Bob Adams

Bob Adams

Actor: Stephen Purdon

If Shieldinch has a conscience then it's Bob Adams. Pure of heart and morally courageous, Bob usually knows the right thing to do and, though sometimes it takes a while, eventually Bob always succumbs to his conscience. Bob genuinely wants the best for everyone, except perhaps Lenny Murdoch. He has simple tastes and pleasures in life. Bob just wants to be happy and live quietly in Shieldinch. Bob is happy with his lot and loved by all. There really isn't another side to this guy.

Bob has lived in Shieldinch most of his life; he has no desire to go anywhere else. Bob's upbringing was difficult in many ways. The Adams family never had a lot of cash and Bob's father, Paddy, was a bad husband to Scarlett. Bob was forced to face this fact when Paddy came back into Scarlett's life and began manipulating her again.

What Bob always had in abundance is maternal love. He's adored by his mum and siblings. Bob's not always been so lucky in love outside the family. His most serious relationship to date was with Charlie Drummond. Bob knew before the wedding that Charlie wasn't right for him but she begged him to proceed and, for her sake, he did.

Fortunately Charlie stopped Bob in the end and they parted ways. Bob found love again when friendship turned into something more with Nicki. The road was rocky initially as the pair faced opposition from flatmate, Deek but all is well now and it looked like Nicki might finally be the one for Bob.

After a disastrous stag do abroad Bob had to come clean to Nicki, and tell her he had cheated on her whilst away. A heartbroken Nicki went to stay with Shirley in Spain and Bob was left alone once more.

He was distracted from wallowing by the news that he has a gran, uncle and aunty he never knew about. Although he was briefly angered at Scarlett he soon saw why she had disowned Molly and her scheming ways. Bob's in for a rocky ride with the arrival of his aunt Theresa in Shieldinch. He was delighted to get to know his new relative though he couldn't understand why Scarlett hates her so much.

Scarlett had hoped to keep Theresa and Bob apart and she was dismayed that Theresa became his business partner in the garage. Scarlett never wanted Bob to find out that Theresa is his real mother but secrets have a way of being revealed.

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