Daniel McKee

Daniel McKee

Daniel was a tearaway at school; it was almost a family tradition. His two elder brothers had paved the way and when Daniel started showing signs of bad behaviour no-one was surprised and no-one stepped in to put a stop to it. By the age of ten Daniel was running with a bad crowd and getting a bit of a reputation with the police and a record for petty crime and fighting. He caught the eye of Father Mulvanny who took Daniel under his wing at the local boxing club. Daniel showed promise immediately and things looked good. Boxing taught him discipline and it looked as though he was leaving his past troubles behind. One night Daniel got into a fight with an old adversary. The fight was a scrap over a girl, it should have stayed just a scrap but Daniel lost his temper and used the skills he had learned in the ring to devastating effect. The other guy died and Daniel went to jail for ten years.

Initially devastated and terrified by the prison experience Daniel soon realised he needed to sort himself out. He was helped by prison psychiatrist, Marianne. He fell in love with her and worked like mad to impress her gaining a 2:1 honours degree in English and Sociology. On his release in 2002 Daniel married Marianne.

Daniel returned to Sheildinch with a mission; to help young tearaways and make sure they didn't make the same mistakes he did. To this end he opened Shieldinch "Base" and now also runs a boxing club in the community centre with his old boxing coach, Joe.

Actor: Ewan Stewart

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