Joanne Rossi


Actor: Lisa Gardner

Joanne Rossi is a selfish little madam and as she gets older this shtick gets less and less appealing. Indulged by mum Gina her whole life, Jo has grown into a woman who expects things just to fall into her lap. When they don't she'll scratch and cheat and lie until she gets what she wants. Jo puts herself first, always. It's not that Jo is evil, she's just selfish. She does care about other people and would never want things to turn out badly for anyone - she's not malicious.

Deep down Jo is growing less secure as she gets older. Jo's life has not turned out as she hoped and with each passing year her dreams of pop stardom or marrying a wealthy man seem to drift further and further away. Jo's deepest fear is that she's already washed up and has wasted what she undoubtedly sees as her huge potential.

Joanne spent her childhood dreaming of the fame and fortune she would have when she grew up. She wasn't particularly good at school but no-one cares about your exams when you're a pop star. Jo's self-belief was protected at every turn by Gina who encouraged her daughter's whims. In the long term she wasn't doing Joanne any favours at all.

Joanne's first big relationship was with neighbour, Nazir. When Joanne fell pregnant with her first son, Franco, Nazir didn't want to know and deserted his young family. Next Joanne had an affair with Ruth's then partner, Cormac.

After Cormac came Billy Davis. On the surface Billy was all Jo wanted, a wealthy, handsome, businessman but when true love came calling in the form of Luca, Jo was powerless to resist. Despite thinking Luca was her half-brother (thankfully he wasn't) Jo embarked on an affair with him. When she fell pregnant with little Romeo she pretended the baby was Billy's. Eventually the truth worked its way out and Billy was broken-hearted.

Jo left for Italy with Luca but soon returned when that relationship too broke down. Most recently she became involved with local bad boy Ewan Murdoch. It was Jo's most desperate bid for a man yet. When she discovered he was sleeping with her friend, Heather, instead of dumping him Jo pretended to be pregnant. Even then Ewan wasn't all that interested. Jo sealed the deal with her lowest act yet, a faked miscarriage. When her deceit was discovered the Murdochs banished Jo.

Jo sought refuge back in the arms of first love, Nazir, but their reunion was short-lived as disaster struck. When returning to Shieldinch to start a new life as a family, Nazir and Franco were killed in a car accident. It's taking Joanne a long time to come to terms with the heartbreaking grief of these deaths. She realised she has to mend her ways and build a new life for both her and her son Romeo. So Joanne packed their bags and headed for Australia.

Joanne returned to Shieldinch and discovered her sister Ruth was getting married. However, with Joanne nothing seems to go straightforwardly and she had to return to Oz when some dodgy dealings with Heather caught up with her. Will she ever be able to make her family believe she can be responsible?

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