Stella Walker

Stella Walker

Actor: Keira Lucchesi

Stella has spent the last decade in the care system, after the breakdown of her parents' relationship and her mother's inability to cope with three young children. Since the ripe old age of seven she's been effectively looking after herself. Her life has never been easy and the only thing that Stella can rely on is the fact that everyone lets her down eventually.

Stella started drinking when she was 11. It took the edge off things and enabled her to become someone else - someone tougher, someone who didn't care. During her time in foster care one family made a real impression on her. She felt truly safe and loved for the first time in her life. Unfortunately, it was only ever a temporary arrangement and Stella cursed herself for letting herself become attached, vowing never to make that mistake again. When her Mum eventually picked herself up, she took back Stella's two younger brothers but not her. Stella never got over this rejection.

At fifteen Stella found herself drinking daily and she finally absconded from the home she was living in. She's been living alone ever since, spending time on the streets and in hostels. As well as stealing it's been known for Stella to offer sexual favours in exchange for money, drink or a roof over her head. Through bitter experience she's come to realise that you never get something for nothing.

In spite of all this, or perhaps because of it, Stella is bright and charming with a sharp, dry wit. She's completely chaotic when she's drunk, liable to lash out physically and verbally. When she's sober she can be very sweet and is always full of remorse for any hurt she's caused.

Stella found an unlikely saviour when she met Deek but she didn't accept his kindness easily. Deek found the strength to call his mum with Stella's help. Just when romance might have blossomed, Molly's interfering ways caused friction between the two. When Deek took Molly's side over Stella's, she turned her back on Deek for good. Can Deek earn her forgiveness?

What Stella longs for more than anything is a safe place to stay and a bit of love. Someone she can trust. A family. Just when things look like they might get back on track with Deek, the news of Alice's death rocks him to the core. Will Stella be able to stand by as Deek careers off the rails, or is the reflection of her own life just too much for her to handle?

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