing comments to be posted from #30 onwards, because I've normally given up reading by then, so they won't upset me?!

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  • 185. At 05:09am on 16 Jan 2009, Talorcan wrote:

    Having been a Milan fan for years and watching teams drool over their talent I don't see him leaving for a number of reasons;
    1 He is the last boyscout in football and has said he will be red and black till the end.
    2 He wants the captain's armband and that might be all it takes to make him stay.
    3 He saw what happened to Sheva when he went to the EPL.
    4 He has the Brazillian national team to play with all year.
    5 Milan just picked up possibly the 2 best Brazillian defenders since Cafu and Roberto Carlos.
    6 He is not about to walk away from Pato AND Ronaldinho.
    7 For Kaka it has never been about the money.

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  • 186. At 05:49am on 16 Jan 2009, BillyDuffy wrote:

    I hate to be the one to break the news, but if it was any one of your clubs who could have this kind of money available the majority of you wouldn't be complaining. Yes I am a City fan, yes i think the wages are obscene, but i would rather they are obscene wages at my club making us successful than anywhere else. I also think the club would make an absolute fortune by marketing Kaka. They would make their money back on merchandise worldwide if he does sign. Most people who have the kind of money that is being mentioned do so because they are not fools. These people don't waste money. They know exactly what they are doing. One player doesn't make a team, but if City can bring in Kaka then it will give us world wide attention and will attract many big names. Robhino and Kaka are pieces of a big puzzle that takes time to put together. No one expects things to happen over night....any City fan can tell you that. I also believe that City could have 11 Kakas in the team and still lose at home to Notts Forest in the cup. Haha! Thats City for you. Its why we love them and stay loyal. There is very little loyalty in any club with their players. City are no different. There are always the exceptions to the rule but generally speaking "money talks". Thank God City finally have become blabbermouths!!! COME ON CITY!!!

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  • 187. At 07:01am on 16 Jan 2009, billionplus wrote:

    "Were I a sheikh in Abu Dhabi (and I'm glad I'm not 'cos I can't stand them sub-human temperatures or the freaky chill of air-conditioning)"

    Sour grapes?

    You sad sad thing.

    I bet you cry everyday you are not one :-)

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  • 188. At 07:02am on 16 Jan 2009, renrutmit wrote:

    Sparky dosn't appear to be overly enthused about the idea. It smacks of a PR stunt-surely they would be better off just giving him the 100m, and letting him buy who he wants-you cold get three Berbatov's for that money!!!!!!!

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  • 189. At 07:07am on 16 Jan 2009, billionplus wrote:

    "There are people all over Europe chewing on bits of wood and wondering where their next job might come from, not to mention the people who scrape by every day regardless of credit being crunched, and this fella who's bought Man City is chucking his cash around with all the care of a cat de-feathering a sparrow. I tell you, it's vomit-inducing. "

    Robbo... I bet you eat at least three meals a day and have a roof over your head?

    Guess what? there are millions of people around the world who don't have that luxury.

    Its all relative son. Grow up.

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  • 190. At 07:32am on 16 Jan 2009, CescVanRaikkonen - Samir is Le petit Prince wrote:

    Robbo, so the the 'subhuman' temperatures you are describing there is an allusion to the fact that the individuals who reside in these areas are 'subhuman' right? Nice one.

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  • 191. At 07:34am on 16 Jan 2009, thehawk123 wrote:

    English Football is in trouble; Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea have limited funds - Utd are debt riddled but seem to have loads of money for transfers and in the next few years they will be untouchable unless someone else comes along to challenge them as the other 3 can not keep up. Man City could be that team and by giving Milan £100m they could also be weakening other premiership teams as Milan may plunder Arsenal for Fabregas or Liverpool for Torres etc.

    Also you seem to believe that the money is obscene - if he does not spend it on football do you think he will go out and give it to charity? at least this money may flow around the football world and filter its way down so that clubs like Lincoln could eventually benefit from money that would have gone to Horse Racing in Dubai.

    Also whilst angsting about Kaka and his salary consider how much Beckham earns and even more shocking - how much his wife has earnt!

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  • 192. At 07:41am on 16 Jan 2009, pt0608 wrote:

    What a load of **** Robbo.

    Kaka didn't turn up at City and demand £500k p/w. He has been (reportedly) offered it. It's not his fault.

    I agree whole-heartedly that this proposed transfer is ridiculous. £100m is an obscene amount of money. Yet Real were thinking of 100 odd for Ronaldo in the summer and it wasn't met with this much anger. Is it that it's a mediocre team involved, therefore it can't be right?

    Remember the days of Chris Sutton's 3.5 mill move to Blackburn. I remember thinking that was obscene. And Alan Shearer's 15m. Also silly. Put it in context people, transfer fees and wages will continue to rise until some sort of salary cap is in place.

    Don't go around criticising people who don't deserve it. Chelsea proved money can buy success. Why can't City have a go? If they succeed, good on them, if not, it will be another chapter in City's wonderfully colourful history.

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  • 193. At 07:48am on 16 Jan 2009, footymubster wrote:

    I think the sheikh should go back to abu dhabi then there won't be any hassle
    hassle and he can end up spending his 360billion pounds on beautiful buildings

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  • 194. At 07:53am on 16 Jan 2009, Oskar_the_dog wrote:

    I have this dream ... that Man City buy all these Kakas during the January window ... but end up relegated to the Championship.

    I wonder what the all-stars would make of their first full season in Manchester...

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  • 195. At 08:23am on 16 Jan 2009, City_Boy_Phil wrote:

    What a load of socialist tripe! Kaka is not worth 100m eh? The price of any given good or service is simply that which anyone is prepared to pay for it. If there are people prepared to pay 100m for a footballer than that is its value. Elementary economics.

    Every time a bank-breaking deal comes to fruition we get the same tired old socialist rhetoric, we should should be building hospitals and schools or saving Romanian orphans. We heard it with Trevor Francis, Lentini, Shearer, Crespo, Vieri and Zidane. This transfer, assuming it happens, on an inflation-adjusted basis will be hardly any different, especially considering how utterly worthless so many currencies are after central banks globally started engaging in panic printing.

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  • 196. At 08:35am on 16 Jan 2009, InGoodKompany wrote:

    City fan here and unfortunatley i'm withyou on this. In recent times although not a deal to cheer about the thing that made me more proud than anything to be a city fan is the amount of players who featured in the side that graduated from the academy!

    Whilst everyone dreams of having someone like KaKa in the side (and no doubt i'll chant his name should he arrive) the long term stability of the club is more important to me if are wealthy investors were to leave. It's not so long ago that we were in the position of Leeds Utd although we never actually entered administration. I for one would rather be in aposition where we had six or seven academy lads holding their own in the premier league (just) but being safe in the knowledge that the structure of the club could survive with a multi millionaire rather than a billionaire.


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  • 197. At 08:47am on 16 Jan 2009, Chazz_Reinhold wrote:

    Kaka isn't going to get paid £100m to kick a football. Think you've missed the basic point of transfer fees Robbo, which isn't a surprise.

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  • 198. At 08:57am on 16 Jan 2009, I_wasnt_there_when_they_made_brown_hair wrote:

    195. City_Boy_Phil wrote

    What a load of socialist tripe! Kaka is not worth 100m eh? The price of any given good or service is simply that which anyone is prepared to pay for it. If there are people prepared to pay 100m for a footballer than that is its value.

    This is not true - value and price are 2 distinctly different things. Just cause a bottle of water is sold at a gig for £4 that does not mean that's it's value - it means that is the price.

    Being a chelsea fan I have seen us pay well over the odds for many years for players and I don't believe that anyone can possibly rate Kaka (or anyone else) at 100m just as 30m for Sheva was way over his true Value.

    Come on - team bias aside - 100 million for a footballer (who is not even the best in the world) - nahhhh!

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  • 199. At 08:58am on 16 Jan 2009, Matt Halliday wrote:

    Envy is a terrible affliction Robbo, Its not your money the Sheikh's spending, its not my money its not even British money so you cant argue what WE, (the British) could do with that kind of cash. And by the way your figures are a complete guess, no one and that is NO ONE will EVER actually know what has been offered to Kaka. I suggest you put bitterness to one side and get that subscription for the blue bell back on and marvel at the talents that Man City have helped bring to the premier league.

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  • 200. At 08:59am on 16 Jan 2009, KingCristoforo wrote:

    Totally ridiculous! I fell out of love with the PL a long time ago because of the insane wages, and while I do believe that Ricky Kaka is the best player in the world (a nicer alternative to that ronseal coated winger from Portugal), it is absurd to even think of that kind of money. I wouldn't blame Milan for a second to take the money and run, after all, they only bought Kaka for around 3m!

    Unfortunately, it's too far gone to learn lessons from rugby and introduce a salary cap - and if it were to be 500k p/w what would city do then?!

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  • 201. At 09:07am on 16 Jan 2009, jake_smith7 wrote:

    Why can't everyone see the asterisk on the blog??

    At no point does Robbo say 100mil a year... there is an asterisk that say - "assuming a 4 year deal"!! So 4 x his annual salary is 100mil (ok so technically 106mil.. )

    Still another great blog Robbo - keep up the work.

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  • 202. At 09:10am on 16 Jan 2009, britishbeagle wrote:

    Small point i know, but thus far the Abu Dhabi boys have not actually spent any money on Kaka, bar a few plane tickets and hotel rooms, and yet, how much would it have cost them to get this much global publicity for themselves and for Citeh??


    It is pathetic to see the professional harbingers of doom roll out the "it will ruin football" rentaquotes when they have spent the last 10 seasons bemoaning the Big 4 always win everything

    Get it right, its their money, good luck to them

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  • 203. At 09:18am on 16 Jan 2009, digispoonerta wrote:

    I would hazard a guess that if you anyone was offered £500,000 a week they would jump at the chance.

    This does equate to £26m a year, so actually if i'm not wrong isn't that what roughly David Beckham is getting? (£125m for 5 years)

    So this is nothing new!!!

    The other thing is that it is well documented that Kaka gives a percentage of his mwage every week to church/ charities. If you take it that most Christians beleave in giving 10% this means that his charity givings equate to £50,000 per week!!!!

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  • 204. At 09:23am on 16 Jan 2009, collie21 wrote:

    That is how a blog should be written. Informative, witty, not too parochial at all, international appeal and correct for the most part. This deal is obscene more so given the climate politically and financially that is current in the world. However we live a system that we propagate and it's no ones fault we are prepared to spend over 100 quid on a pair of football boots some kid in India gets 20 cents for making. If anyone has billions then they have for the sole purpose of spending it.
    It's a huge social problem and is very very vomit inducing.

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  • 205. At 09:24am on 16 Jan 2009, digispoonerta wrote:

    I am not condoning this ammount of money being spent .... just don't blame the player.

    Blame Man City for showing the world that they don't give a stuff about how this effects the EPL or world football ....

    As we've known for quite a while now its all about the money.

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  • 206. At 09:26am on 16 Jan 2009, City_Boy_Phil wrote:

    198. At 08:57am on 16 Jan 2009,

    Gingfranco_Zola wrote:

    This is not true - value and price are 2 distinctly different things. Just cause a bottle of water is sold at a gig for ?4 that does not mean that's it's value - it means that is the price.

    You’re wrong. If it didn’t represent value for money then nobody would buy it, thus your bottle of water would not be priced at GBP 4, again this is elementary economics. The fact that bottles of water at gigs sell for GBP 4 all the time means that there are amble people who believe that it represents value for money.

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  • 207. At 09:26am on 16 Jan 2009, MeTheDaddy wrote:

    Point about it killing Prem football in this country is well made. When Abramovich took over at Chelsea the rich 3 became the Big Four. Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal and others could still compete with the prices Chelsea were paying, e.g. Rio, Rooney, Torres. No-one can compete with Man City's money. Of course, buying players of high calibre doesn't necessarily mean success as Real Madrid's galacticos proved. However, being able to mop up any one lured by the cash means you can get the best and drop them, get rid and replace at will. As the first poster pointed out, it's about losing faith in football. Fans will drift away if there is no hope and the Manchester Globetrotters will be playing in front of minimal fans for meaningless trophies, with no competition. TV will want exhibition matches and the whole thing as we know it will collapse. Already many premier league clubs have tiers of empty seats, because it is hard to compete and interest is declining. A league of one will be totally pointless and meaningless. Could be good for those outside the Prem and may be the ultimate way to generate max interest and support for the National team.

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  • 208. At 09:27am on 16 Jan 2009, thehatter10 wrote:

    then lewis hamilton dosent deseerve 2 million a week to drive car round a track and britney spears dosent deserve 750,000 for miming a song on x factor , life aint fair

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  • 209. At 09:32am on 16 Jan 2009, digispoonerta wrote:

    Also ... do you think that an average football fan will be able to go to a football match with his 2 kids for less than £150 is a few years time.

    If you think that the owners of any club spending money like this won't put up ticket prices then you really are living in cloud Cookoo land. They have to earn thei investment back somehow.

    TV Money, EPL money and money from european competition WILL NOT cover this transfer and the many others that will happen in the time the owners expect to have some pay back.

    This is the start of a very bad period of time for football in general.

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  • 210. At 09:33am on 16 Jan 2009, ausperthram wrote:

    Well oil ( should that be oil well?) go to the bottom of our stairs, what a waste of money, I agree with the main blog, put it to something that will benefit mankind (other than Kaka & his dad of course). I can hear the terraces ringing with "Na,na,na,na, Na, na,na, na, hey,hey, we nearly,had Kaka".The problem is until clubs stop paying these OBSCENE amounts of transfer prices it will continue, so the likes of Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal do what you should be doing BUILD success, not buy it,but of course that would give Hull City an even chance of winning the Premier League, and we can't have that can we.So I suppose it will be business as usual, but I hope on Tuesday night next week it will be"UP THE RAMS"

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  • 211. At 09:36am on 16 Jan 2009, Notorious Enigmatic Red Devil AKA Wookiee wrote:

    It would be nice for someone to break up the big four, and this is coming from a Man United fan, but I gotta agree with Robbo on this one. This is vomit inducing.

    For all those City fans who are moaning about this article to Robbo. I have 2 words for you. Aston Villa! I have alot more time for O'Neills brummy revoulution than a team trying to buy their way into the big 4 by snapping up as many superstars as they can.

    Another 4 words are Tottenham Hotspur and Real Madrid. Surely proof that money can't buy you everything....

    Long may it continue.

    Good luck to Citeh, I hope they continue to try and play some nice footy, but ultimately slide down the table! ;o) And good luck to Kaka he seems like a nice lad. But you must excuse me whilst I go and remove this bitter taste from my mouth!

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  • 212. At 09:36am on 16 Jan 2009, boomshakalak wrote:

    i thought we lived in a world where people could spend their money how they see fit...

    i like everyone else think £100m is a crazy amount of money and a great price for Milan - but if the Sheikh can afford it then let him spend it... i also happen to think that £1m is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a footballer when you consider the nature of what they actually do....but then again Tom Cruise getting £20m for a film or whatever is also a bit crazy.... i think £200k is a ridicualous amount of money to spend on a car, some people i know think £50 is too much to spend on a night out... the fact is that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks - if someone wants to spend there money on whatever they want they can...

    and let's be honest - it is hardly news - "sports star earns lots of money"... or "finances in sport are not inline with those in real life"... it has always been the case and will always be the case

    ok there is a moral issue about should he be made to invest it in curing cancer, etc... but i guess there will be some tax to be paid on any money changing hands - so we all benefit in some small scale way.

    the fact is the world is crazy!... accept it and get over it!

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  • 213. At 09:39am on 16 Jan 2009, City_Boy_Phil wrote:

    All this talk of money killing the English Premier League is funny. Would anyone like to take a bet that the Premiere League will not a) still be here 10 or even 20 years from now, b) still be the most watched league in the world and c) continue to sell out most stadiums every single week?

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  • 214. At 09:45am on 16 Jan 2009, digispoonerta wrote:

    to be honest i hope that this makess the EPL sit up and think a bit ....

    They will start playing in half empty stadiums as the fans will be priced out.... ESPN trying to get the rights to the EPL... which means that 80% of the country won't be able to watch it ....

    Hey .... Rugby, Cricket etc.... must be rubbing their hands .... pricing people out of football will lead them to walk away.

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  • 215. At 09:48am on 16 Jan 2009, forbesy7 wrote:

    i for one still cant see how kaka playing in the premiership is bad for the premiership... If the premiership is going to continue being the best league in the world (which i believe it is) we need the best players in the world playing in it...
    The premiership attracts the entire world e.g ESPN in america wanting the next tv deal from 2010 - 2013! 1 player - Beckham - started the rise of 'soccer' in america i for one cant say he doesnt deserve his riches for managing that.
    To think external money being pumped into football is bad for football is ludicrus.. the game we all love and therefore are commenting on this blog isnt changing at all the rules are the same its just evolving as the standard increases and its becoming even more popular thus bringing in more money...
    Kaka is not the bad person here..nor is AC Milan... AC milan simply accepted the money.. the fact the offer was accepted would make me want to leave as i wouldnt want to play for a club who didnt want me.. and Man City arent the bad guys either as they are simply chasing one of the worlds greatest players with the means they now possess in order to try break into the big four.. hell i want a sheikh to buy palace!

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  • 216. At 09:53am on 16 Jan 2009, benaldob9 wrote:

    I don't know if this has been mentioned already because I haven't read all the comments, but wouldn't the new City owners get the backing of the supporters by waiving all season ticket costs instead of playing this fantasy football with their club? It would be a signal of intent towards the fans and surely would generate the best atmosphere in world football.

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  • 217. At 09:56am on 16 Jan 2009, Joey Blanc wrote:

    To all those people trying to compare Kaka to Michael Schumacher, Tiger Woods, Kimi Raikonnen, Floyd Mayweather and Lewis Hamilton - there are two important distinctions that have to be made. First, football is a team sport. You are only as good as the players around you let you be. Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka might be good, but what made the difference between who won the ballon d'or in 2007 and in 2008 was that in 2007 an injury ravaged United defence collapsed getting United knocked out of the Champions league and winning Kaka acclaim for 180 minutes worth of performance ( despite his team failing to qualify for the champions league the next season ). Fast forward to 2008, Vidic and Rio held firm, and Cristiano won it. Its a team sport, which is why it doesnt make sense for a player to earn 20 times what someone playing next to him does.

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  • 218. At 09:56am on 16 Jan 2009, Goonerman78 wrote:

    Well said Robbo - it's criminal that this can happen whilst the world is in financial meltdown and ordinary people are struggling to heat their homes, losing their jobs and generally suffering. Kaka's suggested weekly wage would probably beat the money I would earn in my LIFETIME!

    What makes me laugh is that Hughes's transfer policy is surely backwards anyway? He may soon have Kaka, Robinho and Bellamy (?) up front, but unless he intends to follow the Spurs 'we'll score one more than you' policy, which didn't win them anything, he will need to consider balancing his transfers out a little - perhaps some defenders would be useful for a team languishing 15th in the PL?

    I hope that Kaka shows some loyalty to AC Milan anyway, though you can't blame the club for taking the money - they could probably get 5 or 6 Arshavin's for that money!

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  • 219. At 09:57am on 16 Jan 2009, MeTheDaddy wrote:

    POst 213. I'll have that bet if Man City carry on like this. Maybe you're too young to remember the rapid decline of the 70's and 80's. Reason the EPL was formed. Just look at Scotland where two dominate and there is constant speculation about breakway. Do you really have no concept that this could happen in England if one club dominates? How many tv execs would want to show EPL games equivalent to some of thgose SPL matches? Revenue would be hiugely affected and the less well-off clubsould suffer further. You may be content with hegemony-like domination, but most aren't. The demise has started. No point being Champions when no-one cares.

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  • 220. At 09:58am on 16 Jan 2009, boomshakalak wrote:

    Robbo - your comment "no one deserves to earn £100m for kicking a ball around"... is a very often used type of statement... I have just looked at the "richest people list" and to be honest couldn't really identify 1 profession on there that i would say "that deserves to earn $62bn" or whatever the figure is....

    rahter than critices others - if you are so confident that you fully earn every penny of your wages then why not state on here what you get paid... people could then critique it and whatever they felt you should be paid you could refund the difference back to the taxpayer ... or maybe give it to charity (incidentally like Kaka does with a % of his time and wages)

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  • 221. At 09:58am on 16 Jan 2009, roosterbooster78 wrote:

    What amazes me is the huge gamble MC are taking at this price. How many such world class stars have traded the cushdy life of Spain or Italy, where the sedate pace, good weather and easy going tackling that highlights their talents for the frenetic, rugby football style tackling, harsh weather (especially the all year round winter we now seem to have) of the prem and have been found out as pretty poor? The list is endless and shows no sign of slowing up when you take a look at the likes of Deco, Modric etc, players who have obvious fantastic talent, that unfortunatley, isnt suited to the prem. And the problem MC have isnt scoring goals, its conceeding them. Or can Kaka stop the goals going in one end as well as scoring them at the other?

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  • 222. At 09:59am on 16 Jan 2009, frostyBloo wrote:

    Has everyone gone mad - this is entertainment
    pure and simple - these guys are buying "artists" for our entertainment and I for one cannot wait! Kaka in the premiership - what a treat!

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  • 223. At 09:59am on 16 Jan 2009, Time to stare wrote:

    Man City will all end in tears.

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  • 224. At 10:04am on 16 Jan 2009, mulletproof_punk wrote:

    Half a million a week! Still can't get over it.

    That works out at approx £2,760 per hour (based on a 36.25 hour, 5 day week, not that I'd imagine them training for that long of course...)

    If the Abu Dhabi group upped sticks and walked away how many shirts/pies etc would thay have to sell to fund that then??

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  • 225. At 10:07am on 16 Jan 2009, Justanotherspursfan wrote:

    "So it's started" - The hot-footed sand stalkers of the far east have cleared out the chaff from their Top-Trumps deck and arranged the remains into a 'priority' formation.

    "Were I a Sheikh in Abu Dhabi" (And I'd love to be; with the almost permanent sunshine, most exciting modern architecture in the world, endless list of events and entertainment throughout the year, oh! - And 3 beautiful maidens wielding their Brise Fans) I'd have preferred the challenge of purchasing Brighton or Luton Town!

    Still, Manchester City's "not a bad place to start though"!

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  • 226. At 10:08am on 16 Jan 2009, papperoo wrote:

    So that'll be something like 200 million quid by next summer on signings? Several hundred million on buying the club? Another 100 million every transfer window perhaps...?

    Don't get me wrong, but the only way these guys are going to get any profit from this reckless spending is to win the league / Champs league / F Cup treble for around 10 consecutive seasons.

    As a united fan I obviously love seeing City fail. But as a football fan, I sincerely hope the bubble bursts much sooner rather than later.

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  • 227. At 10:09am on 16 Jan 2009, GunnerLordy wrote:

    Good one Robbo.

    The thing is you can't just put Kaka in that sort of team. He may be one of the best if not the best, but he cant do it all by himself. I can see this not ending well. Would be nice to see Kaka in the Premier League or maybe the Championship next season.

    Can Kaka do both score goals and stop Man City conceding them?

    Milan have the chance to build if they accept, 100m can get you alot of talent.

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  • 228. At 10:12am on 16 Jan 2009, for evra and evra amen wrote:

    what can you buy when you earn £500 thou a week that you cannot buy at £100 thou a week. Money looses value after a point especially for the type of deeply religious guy Kaka is. So the money is not even neccessary

    also, if they are going to spend that much, surely they would be better buying 4 world class players at £25 mil each and paying them £100 thou a week instead of Kaka.

    this is why this signing doesn't worry me as a united fan, they still have a long long way to go!

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  • 229. At 10:13am on 16 Jan 2009, andyd54 wrote:

    No. 94, quality post lol, sadly it could be true some day in the near future.

    i think the rest of the teams in the premier league should get together and buy kaka for 101million and then share him equally amongst their matches.

    or maybe everyone who doesnt want him to be bought throw a tenner in the mixer and buy him for some sunday league team. he would probably be in amongst higher quality players lol

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  • 230. At 10:16am on 16 Jan 2009, City_Boy_Phil wrote:

    219. At 09:57am on 16 Jan 2009, MeTheDaddy wrote:

    POst 213. I'll have that bet if Man City carry on like this. Maybe you're too young to remember the rapid decline of the 70's and 80's. Reason the EPL was formed. Just look at Scotland where two dominate and there is constant speculation about breakway. Do you really have no concept that this could happen in England if one club dominates? How many tv execs would want to show EPL games equivalent to some of thgose SPL matches? Revenue would be hiugely affected and the less well-off clubsould suffer further. You may be content with hegemony-like domination, but most aren't. The demise has started. No point being Champions when no-one cares.

    This is utterly preposterous. As countless posters have already stated money does not guarantee long-term success, in some cases it doesn’t guarantee success at all. The best City can hope for is to form part of a new ‘Big Five’. There is such a long way to go before City can think of taking the EPL crown even with all this money. Hughes has got a mammoth job on his hands gelling a team and handling all these egos, he’s already got Robinho telling him who he should buy, I doubt even the darling of Manchester United Ronaldo would dare speak through the press on Fergie’s transfer policy. Even if they do dominate (which is highly unlikely) it won’t harm the league, Manchester United have won 10 of a possible 16 premier league titles, many would call that domination, has it harmed English football? Has it hell!

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  • 231. At 10:18am on 16 Jan 2009, BognorRock wrote:

    Whilst I agree 500k a week is obviously too much, it does make me laugh when people say so and so shouldn't be paid £x for 'kicking a football'. Any job can be trivialised like this. Its like say a brain surgeon doesn't deserve much money because all they do is fiddle about with some metal tongs, or an airline pilot just presses a few buttons.

    Lazy lazy journalism from Robbo, which is what i've come to expect to be honest.

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  • 232. At 10:18am on 16 Jan 2009, BognorRock wrote:

    Whilst I agree 500k a week is obviously too much, it does make me laugh when people say so and so shouldn't be paid £x for 'kicking a football'. Any job can be trivialised like this. Its like saying a brain surgeon doesn't deserve much money because all they do is fiddle about with some metal tongs, or an airline pilot just presses a few buttons.

    Lazy lazy journalism from Robbo, which is what i've come to expect to be honest.

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  • 233. At 10:18am on 16 Jan 2009, extant wrote:

    As someone else has stated, Football is entertainment, period. The rise in popularity with all sports during the late 1800's was based on people having more free recreation time, so going to sporting events was an escape - a place to pay money and be entertained, like cinema's or faires for example.

    What has to be accepted is the Sheikh has alot of money - it's entirely up to him how to spend it. Live in a house made entirely out of £50 notes, have a gold car, or bid £100m for a football player - the fact of the matter is that it is his choice entirely.

    All those lamenting the "death of football" need to look further back in time to see where the creaks started. For me, subscription TV channels have alot to answer for - in regards to the massive injection of money given to clubs based on Tv rights. Also clubs being able to scout the world signing 12 year olds as "the next big thing" is for me, not on.

    Interesting times, anyway....

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  • 234. At 10:19am on 16 Jan 2009, clearcheesecake wrote:

    When the arabs leave city, they won't last another year with the crippling wage bill. Man city will be no more and we all know it, all city fans will have to support Man United.

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  • 235. At 10:23am on 16 Jan 2009, thehatter10 wrote:

    why do people state like an earlier comment that they just kick a ball , if it really is that easy then why the hell arnt u doing it , they dont just wake up one day and decide to become a pro footballer they make choices that you didnt when they were kids

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  • 236. At 10:24am on 16 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    Re 213 and 215

    Good point about Disney's (er I mean ESPN) being interested the North American Rights to the Premier League. AS some who likes association football, I can't tell you how much of a relief it would be to have watch Man U ever saturday as opposed to 15 million tv analysts discussing Southern Cal Notre Dame college football game.

    Last week I have to say that I noticed something on ESPN's bottom line that I hadn't seen before. They actually showed the league score for most of the major leagues over in Europe including the Premiereship, Serie A and La Liga. This dispight the fact most of their on air "talent" continue to bash the sport.

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  • 237. At 10:28am on 16 Jan 2009, bigpaul75 wrote:

    If the sums reported are true (becks wages and transfer reported in the media when at real madrid have been found to be false)
    and kaka comes to man city.

    The club will end up like leeds and the shieks will walk away sick of shelling out money with nothing in return.

    Also the other players who play for city and the ones they are trying to sign are they really going to accept that a player who is not rated as the best in the world can earn 500,000 a week while they are earning 20-100,000 a week team morale and stability will be rocked and man city will be in division 1 before they can say Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite - better know as KAKA.

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  • 238. At 10:31am on 16 Jan 2009, tazzmaverick wrote:

    I am seriously beginning to lose interest in football. Time was I would cause chaos in the house becaue I've hijacked the TV to watch MOTD, Last Word, Sunday Supplement and all the other nonsense... But I run youth football teams, and I can't point to many top players and tell my kids these are role models. Not only that but top flight football isn't fun anymore. There too much pressure, too many players scared to get it wrong - so much so that they never try anything at all - the players rewarded the most are those that are money grabbers with little in the way of morals (divers, bullys and cheats on tha park and nasty arrogant pieces of work off it). The only beacons of hope are at Aston Villa (and that hurts because I am a Spurs fan!). Agbonlahor, Milner and Young are people who should be shown as shining examples of what hard work can get you. I hope this trend of big deals and big money passes before football dies, and we can get back to what we all enjoy feeling a part of.

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  • 239. At 10:33am on 16 Jan 2009, Follicle wrote:

    What ever is paid to Kaka --the fans will be paymasters.

    Pure econonmcs will resolve this--in the meantime Milan must be laughing.

    May be this will be straw that breaks Football's back

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  • 240. At 10:44am on 16 Jan 2009, scumrover wrote:

    Only months ago everyone was saying what a great thing it was that a club may be able to break the top four consistently.
    Now they are actually daring to do it you are all complaining.
    People say they should take time building up to Kaka - but the owners have made a decision and are prepared to pay the premium to try and do things quicker.
    Is it better to pay £100 million for Kaka now or wait three years and all the extra cash spent trying to get to a level to make him more likely to cost £50mill and half as much in wages?
    Kaka is a fantatic player and if Hull were to do something similar I would want to watch their games as a neutral. That is because he is particularly good at his trade.
    do you really think the £125K a week that Ronaldo / Ballack etc get is OK, but the £250k is not? let's be honest, they are all that far away from reality that I think the £50k a week offered to average Leeds players shattered things.

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  • 241. At 10:45am on 16 Jan 2009, TDC5013 wrote:

    I haven't read through all the comments here, so I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but... what if he flops?

    I'd love to see Kaka in the PL, he's a great player, I'd love to see him here with any team. But what if he's crap? I mean, it's not like players who have become suited to the style of play in Serie A have a good reputation for succeding over here is it? Let's look at the evidence: Veron - flop. Shevchenko - flop. Crespo - flop. Taibi... And these are just the really high profile cases. There have been a handful of players have have succeded here, I'll admit (Zola, and DiCanio for example), but the vast majority of players, Italian or otherwise, who have become well adapted to the style of play in Italy fail over here. I don't think Kaka, phenomenal though he is, will be an exception.

    If Citeh sign him, pay him that amount of money per week, and he ends up doing nothing, what then?

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  • 242. At 10:45am on 16 Jan 2009, Bauer46 wrote:

    Im fed up with these idiots that are complaining about players "valuing money over achievments" and similar nonsense. If 500 K a week is on the table, who in their right mind would turn that down? I dare say you'd have to be clinically insane! All very easy to complain about players accepting offers from smaller clubs but with higher wages as an onlooker, but put yourself in their position. Would your "love of football" really make you consider turning down 500K a week? I think not.

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  • 243. At 10:46am on 16 Jan 2009, matthew wrote:

    If Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan wants to pay 100 Million +500K a week salaries and he can afford it then why not.

    To imply that this is the watershed in terms of footballers salaries is a tad ridiculous, 50K a week is too much for prancing around a pitch for 90-180 minutes a week and so is any multiple of that, but no more or less so. What would be ridiculous would be paying that while plunging a club into debt, that isn't the case here. So what if City have 5-10 years of relative success, it costs the Sheikh 1 or 2 billion and then they sink back into mid-table-mediocrity. It's been 28 years without as much as a sniff of success, so I for one won't be protesting too hard.

    I'd rather be king for a day, than live an eternity in servitude.

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  • 244. At 10:49am on 16 Jan 2009, lespickers wrote:

    Kaka is an entertainer, he'll be entertaining millions of people for £20+ million a year.

    David Beckham at 31 signed a 5 year deal with LA Galaxy for £125m (£25million a year)

    Actors are entertainers in films and they get paid £20+ million for one film in a leading role.

    Danny Mills isn't an entertainer and gets paid £30k a week (1.5m a year) for NOT playing a game for City for 2 years.

    Now tell me Kaka's wages aren't justified!

    Yes, football has gone crazy but it's a huge entertainment business with millions watching worldwide.

    If this was Man Utd or Chelsea making this purchase no-one would give a hoot.

    Finally, if it wasn't for the economic climate this story would also not be getting as much coverage ... but Man City are NOT in debt, unlike Man Utd and Chelsea who are both part of the current economic problem.

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  • 245. At 10:52am on 16 Jan 2009, MeTheDaddy wrote:

    Post 230. You're missing the point. I stated in an earlier post that assembling great talent doesn't necessarily win trophies, ref Real Madrid. The point is, if everyone else believes there's no point trying to compete, there is no competition. Post one made reference to faith in football. This is the key. Whilst I am ambivalent about big spending by mega-wealthy individuals and consortia during the prevailing economic climate, there is no doubt that what is happening at your club is seen by many as vulgar and lacking in class. Switch off the masses and your product loses appeal. Don't think it can't happen. For us true fans who have suffered decades on draughty terraces, and I would say many Man City fans fall into this category, it is all becoming pointless. It's a changing world, with competing activities and globalisation apace. Of course as City fans you are excited. That's understood and I don't blame you, but just be careful what you wish for. Some of your own fans have expresed doubts on this forum. The kind of sums involved have never been seen before. If you are successful, and it is a big if, I believe it is highly likely you will alienate the vast majority of fans and subsequently clubs, as is the case in Scotland, but the results in England could be far more extreme. Look at the already empty seats in the EPL for many teams. If it's seen as futile the spiral of decline can be rapid.
    On the upside, as I said earlier, if we all retain an appetite for football it could be good for the England national team.

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  • 246. At 10:52am on 16 Jan 2009, BognorRock wrote:

    Bauer46 - I agree with most of what you say but I think the debate is not so much 'would any of us turn down 500k a week'. You are right, I would most definately leave my current job for that sort of money, as would anybody. But if were a footballer on 100K playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world, as Kaka currently is, then I can honestly say I wouldn't go to City for 500k a week.

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  • 247. At 11:01am on 16 Jan 2009, Spoketoosoon wrote:

    The worst thing with this whole ridiculous situation is where will it end?

    If you bring in Kaka on £500k per week, £26M per year, he won't be the last of the 'Galacticos' the club signs.

    At the current rate, Kaka and another 3 star signings is going to be costing a massive £100M per season alone just to finance - its simply ludicrous.

    How can Kaka expect to walk into the man City dressing room and say 'alright lads - I earn more than the rest of you put together'?

    And do you seriously think for one second that the mercenary Robinho is going to be happy to see his own wages dwarfed by the newbie? No chance. He'll have been demanding a new contract from the moment these reports were published.

    As if we needed to be giving Platini and Sepp Blatter any more ammo to chuck at the Premiership.

    The worlds going to hell in a hand cart - I can only hope for the sake of football, its integrity and my overall faith in humanity that Kaka refuses to be swayed.

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  • 248. At 11:01am on 16 Jan 2009, LEW1582 wrote:

    Well written Robbo, I think. I read it a few days ago and cant quite remember but your others ones are generally good.
    If I were one greasy haired winger, I would be knocking on my Chairman's door and asking why as the current World Player of the Year I am on peanuts (Allegedly) compared with last years WPY!!!
    Think it is a shocker if it goes through. surely we all thought £100k a wk was excessive, then £140k. when will it end and a capped value be introduced?!

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  • 249. At 11:02am on 16 Jan 2009, deperer wrote:

    putting a ball through a hoop gets you atleast what kaka ican get. I don't see american journo's getting uptight.

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  • 250. At 11:03am on 16 Jan 2009, Oliver Jones wrote:

    There's one very simple way for all this to stop- FIFA should place a salary cap of 20k a week on footballers. It would bring us back to the good old days, and although there would still be a divide between earnings of the big guns and the not so big guns, at least it wouldn't be such a big divide.

    I think anyone who's having a go at Kaka because he might take this opportunity should lay off the lad. After all, Kaka's won everything there is to win at Milan (Coppa Italia aside), so perhaps a chance for a new legacy is there to be built. I'm not saying Manchester City are the best club in the world, but look where Chelsea were when Roman took over. Before the billions, they were attracting players like Mario Melchiot, Jesper Gronkjaer and Bolo Zenden. In order for a great club to be made, the building bricks need to be put in. Kaka would have the chance to help create a legacy at Manchester City. Granted, it's a different approach City are adopting to many clubs, but a legacy can still be made nonetheless.

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  • 251. At 11:09am on 16 Jan 2009, rodders77 wrote:

    What happens next season when Man City want to bring in another 'big name' player? They know that Kaka is on £500k a week, surely they would want something not far from that?

    Obviously it's their money, and they can do what they like with it, but how many jobs could you create with that amount of money create for the man and women in the street?

    I'm of the opinion that the bubble is going to burst with football finances. As people lose their jobs, one of the first things to go will be the match tickets, followed by cancelling Sky Sports / Setanta subscriptions. Some clubs might not be affected (Chelsea, Man City), but many will be hit very hard when the TV deal comes up for renewal.

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  • 252. At 11:12am on 16 Jan 2009, Lectro wrote:

    They've more chance of signing Ulri-kaka...

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  • 253. At 11:15am on 16 Jan 2009, cov1985 wrote:

    "171. At 11:57pm on 15 Jan 2009, joeperriman wrote:
    I do not have a photographic memory but I do believe in actually reading what is written and not making things up.

    Robbo did not say ?100 million in a year. He just said that no-one is worth a ?100 million for kicking a football. Read the sentence again. "

    The article has been edited! Chris Charles even admitted the blunder!

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  • 254. At 11:16am on 16 Jan 2009, OscarLittle wrote:

    another very good blog Robbo

    but the thing is the lad doesn't what to move, he wants to stay at Milan, its all the vultures around him that are looking at the money. The only ones to benefit from this is Milan. They get the money, and if Kaka is not happy been at City, then he will go through sulking not performing and Milan will take their prodigal son back with open arms for, well lets say less than half for what they sold him. Its good business and every body that follows the premiership just better get use to watching multi million ears running around while the peasants watch.

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  • 255. At 11:18am on 16 Jan 2009, ScottyDooDoo wrote:

    From a purely economical point of view - The Sheikh paying Kaka £500k a week to play football in the UK is absolutely brilliant news.

    The way I look at it is that income tax/N.I. on a salary of £25m per year is about £11m, not to mention VAT and all the other taxes that you pay for breathing in this country, all of which is paid for by a non-UK-national Sheikh... let them pay the big UK tax rates and let them boost our economy.

    Kaka / Sheikh welcome to the UK. We'll have half of that money thank you very much!

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  • 256. At 11:22am on 16 Jan 2009, City_Boy_Phil wrote:

    MeTheDaddy - I think your concerns are ill-conceived. English football will be fine, I’d happily bet my house on it. This is merely the latest mega transfer in a long history of mega transfers. People had the same concerns way back when Trevor Francis became the first GBP 1m player, at the time this figure was seen as equally insane, football survived and it will survive this one too (assuming it goes ahead). What you see as ‘vulgar’ and ‘lacking in class’ most people refer to as capitalism. Are Manchester City not allowed to enjoy our wealth because we’re in the midst of a global recession? Get real.

    Try to look at this in a positive way. This can be seen as an injection not only into Manchester City, but into the football system globally. AC Milan will not be the only team to enjoy Manchester City’s riches.

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  • 257. At 11:24am on 16 Jan 2009, deperer wrote:

    oh i see the main premise of the headline now. I have not bothered to read Robbo's article but i thought he was having a pop at Kaka's wages... as basketball players get atleast what kaka can get by putting a ball through a hoop and i dont see american journo's becoming uptight.

    But the headline is misleading... to a similar vain when you see the virgin media broadband tv phone bundles with its great intro prices... the small print of how much after 6months... to when the contract ends 12months... by which time the hyke in further price is not even advertised because we are all dumb and they think we dont see that far ahead... they think.

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  • 258. At 11:28am on 16 Jan 2009, barfeast wrote:

    I've read a lot and talked a lot about the present Kakagate story. And I could give you a dozen reason's for and against it happening. But at the end of the day though if Man City want to spend that amont of money on one player, even though it is more money than common sense dictates, then its really up to them. The only thing I will say though is that Man City don't really have any difficulty scoring goals at the moment, it's letting them in that should concern them, may I ask are there any defenders on the horizon?

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  • 259. At 11:28am on 16 Jan 2009, Bauer46 wrote:

    BognorRock (246) - I see your point. At these levels, the wages become somewhat academical. I for one though, would still find it very difficult to turn down a wage packet that was 5 times or so what i was eaning before, no matter how much that might have been. I'd be particuarly reluctant to do so on the grounds that I love the game of football too much. Im sorry, i just dont buy that argument.

    Wether or not i'd so readily move from sunny Milan to dull Manchester? For an extra 400K a week, i'd learn to live with it.

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  • 260. At 11:38am on 16 Jan 2009, SundayLeagueGod wrote:

    pay kaka £500,000 a week or let it sit in some guys bank account... neither really affecting us and its pointless saying it could cure cancer and stop famine and whatever, he could buy me a nice car if he wanted to but he wont..

    i say pay kaka.... might aswell, everyones opinions change once your watching the guy on MOTD bangin them in.

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  • 261. At 11:41am on 16 Jan 2009, fathomer1 wrote:

    Post 245. Good points. Chelsea (a little unfairly) were labelled as 'buying success', despite the fact they had won two FA cups, the FL cup and the ECWC in 97, 98, and 2000. The side that won the EPL in 2005 was built on the backbone of players bought under the 'tinkerman', not Mourinho. As I have argued elsewhere, how does that constitute buying success? Unless of course you factor out the trophies won in the run up to Maureen taking over, and ignore the large number of players in his first side that had played under previous Blues managers?

    Yet City, with an average side, but with strong youth element, if they are successful, will literally have done so purely by flashing the cheque book. Not only that, but in an age where talent, and I mean TOP talent, despite the hype, is pretty thin on the ground, means, as you say, those cheques are going to be ludicrously large.

    There were two other good points there.

    First, that City, in the same way that Chelsea were seen as 'crass' and derided by both fans and the football press for 'buying' success, so will City. Even without any really huge signings as yet, fans, as seen on here and elsewhere are being switched off a club that many of us have a soft spot for.

    The final point was also a good one. Despite, the EPL's 'seasonal adjustment' it's obvious to anyone now, that several EPL sides are struggling to hold on to their support. The novelty value of the EPL is wearing thin, the football by and large is mediocre to poor, and the costs, in particular at the moment, are too high for many to manage. Add in the boredom factor, with, bar Pompeys (conveniently timed) one off last season, the big four winning everything in sight for over a decade, and the prospect of City becoming an all spending, all conquering behemoth could well finish off the dwindling interest for many over stretched supporters.

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  • 262. At 11:41am on 16 Jan 2009, rskippo wrote:

    In American footie don't you have to hire a donkey as well as the best player? How would that work? There needs to be a way to level the playing field. Wage caps like in rugby?

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  • 263. At 11:50am on 16 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    Re 262

    As I said before, salery caps in theory are nice, and they do level the playing field but at a cost to the quality of the game which is not worth the price. All a salery Cap does is allow the rich to pocket the money at the expense of the players. I'm sorry, I don't think a Salary Cap is necessary.

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  • 264. At 11:52am on 16 Jan 2009, howitreallyis wrote:

    I can see a special bond growing between Kaka and all those Man City church goers! Hmmm. The move doesn't make sense for him nor for Man City.

    You can buy a good quality side for that money. Why not buy 3/4 quality stars for that money instead.

    If this deal makes business sense to them then they've cleary lost the plot.

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  • 265. At 11:54am on 16 Jan 2009, United Dreamer wrote:

    You pay what the market can stand - that's capitalism Robbo. You can't decide when it stops. The only reason you're even mentioning it is because its a footballer. My mate's boss got a 5 million pound bonus last year. For what? Shoving a few overpriced shares around? At least Kaka is the best in the world at what he does and gives millions joy in the process. Why begrudge him it. As you say, he's a Christian and a fair bit of it will be be given away. By the way even if it is to the church, the church itself will most likely distribute it on to worthy causes.

    So, Robbo wind your neck in unless you want to slag off every profiteer that makes far more money off of far less talent - Abramovich, the berties' new owner, blah, blah. It's a boring, off-repeated and quite frankly unimaginative argument.

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  • 266. At 11:59am on 16 Jan 2009, SamC15 wrote:

    yes he is not worth 107mil but i really want him in the premier for two things
    - 1) him coming will attract some quality players to city and united wouldnt so glam about winning their local derby every year

    -2)to show the world ronaldo aint the best footballer currently yes last year he was the top man but his talents aint equal to those of this semi-god, because few of us watch series a thats why we only talk about cristiano ask anyone who watches both leagues they will tell you he doesnt have a thing on Kaka

    thank you and yes i am an arsenal supporter!

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  • 267. At 12:20pm on 16 Jan 2009, SalemHanna wrote:

    I'd rather give Kaka 500k a week, than give Joey Barton a single penny.

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  • 268. At 12:21pm on 16 Jan 2009, Bury are Fantastic wrote:

    Are you all stupid?

    £500,000 per week is £26 million per year.

    Robbo said Kaka would be paid £100 million assuming he gets a four year deal. Multiply £26 million by four and what do you get?

    Well its actually £104 million so I guess Robbo's not so good with the maths either.

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  • 269. At 12:22pm on 16 Jan 2009, United Dreamer wrote:

    SamC15 - I don't agree with you re: Kaka vs Ronaldo but I do agree it will be great to see the comparison in the same league. Messi next! I think most people should be delighted that the best talent from all over the world will be playing week in week out in our league. We should be happy also the Sheikh is paying for it so if you think about it its talent that we don't even have to pay for.

    This transfer will only serve to attract other big names to the premiership for the chance to play against the top players. So long as this doesn't inflict crippling wage inflation, that other clubs can't compete with, and correspondingly damage the competitive nature of the league, it should be fantastic for viewers.

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  • 270. At 12:25pm on 16 Jan 2009, Bury are Fantastic wrote:

    At a combined salary of 100 million over four years, plus the 100 or so million to buy the lad and goodness knows what other costs, even if Kaka single-handedly wins Manchester City the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League for the next four years (which he won't, obviously). City will still make a financial loss.

    How, then can Mark Hughes claim its good business sense? Obviously he can be sold at the end of that but they're never going to recoup all that money on a 30 / 31 year old.

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  • 271. At 12:26pm on 16 Jan 2009, collie21 wrote:

    231. At 10:18am on 16 Jan 2009, BognorRock wrote:
    Whilst I agree 500k a week is obviously too much, it does make me laugh when people say so and so shouldn't be paid ?x for 'kicking a football'. Any job can be trivialised like this. Its like say a brain surgeon doesn't deserve much money because all they do is fiddle about with some metal tongs, or an airline pilot just presses a few buttons.

    Lazy lazy journalism from Robbo, which is what i've come to expect to be honest.

    You sir are an idiot. How many lives does kicking a football save? How many lives could be saved if they spent even one tenth of their offer on a charity? Trivialising football is not difficult at all. It is a trival thing in the greater span of life, all the more stupid such vast sums of money should be spent on it. Tell the pilot next time you are on a plane at 50000 ft that you think his job is trivial....just like the bloke who landed that plane in the Hudson this morning. Now if anyone should get 100 million, it's him.

    Be sure not to be an idiot and press the post button twice when you are criticising someones work!

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  • 272. At 12:30pm on 16 Jan 2009, tgbutd wrote:

    I hope these figures are some kind of a sick banter. it would kill the beatiful game of football. As much as i love Kaka as a footballer, there is absolutely no justification for any player to be bought that much or let alone earn that much. Surely this world has gone crazy.

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  • 273. At 12:30pm on 16 Jan 2009, Ginge77 wrote:

    The whole transfer costs have got totally ridiculas. Average players (Bellamy) are being talked about for £10m plus. When you think that Sherear went to Blackburn for about £3m, all be it 17 years ago, it shows what a mockery the current prices are. You can't tell me that player inflation makes an average striker worth 3-4 times what Blackburn paid for a consistant match winner.

    What makes it worse is that it is us the fans that lose out everytime, having to have SKY & Setanta to watch our teams play, or going to the games paying anywhere from £35 -£60 for a ticket, not including getting to the match, programs and a pie at the game! How people with families manage it I don't know.

    The game is full of too many overpaid, egotistical players, that just warm the subs bench each week, but still earn more in a month than the average worker does a year. I know they say it is market forces at work, but we pay to watch 'our' team, becuase we always have done and the clubs have our loyalty to the team as the only reason for us paying what we do. What ever the cost of petrol we still buy just as much, as we need to get somewhere, so these 'market forces' aren't really accurate when it comes to football.

    I shall now get of my soapbox and back to doing some work!!

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  • 274. At 12:33pm on 16 Jan 2009, ukoperator wrote:

    To everyone who is berating Robbo's maths, £500k per week, times 52 weeks a year, TIMES AN ASSUMED FOUR YEAR CONTRACT equals approx £100mil. (£104mil if you want to be picky)
    Unless this was added late, in which case I apologise, but if not the try reading an article before trying to pick holes in it!

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  • 275. At 12:35pm on 16 Jan 2009, United Dreamer wrote:

    At #271 why don't you aim your barbs at the likes of Abramovich and the Sheikh funding this deal or for that matter Hollywood actors? At least Kaka has a supreme level of talent in a sport that brings pleasure and release to millions. Seeing people with skills like inspire their life a little. And his taxes alone will fund several doctors and scientists who WILL save lives if that is the extent of your view on values.

    Sure its too much for what he does but he is lower down the list of undeserving recipients than several others who avoid criticism. Also in giving to his church he is spreading the wealth to deserving causes (unless you are one of those unimaginative individuals who are not aware that the church would normally channel this money to more practical causes).

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  • 276. At 12:36pm on 16 Jan 2009, Mightyblooze wrote:

    Anyone who even attempts to justify such ludicrous and obscene amounts of dosh being paid to a footballer is either stupid or has been completely suckered by the horrible excesses of capitalism! Anyone with two eyes in their head can see this is WRONG.

    I can only hope, that should this deal (con?) go through, that there a many more people than me who will seriously consider cancelling their Sky sub and stop going to games, as only a severe reality check will have any effect on the greed that now dominates what was once a working man's sport.

    PLEASE Kaka, do the right thing and stay in Milan.

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  • 277. At 12:40pm on 16 Jan 2009, SamOKay wrote:

    What really annoys me is there is a market developing for these over paid idiots and their WAGS. The market is basically the same as ours, but everything is covered in gold and diamonds. I've seen adverts for a gold plated jewel encrusted phone for around £1,500, a laptop decorated in the same way for £30,000 pound. Personally I don't see the point. The phone and the laptop still does the same as any other. For me it just proves they have more money than they know what to do with. The fact that they would rather spend it on something as idiotic as these items, than do some genuine good with it, makes the matter much, much worse.

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  • 278. At 12:44pm on 16 Jan 2009, tommyblog wrote:

    Great blog - I couldn't agree more with your frustrations with modern footballers.

    I don't understand why the players give so little back to their fans despite us shelling out silly amounts of money to watch them play! And all too often it's a lackluster performance that wasn't worth the £50 odd quid we paid to see the game!

    Over paid and over protected to the point where even the windows on the match day coaches are blacked out! WHY!?

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  • 279. At 12:50pm on 16 Jan 2009, ZEUSFC wrote:

    500 000 x 26 x 4 =104 000 000
    not 106 000 000!

    there's a calculator in "windows" mate!

    and can anyone work out why pounds keeps coming up as "£" and euros as "€", cos it does it in my emails too

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  • 280. At 1:01pm on 16 Jan 2009, ZEUSFC wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 281. At 1:03pm on 16 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    What i don't understand is why a team has to pay for a player and then negotiate a new contract with him. Why not offer Millian players in exchange for Kaka, that would seem less offensive I think to most fans.

    Here in America, if a player is under contract a team must offer up players or other compensation in the want to aquire his services from another club. This compensation usually comes in the form of other players whos combined worth is supposed to be equal invalue to the player being aquired. Once aquired, the players current contract is honored. There is no need to renegotiate a contract.

    However, if a player wants to leave his current team before his deal expires he has a couple of options. One he can request a trade at which point a team can look around for a team interested in his services or as has happen frequently in recent years, he can excersise a clause in his contract where he himself can terminate the contract early. Either way, a team does not have to spend money for the negiotating rights of a player.

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  • 282. At 1:12pm on 16 Jan 2009, CTID_Stuttgart wrote:

    Robbo, Like many others you are missing the point. The Premier and Champions League are dominated by an elite number of clubs and it is virtually impossible to break into this ogliopoly, as they themselves drive the rules.
    Unless there are significant changes by the governing bodies to ensure that these "top" clubs cannot always pick up the top players, the only way to break in will be through buying power.
    Villa look good this year, but I am sure that their key players will be picked off at the end of the season, by these so called to clubs.
    As a City fan I am also worried about the implications, but I am also tired of taking a back seat. Even if City spend 500 million on 10 players and make a sustainable assault to the top, then the investment will be worth it. Mind you, if this works out one of the top 4 will be squealing and very loudly at that !!!
    ps How we lost at Boro I'll never know.

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  • 283. At 1:19pm on 16 Jan 2009, ZEUSFC wrote:

    would you really want vassell and swp in return for kaka?

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  • 284. At 1:20pm on 16 Jan 2009, GreenEyed_BearHunter wrote:

    This is why i prefer the american system of how sports clubs are structured.

    Basically in the MLS, all the clubs are franchises of the league and as such all the teams get an even amount of money to spend based on the overall success of the league.

    It's not perfect, but at least you have a somewhat more level playing field.

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  • 285. At 1:21pm on 16 Jan 2009, minners986 wrote:

    are you going to tell me how much i should spend on a new car no its my money to spend how i want just like the owner of man city its his money not mine not yours citd

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  • 286. At 1:28pm on 16 Jan 2009, Nick wrote:

    Lets get to the crux of the matter, it seems its all about the money.

    For a start whether he "deserves" it or not is not the issue. Does Tom Cruise "deserve" 18 mill per film?
    Does Gordon Brown deserve £100k a year for ballsing up the economy?
    I could go on and on and on.

    The fact is the Sheikh can afford it, simple. He is not robbing Peter to pay Paul. If Milan or Kaka refuse the money stays in his back pocket.

    No hospital,school,teacher,surgeon,policeman etc etc is being deprived because the Sheikh wants Kaka.

    You could argue that its quite obscene the amount of mobey that has been spent on sprucing up their neighbours in Dubai.

    The fact is they are not stealing the money from anyone.

    Football is a business now and you'll never find the winners moaning.

    The only disapointing thing in the whole affair in my opinion is Mark Hughes take on the matter. He actually said the deal makes financial sense! Laughable!

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  • 287. At 1:30pm on 16 Jan 2009, Nick wrote:

    minners96, spot on mate couldnt agree more.
    Im skinter than skint at the moment and cant afford a holiday this year. My best mate is minted and is going away three times. I dont expect him to sort me out!

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  • 288. At 1:33pm on 16 Jan 2009, adam_cant_shoot wrote:

    Well written blog Robbo.

    I wonder if Kaka's medical history might help sway him towards staying at Milan. They're meant to have the best medical centre in football and he did have a broken back once!

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  • 289. At 1:39pm on 16 Jan 2009, Kaka_Tom wrote:

    IT seems the potential transfer of Kaka has divided opinion among football fans more than almost any other issue in the history of the game.
    Those opinions seem to differ dramatically depending on which club you support, so from the outset I feel I should state that I am a Manchester City supporter born and bred.
    I am a great believer in healthy debates and accepting differing opinions – that’s part of the beauty of our wonderful game – but some of the criticism levelled at Manchester City in the past few days has been hypocritical and xenophobic.
    Apparently spending £107million on one player is ‘bad for the game’. Well it is all very well making this statement but as yet I have yet to hear anyone back it up with a credible argument.
    I would like someone to explain how having arguably the best player on the planet playing in the premiership is bad for football in this country.
    And if by signing that player it opens up the possibility for another club to achieve success in the division how that can also be a bad thing.
    Now here comes the hypocracy.
    Name almost any club in the Premiership and I could tell you something they have done that is ‘bad for the game’.
    Is having a foreign owner come along and, overnight, plunge a club into hundreds of millions of pounds of debt good for the game? Well that’s exactly what Manchester United and Liverpool did. At least Manchester City are completely debt free.
    Wigan chairman Dave Whelan stated yesterday that this transfer will ‘rip the soul out of football’. I would argue that charging extortionate prices to away fans at the JJB Stadium rips the heart and soul out of the game. And as an aside Dave Whelan is the same man who, in his position at Wigan Warriors, has consistently broken the rugby league salary cap year after year.
    Much of the heart and soul was ripped out of the game a long time ago (possibly around the time Sky took over and 3pm Saturday kick offs were consigned to history).
    Arsene Wenger yesterday stated there will be a ‘disturbance’ in the transfer market, but he is way wide of the mark.
    Manchester City are unique and the Kaka transfer is unique. What West Ham would charge Manchester City for a player will be different to what they charge Tottenham but that is the problem of Manchester City and their decision if they choose to pay it.
    People are saying that Kaka will only be coming to Manchester City for the money and that he doesn’t really ‘love’ the club.
    Well does Berbatov ‘love’ Manchester United and does Febregas ‘love’ arsenal? Let’s get real. Robinho doesn’t ‘love’ Manchester City but he loves us as much as any other player in the Premiership 'loves' their club.
    If City can convince Kaka that they can win the Premiership in three years then you may well see him wearing sky blue in the very near future and he wouldn’t be wearing it just for the money.
    Possibly the root of these wild accusations is that the money being spent is not that of an Englishman but of a faceless Sheik (described by Mr Whelan as ‘some Arab fella’) from a part of the world many have little understanding of.
    But in 2009 should it not be possible for someone to buy a football club regardless of their race, religion or gender? His money is as good as anyone else’s – the problem only arises because he has more than anyone else.
    The money being spent is his own personal wealth and he can do with it whatever he chooses within the confines of the law.
    Would you tell someone that they couldn’t buy a car because they are paying too much for it? He is not spending the supporters’ money or even television rights money – it is his own cash.
    And I have also heard ludicrous suggestions that £107million pounds could build two hospitals. Could anyone tell me why an Abu Dhabi Sheik should have to pay for two hospitals? If anyone could possibly use this argument it would be the people of Abu Dhabi. And for the record he does give very generously to many charities.
    There is also the argument that City could buy four £20million players and build the team. Again the uniqueness of the situation has misled people. The fact is that Manchester City don’t just have £100million in the bank – they will buy Kaka as well as four other players and many more in the future.
    Many comments have been made regarding Mark Hughes and how he has been undermined by this transfer and that he has had no part to play in the negotiations.
    This is grossly unfair.
    It is not the job of the modern manager to take part in negotiations other than to speak with the player once a fee has been agreed.
    All a manager does at any club is identify a player he would like and ask the club’s hierarchy to purchase him – this transfer is no different to any other.
    But all of this is in many ways immaterial because, no matter what anyone says, Manchester City will continue to spend huge amounts of money.
    So if you are one those people who don’t agree with it you will just have to learn to live with it.
    I am reluctant to use the term ‘jealousy’ because it is such an easy and perhaps childish accusation to throw around.
    But judging by the backlash from the Kaka transfer there are many people within the game and sections of the media who are feeling very uneasy about the future.
    But I feel assured in the fact that none of this criticism will be giving our owner, or our supporters, any sleepless nights.

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  • 290. At 1:43pm on 16 Jan 2009, inoffapost wrote:

    Robbo, an excellent blog this, and thought provoking, as evidenced by the amount of comments.

    When I read that Man. City were to be acquired by Middle Eastern interests with deep pockets my view was 'good luck 'em'. If it were to push City into the rarified air at the top of English game, then fine. Thats what it takes these days. Billionaires with dreams. But now the reality is clear. Footballers earning a half million per week? Sorry, but that is sick sick sick. I think it will provoke an unfortunate backlash for City, worse than anything Chelski have had.

    Yeah, I support another team, but it isn't jealousy, it just seems wrong somewhow and your blog tells us why in terms that the 'man in the street' can understand.

    There are some analogies with American football and the wages paid here I see. Fair enough, but in the NFL it is a closed shop. No relegation as such. Each club is a franchise, but the new crop of potential great players coming in to the game are shared around with the bottom teams having the chance to secure their services or trade that chance. I see Detroit finished 0-16 this season and yet it is not beyond the bounds of reason that they could could win the Superbowl in a couple of years (although that might be optimistic just now). Would West Bromich have that possibility in the EPL? No way of course.

    So its change the system and regulate the clubs and equalise the financial playing field or continue to allow this kind of deal involving Kaka.

    I love the idea though of Man City swapping players to the value of Kaka. Could Milan use the entire playing staff of City then?

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  • 291. At 1:48pm on 16 Jan 2009, Kaka_Tom wrote:

    Also its not a level playng field anyway teams like fulham dont have the same resources as some of the bigger teams but that doesnt stop them ?

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  • 292. At 1:50pm on 16 Jan 2009, MeTheDaddy wrote:


    I have no problem with you sticking up for your club. We all do it and it is our loyalty that keeps the mediocre bunches of individuals we support going. Good luck to you if your club can buy big. If it means four become five that is fine. Equally, I never had a problem with Chelsea's money. Man U,etc. have always spent plenty and bought success. The difference with your cash is the amount. I remember Treveor Francis' £1m move well and Martin Peters' £200,000 move. Both courted publicity, but equally both were soon matched and exceeded and never threatened to create a single financial super power. I agree that Man City's wealth can benefit others and quite frankly if I were AC Milan I would squeeze up anoither 20 million and snap your hand off. It's the fact that nobody can ever get anywhere near your limits (until the Saudis buy Southampton or Oldham or someone). However, longer term it can only be damaging. You have a great youth system, probably the best in the Prem. What next for that? Instsant success will be demanded, so no nurturing of the kids. You can tell me to "get real" if you like, but the reality is as I stated previously. Loss of interest equals no product to sell equals no point equals why bother? Spend the cash as the oil man chooses. That's fine, but be aware of the consequences. By the way, get real. You will be called crass, vulgar and lacking in class, particularly by big teams who can't match your resources. Seems in particular to be a hobby of liverpool fans to whinge about Man U, Chelsea, etc.

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  • 293. At 1:55pm on 16 Jan 2009, Handsome-Ransom wrote:

    Robbo this post is so poor...

    You're just another hater. Throw you in the pile with the rest of the jealous haters. Along with the 9-5ers in dead end jobs just full of rage bitter over their miserable lives.

    Why cant you admire success rather than envy it? It's not Kaka's fault you're not good at football, or anything.

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  • 294. At 1:55pm on 16 Jan 2009, kool, the gang and me wrote:

    Wouldn't it be great if Kaka did go to Manchester and then turned around and said that football needs to get it's priorities right and that 25m per year was ludicrous.

    Being a cjristian he could announce that he would like to share his fortune with those less fortunate. perhaps he could give 20m each year to an Oxfam programme in Africa to instal facilities for those who had no access to fresh drinking water. For this amount he could really make a difference.

    Fopr this money, (on average) 70,000 new people would be connected every day - or 25 million each year ...

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  • 295. At 1:58pm on 16 Jan 2009, ZEUSFC wrote:

    couldn't agree more

    personally i can't see that citeh will ever be big enough to take the lot; when you start paying players stupid amounts per week, they want to play 90mins a match, not lose their image rights because they've sat on a bench for a month
    so basically (as chelsea have found out) you ill always have dressing room arguments between the best players in the world

    it doesn't matter if your team is "kaka clone" x11, the other clones on the bench would want to be on the pitch and fester about it when they weren't

    it's rare that you get a "solksyaer-super-sub", willing to wait, yet still able to keep match fitness and stay aware of the team around him; bear in mind that kaka, like a certain other world class midfielder is going to get chunks kicked out of him each week too; i wonder how many weeks he'd play before he picks up an injury? :)

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  • 296. At 2:00pm on 16 Jan 2009, Les-Rouches wrote:

    Nice one Robbo, I agree with the sentiment.

    The result is predictable, sport becomes devalued, tainted and could eventually become ruined. - Let’s forget the football, and just compare Balance Sheets, then allocate trophies accordingly. Get a rich sponsor and you have a chance. Get the richest and you'll win everything!

    I hate to compare, but American Football manages "the sport" overall, as an entertainment. Salary caps, allocated draft picks etc, are intended to ensure that no one club becomes a "dynasty" and every club, over say a 25 year period has a chance. You can't buy a team and buy success, certainly not in the long-term. Could we do this in football? Probably not as the genie is out of the bottle. Players get paid too much for being adequate and too much money is controlled by too few clubs. FIFA has no teeth and the media need a supply of games to broadcast.

    Maybe, only the fans can change this now, by voting with their feet. I watch lower-league football, and yes, sometimes it is awful, but it's real. If we win, it's because our physio managed to patch them back together better than theirs, our manager was a bit smarter, or that glorious shot destined for the back of the stand was somehow intercepted by the back-of the net. I just don't like what's happening at the top of football anymore.

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  • 297. At 2:05pm on 16 Jan 2009, celery_shtick wrote:


    he's hacked it in Italy (pun intended) for long enough.

    if he arrives, he'll be brilliant, in so many ways. Personally - I'm only jealous that we haven't gone for him. Thought Big Phil would've been a big fan.

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  • 298. At 2:12pm on 16 Jan 2009, ristmi wrote:

    Hmm... so, Handsome-Ransom, you sign up with a brand new account JUST (i.e., comment #293 is your one and only comment to date) to vent your rage-induced, hateful opinion? How ever so mature! I wonder if your real 'name' is BBC7?...

    And anyway, with ~300 posted comments, one suspects this blog has done its 'job' admirably.

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  • 299. At 2:18pm on 16 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    i dont see what all the big fuss is about , man city are only going to do wat manchester united , liverpool , chelsea , real madrid , ac milan , inter milan , barcelona to name a few have been doing for years , BUYING SUCCESS AND OUT BIDDING for players and knockin up silly amounts of wages for them players.

    all this about the credit crunch and man city payin all this money , well , are you tryin to tell me in this credit crunch that a player on 80,000 a week is even far , i dont think so , and how many poeple in the EPL on 80,000 plus a week. its not man city goin to ruin football the EPL has ruined football this last decade with the silly amounts of money thats floating about in it, there are bigger clubs out there than any of those outside the big four in the prem league that dont even get a fraction of the money those teams have. and now we have a team outside of those big clubs with more money to spare and spend and we get all this ,if man u , chelsea and liverpool pay ALL their debt back maybe our banks wouldnt be in the situation now , 100's of millions they owe. the top teams in the EPL and the FA have to take responibility for this for allowin it to get like this , but then again it was alright when manchester united chelsea and all were spending BIG and over the top money for players and their titles , if man utd r chelsea could afford that amount of money no doubt it would be spent.

    also the credit crunch isnt affecting any of these to clubs r top players their still on 80,000 + per week , it must be hard to get by on lets say 30,000 a week , how could anyone survive on just 30,000 a week eh? and what the owners of city want to spend out of THEIR OWN PERSONNAL WEALTH , is no1 elses business but theirs. if they wish to splash that amount they should have the freedom to do so , just as all those "top" clubs in europe have been doing for years.

    Look at celtic f.c , they are bigger than any club out of the top 4 , maybe bigger than some of the top four and yet they dont even get a fraction of the money the team finishing bottom of the EPL get , and thats winning their league and gettin to latter stages of champions league , but u dont hear us moan , fact is celtic f.c are as safe as any club at the minutes , debt wise etc.

    what i hope is , is this is the end of the EPL and the "big" money signings , and that they all come down to earth with and awful slap. im glad to see some1 outside the top sides doin this on them and seeing all the reactions to it and compare the reactions to the reactions when these tops teams paying for the odds this last decade.

    i also see a tint of jealousy with all these comments , because i think u all no man city are as safe as houses with their funding compared to man utd , liverpool , chelsea who when things get a bit tougher , their owners will not be albe to cope with the debt the way city will be able to.

    Man u , chelsea and liverpool have all to take blame for this for starting it all off.

    Lets not forget that all these top teams were took over by foreign owners , with lots of money, willing to splash it in order for success, and have done so for years , and now many city top that league and no they canot compete , just as many clubs in many countrys havent been able to compete for years , we get all this rubbish about spending big amounts. spending 30 mil + a player is just as bad as 100mill and paying ANYONE 120,000 a week is as ad as 500,000 a week. its not just the man city team beating the credit crunch so well , its every player in the top 4 of , england , spain and italy.


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  • 300. At 2:21pm on 16 Jan 2009, mrcardigan wrote:

    If that amount of money is floating about in football (and it is) then who should it go to? The accountants? The people who advertise their products and sell them by the million during games? The TV companies? The people who write about other people playing the game? Or those who actually do it? It's called economics mate...

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  • 301. At 2:27pm on 16 Jan 2009, JezzHK wrote:

    This is absolutely sick. 100 Million, plus 500,000 K a week? I am losing all respect for the game. Shame on everyone involved in this.

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  • 302. At 2:30pm on 16 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    JezzHK , is 120,000 a week for ronaldo ok then? for terry? lampard etc.? NO IT DAMN WELL ISNT

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  • 303. At 2:32pm on 16 Jan 2009, panamaroadotahuhu wrote:

    Strong opinions on this one, not surprisingly.

    I have to go into bat for Abu Dhabi.

    I lived there for 18 months from 1991 - 1993 and loved the place, so I confess my bias.

    These guys are no mugs. A lot of countries have oil, but not all of them have invested their wealth as wisely ( step forward Nigeria ).

    They love their sport in the UAE , particularly football ( although camel racing and hawking were huge when I was there and I don't imagine that has changed much ). The national team made the World Cup in 1990 and from memory it wasn't chock full of repatriated Brazilians. Check out the Hamdan Centre ( if it's still there ) for football shirts - but don't be surprised if the sponsors name is spelled incorrectly.

    I think the fact that the investors come from the Middle East will mean that they will always be viewed with suspicion, but I would be more concerned about the provenance of the funding of Eastern European oilgarchs ( and their potential to be "disappeared" ) or indeed the US investment ( given their loan gearing and tendency to invest in Ponzi schemes ) than I would about where the money comes from in the UAE. It's simple as far as Abu Dhabi is concerned - it comes out of the ground and from pretty clued up foreign investment.

    Robbo, your team has benefitted from an ( undeniably less ) wealthy benefactor so let's not come over too much the working class hero. How do you think Teeside was made attractive to the likes of Juninho Ravenelli and Emerson? Juninho was devoutly religious too, if memory serves, and he proved pretty loyal to Teeside so maybe the same will happen with Kaka. The massive salary will also help!

    That this amount of money seems obscene and bizarre is because it is being paid in a climate ( at least here in Europe ) of recession and retrenchment. I recall that a few years ago there was talk of £60 million bids for Ronaldinho - some expressions of amazement then but no predictions of the end of life on Earth.

    I don't think we can doubt that there is an element of the expression of wealth as a statement here - that Abu Dhabi is taking the opportunity of saying "we are the new big noise in town - in your face Russia and China", but can you blame them for perhaps taking this opportunity to grab some attention and set the place up as a major centre for when the oil does run out?

    That they may pull out after a while is possible, but I would hope that ( like the horce racing Maktoums from up the road ) they'll stick around a while. As long as Kaka spends his dough in the UK ( buying Macclesfield for his relatives and kick starting the Uk property market, maybe ) and giving 10% to the Church ( someone has to pay off the claims of all those altar boys ), it may be a good thing.

    I just hope Sparky lasts long enough to spend some more - he may be batting for the wrong side now but I still remember his goal in Rotterdam and the semi-final volley against Oldham. The man deserves some luck.

    PS If any of the Royal Family are reading this I could do wih a couple of million to boost my son's under 6 team.

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  • 304. At 2:32pm on 16 Jan 2009, Bunglechunk wrote:

    Post #289 - This argument has nothing to do with race, religion or gender. This argument is about morality. The fact is that Man City - as a club, not just one person at the top with the fat wallet – are willing to pay £107 million pounds to bring a person to this country and give that person £500,000 per week to PLAY A GAME is disgusting and morally wrong. I’m a life long Sunderland supporter, love my club and love the beautiful game. But if this was happening at Sunderland, I would boycott the club out of principal.

    How the hell can you even suggest that Kaka would potentially go to City for any other reason than for the money?! Man City is a micky mouse club compared to AC Milan. They will never be as big as AC Milan (or Man U for that matter) and they live in the shadow of Man U. Always have, always will. And when this all falls apart in a couple of years, we’ll see who’s there for the love of the club or the money. You can guarantee the likes of Robiniho will be banging back on Real’s door for sure.

    No one is suggesting that he should pay for two hospitals, they suggest that kind of money COULD pay for two hospitals. That’s a mere suggestion that it’s a better way to spend that kind of money.

    I for one hope that Kaka turns city down and West Ham hold out for a ridiculous sum of money that your beloved club will pay for Bellamy. That will prove there is still some sensible players out there who don’t just see the dollar signs and give me renewed hope for the game worldwide, not just in this overly pampered premiership.

    No player deserves to earn more than a doctor. That’s a fact. Doctors save lives, players don’t. There needs to be a serious rethink of the situation as a whole, not just at City.

    I don’t think people are jealous, or bitter. I think DISGUSTED is the common feeling among the real people outside of the little Man City bubble. That is why this transfer is receiving so much of a backlash and no other reason.

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  • 305. At 2:33pm on 16 Jan 2009, MeTheDaddy wrote:

    Post 299

    Spot on about Celtic and highlights perfectly my earlier point about SPL. Lack of interest, lack of investment. Dominted by two clubs. Not much revenue from TV, sponsors, etc.

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  • 306. At 2:34pm on 16 Jan 2009, TDC5013 wrote:

    @ 289:

    None of this is levelled at race or at Citeh, despite your attempts to convince everyone it is. It's the amount of money that is the issue. In any sport, in fact in any form of business, 100 million quid is a big price tag for the contract of a single person. Then you tack on 500 grand a week, that's even more extravagant.

    Everyone knows that a lot of clubs are in debt, that's the face of football at the moment, and it is by no means a good thing, or an exceptable one. BUT this still doesn't qualify the transfer fee. "Oh United owe this much, Chelsea owe that much" well obviously they do. Because that's how transfers are carried out now, you pay a percentage up front, then pay the rest over a span of a few seasons, with maybe a few extra incentives tacked on, such as 1 mil once the player gets to 20 appearences, etc.

    Another point stresses how Mark Hughes hasn't been undermined by this transfer. I agree, he clearly wants the player, and it's obviously his idea to buy him. But, his job was immediately undermined just a few days after he got the job, when the owners read off a list of the players they want to buy. I also agree with you that he isn't in control of the transfer policy, though most managers are. Take Alex Ferguson: he doesn't say to David Gill "I want 'x', try and get him". He is with Gill every step of the way, they discuss the potential fee, and, if it gets rejected, they discuss whether a new proposal is necessary, or whether to drop the issue all together.

    On a more general note, I'll also tell you why one of their owners should have to buy hospitals. You obviously have no idea how they made their money; they didn't get lucky on the pools. A lot of their money was made on the Dubai housing bubble, a lot like what happened here in the West, except their's didn't burst in such a huge way. These people made billions over construction contracts, contracts that were fulfilled by constructing housing blocks made by people desperate for money, who were made to stay in hovels containing 10 or more other people for the majority of the construction. If they tried to escape they were shot dead. They were poorly fed and made to work day till night with no breaks, and they weren't allowed to see their families. That's why the Sheiks should spend money on hospitals, because they made their money of the backs of porrly treated people.

    Also, there is no "jealousy" there is just animosity. If my team decided to spend 100 mill on Lio Messi, I'd be equally disgusted. Chelsea threw their money around, and it got them a few trophies, but not the main one; the European cup. And now they're don't look too strong. As opposed to United or Liverpool, who look increasingly resilient. They may have splashed the cash around, but not on entire team - proving that one player wont change the fortunes of a club.

    Once again, I mention that race is not the issue in this situation, or in football ownership. The opposition to foreign ownership stems from the potential for these kinds of deals. 100 million on one player, when, in the past, teams had to have success to buy the best players. Take United in 98. They wanted to buy Blomqvist, and Yorke, but had no money. So they decided they had to sell players, they even came close to selling Solskjaer, who ended up scoring the winner to get them the European Cup. Another reason people are opposed to club ownership, foreign or otherwise, is because it creates a lack of competition in the league. Because of foreign ownership we now have the "top four", which has now seemingly been broken up buy Aston Villa - another bought out team.

    The Kaka transfer is not unique, in anway. It is the very epitomy of what the modern game has become; purely a monetary thing. Crerrand, Best, Law, Charlton, Kidd, Keegan, Rush, Shilton, Pele. These were fantastic players, in their day. All of them moved clubs, all of them were world class. None of them cost 100 million. Or even the latter day equivalent. Just because Kaka is a great player doesn't make this transfer different. It's just another one in the long list of record breaking transfers. A record that will, yet again, be broken, yet again, by Citeh.

    At the end, you're right, no Citeh fans will be having any sleepless nights. I doubt the Chelsea fans did when they started their huge bidding game. But, at the end of the day, is that the issue? Or is the issue the huge effect this amount of money will have on the modern game? Smaller teams being phased out because of no investment (already a problem in the lower leagues), the biggest ones buying all the world's best players, and throwing them away when their finished with them. I think it will be exciting to see the likes of Kaka in the league, as it would be to see any world beater play. Usually, you'd only see a player of this caliber play an English site while watching the Champions League. But now it seems the only way a team can qualify to the Champions League is by getting massive investment, when it used to be about good management, and good team morale. Another effect of this type of investment; the shorter lifespan of a manager. Fergie wouldn't have been here 2 months if he took over United in this climate; when he took over United won hardly anything, then things started getting better, and now he's considered one of the best managers in the world. Did he have 100's of millions to splash out on a single player? No. He made sensible purchases, and invested in youth. Another thing we will see a lack of once more world beaters get bought.

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  • 307. At 2:49pm on 16 Jan 2009, boolot wrote:

    I think it's hilarious!! Not the blog, but the fact that EVERYONE talks like they know every detail!

    Here are some FACTS -

    1. Nobody knows exactly how much City are going to spend on Kaka!

    2. If Kaka and the rest of our team can get into the champions league then the owners stand to make a lot of this expenditure back! The name Kaka alone brings in mass revenue!

    3. NOBODY, with the exception of Kaka and his family and maybe a couple of friends REALLY know what Kaka wants AND certainly only THEY know what type of guy he his!!

    4. Everyone who writes the drivel on this blog need to be more honest!! U would ALL kill for YOUR clubs to be in our position!


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  • 308. At 2:54pm on 16 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    boolot , if u read half the comments on here u would realize some of us havent a problem on this , and arent blaming city and arent jealous.

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  • 309. At 2:55pm on 16 Jan 2009, hortas wrote:

    Hope you're rich Kaka Tom.

    Unless it all goes pear shaped in the next few years most of your away matches ( and maybe some of your "home" games ) will be played away from this island.

    It will be a great ride for a few years but most of the many City fans I know will be fed up when most City fans have never been to Manchester and will miss going to the Reebok/JJB/Ewood/Goodison etc.

    You think the JJB is expensive? - better start saving fot the air-miles - or will you join the Manchester branch of the World's biggest club watching with a subscription TV season ticket?

    Yes, I envy you at the moment but will pity you when you loose what has been a local club. Bring it on......

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  • 310. At 2:55pm on 16 Jan 2009, TDC5013 wrote:

    @ 307

    1. We know the region, as it has been confirmed by the owners.

    2. You don't get over 100 mill for getting into the champions league you idiot, or even winning it. You'd need to win it about 10 times to get the money back.

    3: Kaka said publicly he wants to be the future captain of AC Milan. His father has also been in the news saying what Kaka wants.

    4: I, for one, wouldn't like my club to be in a position where they're getting ripped off this badly. Kaka maybe good, but not 100 million good. No one is.

    5: Why would ANYONE be jealous of a team that aren't even in the top four? All that money spent on Robinho for nothing, eh?

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  • 311. At 2:57pm on 16 Jan 2009, JezzHK wrote:

    C'mon everyone. Man City fans included. This is just silly economics. Don't confuse big money with smart money.

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  • 312. At 2:59pm on 16 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    Re 296

    The problem with getting rid of dynasties is that you introduce mediocrity. To my mind, this is worst than having a dynasty. Salary Caps force teams to break before they otherwise would naturally break up. Salary Caps regulate against great teams achieving great things. I don't think that this is good for a sport as a whole.

    Look at the NFL, yes the Patriots were able to win 3 Superbowls in four years, but they have ultimately had to get rid of there best players and in order to stay on top, they've had to rely on one player. When he got hurt, they simply were not the same. Most teams can go from worst to fist becausee of the Salary Cap, in part because they get a really easy schedule to navigate through the Season. However, the season after they go back to being one of the worst teams.

    Basically you are creating a situation where there are no great teams. I don't believe this is good. Having a dynasty is actually good for sports. Why? because it gives every team in the league a chance to measure themselves against the best. IT also has the benifit of making victory for the smaller teams that much more memorable and enjoyable when they do win.

    A text book example of this from the States would be the post war New York Yankees who would appear in the World Series 15 times from 1947 to 1964, winning it ten times. It became news when they didn't appear. During this stretch there main rivals were the Brooklyn/ Los Angeles Dodgers, whom they would meet 7 times during this period. Every time, the Dodgers would end up losing to the Yankees and every year their fans would cry "Wait till next year," until it finally came and they won in 1955.

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  • 313. At 3:00pm on 16 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    jezzHK its sillt money simply because of the fact that you are any team u no are as wealthey as this man , this is loose change , same way 30mill is loose change to the gills at united to roman at chelsea etc.

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  • 314. At 3:00pm on 16 Jan 2009, jer2len wrote:

    City should use that kind of money to buy 3 or 4 really decent players and then build on that next season. This will put them in good stead by 2010 to start challenging the Big Four.
    If Mark Hughes cannot think like this, he is not the right man for the job.

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  • 315. At 3:03pm on 16 Jan 2009, TDC5013 wrote:


    Gill doesn't fund United, Glazer does. Do your research.

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  • 316. At 3:05pm on 16 Jan 2009, fingerbob99 wrote:

    This could be the one deal that changes everything! Everybody is up in arms about the amount of cash being handed over, even the City fans. Every single so called pro footballer is now worth about £50m each. What would happen if Titus Bramble decided to kick him in his Kaka's in his first game and he was out injured for 6 months? He makes his return and he plays like donkey and suddenly he's only worth £2m and a measly £90k a week?

    Why dont these Dubai idiots buy a new 747 and GO HOME! BUY SOME MORE RACEHORSES AND LEAVE OUR GAME ALONE!!

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  • 317. At 3:09pm on 16 Jan 2009, fyshfysh wrote:

    I haven't time to read through 314 (probably 350 by the time I've written this) comments so I shall merely say in response to the blog; genius. The 'three strikers short of a starting XI' bit was my personal favourite. Keep up the good work Robbo.

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  • 318. At 3:09pm on 16 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    @316 , this is no different to man u , chelsea , liverpool , inter milan , ac milan , barelona , real madrid have been doin for years. and now theres a team out bidding them the supporters dont like it.


    more big clubcs have had to get on with it this years now its your turn to join us.

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  • 319. At 3:15pm on 16 Jan 2009, TDC5013 wrote:


    The world record transfer fee is about 40 mill. This is over 100 mill. That's a massive difference. With the exception of Chelsea, all the other clubs you mentioned have bought their players with earnings made from cup wins. NOT massive investment deals.

    Want to get anything else wrong while you're at it?

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  • 320. At 3:21pm on 16 Jan 2009, newslightblue wrote:


    Where were you when Man u spent 28 mill on Veron or when Blackburn bought a title or when the Pool spent a small fortune on players.............. or is it just that everyone wants a cap on spending and wages now that Man City actually have the dosh to blow the UTDs of this world out off the water (eventually).
    The cheek of an unfashionable club like City to try and mix it with the so called top four and they call us bitter.

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  • 321. At 3:22pm on 16 Jan 2009, CantonasCollar79 wrote:

    Even with Kaka, City will still lose to clubs like Forest in the F.A. Cup, never win two weeks in a row, never lose three weeks in a row, and go yet another year without a trophy OF ANY KIND.

    Once a small club, always a small club....this is how it feels to be City....lalala (hahaha) ((kakaka))

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  • 322. At 3:25pm on 16 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    i dont see what all the big fuss is about , man city are only going to do wat manchester united , liverpool , chelsea , real madrid , ac milan , inter milan , barcelona to name a few have been doing for years , BUYING SUCCESS AND OUT BIDDING for players and knockin up silly amounts of wages for them players.

    all this about the credit crunch and man city payin all this money , well , are you tryin to tell me in this credit crunch that a player on 80,000 a week is even far , i dont think so , and how many poeple in the EPL on 80,000 plus a week. its not man city goin to ruin football the EPL has ruined football this last decade with the silly amounts of money thats floating about in it, there are bigger clubs out there than any of those outside the big four in the prem league that dont even get a fraction of the money those teams have. and now we have a team outside of those big clubs with more money to spare and spend and we get all this ,if man u , chelsea and liverpool pay ALL their debt back maybe our banks wouldnt be in the situation now , 100's of millions they owe. the top teams in the EPL and the FA have to take responibility for this for allowin it to get like this , but then again it was alright when manchester united chelsea and all were spending BIG and over the top money for players and their titles , if man utd r chelsea could afford that amount of money no doubt it would be spent.

    also the credit crunch isnt affecting any of these to clubs r top players their still on 80,000 + per week , it must be hard to get by on lets say 30,000 a week , how could anyone survive on just 30,000 a week eh? and what the owners of city want to spend out of THEIR OWN PERSONNAL WEALTH , is no1 elses business but theirs. if they wish to splash that amount they should have the freedom to do so , just as all those "top" clubs in europe have been doing for years.

    Look at celtic f.c , they are bigger than any club out of the top 4 , maybe bigger than some of the top four and yet they dont even get a fraction of the money the team finishing bottom of the EPL get , and thats winning their league and gettin to latter stages of champions league , but u dont hear us moan , fact is celtic f.c are as safe as any club at the minutes , debt wise etc.

    what i hope is , is this is the end of the EPL and the "big" money signings , and that they all come down to earth with and awful slap. im glad to see some1 outside the top sides doin this on them and seeing all the reactions to it and compare the reactions to the reactions when these tops teams paying for the odds this last decade.

    i also see a tint of jealousy with all these comments , because i think u all no man city are as safe as houses with their funding compared to man utd , liverpool , chelsea who when things get a bit tougher , their owners will not be albe to cope with the debt the way city will be able to.

    Man u , chelsea and liverpool have all to take blame for this for starting it all off.

    Lets not forget that all these top teams were took over by foreign owners , with lots of money, willing to splash it in order for success, and have done so for years , and now many city top that league and no they canot compete , just as many clubs in many countrys havent been able to compete for years , we get all this rubbish about spending big amounts. spending 30 mil + a player is just as bad as 100mill and paying ANYONE 120,000 a week is as ad as 500,000 a week. its not just the man city team beating the credit crunch so well , its every player in the top 4 of , england , spain and italy.

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  • 323. At 3:29pm on 16 Jan 2009, MeTheDaddy wrote:

    Rumour begats rumour. Benitez refuses to sign anew contract. It must mean he's off to Eastlands.

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  • 324. At 3:29pm on 16 Jan 2009, TrueBlue28 wrote:

    one fine morning, sheikh asked his children what would you like (gift) this summer?

    Kids replied we want that football club in Manchester.

    In the evening sheikh told his kids you wish granted. Kids asked to meet ronaldo so sheikh called Manchester and asked for ronaldo. Mr. Cook told him oh sorry but he plays for united. Sheikh got embarrassd and ordered his new slaves get me ronaldo or someone similar. In return they got him robinho. And robinho after scoring goal sucks his thumb to show sheikh it's for his Kids...

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  • 325. At 3:35pm on 16 Jan 2009, boolot wrote:

    - Cillyutj -

    It was directed at those who write jealous drivel. This might well not be you! apologies for including you in this! I haven't had time to read every post as there are a lot of them!

    - TDC5013 -

    "idiot"!! we've resulted to name calling now! Now if that doesn't smack of jealousy I don't know what does!! Calm down mate! You'll give yourself a nose bleed! My point was. that everyone keeps going on about things that HAVEN'T been confirmed and things they DON'T know anything about, e.g - What Kaka will be paid and what Kaka is like as a person and what he wants!

    With players like Kaka and all the others we could potentially bring in its realistic that we can get to the champions league and stay there and make a lot of money back from our expenditure!

    My mum taught me that sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me! But your "idiot" remark really has effected me. I am signing off now to have a good cry and generaly just get it all out of my system!

    p.s - I've told my mum on you and she says that if you have to call people names then it's YOU who is the idiot!! So there!!!!

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  • 326. At 3:45pm on 16 Jan 2009, inoffapost wrote:

    Oh dear. It was only a matter of time and now the petty inter club bitchin' starts and dummies thrown out of prams.

    Really, I have no axe to grind. But the shock of the extremity of the deal, the sheer amount of money for one individual.

    Look, I want City to break the top four and make it five. I want Villa to follow them and be a top six, and Everton after that and so on. I want the variety of winners and the risk of the unknown. But the EPL don't want that and nor does the status quo that dominate the games. Thats because they are businesses and they and their shareholders don't want the unpredictability. They have all got profit forecasts to make and meet and more potential winners just threaten their position.

    I can't agree with American Sports fan either. Any fan of one of the 'also-ran' clubs, myself included would love the chance to be a Superbowl winner just once even if it meant a dramatic drop off the next year.

    So no way do I object to City and their fans wanting that. I just think 100 mill, or whatever, invested in 10 players is a more sound approach than just 1. But, as it isn't my money or my team I shall shut my trap.

    One of the most positive things about this blog and its reaction though is that football fans are discussing how much money the Church, whatever the denomination, might get. Now thats something I thought I would never see. C'mon lets keep our tongue firmly in our cheeks now.

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  • 327. At 3:52pm on 16 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    didnt one of the liverpool owerns pay a similar amount for a baseball player?

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  • 328. At 3:58pm on 16 Jan 2009, leightonaddick wrote:

    I don't care about the Premier League much less about Manchester City, but I still don't see why people are getting so worked up about this Kaka transfer.

    There is hardly a player in the Man Utd first team that costs less than 20 million. Their squad will still cost and earn more than City's squad even with the arrival of Kaka. And its hardly as if everyone else in the Premiership is on the bread-line.

    So why the sudden fuss? The Premiership made football predictable and obssessed with greed years ago. It hasn't just happened in the last week.

    And its not as if its tax payers' money either......who cares.....

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  • 329. At 4:00pm on 16 Jan 2009, Perry wrote:

    Some of you have said that he would be "mad to say no", I disagree. I think Kaka would be mad to say yes!

    As he is a devout Christian, I think he should remember some passages from the Bible.

    "Truly, I say to you, it will be hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Again, I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God' (Matthew. 19:23-24).

    'But woe to you that are rich, for you have received your consolation. Woe to you that are full now, for you shall hunger' (Luke. 6:24-25).

    I'm not a Christian, but, looking at Manchester City's reputation and current Premier League position, the only reason for the transfer would be greed on Kaka's part, and so if he does take it, he has made a terrible oversight as far as his beliefs are concerned.

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  • 330. At 4:01pm on 16 Jan 2009, backinwhite wrote:

    A few observations:

    Leaving money aside, it is fantastic that footy fans will be able to see talent like Kaka at their local ground. When I was a kid, I would have loved it if Pele and Beckenbauer, were playing down the road. This has been a fantastic benefit of the whole Subscription TV / Rich Owners era.

    How much money is too much? Who decides? This is a private business employing a private individual. Why do people think they have a right to impose their views on this (Voice you opinions, yes, but don't demand regulation). As soon as you start capping someones wages, you are on a logic line to communism. (Let's just set up a committee of beaurocrats to decide whether a League One footballers wages should be more or less than night club's DJ)

    City are being bankrolled by a wealthy foreign owner, so it has no knock on effect on TV subscription prices.

    This is new money coming into football and into the economies of Italy, UK, and assuming Kaka would send money home, Brazil. How can this be a bad thing? So Kaka buys a few flash cars from dealerships in Manchester, those dealers, their staff, the shops that they spend their commissions in, etc etc all benefit from the trickle down, and taxes are paid at each stage. Would people really rather the money stay in a Bank in the Middle East?

    Can everyone who is contemplating a post along the lines of " they can't buy history", "you can't buy success" " why would a top player go to a (currently)second tier club" "it'll be the death of footbal" etc etc just cut and paste the same comments that were made about Chelsea when Abramovich bought them. The reality is, Abramovich's money created an extra "top tier" club, adding to the league's interest, and attracted some top players to this country. Footy fans would have to agree that Abramovich has been good for the league, and I am optimistic that City's new owners will be as well.

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  • 331. At 4:02pm on 16 Jan 2009, davidthelegoman wrote:

    That t-shirt of Kaka's, that he belongs to Jesus, well I put it to you like this; I happen to own Jesus and thus I conclude that as a result, Kaka belongs to me and I expect for Manchester City to be posting me a rather large cheque to be cashed early next week.

    I thank the Sheik's kindly.

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  • 332. At 4:05pm on 16 Jan 2009, leightonaddick wrote:

    So does Kaka belongs to Jesus in the same way that Tevez belongs to that Iranian bloke? Are City going to find themselves embroiled in a similar player eligibility controversy that afflicted West Ham? Let's hope so.

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  • 333. At 4:08pm on 16 Jan 2009, davidthelegoman wrote:

    No, because having previously stated my ownership of Jesus, I do not see any complications arising with his transfer. Are you listening Mark Hughes? I WANT 100 MILLION POUNDS BY THE END OF THE WEEK. Please.

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  • 334. At 4:12pm on 16 Jan 2009, Bodin! Fachy Fawr wrote:

    Football be wrecked because of an influx of money. If you're truly disgusted by the amount of money being thrown about then don't abandon the whole game as a result.

    There are loads of honest players and wholesome clubs in the lower leagues crying out for support.

    Forget the TV sport subscriptions and go to a game on Saturday instead!

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  • 335. At 4:13pm on 16 Jan 2009, Samwell2804 wrote:

    #329 - stunner2020 -

    thats some good quotations there my friend, well put, maybe Kaka should take note seen as he is this devoute Christian!!!
    Nevermind that he supposedly gives a "rather large chunk" of his wages to the Church, because I very much sure that he wont be giving 90-95 percent of it away, thus living closer to the average person?!

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  • 336. At 4:20pm on 16 Jan 2009, MeTheDaddy wrote:

    As someone said, "Who cares?" Isn't that the point? Less people are caring, the more money dominates. Vicious circle. Have you watched the darts recently?

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  • 337. At 4:22pm on 16 Jan 2009, panamaroadotahuhu wrote:


    The investors are from Abu Dhabi not Dubai - different Emirate, different Ruling Family, a bit of rivalry between the two in fact. A bit like confusing Wales and England, in a way.

    I'm sure you knew this but the late Sheikh Zayed was eased into power by a bloodless coup against his older brother - engineered by the British Government to a large extent as they considered that Sheihk Zayed was a better bet for opening up the Emirate to oil exploration and development.

    I think it's called "the biter bit"

    However, I'm sure that they'll pay attention to your plea, as you are clearly a well-informed sophisticate.

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  • 338. At 4:23pm on 16 Jan 2009, JezzHK wrote:

    "JESUS SAVES"...but Kaka scores with the rebound!

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  • 339. At 4:26pm on 16 Jan 2009, Footy_Head wrote:

    Spot on, totally agree, its sickening.

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  • 340. At 4:26pm on 16 Jan 2009, Samwell2804 wrote:

    #334 - Bodin! Fachy Fawr -

    As a lower league team supporter myself. I Totally agree with you mate, there are plenty of local clubs out there other than the big boys, who are crying out for your support and fan base, dont go and give these already mega rich men your money, instead go and give it to your local lower league team, when the players earn more realsistic wages, and are more in touch with the fans.

    as you say "loads of wholesome and honest clubs in the lower lkeagues crying out for support"

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  • 341. At 4:31pm on 16 Jan 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    Oh look it's nowt to do with it being Man City rather than one of the other big spenders. Chelsea paranoia already and you're not even guaranteed to avoid the drop yet! It's nothing to do with jealousy either. Of course Kaka will find that sort of lucre difficult to turn down. The problem is that the bloke will earn money that would keep a small town going for a about six months, and it's blinking ludicrous. I know the anti-lefties will say 'that's capitalism for you'. But it's not time to be smugly wrapping your arms around that concept now it's been proved, at its worst, to be a self-seeking greed-fest. I'd keep schtum about that, my little white-collar pals. And any road, as #329 has pointed out the New Testament does kind of paint Jesus as a bit of a lefty any road, so hopefully Kaka, when he does get here (after he's approved the team sheet and the long-term strategy and negotiated and opt-out that says if this goes puppies up I'm off to Real Madrid) will start a little redistribution of wealth himself.

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  • 342. At 4:35pm on 16 Jan 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    If Kaka belongs to Jesus then strictly speaking Citeh will just have him on loan.

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  • 343. At 4:37pm on 16 Jan 2009, davidthelegoman wrote:

    No, I'm telling you, technically he does belong to me. Honest!

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  • 344. At 4:39pm on 16 Jan 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    So it's a sub-loan. Uh-oh. Wait til the FA hear about this.

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  • 345. At 4:41pm on 16 Jan 2009, rooneydabest09 wrote:

    i think kaka would not do very well anyway

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  • 346. At 4:44pm on 16 Jan 2009, backinwhite wrote:


    Robbo, you are missing the point. There is no choice of what the money is spent on. It's not a case of "it should be put to better use" of course it could be. However it's the Sheikh's money and the choice is sit in a middle eastern bank or Kaka's wages. By choosing the latter, some of the money ends up in our economy and we get to see a top player week in week out at our grounds. Why isn't this a good thing?

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  • 347. At 4:52pm on 16 Jan 2009, davidthelegoman wrote:

    No it's ok Robbo, I'm willing to sell them Jesus too, his coach tells me he's like a Shilton, Beckenbauer, Maradona cross breed. So that should stand City in good stead at least eh.

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  • 348. At 5:11pm on 16 Jan 2009, MeTheDaddy wrote:

    Post 341

    Robbo, good to see a response from you. You've got us all having a natter, with loads of opinions, all ultimately making no difference!!
    Joking aside, and this isn't aimed at Man City in particular, this ridiculous nonsense cannot continue without having a major impact on the game we all love and were brougt up to love. How many children do you see at EPL football already compared with in the past? The blind loyalty we have through our fathers and attending matches, standing on a milk crate barely exists in the younger generation who will support Chelsea, Man U or Bacup if they look like winning something.

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  • 349. At 5:14pm on 16 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    Re 326

    But if you are on one of those also ran clubs you won't be able to enjoy any kind of run of sucess with a salary cap because you'll be forced to get rid of you best players because of finacial restrictions put in place by the league. If you do bring in veterans to replace them they won't be as good as those you are having them replace. You will never have the chance to become a great team.

    Re 327

    Yes Hicks paid these kind of one Player. He signed Alex Rodreguiez to a 10 year $253 million dollar contract, but because of this he was unable to spend money on other players and the team finished in last place. He eventually traded Arod to the Yankees, but until Arod exercised his opt out clause two years ago, he was still responsible for paying Arod about $15 million a year or 60 % of his yearly Salery.

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  • 350. At 5:22pm on 16 Jan 2009, SalemHanna wrote:

    I just can't bring myself to begrudge Kaka any of this. For a boy who broke his back to grow up and become a sporting icon borders on miraculous. People say being paid this much is 'un-Christian'...I disagree. I'm no theologist, but I think the full context of the Bible's attitude to wealth is that you must be rich towards God even if you do store things up for yourself. In other words, rich people have a responsibility to be generous to other people...that doesn't mean you shouldn't be rich at all.

    Kaka, good on you whatever you choose, and show the doubters you're worth every penny. I don't even support Man City, but I'm happy for the club if they get you.

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  • 351. At 5:31pm on 16 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:



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  • 352. At 5:32pm on 16 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:


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  • 353. At 5:42pm on 16 Jan 2009, Arctic wrote:

    The deal would be that he goes if any of the following happen.

    The owners leave, City get relegated or they fail to make the Champion's League within another 2 seasons.

    Basically he's gone if the money needed to pay his wages goes too.

    So not too bad a situation in my mind. You get the player, even if it is for *only* 5 years (has Ronaldo been at Utd for 5 years yet?), and the rest of us get to see one of the best footballers in the world playing in our league.

    Let's be honest here. Even at Liverpool, Milan or Barcelona, not too many of their best players have stuck around for 5 years - it used to happen, but not any more. They move with the money now and the money is at City.

    This is what foreign transfers are supposed to be like. Not some full back from Malmo who's no better than a 3rd division kicker. Real flair and talent that will make our league more entertaining.

    As a Liverpool supporter I'm well jealous, but the idea of City buying a team good enough to make them the best in Manchester? I donate a fiver of my own cash to that cause.

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  • 354. At 5:51pm on 16 Jan 2009, MeTheDaddy wrote:


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  • 355. At 6:11pm on 16 Jan 2009, DortmundOwl wrote:

    I do hope that all the bloggers shedding their crocodile tears will now immediately ( if not done already ) cancel their Sky or Sentana subscriptuion, refuse to pay more than 10 GBP for admission to a football game and never buy their kids or themselves replica shirts at 100 GBP ( made by children slaves for less than a quid ).

    YOU are the ones making all this possible!!!

    Switch off, don't go and lets see how football then copes.

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  • 356. At 6:14pm on 16 Jan 2009, Manyol wrote:

    Of course there is some reason to be aghast at what we are witnessing, but let's not be a bunch of drama queens here. I think being disgustingly rich is a problem in the world, but how a person chooses to spend their cash is their business.
    Clearly this is some sort of renaissance for football, it may not be the healthiest, but Shearer is just jealous. Fans want their team to win something- clearly taking risks with loads of cash is the way to do it.

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  • 357. At 6:18pm on 16 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:

    @355 how the hell are we the ones make it happen? THIS MONEY ISNT COMING FROM BRITISH TAX PAYERS nor is it being but to any british person. this is the sheikh PERSONELL WEALTH. NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY1 IN BRITAIN. NO BANKS N NOTHING , NOT A LOAN.


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  • 358. At 6:20pm on 16 Jan 2009, Cillyutj wrote:


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  • 359. At 6:31pm on 16 Jan 2009, SalemHanna wrote:

    Cillyutj, there was plenty of this "is he worth it?" talk last summer over Ronaldo, trust me.

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  • 360. At 6:40pm on 16 Jan 2009, davis wrote:

    "No-one, NO-ONE, deserves to earn £100m * for kicking a chuffin' ball about the place."

    Please... no more "for kicking a football" comments!!! Think about what you're saying. What do you think happens if the sheik doesnt give the 100m to Kaka? Thats right.. it stays in his bank account earning interest for him. Why is that better than giving it to Kaka? It might seem like an obscene amount of money to ordinary people but, newsflash, there are lots of people in the world to who 100m is pocket change! its all relative, dont you understand that? Why do you think the sheik deserves to keep the money more than Kaka deserves to get it? Kaka is just about the best in the world at something that millions of people try to be good at. Thats pretty competitive and capitalism rewards those who compete the best. If you want to complain about the inequality in the world, thats great, but this isnt where you should be looking!!!

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  • 361. At 7:26pm on 16 Jan 2009, ruakaka_red wrote:

    Awesome blog, pity some of the muppets out there didnt actually read it before commenting. I cant see where you said Kaka would earn 100mil a year. You just said 100mil, which by my reckoning is 25mil over 4yrs. When you think that we could solve world hunger for less than the cost of an Olympics, then sport is moving further out of the reach of working class oiks like myself. Its sickening to read some people tryin to justify this latest monopoly money transfer. I'm off the park to watch the lads have a kick around.

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  • 362. At 7:53pm on 16 Jan 2009, Brown-Bottle wrote:

    Who was it that wrote "travel broadens the mind" ? Has the Christian Lad ever looked at weather charts ? No disresprect whatsoever to you Lancastrians / Cheshites, but has he ever been in the area and sampled the weather ? It's not all about what happens on the pitches on a Saturday / Wednesday and whenever else Sky & co. sanction a game, maybe the challenge of the Premiership would entice him from the playing side've it, but an English winter as compared to an Italian or Brazillian one ? Come to that, an English summer compared to an Italian or Brazillian winter...
    I can't see him signing to be honest, his heart isn't in it, otherwise he'd be making the "right" opposed to none at all.
    I don't think any Premiership club would interest him, really...
    There's a style, a "flair" about Italy that's not present in England - the country, not the football, and no amount of money is going to make up for that...
    I'd fall off my seat if he does sign, and if he then says the money didn't play a part in it, then he better re-examine his Christian beliefs.... or his church is one for one huge cheque !

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  • 363. At 8:12pm on 16 Jan 2009, davis wrote:

    361... "Its sickening to read some people tryin to justify this latest monopoly money transfer"

    So, in your world, its better and more moral that the sheikh keeps the money for himself. Please explain? What is it about how the sheikh accumulated this wealth that impresses you so much more than how Kaka would earn it?

    I am not saying that the world isnt crazy, I think there is way too much inequality. What I am pointing out is that it makes no sense to single out Kaka just because he "kicks a football around" for a living and you happen to know his name. It implies you think that there are other jobs that +do+ justify this amount of money, maybe pushing a pen around? You are just being emotional and subjective and looking at a tiny part of the big picture. It's really dumb, thats all.

    Another point... whilst the gap between Kaka and ordinary westerners might seem obscene.... the gap between ordinary westerners and the millions of people who dont even have clean water is obscene too. It all depends where you're standing. It's all relative.

    It's quite possible that Kaka will be more philanthropic with the money than the Sheikh would too. From what I've read about him, he has pretty strong moral beliefs.

    I'm sure that the real elite class who own everything are pleased that you are so preoccupied with kaka getting a few million for "kicking a football around", and not paying any attention to the fact that they are many times wealthier than he is, often for much more "disgusting" reasons.

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  • 364. At 9:08pm on 16 Jan 2009, thehatter10 wrote:

    .ABIT OF A LONG ONE. davidw76s comments are exactly correct . WHY THE F do u people complain about somebdoy earning alot of money . There are worse things happening in the world such as murderers , greedy bank managers , abuser, wars going on . Somebody making money that before you knew were it was going u didnt give a toss. this man deserves every penny , he didnt just wake up and decide to become what he has hes worked so extremely hard . at like in his comments , is a thing that millions of people fail at. when you then reach professionla you then have to work harder to stand out like he does . sowhy does this differ frmo pop stars miming songs and earning twice as much and actors getting as many chances as they like to make the relased film , if your going to say all they do is kick a ball around and have such easy lives , then unless your stupid , ur controdicting ursleleves , if it is that easy then why arnt you doing it and if ur not then why not go and do it , as such an "easy"(as you describe it ) life and such massive amounts of money . and dont pull the one by saying u dont do it because u dont like football because if its so easy then u wudnt care because no body apart frm jesus and the pope would turn down offers like that . Plus im only semi pro and id like to see the fitness levels expectted of footballers these days, it looks so easy on tv dosent it while uve got ur beer and munching on crisps , its a hole different game when playing it .

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  • 365. At 9:17pm on 16 Jan 2009, veni_vidi_arsenal wrote:

    I totally agree- noone should be paid that much- its disgusting when you think that 100mill could probably feed a small country. to pay that much for a footballer is wrong and i hope kaka refuses.

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  • 366. At 9:28pm on 16 Jan 2009, twentythreeredodd wrote:

    April 1st came early this year. £100 million for a footballer, you must be joking. I am sure Kaka is one of the best at present, but he would not have to be that good to be one of the best. Chelsea the other evening, who won 4-1 proved that there is not a footballer on this earth who is worth more than £20 million and if Kaka is that good why are Milan not top of their league??????
    I hope that Man City spend a £1,000 million on players because it won't get them anywhere, they will become the laughing stock of the sporting world, as a Man U supporter it does not bother me how much Man City spend but at least it gives me a laugh.

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  • 367. At 9:38pm on 16 Jan 2009, davis wrote:

    364... you are right to point out that there are far worse ways that people are getting rich in this world.

    Can anyone explain how they think Kaka is harming anyone or anything by relieving the Sheikh of some of his money? The way I see it, if you can make a lot of money without killing or hurting anyone then good luck to you. It's a lot better than the rest of the world where innocent people get killed so that the insanely rich can get even richer. And if you can't think of any examples of that in todays world then maybe you should read a bit more widely than the sports news.

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  • 368. At 9:39pm on 16 Jan 2009, iRocket122 wrote:

    So apparently ,city are aiming to be the best club in five years time,winning major trophies like the 'top four'.
    Teams like Manchester United,Real Madrid,Barcelona etc. have earned the right to be the best team in the world throughout football.
    5 years of throwing money around like sweets isn't making history in any way,shape or form.
    Manchester City will just become like Chelsea were a couple of years back,they'l get rid of their whole first team,buy a load of 'mega-stars' and pay them loads of money,does nobody else think that indivdualism will develop and all of their 'megastars' will just try and outshine each other on the pitch.
    You can't buy a team which blends together,even city fans should know that.
    Now who in their mind believes that you should pay £107 million for Kaka,he is no longer the best player in the world so that downs his value.
    Before you guess i am a Manchester United fan however,my say isnt biased in anyway.
    If your going to pay that much for Kaka,how much are they willing to try and pay for Ronaldo,Messi,Bojan etc.
    I didn't agre when Real Madrid were trying to bribe United with apparent £150 million offer for Ronaldo,you could buy 6 different players to fill that position with that much.
    If you beg to differ,go right ahead,i believe my say pretty much rounds it up for you.

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  • 369. At 9:54pm on 16 Jan 2009, argyle67 wrote:

    Spot on Robbo.The Football Premier League inhabits a totally different planet to the rest of us.I actually like City as a neutral - particularly with all the plastic glory boy Man U fans who don't come from Manchester - and I fear they could lose the support they have from neutral fans if they become Chelsea Mark2.If this type of spending continues forget Pop - Football -Will Eat Itself.

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  • 370. At 9:57pm on 16 Jan 2009, thehatter10 wrote:

    why do people keep bringing up the sob story , this money could feed a small country , nurses and doctors deserve more , maybe they do , i dont know , but u have to realise that life isnt fair otherwise inocent people wouldnt be dying in gaza and children , pets and people wouldnt be being abused nights and day , and the fact that so many people have commented on this blog and many more blogs shows how big kaka is in the world of football

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  • 371. At 9:59pm on 16 Jan 2009, Robbo Robson wrote:

    Hold up! What is this garbage about either the sheikh keeps his money or he spends it on Kaka's wages...?! I mean is that all the bloke can think of to do with that 108 million? What narrow sort of thinking is this? Maybe we could have the Sheikh Mansour League Championship next season? I dunno, the bloke could fund God knows how many things and he picks a footy club. If he'd have picked Boro I'd have been less affronted but I'd still have thought 'What the hell is heplaying at?"

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  • 372. At 10:05pm on 16 Jan 2009, Jacobbacon wrote:

    Can anyone who's posted on this blog honestly say that they'd turn down the opportunity to earn that much money?

    Anyway, a club with little world reputation are, in my opinion, a more attractive prospect as a player if they have grand plans for world domination - I'd rather be in the first Manchester City team to win the Champions League than the 8th AC Milan team to do the same.

    ...Just for the record am not saying City will win the Champions league - but with that much cash and ambition you can't write them off...

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  • 373. At 10:11pm on 16 Jan 2009, davis wrote:

    371... Robbo, I totally agree that there are better things the Sheikh could spend his money on than 108m for a footballer. What I object to is the people who are blaming the footballer, "because all he does is kick a ball around". What does the sheikh do that is so much better? If you are disgusted by the fact that the sheikh is so rich and doesnt use his money to make the world a better place (he might for all I know), then that's fine but that is the world we live in, it has to do with capitalism, geopolitics, oil, etc. it has nothing to with football. As you point out in your article, Kaka gives a lot of money away to good causes, so shouldnt we all be glad that the money is going to be his and not the Sheikhs?

    You seem to be saying that there is some line above which footballers wages become obscene and they're no longer like us. But where are you drawing that line? Is it somewhere higher than the $40m a year that other footballers get? Surely, to ordinary folk, there's no meaningul difference? It's capitalism and it's no different in football than in any other sphere of life. And it's got nothing to do with the moral value of what you do... its just supply and demand.

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  • 374. At 10:13pm on 16 Jan 2009, redJoey wrote:

    Can't understand why the Sheikh didn't make the Glazers an offer they couldn't refuse & he'd be sitting with a couple of trophies come May.

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  • 375. At 10:20pm on 16 Jan 2009, Alastair Swinnerton wrote:

    So, the world is falling apart and City's new owner is spending hundreds of millions on one player. Here's a thought - forget Kaka, stay middle of the table and spend the money on financing every youth football team in the UK, and their managers, and their referees, and linesmen, and even their end of season skittles celebration nights. Then you'll really be heroes, and who knows, you may even find the next Rooney, or Beckham, or Lineker, or dare we say it, Best. OK, you may not win the Premiership but you will win the hearts of a grateful nation of twelve year olds, who should be your future, not some Brazilian who really doesn't need the money any more. You know what, I'm sure even Kaka would applaud.

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  • 376. At 10:28pm on 16 Jan 2009, ruakaka_red wrote:

    What good does a footballer do? how does he earn his astronomical wages? what life changing, world changing good comes from kicking a chuffin ball around? Its not like he is making a scientific breakthrough or providing an incredible service through his amazing business acumen, half these guys cant even string a decent sentence together! Kaka seems to be an exception in that huge sums of money probably wont faze him, but hey come on, if this is all that we can think to spend our money on when 80% of the world lives on less than a dollar a day then its no wonder we have so many of the other egocentric, greed related problems. Yes the world isnt fair but if we have this sort of money available then shouldnt we do something about it? or are you all so self absorbed that you think it should be in your back pocket? Money is not the root of all evil, but the LOVE of money is. Half of you defending this probably cant even pay the telephone bill yet you're so adamant this is acceptable, because if someone gets this amount of money then maybe theres hope for you?...get real!

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  • 377. At 10:44pm on 16 Jan 2009, davis wrote:

    376... "what life changing, world changing good comes from kicking a chuffin ball around?"

    None, we dont live in a system that rewards people for "world changing good". Maybe you would like to propose one?

    "providing an incredible service through his amazing business acumen"

    Oh yeah right, because all rich business types got rich by providing "incredible service", not by ripping people off.

    " if this is all that we can think to spend our money on "

    It's not "our" money. Capitalism remember!

    "if we have this sort of money available"

    we? there you go again

    "if someone gets this amount of money then maybe theres hope for you?...get real! "

    You are the one who needs to "get real" and understand the system that you're living in. If you don't like it, this might help...

    the Socialist Party, PO Box 24697, London E11 1YD

    Singling out footballers as an example of the excesses of our society is stupid. They are right at the bottom of the scale. You only judge them so much because its football.

    The value of anything in our society is whatever someone is willing to pay for it, no more, no less. If everyone knows you're super rich, and you're desperate to buy one of the worlds best footballers, then, right now, the market price is 108m... its as simple as that. And the fact that the money is transferred from one rich guy to another makes no difference whatsoever to the state of the world.

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  • 378. At 11:13pm on 16 Jan 2009, BognorRock wrote:

    What a pompous person ruakaka_red is. Save your sixth-form student, 'I can save the world' attitude for someone else in future. Most footballers do lots and lots of charity work and give alot back to society. Why don't you stop believing everything you hear in the media.

    davidw_76, suburb reply to this fool.

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  • 379. At 11:28pm on 16 Jan 2009, gunner0786 wrote:

    I think all of us will be satisfied if the deal goes through in couple of conditions though;
    the sheikhs have to pay all our bills e.g. gas, electric etc... and double our job wages


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  • 380. At 11:47pm on 16 Jan 2009, davis wrote:

    Here's what I suspect this boils down to (and it’s just my opinion)... Britain is historically a class-based society where "everyone knows their place". Nobody seems to object to certain types of people being obscenely rich, I suspect because they see it as "natural" for someone like the Duke of Westminster to be worth 7bn (I wonder how he "earned" that). Check the Sunday Times Rich List to see where footballers fit into the grand scheme of things. Check the names at the top of the list and decide for yourself how much more they deserve their wealth than footballers (number 2 on the list stole his billions from the poor people of Russia). You won't find any footballers in the top 100... You won't find any doctors or people who made their money by doing "world good" either.

    What seems to make people on this board really angry is the idea of +footballers+ getting paid millions (modest amounts compared to the real elite in this country), for "kicking a ball around". I suspect that this is because footballers tend to come from the same social classes as many of the fans, and thus the fans get mad when they see them earning insane amounts. Why is being better at football than millions of other people somehow less deserving of reward than, say, being better at selling furniture?

    What I am trying to point out is how inconsistent it is to single out footballers. Compared to the real injustices in the world, Kaka getting 100m is +insignificant+, and could even be seen as a good thing give that he is such a moral, charitable person.

    Either you are for free market capitalism or you are against it (which I can respect). But if you basically support it then it is ridiculous and unfair to single out footballers for this kind of criticism.

    I live in the US, and while there are many things that I miss about British culture, one thing I like about here is that people aren't ashamed or embarrassed about success. And there's no right or wrong way to get rich like in the UK, where "old money" has always been the most respectable kind of money.

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  • 381. At 00:13am on 17 Jan 2009, RedIsaac wrote:

    Robbo, your comment #341 sums it up perfectly. It has nothing to do with the fact that it's City or with who the player is. It has to do with the ridiculous, obscene amount of money that is spent on a footballer and his wages. I have a lot of respect for Kaka and I do not blame him for the whole situation.

    As for those asking us to accept capitalism and market forces for what they are, I suggest they have a good look around them. Maybe when they're out of work they'll change their minds. Yes, there is worse- Alex Rodriguez for example (baseball), film stars and all those stock brokers. IMHO nobody deserves that kind of money irrespective of what they do-again I do not blame the player.

    But where there is a bubble it will always burst (dot com shares, house prices e.t.c). I hope that football comes to its sense before that happens.

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  • 382. At 02:41am on 17 Jan 2009, marbles262 wrote:


    Obviously everyone is focusing on the finances of this deal. But how are City pitching the deal to the Kaka camp?

    Back to the 80s....

    Maradona.. best player in the world is playing for Barca, best club in the world yet he switches to seria minnows Napoli on the promise that he can be the catalyst for sometihng great for a team with no history . wat follows...

    seria champs
    cwc champs

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  • 383. At 03:54am on 17 Jan 2009, el-nino84 wrote:

    Reina 6 Million
    Arbeloa 2.6 Million
    Carragher Free (youth system)
    Agger 5.8 Million
    Skrtel 6 Million
    Hyppia 3 Million
    Degen Bosman Free
    Dossena 7 Million
    Aurelio Bosman Free
    Insua Free (Youth System)
    Gerrard Free (youth System)
    Alonso 10.5 Million
    Mascherano 17 Million
    Lucas 2 Million
    Riera 8 Million
    Babel 11.5 Million
    Benayoun 5 Million
    Pennant 6.7 Million
    Kuyt 9 Million
    Keane 20.3 Million
    Torres 26.5 Million

    This list of 21 members of the Liverpool Team who are currently top of the league cost a total of 146.9 Million pounds and thats for 21 players.

    If Man City get Kaka for 107 Million and after spending 32 Million On Robinho it would mean city had spend almost the same money on 2 PLAYERS as it has cost Liverpool to put together 21 players to Challenge for the league and Champions league.

    Says it all really!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 384. At 03:56am on 17 Jan 2009, just4jokes wrote:


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  • 385. At 06:28am on 17 Jan 2009, beijingren wrote:

    Robbo - you're getting too popular! (deservedly so in my opinion)
    Almost 400 comments! - I am now finding it impossible to read them all and hold down a job.

    Its very simple really - if you really think the wages paid in the prem are immoral and obscene (and I do) then make sure you dont contribute to the problem - get rid of the pay per view, dont buy the shirts etc - use the money you save to watch live lower league football.
    My team Darlington for instance could use a few more through the turnstiles.

    You cant have it both ways - dont complain and continue to put money in their pockets.

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  • 386. At 09:02am on 17 Jan 2009, nantesteve wrote:

    that money alone would save and secuire the future of all the non - league clubs in the UK, if they pay that and if he does earn that a week then the world really has gone MAD, people lose-ing there homes every week and this happens, so if you are fed up with this and live near Stafford get down to STAFFORD RANGERS FC and watch some footy where you can walk round the ground have a chill and a pint with the players, we are on the bread line and any new support is a big help. the standard is " alittle different" but its played with passion.

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  • 387. At 09:23am on 17 Jan 2009, Evertonica wrote:

    Why don't City just go the whole hog and buy the full Brazil squad?
    Then they will legitimately be able to sing: "It's just like watching Brazil!"

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  • 388. At 10:11am on 17 Jan 2009, jay842 wrote:

    Robbo what has City got to do with Chelsea?

    You should stick to doing what they do best in the North-East......drinking and incest

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  • 389. At 10:22am on 17 Jan 2009, Cantab wrote:

    This blog can not be a serious attempt to argue anything?

    1) where does one draw the line of how much any profession should be paid?

    2) 100million is to the whole club not the player

    3) it's economic freedom, if club A doesn't pay that much club B does. the money doesn't fall out of the sky, it comes from millions of fans watching

    if this was even sarcasm, i find it Byronic. as a critique? it's failure

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  • 390. At 10:39am on 17 Jan 2009, w4tson wrote:

    Class blog Robbo.

    Agree about these footballers wrapped up in cotton wool however i did happen to bump into David Wheater (he's one of our own) on the razzle outside Middlesbrough Empire. Not a WAG in sight. heheheheh

    To LondonYC : it's called craic mate. Get over it.

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  • 391. At 10:40am on 17 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    Wow, nearly 400 posts. Terrific. This is turning into a great debate. Obviously, City are able to afford this because their ownership struck it rich through oil. But what happens should the price of oil drop below $10 a barrel or they run out of oil? What happens then?

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  • 392. At 11:01am on 17 Jan 2009, One-SirHenryNorris wrote:

    Entertainig blog in its way, and I agree that no one deserves that sort of money for kicking a ball about, but do the top Hollywood actors deserve the money they earn for pretending to be someone else?
    do pop/rock stars deserve all their money for making music and appearing on stage from time to time? Arguably not, but then why do people go to the cinema / gigs / buy music? To see / hear a performance that is why, and if they are willing to fork out that amount of money to do so then I guess the artists concerned should get top whack. Football is the same - entertainment. These folks earn top dosh, and at the end of the day they do not harm anyone in doing so. Same can not be said for the recipients of City Banking Bonuses though.

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  • 393. At 11:42am on 17 Jan 2009, KeejayYNWA wrote:

    #392. Well Said.

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  • 394. At 11:52am on 17 Jan 2009, prentonparker wrote:

    If the Arab backers of this obscene Kaka transfer think that lashing out on a couple of the worlds best players and plonking them in east Manchester will bring them instant dividends, and a trophy, they are more naive than we might think.
    Football success is not just about having the best players because the best players do not always all get on (too busy trying to usurp each other's fat contracts).
    Team spirit, unselfish graft, good organisation and club togetherness are far more important.
    When did City last reach a major Cup Final? Yes, that's right few of us can remember.
    My team, Tranmere Rovers, then in Division One, reached the 2000 League Cup final with a team that cost just £300,000 in transfer fees- and that was just two players. David Kelly cost £250,000 and Scott Taylor£50,000.
    Thats right, less than one weeks wages for Kaka!
    Okay, so we narrowly lost to Leicester on the day, largely because we had a man sent off, but John Aldridge achieved a football miricle with extremely limited resources, yet he has never managed anyone since!
    Rovers team that year worked incredibly hard for each other -at a very high tempo - and while we might not have played the beautiful game in its purest sense, spirit, determination and the fact half the nation's defenders were terrified of Dave Challinor's long throws ensured they achieved more in a season that big spending City have for 20.
    Thankfully, spending big money has never guaranteed football success and even if Kaka and co score a couple at one end you can be sure he'll be let down by clowns like Dunn and Richards at the other. City aren't in relegation trouble by accident.
    If City must spend money they'd be better buying a defence first.

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  • 395. At 11:56am on 17 Jan 2009, Parag wrote:

    If they don't care about their money, then who are we to worry about them.

    @392, you are right on the spot.
    If the employer thinks he is paying the right amount, we shouldn't have any jealousness about that.

    I would be more happy if they get paid more, as that will attract more youngsters towards the sport.
    City should be currently looking towards building their club for next years attack on the top four rather than going after Kaka. I would better suggest them to build their woeful defence rather than the striking dept.
    Although Kaka is not playing the champions league this season, he will definitely be there, next season, if he stays at milan.

    Kaka, now 26, will be 28/29 by the time city get to the champions league, ( if and only if everything goes well as per the plan and thats probably improbable). So, at that age of 28/29 will Kaka still be the same force...

    We will have to wait and see and enjoy the free show on Sheikhs fortune...

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  • 396. At 12:09pm on 17 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    Re 395

    I am not saying I am worrying about Man City. What I am saying, is that if the oil runs out, or the price of Oil drops to certain levels, there will be no income and they won't be able to pay these kind of prices. It's a bubble that could easily burst. Especially if people started driving electric cars.

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  • 397. At 12:49pm on 17 Jan 2009, Parag wrote:

    Thats what i'm saying... its his free money... He didn't have to work for it... just tax those oil companies, for the gift provided by nature.

    But what i feel right now is that if the problem of city is "circle hole" then they r trying to fill it up with a "square object"

    i am not sure how logical is to bring kaka right now, may be De jong's rumour would sound more logical ( though the fee they r offering is unexplainable. his clause asks 1.8m and they r offering him 13.3m).

    Thats what is called money madness...

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  • 398. At 1:12pm on 17 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    Re 397

    It seems like City are making a play for everyone. Last night I heard a rumor that the Placisos to Tottenham deal was on hold because City have made a higher offer.

    I've heard that Drogba is on Milans list of targets should this deal go through, but what happens if they can't get Drogba because City have made an offer for him too?

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  • 399. At 2:03pm on 17 Jan 2009, a_realistic_geordie wrote:

    On the plus side though, the amount of taxes this lad will have to pay must surely be a good thing for the government.

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  • 400. At 2:11pm on 17 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    Well Kaka is supposed to be a good christian lad.

    I hope he donates a significant portion of his salary to Charity. That would go a long way towards mending fences with the fans in the UK.

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  • 401. At 2:14pm on 17 Jan 2009, BigGiantHead wrote:

    on the plus side, i can't wait for the next manc derby!

    Complain about this comment

  • 402. At 2:52pm on 17 Jan 2009, barrywho wrote:

    Perhaps introducing wage caps will install some balance and help less financed teams to compete

    There are enough less wealthy clubs with traditions of nurturing football culture and
    economy in its surroundings and providing the basis to nurture local young talents and
    develop them to become excellent footballers and/or with ability to attract talents to the team and help create great teams. But many times these talents are poached away by wealthier clubs for paltry sums and results in the selling teams becoming considerably weakened which
    then affects its wellbeing as well as the cottage industry and, thus, the economy that arose out of them. Worse still is the trend by these wealthier clubs to source foreign talents which again disadvantages local talent development. Seen from this perspective, wealthier clubs create negative impacts towards the less wealthy and its surroundings.

    But now with wealthier clubs signing top foreign stars, competing teams of less fortunate wealth are put in a tremendous disadvantage. And leads to a top tier monopoly of wealthy clubs. This is the apparent trend. Of course, there are exceptions but these exceptional
    clubs will only end up being raided by the wealthy clubs. It is not a healthy situation.

    SO, HOW to create some BALANCE and fairness in football?

    I see a lot of the american professional teams providing such means. Like the drafting of young top players where the worst team gets the first choice. However, most professional american sports leagues have no relegation of any kind. Lesser leagues are basically the farm teams of these top league clubs. Different system.

    One thing I admire is that young talents come basically from the universities before entering professional leagues and, thus,
    these would be the lesser league, so to speak. It also creates a higher educated bunch of athletes in comparison to european sports league. That is an idea that europe may think of implementing in some degree or another.

    Anyways, the core of this message is to find a way to create a balance and fairness between wealthier and less wealthier clubs, so that the less wealthy are able to compete fairly.

    HERE, the idea of a WAGE CAP may be a solution. It is already implemented in the rugby leagues, so it is not something american in flavour.

    One should then read the article on WAGE or SALARY CAPS invoked in several top sports in the U.S. at

    Basically, in professional sports, a salary cap (often called a wage cap in the United
    Kingdom) is a limit on the amount of money a team can spend on player salaries, either as a per-player limit or a total limit for the team's roster (or both).

    Several sports leagues have implemented salary caps, both as a method of keeping overall costs down, and to ensure parity between teams so a wealthy team cannot entrench dominance by signing many more top players than other teams.

    Salary caps can be a major issue in negotiations between league
    management and players' unions, as they may stunt the inflation of player salaries.

    Having such measures implemented will help the less wealthy club and take the fear factor of developing young talents to no avail. And so, we will then not mind having a rich "manchester city" type of club, because such clubs will then have to pay the piper!

    What do you think ????

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  • 403. At 3:11pm on 17 Jan 2009, American Sport Fan wrote:

    Re 402

    As a citizen of the United States, I can honestly attest that the parity introduced by Salary Caps is not a good thing for sports.

    What it has done, when you factor in the talent drafts that many leagues have, is to drive up the salaries of young players who have not proven themselve while at the same time forced veteran players to take pay cuts. Salery Caps have not improved the quality of the leagues that have them. If anything, they have turned things into a muddled mess.

    One league that doesn't have a Salary Cap is Major League Baseball and it seems to have managed competative balance with out needing it. Sure there is usually a cry by fans of Small Market Teams, when the Yankees spend money on Big named players, but these last 7 years have shown that money doesn't buy sucess.

    One of the reasons why American Businessmen like Tom Hicks and the Glazers have bought into the Premier League was because the league has no salery cap and they can purchase players and pay them whatever the market rate dictates. They can't do that in sports league here in the States.

    I personally would hate to see the Premier League institute a salary cap because I fear the "parity" it brings about will actually be mediocrity as the level of play would surely suffer. That is why I find myself no longer watching the NFL, the Salary cap it instituted 16 years ago has made the league unwatchable In my opinion.

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  • 404. At 4:20pm on 17 Jan 2009, jimtolmiesfluffytash wrote:

    Sorry DOES buy the success and heritage you talk about. Particularly nowadays. The Real Madrids, AC Milans and MU's of the world may have developed a heritage from a bygone era (for one reason or another), but this has been continued because those teams have been the richest and are able to throw more money at players every year on tweaking their squads than others have available for major overhauls).

    In today's game, it's almost impossible to break that monopoly without throwing buckets of cash at a club (and even then, as several have rightly pointed out, that's no guarantee of success).

    We must be realistic and accept the very sad fact that football oin this country is no longer as it was in the good days (and it hasn't been that way for a long time)!

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  • 405. At 4:27pm on 17 Jan 2009, carpet_cat wrote:

    ridiculous, mean spirited blog. so man city aren't worthy of kaka? were man utd then not worthy of signing bryan robson when he was the biggest transfer in english club history in the 80s? because they'd won sod all for years and years before that.

    man city are a great club with a great history - and i'm a villa fan - but i for one can't wait for him to come down the villa.

    the only thing you're right aout in tis blog is that the moaning has come from envious clubs and fans. but does that include the blogger?

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  • 406. At 6:03pm on 17 Jan 2009, Lordbaskerville wrote:

    Absolutely spot on Robbo, this is obscene! Football is out of touch with the very people that support them and spend their hard earned cash through the turnstiles. I for one, as much as it hurts me will not fund their fancy lifestyles anymore. The whole football thing with these business men at the helm, stinks of rotten vegetables, is corrupt and out of control,
    football is not a toy! It's just absurd to think that players earn more than I can even dream about in a lifetime, and I am not bitter, just hard working and a realist. Crikey a shed load of these players could solve world poverty and famine overnight, in fact Sheik ya booty could solve it in a few hours!

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  • 407. At 6:22pm on 17 Jan 2009, haveapop wrote:

    The reason Kaka costs a 100 big ones is because of the strong euro. Back in the days when going to Eurozone on holiday was affordable, he'd be worth about 35 quid.

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  • 408. At 7:20pm on 17 Jan 2009, sabrejet wrote:

    Historically, the middle-eastern states have produced numbers of unbelievably wealthy Arab sheikhs. The source of much of their wealth is, of course, the revenue they earn by selling their oil to us in the oil-driven west. They are known for their excesses and extravagence...palaces built in the desert, silver-plated limos, racehorces, etc. much money, they don't know what next to spend it on. Arsenal, via its "Emirates" sponsorship is already "in hock" to them, so middle-eastern financial involvement in the Premier League is hardly a new thing.
    However, the Kaka affair takes it to a new level! To offer that amount of money for a single footballer, no matter how gifted, would be an obscenity at the best of times, but in the present global economic climate, even more so! Perhaps the sheikhs would be better served to direct the money to help relieve the suffering of their fellow Arabs in Gaza?

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  • 409. At 7:23pm on 17 Jan 2009, owen999ca wrote:

    Kaka is not worth a 100 Millions that's crazy, He's not Zidane!

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  • 410. At 7:25pm on 17 Jan 2009, MoTorres wrote:

    Alot of people are sayin its "absurd" to pay 100 million for the lad and then pay him 500k a week. well, we are the working class and we will never get to that amount even if we work 50 years, However, you have to understand, for the guys that are paying that amount, its pocket change, Just to put into perspective their earnings, even in recession mode they earn 137 million a day so to them they can afford to pay and its up to them how they spend there money and where, It's like if we earn 150 quid a day and then decide to go buy a cheap car for 100 quid I guarantee you that the people who dont even earn 10 pound a day on this planet will turn around and say your absurd spending that kind of money on a car. In this world, there are poor people, middle class people, well off people, rich people and then there's people with stupid money and you know what, we cant do anything about it, the only reason people are getting cheesed off is that they are dipping there fingers into somethig we have passion for and we cannot take it, better still, we cant and will never be able to do anything about it.

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  • 411. At 01:35am on 18 Jan 2009, SalemHanna wrote:

    Perhaps the sheikhs would be better served to direct the money to help relieve the suffering of their fellow Arabs in Gaza?

    Couldn't agree more, sabrejet. Though having said that, we don't know that the sheikh ISN'T giving millions to charities as well as splashing out on Premiership toys. If memory serves me right, the same sheikh who recently tried to buy Liverpool also donated 10 billion dollars in May 2007 to set up an educational foundation across the Arab world. Perhaps this guy is the same?

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  • 412. At 01:37am on 18 Jan 2009, thehatter10 wrote:

    tiger woods - 50 MILLION






    actors/ actresses
    will smith - 40 million pounds / 1 million pound a week

    eddie murphy - 23 million pounds

    mike myers - 22 million pound

    leonardo di caprio - 21 million



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  • 413. At 01:57am on 18 Jan 2009, Boon wrote:

    Damn right... the money is just ruining football. Its alright to pay good players more, but when it gets to insane amounts one has to wonder why we have to pay £60 a ticket to go stand in the freezing cold, to cheer on a team for 90 minutes where there might be no goal scored, and to cheer and "encourage" a player earning £500,000/week.

    With a 50,000 seater stadium, that money could be used to give a £10 discount off every ticket. Now that is rewarding fans for their loyalty.

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  • 414. At 01:57am on 18 Jan 2009, thehatter10 wrote:

    also i thing its quite hypocritical to state the the world is wrong for this money move when , a thing that is also wroing is envy and clearly most people in this blog have that , not at the club but at the player , maybe because that the player in the light is kaka and he has got what you want and ill tell u there worse thing such as murders and rapes as i said before , this man like most sportmen are confident as you have to be but also very kind people and also a worker , thats why there where they are , as a child they made desicions that got them where they are and the next time u look in the mirror and see the jeans you have on, ur wearing them because the desiscions u made when you was young and what life you chose , but AS I also said , if its as easy as it seems to you then whats stopping you from going into football and earning that much if your a healthy young male , as its so easy and so rewarding .

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  • 415. At 10:04am on 18 Jan 2009, thefartedone wrote:

    the Blog is well balanced and insightful, in an ideal world the fans will be over excited about this deal ( in this case every one is sooo shocked to hear this news). i think its fair to pay 100 mil for 2 players ! if we consider the 42 mil paid for zidane by Real madrid and they where spending money like water !! no one complained b'cos real Madrid had history and they were BIG club...i dont think there's any thing wrong if some one decides how to spend his money! le this sheikh spends his /family's money as he likes ..No one is going to ask robbo or any other so called football pundits what they are doing with thier money or how they are spending it , am sure even robbo would consider another job offer if they offer him few more $$$ then his current salary!
    and as for the 100 mil price , in common economic sense demand is the price at which consumer is ready to buy and the producer is ready to sell and in this case price decides the quantity of the sales, man city made an offer which forced Milan to consider the offer !! ( in normal case they would never listen to any offer for Kaka.)
    This Bid could have some other hidden intention! no one in this world of football never heard about sheikh mansour and man city but this news put him and man city all over the world ! May be he wanted to invest 100 Mil as part of his advertisment for boosting his/clubs image all over the world.. and he got wat he was looking for.. PUBLICITY ! roman abrmovich became famous when he brought Chelski!no one heard about him before !!
    i dont expect this deal to happen..its just a part of P.R stunt by Mancity and A.C milan

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  • 416. At 10:52am on 18 Jan 2009, One-SirHenryNorris wrote:

    #406 and #412 -

    Although your comments are widely differing from one another I would say conversely you are both right. Compared to other top sports stars and Hollywood stars the predicted Kaka wage is not that big. Looking at it from that point of view we should not really be too distressed about it.

    Having said that football has lost touch with its original supporters - I support Arsenal and love the club but the cost of going to a game is not a cost I can justify on my earnings - I have been to only one home match since the North Bank Terrace was destroyed. When stadiums went all seater I could no longer afford a season ticket and you could only get in on the day by paying a tout. So I stopped and have not returned bar once. It used to cost £8 to stand (about £180 a season ticket), now I would have to pay £32.50 or £47 for the cheapest ticket. No way. It would be nice for ticket prices to be reduced but that will not happen unless crowds drop and TV subscriptions cease. Then the top players would not come here, and we would be back to the standard we were at in the 1970's and 1980,s, ie you turn up on the day and pay a small cost but see a much lower standard of football.
    In a nutshell, compared to other top "celebs" footballers earnings are not that high, but if you don't like it then bite the bullet and stop paying the entrance fee.

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  • 417. At 11:22am on 18 Jan 2009, prentonparker wrote:

    See just as Mark Lawrenson said the prospective transfer of Kaka will have an inflationary effect on other players values and wages.
    Ferguson now says 120 million wouldn't buy Ronaldo so his value has doubled in a couple of weeks. Bet Real wish they'd got him last summer....
    And there will plenty of grade A players and agents who will go into contract negotiations in the months ahead using 500 thousand quid as the yardstick for their own wages. If he's worth XXX then I must be worth 200 plus....

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  • 418. At 1:49pm on 18 Jan 2009, wrinklychamp wrote:

    HI Robbo
    first time i have read your blogand i agree with you completely.
    I think that world football will implode just as the Banking system has,it is just a mater of when not if. And it will forced to adjust to a more realistic financial footing.
    This will mean some clubs will go to the wall which will be a shame just through the greed of a few.

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  • 419. At 3:57pm on 18 Jan 2009, _maracuja wrote:

    erm ... sub-human temperatures ..?

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  • 420. At 4:18pm on 18 Jan 2009, wickedlymale wrote:

    Interesting that you mention Malcolm, foul mouthed, Alison. The man who wrecked the club finances with his stupid purchases. The Mercer era was brilliant for supporters, the people around the club were gentlemen, with just him as an enormous boil on the club's bum. Anyone who saw Bell and Lee will be happy to see world class players at City once more and this enormous expensive experiment may turn to dust, but who cares? The club is trying to be a giant again, and spitting in the eye of the likes of Hunter Davis who wrote us off. We're City. Life is a roller coaster, so enjoy the ride.

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  • 421. At 6:05pm on 18 Jan 2009, bradys_bunch wrote:

    Robbo - You are just another Utd fan who is worried about losing out to your Rivals! Well i say good luck to them as you loit have done this in the past! (Overpaying outbidding other clubs! So what goes around comes around so shut your mouth and except you fate! Man City will overtake you next season! Ha Ha Ha!!!!

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  • 422. At 7:06pm on 18 Jan 2009, theironspoon wrote:

    Huddersfield town are looking at least a little hopeful for promotion to the Championship this seasons. If Manchester City let all this go to their heads and get relegated does that mean I might get to see Kaka down the Galpharm Stadium next season? Remarkable.

    ...has anyone actually thought of cancelling their Sky Sports subscription, handing in the season ticket and finding a nice little pub team to support or even (dare I day) join? They have better pies afterwards.

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  • 423. At 7:52pm on 18 Jan 2009, diabolical-villain wrote:

    personally i think no footballer is worth 100 million or should be paid 500k a week. my beloved luton are a victim of this autrocious business that football has become. kaka is a great footballer but is he really worth 100 mill? note:this is a rhetorical question and should not be answered through comment

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  • 424. At 00:54am on 19 Jan 2009, slumdogmillionaire wrote:

    kaka just like every other big name player is not getting payed to just kick a ball around hes getting payed to sell jerseys and get people to watch them on tv and whatever other stuff people will buy from city. if they think kaka can raise there profits by that much then its worth it

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  • 425. At 09:51am on 19 Jan 2009, panamaroadotahuhu wrote:


    You are right, the UAE does contribute quite a bit to Gulf State charitable concerns and pan-Arab initiatives. They have to box a bit clever when advertising the fact as there is often a large US naval presence in the UAE and Gaza is a bit of a "hot potato" given the strength of the pro-Israeli lobby in the US.

    What will happen if the price of oil goes down? This investment happened after the historically high oil price levels of late Summer/Autumn last year so maybe that won't have that much of an effect. They know all too well in the UAE that the oil will run out sometime and that is why they are looking at diversification - into football for example.

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  • 426. At 11:04am on 19 Jan 2009, Wot Kuyt 'e did wrote:

    Berlusconi - "burnt-out mahogany matchstick" -


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  • 427. At 1:01pm on 19 Jan 2009, Angry_Old_Man wrote:

    Somebody ought to sack the translator. Kaka has been told that if City progress at the current rate he'll be playing in the Championship League next year. Something obviously got lost along the English/Portugese/Italian word mangling route and he thinks it's going to be the Champions League

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  • 428. At 4:09pm on 19 Jan 2009, dyrewolfe wrote:

    The money in football (both transfer fees and wages) has been obscene, pretty much since the Premiership started.

    In the scramble for money, all concept of honour and loyalty went out of the window and contracts are pretty much meaningless.

    I've come to the conclusion that I would actually like to see Man City buy Kaka and any other player they fancy for these ridiculous sums.

    Hopefully it will cause the Premiership to implode, due to ever-spiralling transfers, wages etc. and all the clubs will have to rejoin the FA, thus forcing the game to return (at least partially) to its roots.

    Well, I can dream, can't I?

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  • 429. At 11:12pm on 19 Jan 2009, patrickomcc wrote:

    well done Kaka'!

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  • 430. At 11:17am on 20 Jan 2009, Inherent wrote:

    it's probably because it's a winter sport the sheiks took so long to get into football as they are into most others and because they are classed as minor or 'rich-man's sport's anyway they don't get noticed so much;I'm a syndicate member in horse-racing but the sheik's have been here since the oil started flowing in the gulf but do we mind;then look at Dubai in the 70's,it was only a derert but Sheik Mo. with his eternal wealth is making it a place to go to,so maybe these well-paid football pro's can spend their spare cash with their bosses

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  • 431. At 10:20am on 22 Jan 2009, tinyAll-seeing-eye wrote:

    I am a Man city Fan and have been for years. I am slightly saddened by the failure to land the 'KAK', however apparently we are in the process of sealing a multi-million pound deal for a Swansea City deadly 'hitman striker' .

    Keep 'Sheikhing' those money bags boys we are on the move!!!!!

    Come on City Come on City!

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