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Open sores

Robbo Robson | 12:05 UK time, Monday, 21 July 2008

It's been a week of massive irritation for me as a sports fan.

First of all there were them golfers, Yanks mostly, who bleated on about how nasty it is to have to play golf when it's windy and raining. Ah, bless! But just where do you think golf was invented? California perhaps where every day is the same day and the grass never changes and the bunkers are filled in with sand imported from the Outer Hebrides and you can't actually move huge over-stuffed Craig Stadler looky-likeys crowding on to golf buggies to save their withering pins from too much wear and tear. I swear to God, we're only two generations from North American kids being born with castors on their feet. No, it was invented in Scotland, that haven of climatic peace and serenity. Shut up or go home!

And then there was that 17th green that was dead nasty cos it looked like a skateboard park. Oh, get over yourselves and get on with it - like Harrington and Norman and even Powder Pink Poulter did throughout the week.

I though it was a brilliant Championships - a true test of a golfer's spirit and will to win. When Rich Beem (who sounds like a crappy brand of instant coffee) and Sandy ('Wahhhhh! I keep getting rain on me glasses!') cried off cos they were just too bloody feeble to cope I was outraged. If you don't want to do 18 holes of the Open then I'll have a go. I wouldn't care if I made as big a score as a South African middle-order batsman, I'd still stick it out. Next year, Lyle and Beem can give their places to someone who gives a chip.

While Harrington was magnificent, striding across the greens like a really quite perky duck, Greg Norman was the story of the week. It was love that made him play so well, you know. Me, I've asked Maria Sharapova if she wants to pop down the Blue Bell for a couple of pints in the hope that she'll play a round with me. You'd have no trouble dispersing a crowd if she shouted 'fore'.

Norman at the British Open, 2008 and 1993

Norman didn't look any different, did he? He's never 53. He's been sleeping in a cryogenically frozen state for 15 years, surely. He's ridiculously Australian, like a Crocodile Dundee of the fairways. You can imagine him shooting 63, climbing into the back of a "ute" so's he can shear off the fleece of an errant ewe and ripping open a stubby on the teeth of his pet crocodile. There's another thing hasn't much changed either. Cough! Splutter! Choke!

Poulter was the other story. It's hard to make out a case for Poulter as anything other than a bit of a pillock but he almost turned that around yesterday. Underneath the visor and sunglasses and the pretty pastel shades of his fashion line is a decent player fighting to get out. His claim that soon that it'll be him vs Tiger is always going to haunt him though. Frankly, it's preposterous - Woods wouldn't have bottled the eagle putt on the 17th.

Second source of nothing short of rage is the selection of this nobody, Pattinson, for England. Three good reasons for not picking him: one, he's not played much cricket here; two, he's 29 so hardly one for the future; three, he's Australian and never gave a single thought to playing for us, ever in his life. Oh and four, he's plainly not much cop and not playing in this Test match are Hoggard, Harmison, Tremlett (a scandal he wasn't picked), Jones, Onions, Shrek... hellfire even Mahmood! I mean FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!!

Furthermore Ambrose batting at 6 is a TOTAL JOKE! He shouldn't be in the side let alone promoted up the order. Five bowlers so we can protect Freddie and he bowls 40 bleeding overs anyway. Five batters including a skipper who plays around straight ones? Geoff Miller needs his head seeing to. Not a man on this planet who would have selected that XI.

Third little scab that keeps getting picked at is this: Daniel Levy pays peanuts for this Palace youngster and then rails at United and Liverpool for being hypocrites. Yes, Ferguson may be operating on a double standard re: Berbatov and Ronaldo (though he denies making the comments which angered Spurs), but frankly you have to wonder what the hell constitutes tapping up these days! If you want to sign a player the first person clubs talk to these days is his agent, not his chairman. Is that tapping up? If you go through the club and the club says 'keep your filthy paws of our Dimi!' should that be the end of the matter? It never is, is it? Football is full of unbelievable hypocrisy. I wonder why SAF slags off Madrid when his pin-up prima donna is the one telling all who'll listen that he's off.

Yes, it's bloody infuriating for Levy but signing footballers these days is simply a matter of dangling fat wads of dough under people's noses until the greedy little gits bite. Loyalty is a thing of the past and if Levy thinks he can stop a player like Berbatov from going up north on the back of a Carling Cup win then he's ga-ga. I hate to break this to you, Dan, but them threepenny bits that were put under your pillow when you were seven years old? Your Mum did it.

Meanwhile, I can't wait for the Ryder Cup! All we need is a light breeze and the Americans will just hand it over while they put on their anoraks and hide in the clubhouse.


  • 1. At 4:16pm on 21 Jul 2008, weSTILLdream wrote:

    great article robbo. i agree that the open this year was not made for americans. the fact that poulter was the "other story", though, was more to do with the fact that he's usually quite happy to come 7th or 8th and pick up a nice check than actually make a fist of a major eh?

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  • 2. At 4:28pm on 21 Jul 2008, The Y wrote:

    Hi Robbo,

    I do enjoy your column and despite the fact I'm a Spurs fan I won't really diagree with your comments re: "fergiegate", although if they were in for Downing and fergie was giving it the big un' about having the deal wrapped up following his Ronaldo comments I can't help but feel you would have a somewhat different opinion...

    Your comment "Football is full of unbelievable hypocrisy" is very true but it's funny how much of this comes from managers of the "Big 4", maybe this just shows you need to be a liar and a hypocrite to be successful or maybe it's all part of the disappearance of sportsmanship from the beutiful game, who knows!?!

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  • 3. At 4:34pm on 21 Jul 2008, causer10 wrote:

    "Meanwhile, I can't wait for the Ryder Cup! All we need is a light breeze and the Americans will just hand it over while they put on their anoraks and hide in the clubhouse."

    Nearly fell off my chair....classic ! !

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  • 4. At 4:53pm on 21 Jul 2008, jayred wrote:

    There does appear to be a lot of hypocrisy these days in football, at least through paper talk. It won't be long before managers get to pick teams like on the school playground, with those mangers with the most money getting first pick. SAF will pick Berbatov, Benitez will pick Barry and Phil Brown will be left with Sean Davis.

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  • 5. At 4:53pm on 21 Jul 2008, Pantryboy wrote:

    Much better. I think you should give up writing about football, you're blogs/articles on that subject are usually irritating and boring, but this and your blog on the cricket last week were at least readable.

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  • 6. At 4:56pm on 21 Jul 2008, MootSights wrote:

    I'm a fan of your articles Mr. Robson, I am - and have been for ages. This one included.

    Which is why I'm hoping upon hope you're not going to go all teenage-youtube-comments on us, with sentence parts in raging capitals and multiple exclamation marks. It's weird when you're writing about cricket but sounding like you're a cheerleader on a sleepover. What next, smiley/sad faces to make sure we understand your emotional state? What would the Blue Bell regulars make of it?

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  • 7. At 4:59pm on 21 Jul 2008, Richard wrote:

    Hate to break it to you Spurs fans, but the rest of us see you for what you are i.e. a member of the 'big 4' who can't finish in the top 4. You have the same attitude i.e. we want that player, we have ££££££££££ so what we want we get. But you don't like it when someone else does it to you. Well, diddums. But let's face it, Liverpool only want Keane so it's less likely Spurs will sell Berbatov to Man U. It's all tactical. Not that I'm complaining, mind you; it's all far more entertaining than the actual football 98% of the Premiership produces these the way, Robbo, golf is not a sport, so leave it out, OK? More darts!

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  • 8. At 5:05pm on 21 Jul 2008, yajustdonsavethose wrote:

    comments about dan levy are ridicuolous. i am no spurs fan but spurs didn’t do anything wrong in getting bostock. what was a disgrace was the tribunal. if spurs did something wrong, wenger should be hung drawn and quartered for the way he got half the arsenal squad at the age of 16! levy was fully in his rights to tell Ferguson and ebnitez where to go. of course it couldn’t happen, but how great would it be to see a manger just stick a player in the ressies for a season. by bye Gareth Barry, see you at the end of your contract

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  • 9. At 5:09pm on 21 Jul 2008, manredsox wrote:

    The Pattison selection is just a mystery to everyone but the England selectors.

    Why in the world would you select a 29 year old who has hardly even proved himself at county level? He only agreed to play for England because he knew that the Green Baggies would never consider him. At least when Andrew Symonds (Brummy by birth, for those that don't know) was offered the chance to play for England he stuck with his principals and chose to continue to plug at getting Aussie recognition.

    And equally, if you're going to bring in someone that is a little out of "left field", make them different to the rest of the attack! Tallish, 80-odd MPH, swings and seams it a bit, where have I heard of other bowlers like that...?


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  • 10. At 5:28pm on 21 Jul 2008, Uninventivename wrote:

    Good article, whole-heartedly agree with regards to the American golfers. Just thinking about Trump's plans for the East Coast, maybe he's having second thoughts after realising it sometimes rains in Britain. Wouldn't be a bad thing, I'm beginning to wonder how many more golf courses Fife and the surrounding counties can take before the only means of public transport from town to town is by golf buggy.

    Also agree that there seems to be no clear definition of tapping up actually is, which seems absurd given all the fuss that surrounded the BBC investigation. Surely it is making contact with or trying to unsettle a player under contract when the owning club do not wish to sell? In which case I don't see how FIFA/UEFA ruled against Man Utd when they complained about Real Madrid but if Man U didn't get that then I certainly don't think Levy's going to get far with his complaints over Ferguson's comments (although they were arrogant). Finally, would just like to point out that Spurs did nothing wrong with the Bostock transfer. They did very well for themselves out of it and it was a shockingly bad deal for Palace but that is because of the tribunal ruling, which was obviously ridiculous and why youth academies are not as popular as they used to be. FA, sort it out.

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  • 11. At 5:34pm on 21 Jul 2008, Patto123 wrote:

    Robbo...what a useless link to Maria Sharipova- all words and no pics! Outragous!

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  • 12. At 6:17pm on 21 Jul 2008, Pall Jonsson wrote:

    I don't know, Robbo...
    Re loyality, I thought Roy Keane's comments on the subject were interesting.

    So I sometimes wonder who's actually the guilty party. I bet it's sometimes the player's agent who makes the first move!

    So who's tapping whom, if for instance Barry's agent got in touch with Liverpool and said his man was interested in a move...just theoretically speaking?

    This all involves human beings at the end of the day, not race horses. Actually, most race horses have probably got more sense than a certain Chronaldo, who should wait paitiently until the last year of his contract before making too many waves. Elementary.

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  • 13. At 6:44pm on 21 Jul 2008, Thanks A lot BBC7 wrote:

    Better article than the Man City one but hey you set the standard low, didnt you.

    I still believe that the funny Robbo will return to us with a brilliant article of his 6 weeks stint on this australian island without telly nor Internet.

    Bashing Americans is quite easy indeed and will always loads of support, again Mr. Replace Robbo, choose the shortcut.

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  • 14. At 6:52pm on 21 Jul 2008, AusbornBrit wrote:

    Just wanted to point out that the article you linked to about how the Yanks were all whining about the weather all week, mostly quoted them saying how they liked the challenge and all that.

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  • 15. At 7:06pm on 21 Jul 2008, Things were better under Harold Wilson wrote:

    To comment on the cricket part of your rant, I couldn't agree more. Selection was a mess - Pattinson? Ambrose? - but the worst crime was Vaughn getting Flintoff to bowl so many overs. Was he trying to get him to break down? Surely he's not worried about Freddie challenging his captaincy. In fact, in that area, Vaughn looks safe after Collingwood's collapse in form; Pietersen's pitiful 'team' playing - five balls, three of them boundaries, to show what, how he was better than his Springbok mates, and Strauss, whose idea of stickability is quick dismissals. In the first innings, his dismissal was particularly poor.

    We were bad. I don't think - player for player - South Africa are much better than us, but their application is streets ahead.

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  • 16. At 7:09pm on 21 Jul 2008, Robert O'Hara wrote:

    It's not the first time United did this to Spurs. Remember Carrick? United mentioned that they would be interested in signing him, during the World Cup, and that was Carrick gone. So, when SAF started on about Real Madrid, I felt so sorry for the poor man. I'm a Sprus fan myself, but I don't have much sympathy for Levy after the way he treated Martin Jol. And I don't have much sympathy for the Spurs fans after the way they treated, and continue to treat, Sol Campbell (they didn't treat Pat Jennings that way, when he moved to the enemy. I wonder why???)

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  • 17. At 7:28pm on 21 Jul 2008, dhimmi wrote:

    "(they didn't treat Pat Jennings that way, when he moved to the enemy. I wonder why???)"

    Pat Jennings didn't leave on a free
    Pat Jennings didn't draw out contract negotiations for months
    Pat Jennings didn't repeatedly say he loved the club and was never going to leave

    For a supposed Spurs fan you know little about their history!

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  • 18. At 7:39pm on 21 Jul 2008, armamentarium stultorum wrote:


    You ever write a blog/column soley for the purpose of discussing sports, and not simply as a venue to take some kind of pop at your cousins across the water?

    It's completely unnecessary, adds nothing to your column/blog. In fact, quite the opposite, it clearly demonstrates that you are narrow minded enough that a scratch pad wider than .5 cm would be a waste of space in your hands.

    You don't have to love your cousins across the water, but maybe you could refrain from using your column as a vehicle for cheap shots and concentrate on something that you at least have some knowledge about, sports.

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  • 19. At 7:56pm on 21 Jul 2008, Robbo Robson wrote:

    Whoever gets any sort of flak on this blog assumes that I'm making a cheap shot. Nonsense. It's been ages since I've slated Americans any road... I feel refreshed and unburdened... besides which - the Ryder Cup is often won by the underdogs and as the rank outsiders the yanks must be feeling especially confident.

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  • 20. At 8:08pm on 21 Jul 2008, cowboyfromhell89 wrote:

    Fergie has only spoke about an unnamed player... It's obviously Berbatov but wouldn't it be classic if it turned out to be somebody completely different?

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  • 21. At 8:09pm on 21 Jul 2008, flyingrocketron wrote:

    sandy lyle should be barred from competing in future opens he only won the open by default in the first place!

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  • 22. At 8:14pm on 21 Jul 2008, jaydkay wrote:

    Is anyone else sick to their back teeth of hearing about whether Ronaldo, Drogba, Lampard, Kaka and Eto'o are staying or going? As far as I'm concerned if they all disappeared tomorrow the world would be a better place. We all love great footballers but primadonnas belong on the stage not in sport.

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  • 23. At 8:22pm on 21 Jul 2008, TNeile wrote:

    Robbo, you expressed anger as a sports fan over the British Open. Not quite sure what the game of golf has to do with sports. Other than the fact that it gets covered in sports pages (since there often isn't a "games" page where golf and darts and snooker ought to be relegated). But then, that's just my prejudice. I tend to associate sports with athletes, and tend not to necessarily associate athletes with golf (except for the fact that it's a great game that many true athletes like to play on their day off from sports).

    As for slagging off us Yanks, well, that probably DOES qualify as a sport in the UK, so I suppose you need to keep yourself match fit. Not a problem. The only true way to judge a good slagging off is "Is it funny?" If so, fair play, as you Brits seem to have to keep reminding yourselves when not reminding yourselves to stop being racist (in public). Keep hurling the barbs. The three of us Yanks who've ever heard of you can take it. (I'm proud to be one of the three.)

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  • 24. At 8:31pm on 21 Jul 2008, LondonBarnsey wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 25. At 8:34pm on 21 Jul 2008, SmOoOoKyBuDdY wrote:

    OH MY GOD!!! this is the last place where i wanted to read about GOLF... who the hell invented that game and the funny part is "They get injured" from what , wind hitting their knees. GODDDD... Cant' want Football to start again and have some fun watching it and actually seeing people being injured with REAL blows!!!

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  • 26. At 8:50pm on 21 Jul 2008, jynx100 wrote:

    i doubt very much that Levy would be reporting SAF to the FA if he didn't have evidence of tapping up and not just going on something written in the Sun. Our Chairman is an idiot sometimes but not that much. As for Bostock that isn't our fault blame the tribunal, i'm sick of hearing that its our fault WE OFFERED MORE MONEY TO BEGIN WITH!! and if we were at fault with Ramos then why weren't Spurs reported. Too many MU fans don't like to hear anyone say anything about their precious manager, but he isn't blameless, he's done it before he'll do it again. Wasn't his son in trouble not so long ago for taking some dodgy payments?

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  • 27. At 9:13pm on 21 Jul 2008, dudepod45 wrote:

    I can't believe those who are saying golf is not a sport. A round of championship golf takes around 4 to 5 hours so the participant has to endure both physical and mental pressure over that period. And championship golf consists of four rounds on four consecutive days, each of which demands an incredibly high level of that same physical and mental concentration. Indeed, such are the pressures on golfers that it is hardly surprising so few UK golfers win majors. The Ryder Cup, because it is more of a team event, is entirely different although it still demands similar standards. So, could someone please explain to me why golf is not a sport?

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  • 28. At 9:36pm on 21 Jul 2008, HarpoMark wrote:

    Interesting that you should suggest the 'Yanks' stay at home as Peter Alliss and his colleagues seemed concerned that some of the top Americans had indeed done just that.
    After all, just because the British media bangs on about 'The Open' being the best golf tournament, Wimbledon being the best tennis tournament, etc doesn't make it so.
    My impression is that the top women tennis players don't give a toss about Wimbledon, they can't even be bothered to play a warm-up event.
    So let's hope the top golfers don't adopt the same attitude because the Open needs them despite what Robbo says!

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  • 29. At 9:40pm on 21 Jul 2008, Arctic wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 30. At 10:03pm on 21 Jul 2008, Crisis? What Crisis? wrote:

    The difference between Bostock and Berbatov / Ronaldo is that the employee (the player) was not under contract as I understand it so the player is free to sign for whoever he likes.

    I also expect that Spurs had Palace's approval to talk to the player; although that is a supposition.

    As to whether it was a fair price for Bostock, only time will tell. I am sure Palace are hurting, but I don't think Spurs have done anything against the rules - unlike Real and Man Utd (it might appear.....)

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  • 31. At 10:16pm on 21 Jul 2008, Robbo Robson wrote:

    Matey at no. 30. That is my point.It's not bloody well clear whether United have been breaking any particular rules as no one really knows what the bleeding rules are with regard to contacting a player you might want to buy. The club owns him. The agent represents him. There's no end of possibilities within that messy mish-mash of a brown envelope coming into play (thought of course in this case that is unthinkable). So we go on supposition and using phrases such as 'it might appear'. It's a bit of a nonsense.

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  • 32. At 10:30pm on 21 Jul 2008, Robert O'Hara wrote:

    1. Pat Jennings didn't leave on a free

    your point being?

    2. Pat Jennings didn't draw out contract negotiations for months
    3. Pat Jennings didn't repeatedly say he loved the club and was never going to leave

    maybe 2 explains 1

    and....4. Pat Jennings was white. I know that much history.

    I also heard the particular terms of endearment hurled at Sol Campbell from the Spurs "fans" which suggested that 4 was more important than 1 2 and 3 combined.

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  • 33. At 10:30pm on 21 Jul 2008, Robert O'Hara wrote:

    or maybe 3 explains 2??

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  • 34. At 11:03pm on 21 Jul 2008, toonfan wrote:

    Spot on, Robbo. 'Nuff said.

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  • 35. At 11:44pm on 21 Jul 2008, xxxCORRECTxxx wrote:

    I don't know about Greg Norman being pure Aussie - he's got a broad American accent, has lived there for the best part of donkey's years, all his wife's have been American and his kids are all American. In fact, the bloke's about as Aussie as Pattinson is English. I don't know about the Open, but Pattinson - now that's the story that's made me want to rip my hair out this week. Golf's a four letter word, but cricket's serious business.

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  • 36. At 02:32am on 22 Jul 2008, Lpool0809 wrote:

    I live in California. You are very foolish to say that our weather is always the same. That is simply untrue. Its very irregular actually. I hate the stereotypes that go on about our state around the world. Yeah the weathers always the same here and we all surf and personally know all the cast members of The Hills and The OC. WTF? no. California is a HUGE state. You should probably investigate things before making statements about them Robbo. Believe it or not, it snows here in California. Thats right. WE HAVE MOUNTAINS. Lots of them actually. And it gets hella windy here. And it rains a lot when its not summer.

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  • 37. At 05:41am on 22 Jul 2008, The Canadian wrote:

    The English cricket team literally ripped a boiler out of its own engine room and then started to throw garbage into the remaining ones in a vain attempt to go faster.

    The dropped boiler is Collingwood, the garbage is Flintoff.

    Don't even get me started on Pattinson.

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  • 38. At 08:53am on 22 Jul 2008, David wrote:

    i feel slightly to blame for this golf being so popular my father in laws great great great great uncle was the first person to play golf in america. when he got of a ship which he was sailing on. he was a keen amateur golfer and was associated with glasgow golf club.

    so sorry everyone

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  • 39. At 08:58am on 22 Jul 2008, Thanks A lot BBC7 wrote:

    One has to give it to Robbo: He gets people going. I am astonished about the amount of people taking his waffling serious.

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  • 40. At 10:37am on 22 Jul 2008, teemu4pm wrote:

    Robert O' Hara

    If you seem to be suggesting there was some sort of racial motivation towards Sol Campbell wanting to leave perhaps you should find concrete evidence rather than get carried away on your own speculation.

    Sol Campbell swore alleigance to Spurs, waited until his contract ran out, and then went to the enemy. That's the bottom line. Not exactly the same as Jennings, was it?

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  • 41. At 10:52am on 22 Jul 2008, Uganda Tim wrote:

    The Canadian. Collingwood good batsman, Flintoff world class bowler.

    However, my main concern is that they "liierally ripped a boiler out". I think you might mean "figuratively".

    Not sure where it came from in this blog, but I love the effect mentioning Sol's transfer to a successful club has on Spurs fans. Hilarious.

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  • 42. At 11:32am on 22 Jul 2008, 8trizzay wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 43. At 12:29pm on 22 Jul 2008, "We Won the Football League Again, ThisTime on Merseyside". 06-07 Champions. wrote:

    Hi mate,

    The bit about Daniel Levvy was bloody fantastic. A good indication of the state of footie today.

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  • 44. At 1:28pm on 22 Jul 2008, Possebon's Pinky wrote:

    Hi Robbo, another good article and I always look forward to and enjoy reading these.

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  • 45. At 1:51pm on 22 Jul 2008, AndrewFR wrote:

    10. "Fife and surrounding counties"!!! as Fifer i can assure you that Aberdeenshire, where Trump plans his course, is hardly surrounding Fife.

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  • 46. At 1:58pm on 22 Jul 2008, Mark Walter wrote:

    "I swear to God, we're only two generations from North American kids being born with castors on their feet."


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  • 47. At 2:35pm on 22 Jul 2008, aries22 wrote:

    Think you shot yourself in the foot about Americans bleating about the weather and then reminding us all where the game was invented. Two players threw the towel in during that first round. One was an American and other was from the country where the game was invented. I do agree though about Sandy Lyle. Why doesn't he consider wearing contact lenses for golf? That way, the problems he encountered this year wouldn't have arisen: unable to see the ball properly; losing the line and hitting into the rough; hurting his fingers getting out of the rough; etc. How many other golfers wore glasses during The Open? I mean, is Lyle an experienced professional or what?

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  • 48. At 2:38pm on 22 Jul 2008, 27 wrote:

    I don't think Fergie's without blame here; but for Levy to become self-righteous about it after his performance in publicly tapping up Ramos from Sevilla whilst Jol was still in post is ridiculous. Levy is no champion of truth and justice, he's just fighting his corner like they all do.

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  • 49. At 3:23pm on 22 Jul 2008, Robert O'Hara wrote:


    "If you seem to be suggesting there was some sort of racial motivation towards Sol Campbell wanting to leave perhaps you should find concrete evidence rather than get carried away on your own speculation."

    I suggested nothing of the sort. What I said was that AFTER he moved he was subjected to constant racial abuse from many Spurs "fans" and I wondered aloud why Pat Jennings, who also moved to Arsenal, did not suffer from any abuse.

    I have to disagree with you about Campbell. He played for Spurs for 10 years, which I consider to be excellent service. Instead of leaving in the manner of Michael Carrick, he played to the end of his contract, which is all one can really ask for (and rarely get).

    So, he said that he loved Spurs and would never leave. After ten years of service, I think he should be forgiven for changing his mind, but I appreciate that many Spurs fans would have a different opinion about that. However, that's no excuse for the type of abuse that Campbell received.

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  • 50. At 5:30pm on 22 Jul 2008, maldiniforzamilano wrote:

    fine job robbo, very good read. finally someone put daniel levy in his place.

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  • 51. At 7:17pm on 22 Jul 2008, dodiesmith wrote:

    Have read enough articles by Robbo to be a fan. THowever, one important factor not mentioned re: the golf.... Tiger Woods (an American and a GREAT one!) was not playing. He has played consistently in terrible weather conditions and has ALWAYS shown grace under pressure; he keeps on
    winning, rain or shine. I missed him. Was happy for Harrington, a worthy winner. Have LIVED in the US for five years in the them to bits.
    Robbo, give them a break. The stress of the competition plus "blustery" conditions as the BBC put it.....I'd have a little moan and so would you, dear man.
    Just a little constructive criticism, Robbo....
    from a Merseysider living in Toronto...and always loyal to Liverpool!

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  • 52. At 7:47pm on 22 Jul 2008, americanMANUgirl wrote:

    Bittter Brit... get over yourselves and STOP obsessing about America... I grow embarrassed for you

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  • 53. At 8:23pm on 22 Jul 2008, The Chelsea Fan wrote:

    Golf. Who cares? Robbo, any real sports to report on?

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  • 54. At 10:13pm on 22 Jul 2008, tonyvbc wrote:

    I think, Robbo, you need to brush up on your geography. Last time I looked, North America consisted of: America (also known as USA), Mexico and Canada.
    As a Canadian I resent been included in a dart that was intended to be thrown at Americans!


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  • 55. At 03:29am on 23 Jul 2008, redforever wrote:

    I am going to point out that while your jokes about North Americans might get the expected titters, you might want to take a look at the history of the British Open to see how many Americans have won it...ten out of the last fourteen. I wont bore you with the number of top ten finishers from the US over the same period, but lets just say you would need a Boeing 747 to get them all home after the event. You could get the Brits into the back of a Vauxhall Viva.
    Not a bad record for a bunch of fat kids is it?

    While your looking up stats that might contradict your stereotypes, look up the number of Brits who have won the US Open....anyone remember Tony Jacklin? Funnily enough the event is often played in California, as it was this year, fought to a thrilling finish by two obscenely overweight Yanks, Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate.

    Other than that keep it up, I do miss 'Til Death do us Part, and you're the next best thing!

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  • 56. At 07:05am on 23 Jul 2008, azgemac wrote:

    Robbo, you really need to get your US geography sorted out lad. Arizona is where it's at, not California.
    Up today at 6am. OJ and a banana. Working out with free weights at 7am. 5 mile run at 8. Lunch at 9. - marmite sandwiches, toma(r)toes, and Yorkshire tea. Over to the golf course at 10. Temp is only 105F or about 40C, cool enough. Wind? What wind. Clouds? What clouds.Rough? What rough. Rain? What's that.
    Back home at 2pm. 45 minutes of laps in the pool. Dry off in the sunshine.
    Ah, 4pm; time for my 2 beers before dinner. Glass of wine with dinner. A little light reading this evening, followed by the BBC blog sites. After this post off to bed.
    Tomorrow up at 6, juice and a banana, work out, run, eat, golf etc, etc. Same old same old.
    Life is a bitch, but somebody has to do it.

    As for the Ryder Cup, bet the house on the US in September. You heard it here first.

    Retired Brit in Arizona

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  • 57. At 08:58am on 23 Jul 2008, Brinsley Schwartz wrote:

    Pattinson was a horse for a course that did not work.

    Why did Anderson and Freddie do most of the bowling, surely Broad, Panesar and Pattinson should have done the bulk and Anderson and Freddie used sparingly in the hope of taking wickets.

    Vaughan seems clueless with the bat and at 34, I would suggest gis days are numbered.

    Why do we pick non-entities as England selectors. David Graveney and now Geoff Miller, even doom and gloom Bob Willis would be better.

    Still that's us and cricket, talk a great game, look good on paper and yet fail to deliver on so many occasions.

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  • 58. At 12:34pm on 23 Jul 2008, LBUZZ_CHERRY wrote:

    AZGEMAC..(please stop depressing us!)

    Good idea to get up early - visited my mate in Glendale last August. Went for a run around the block (25 mins) at around 8am 4 times when I was there. Too late!! stupidly hot!!

    Decent blog - just hope the Yanks don't get too upset about the gentle ribbing - only a bit of fun from the 51st state!!!

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  • 59. At 12:36pm on 23 Jul 2008, ComeOnFergie aka COF wrote:

    "Meanwhile, I can't wait for the Ryder Cup! All we need is a light breeze and the Americans will just hand it over while they put on their anoraks and hide in the clubhouse."

    Ha loved it!!!! well done robbo, another true blog!

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  • 60. At 4:45pm on 23 Jul 2008, Robbo Robson wrote:

    Well it sounds bloody exhausting all that running around in subhuman temperatures. What the hell do you think you're playing at? Are you single-handedly losing all the weight the rest of 'em can't seem to shift?
    I'm sure the one thing missing is a miserable Teessider with nowt to do but moan who could happily share your beer and keep your deckchair warm while you race about like a nana.

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  • 61. At 10:41pm on 23 Jul 2008, azgemac wrote:

    You can share my beer anytime you want to, although not sure you would like it. We always have room out here in Hotel Arizona for visiting Brits.
    So as not to depress CHERRY too much, Wednesday has not been a good day for me.
    The stock market was not kind to me; a few wispy clouds can be seen in the blue blue sky; the temp dipped below 100F; the wind freshened to slightly more than a zephr; water temp in the pool dropped to 88 - Brrr - and I could only manage an 81 on the golf course.
    Talking of golf - up the road from here about 100 miles in Flagstaff, a golfer was struck by lightening on Tuesday this week. When he regained conciousness, he couldn't remember his name, or his address, but did remember his golf score.

    I have to ask. What is a nana?

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  • 62. At 11:18pm on 23 Jul 2008, RedIsaac wrote:

    Good job Robbo. The fact that you've upset some americans doesn't concern me. You had a fair go at those wingers that couldn't handle the conditions, correctly leaving out the one american who would show them all how it's supposed to be done. But hey, Tiger wasn't not there and Harrington won it impressively. I think that speaks volumes about those that thought they'd catch Woods in the world rankings.

    Oh and thanks for the geography lessons from my american friends. Do they really think we have never been over there and don't know what it's like? News flash: you've got mountains in california but you ski there. What you don't do is host a golf major by the windy seaside in the same torrid conditions as Royal Birkdale or Carnoustie. (before u say anything, I know about your seaside courses-the conditions there are ideal)

    Ah yes, the transfer saga. What is and isn't tapping up... What does Daniel Levy call what he did to get Juande Ramos? Or is that ok because he's a manager? Like I said about the Ronaldo saga, fans have every right to get upset with the behaviour of some players and their demands. However some managers and club officials should look at their own actions first before crying foul.

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  • 63. At 6:55pm on 24 Jul 2008, Robbo Robson wrote:


    a nana is short for banana. It's a polite way of saying kn*bhead.

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  • 64. At 2:24pm on 31 Jul 2008, bravesophia001 wrote:

    I am an open-mineded single girl and I love sports.
    I want to end my single life by meeting a guy who likes sports too. Let's mingle at the club
    (((((==== Mixed mingle.c o m====))))where love is color blind.(sexysophia there)

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