Karim Malik

Karim Malik

Actor: Kriss Dosanjh

Karim is in Aberdeen.

Karim left Shieldinch in 2003. Karim and his wife, Hana, ran Malik Stores in Shieldinch. The Maliks have three children: Nazir, Jamilah and Zara.

Karim's life changed when he agreed to do a favour for his friend Ichbal. The plan was to marry then divorce Ichbal's ex-wife Shazia, so that Ichbal and Shazia could remarry under Islamic law. Hana was against the marriage, and would never have found out, but Ichbal died before Karim could go through with the divorce, and Shazia turned up in Shieldinch looking for help.

The arrival of Shazia highlighted problems in the Maliks' marriage, and Karim told Hana to leave. However, Shazia told him she couldn't be the cause of a broken marriage, and he left for Aberdeen to try to restore relations with his wife, and win back the respect of his daughter, Zara.

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