Leo Brodie

Leo Brodie

Actor: Nick Rhys

As a troubled teenager, and with a parental void in his life, Leo could have gone down a very dark path if it hadn't been for his brother and surrogate father, Michael. Michael protected Leo from himself, by insisting he enlist in the army - and when Leo complied he found his life's calling. This episode bonded Leo to Michael and Michael's ex-wife Chloe - the only two people who supported him in his hour of need.

In contrast to Michael's cerebral nature, he is a man of action and was naturally suited to his role as a soldier. However, after being wounded and accidentally killing a child in Afghanistan, Leo went AWOL. He hid with Hayley for a while but was eventually found by the Military Police. A military hearing saw him discharged from the forces and he later received £60,000 compensation for the injuries he received.

Living with Michael, Leyla and the kids on civvy street was difficult for Leo. Michael continued to try and protect his little brother even when he discovered that Leo staged a break in at the surgery in order to support his prescription drug habit. With Leo spiralling out of control, Leyla made Michael choose between his family and parenting Leo. Michael chose his family much to Leo's horror and Leo was asked to leave the Brodie household. How will Leo now cope without the support of his family or the army?

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