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Town of Zeros by Charlie Bowie

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Vikki Tennant | 14:40 UK time, Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Michael Brodie was once a carefree Glasgow Tour Guide who's biggest worry was whether to smooch is girlfriend in the art gallery or the transport museum. But Michael was destined for greater things - he conquered a medical degree and became a war hero in Afghanistan. After the glory of war he found himself in the seedy town of Shieldinch where nothing is ever as it seems, danger lurks round every corner and you can't trust anyone, not even your wife. This is the story of a hero in a town full of zero's fighting against fate...

"A masterpiece! Proof that when life throws you lemons, make a gin and tonic." The Shieldinch Review

"D:Ream told us that things can only get better, Bowie tells us: that's a load of crap." The Mossgreen Journal

Eh, what do you think? A bestseller in the making?! Ahem, maybe not, I should probably stick to my day job which is erm, writing mildly amusing blogs! Back to it then....

Chapter 1 - Death of a Pimp

Wow, what an episode! I must say I thought it was pretty darn brilliant this week. Talk about a bad day - Michael found out his wife was having an affair and then got arrested for murdering Cam the Bam! He didn't have much chance of getting away with murder; he was the worst criminal EVER!! Now, I ain't no expert in covering my tracks but when you're the prime suspect in an assault it's probably not the most sensible idea to walk across the street in front of DC Grant looking really suspicious, carrying a large black bin bag! Nice one Doc! It's also sensible to say as little as possible to the copper and certainly not continually land yourself in it - be cool man. And see when the polis bring you in for questioning, don't just blurt out "Aye it was me" - let them work for it!! Ah Mick, you should of called me, I'd of kept you right! But, Doctor Brodie didn't call me and as a result he's in jail. I can't see any easy way out of this for him so I'm afraid it's farewell to Michael Brodie for now.

Chapter 2 - The Godmother vs The Godfather

So creepy, freaky Auld Agnes is having money troubles and she ain't too proud to take a hand out from a clueless Lenny Murdoch. She really is a nasty old bat, no wonder Vivifran is messed up, who wouldn't be with a mother like that! Now that Vivifran has put her foot down and professed her love for Lenny it looks the auld bat is ready to take matters into her own hands. And did you see the sneak peek of next week? It would appear that her evil plan involves Lenny's little grandson Callum -she wouldn't be evil and crazy enough to harm a 3 year old child... surely... erm... would she?

Chapter 3 - The Author and the Serving Wench

Annie's not really a wench, I just like to use the word wench. It was Charlie's birthday and as we all know, birthdays get you thinking! So, Charlie decided it was time to take the bull by the horns, he proposed to Annie and whisked her away to go travelling around the world. He is even contemplating a sequel to that bestseller 'Town of Zeros' - that's got movie deal written all over it. I had tear in my eye when Charlie proposed to Annie, it was very sweet and his wee face was soooo cute. And that's farewell to the lovely couple! I'm sad to see them go but they've had a lovely happy ending to their story.

Whatever you do, do not miss next week's episode, it's the grand finale of Series 7 and as I mentioned before, Agnes will be exacting her terrible revenge on Lenny and there's more trouble in store for the Brodie clan - seriously, if you thought things couldn't get worse for Michael you were very wrong!


  • Comment number 1.

    Michael's Lawyer was rubbish! He didn't say a word. If there is any chance that he is going to go free in the streets of Shieldinch any time soon - he's going to have to get Lenny's lawyer Hamish on side!!!

  • Comment number 2.

    does anyone know what the opera/classical music that river city used near the end of the last episode (20/03/2012). thanks x

  • Comment number 3.

    I haven't submitted a comment since the advent of the cheery sex-trafficking/Brodie family disintegration/murder/attempted suicide/joyless infidelity storyline. Still, at least we had the child kidnapping/betrayal/attempted murder storyline involving Frances and Lennie as light relief.

    Since I am a compulsive RC viewer, I now find myself on pills for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and wondered if I could be told when, roughly, some light relief might be injected into the show anytime soon? People used to SMILE in Shieldinch - I know this for a fact because my medication helps bring back long-suppressed memories of a cackling Mollie, a scheming Scarlett or a randy Gina bent over the mixing desk at the community centre. Even the Amusement Arcade once had some, well, amusement.

    Please, please bring back some sunshine to the sad streets of Shieldinch ! I don't even care if it has nothing to do with the plot , just something, anything: Mollie doing the can-can, Bob deciding to enter Britain's Got Talent, Raymond having a midlife crisis and becoming a full-time drag queen...you decide. Just please make the pain go away!

  • Comment number 4.

    This weeks episode was really good and at last Agnes got her comeuppance.Thank goodness Francis knew a secret passage way to get the bairn out safely.I think Lenny realises just how much danger the bairn was in,maybe now he will also realise what are the most important things in life.His health and his wee grandson.Hope we will still see Liz and Malcolm.It wouldnt be the same without them not being in River City.Hopefully soon we will be getting a few laughs and entertaining parts in River city.It has been a bit dark and upsetting but hopefully we will get a few laughs soon.I have loved and enjoyed River City from the begining and i look so forward to seeing it every Tuesday.Please inject some humour into it and i will enjoy it even more.



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