Fi Kydd

Fi Kydd

Fi triggered the return of Archie's memory, turned to alcohol again and tragically died in a car crash, no thanks to Archie Buchanan.

Fi is an old colleague of Archie and she worked with him and Gerry. She's had a traumatic past: her lover was killed in a car accident years ago and Fi has unfairly blamed herself since. Fi became an alcoholic but got back on the wagon. Despite being responsible for sentencing Alice to six months in jail, she's since made friends with Alice and her mother Shirley. Although George initially had problems with her being a lesbian, he appreciated what she's done for Alice. In fact, he even confided in Fi about his illness, long before telling his family.

Alice misinterpreted their friendship and made a pass at Fi, and was mortified when she didn't reciprocate. Their friendship suffered and it was likely a contributing factor to Alice's return descent into alcoholism.

Fi likes to do things by the book and is uncomfortable with the likes of Niamh, a crooked lawyer, hanging around the business. In an attempt to uncover Niamh's shady past, Fi soon found herself in a battle with her nemesis. Unfortunately, Niamh uncovered other secrets from Fi's harrowing past. It transpires that Fi had a daughter, Rona, who killed herself in prison, and a son who has never forgiven her. Fi was devastated by Niamh's taunts.

Fi's investigation into Niamh led to her discovering the truth about Archie's past. She was shocked by his deception whilst he tried to convince her of his innocence. It was only when she realised Niamh really loved Archie, he'd asked her to start the fire that led to her jail sentence, and he'd not contacted her in prison, that she realised what a rat he really is. He agreed to resign from the business and pay back what he owed but then Fi spotted him with Niamh and knew he was lying again. Fi fretted about the effect it would have on Gina and Liz but she had no option but to call the police and Archie was arrested.

She started a business with Gerry but her guilt increased after Archie's apparent suicide and she nearly started drinking again. She left Shieldinch and moved to Millport.

Actor: Monica Gibb

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