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Best. Cliffhanger. Ever.

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Vikki Tennant | 10:44 UK time, Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Who's Deid?

Wow. I was rendered speechless by this week's episode! What a brilliant, exciting, tense and very sad episode. Who survived? Who got shot? Is Jimmy still alive? Argh, so many questions!

So, how did it all go down? Well, McCabe returned to settle a few scores in the ol' Wild West of Glasgow. His first port of call was yella bellied Fraser who squealed like a pig without much persuasion - he landed Lenny right in it. Lenny attempted to get Amber out of town before it all kicked off but unfortunately Lenny, Amber and Feeble Fraser ended up in a stand off in the Arcade with McCabe and one of his goons. There was a scuffle, with guns falling out of people's hands all over the place, and then we heard two gun shots but we didn't see who fired or who got shot! We're going to have to wait til next week to see who's still alive in there.

McCabe had one other place to visit before he called on Murdoch and that was poor Jimmy. DI Donald offered Jimmy witness protection but before he could leave town McCabe caught up with him. He brutally stabbed Jimmy and left him to bleed to death in a quiet area of Shieldinch. It was absolutely heartbreaking. Is this the end of Jimmy Mullen?

We needed some light relief in amongst all this craziness and that came from my favourite moustache twirling villain Zinnie the Pooh! Her unsuspecting victims this week were Deek and Robbie. Zinnie needed a new place to stay and decided that she'd manipulate her way into their flat and with free rent no less! She had both men wrapped around her little finger until Robbie started getting suspicious. It looks like Zinnie might have met her match! I think we're in for some good fun with the three of them sharing a flat!

So back to the main event, you all went wild on Facebook and Twitter about the shocking cliffhanger. Thank you to everyone for their amazing support of the show, we're absolutely delighted that you enjoyed the episode. Everyone is speculating about who has survived but my lips are sealed! All will be revealed next week...

Quote of the Week
Molly: "Weans the day, if they get caught all they'll gets a slapped wrist when what they really needs a good hiding."


  • Comment number 1.

    Absolutely brilliant river city!!!! This programme just gets better & better.....Im praying that Amber & that wee rat Fraser are the ones that got it and not Lenny or McCabe...... Best soap on the box by miles :D Hope Jimmy is okay too

  • Comment number 2.

    Probably the best episode ive seen in a long time, I hope it was that weasel Fraser that got shot, does anyone know the piece of music thats playing when Lenny is sitting in the arcade and moves to Jimmy coming down the stairs with wee Madddona and continues to Amber in the pub?

  • Comment number 3.

    Most underrated soap! What a great episode, excellent subtle music too can't wait for Tuesday, marvellous actors all....

  • Comment number 4.

    Lennie Murdoch for First Minister.................please don't kill off Lennie.

  • Comment number 5.

    wow just watched Tuesdays Episode on repeat that was one heck of a cliffhanger,I was waiting for it to say next week on Rivercity,please don't let Jimmy die ,him and Scarlett are made for each other,I think its maybe been Fraser or mcabe and his sidekick that have been shot,I think Fraser and Amber were a good couple until he was stupid enough to get caught up in all the counterfeit money and drugs,I do kinnda hope the writers bring Amber and Fraser back together if he's not one of the dead folk

  • Comment number 6.

    Hadn't tuned in for a while but thought I was watching an episode of Taggart, not River City... flick knives? Guns? Murrrderr?.. Counterfeit money and drugs? Whit's gaun on?? I soo want to watch a good soap set in Glasgow with great characters and real Glasgow HUMOUR...but this is not it. What's the obsession with gangsters? Sorry I can't agree with the other comments, but I feel I've seen all this stuff before, i'LL be glad to see the back of Lennie. This was not vintage RC.

  • Comment number 7.

    Definatley one of the best classic episodes of River City in years. I havent been on edge of my seat since the whole Lenny/Mcabe/Wee Boab & Charlie kidnapp/fall-in-the-clyde drama a few years ago!

    Intense, drama. The background music played during the Mccabe/Lenny scenes was chilling! (Very good choice.)

    River City needs a good villain. (Not so much a gangster) but Lenny is what you would call a gangster - but an out-and-out villian with different dimensions. He does have his soft side which is brilliant.

    10/10 for this episode River City, well done :) This show deserves much more creidt.

  • Comment number 8.

    River city was brilliant and i really hope the ones thats deid is Mcabe and Frazer.Poor Jimmy i just hope they get their in time to get help and hopefully Scarlet will realise that her and Jimmy are meant to be together.Please dont kill off Jimmy it wouldnt be the same without him.I liked Mcabe when his daughter was in it and Scarlet and wee Bob helped him with her.But as times gone on he has become an absolute villian and not someone to be messed with as poor Jimmy found out.Hopefully if it is Mcabe then Jimmy and Scarlet wont have to move afterall.Only one critisism when are we going to get a bit of humour and funny storylines?its been a bit too serious of late be good to have some fun in it.Hope Amber and Lenny are ok.Apart from that really very well acted and certainly kept me on the edge of my seat,well done.

  • Comment number 9.

    Acht. Can NOT believe they've killed off McCabe!
    I thought he was brilliant. Really liked him. One of the best characters ever, in any Scottish drama. RC will be much the poorer without his occasional sterling appearances.

  • Comment number 10.

    I am absolutely appalled that McCabe has been killed off, his menacing character was one of the things I really loooked forward to, would much rather Lenny or better still that wimp Fraser was dead, the programme goes from strength to strength, love it so much, we were staying near Loch Lomond recently and on our way back from Glasgow we saw Hayley waliking down to the set, didn't stop to bither her as they must have been filming late, but what a pretty little thing she is, just wish this episode hadn't turned out this way, I will really miss Tommy, am so relieved Jommy survived and that Scarlett has seen sense at last, looking forward to Wee Bob and Kelly - Marie returning, hope they both stay this time !!! Would love to see wooden Layla and Lydia go, such bad acting and WHY does Lydia have to try the Scots accent is beyond me, it's really laughable, still missing Ruth and Scott, and I still think Eddie's murder was one of the most shocking storylines yet, would also love to see Roisin return, she was some actress and always good for a wee laugh tae.

  • Comment number 11.

    This drama just gets better and better shame it can't be a contender for the Soap Awards. I am also pleased that Bob and Kelly-Marie are returning. Do hope that the BBC isn't going to slice 12 weeks out of the shedule after all we get 4 episodes of Eastenders a week. If savings have to be made why River City and why Scotland. Let them take the Production of Waterloo Road back to England I don't care just leace River City well alone - Its hands off - Got it?

  • Comment number 12.

    Please dinny cut River City I cannot stand Eastenders these days,,, total overkill



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