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IRFS Weeknotes #118

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Pete Warren Pete Warren | 15:17 UK time, Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A bumper R&D IRFS weeknotes this Olympic™ week, as the activities from the past two weeks are condensed into a single entry, a bit like the two steaming meaty patties crammed into every delicious double-cheeseburger®.

Image of the BBC studio at the Olympic Park

NASA Curiosity touches down on Mars... oh hang on. No, it's the BBC studio inside the Olympic Park

The FI Content team have been very active. Barbara, Joanne, Chris N. and Dan revised the wireframes for the web app we are going to implement for our next iteration on the authentication on TV. Meanwhile, Dan documented work done so far on the remote control & tagging and drafted a blog post while James documented his work on the VLC. Meanwhile, Chris Needham looked at the radioTag protocol as it is a critical path of our next implementation for the TV Tag -- the smart device app. Barbara reviewed Dan's blog post and had conversations with Penny and Joanne on logistics for the ethnographic study.

Chris Newell collated data about the BBC's Olympic video streams for analysis in the ViSTA-TV collaborative project. Hopefully, ViSTA-TV's data mining techniques will give us some interesting insights into viewer behaviour during this busy period.

The ABC-IP team of Chris Lowis, Yves Raimond, Andrew Nicolaou, Shauna Concannon and Pete Warren (that's me) continued forging their World Service Archive prototype. Chris kept an eye on the deployment of the World Service Prototype and dealt with any issues, while Andrew replaced the audio library used on the ABC prototype to enable more advanced jumping around between segments of a programme. Pete continued to provide UX thinking, Shauna processed user feedback data and Yves continued his engineering work, among other activities.

Libby spent time refining requirements with Steve Bowbrick for a Radio 3 Tag twitter bot that will tell you who the composer is and the title of the piece and will also pinpoint a place in time for you in iPlayer, rather like RadioTAG, but using Twitter as your radio.

Vicky Spengler did a lot of background research for the Internet of Things project, mapping the IoT space (who's doing what, where are the gaps), identifying the design challenges and considering Future IoT trends for technology and UX in the next 3-5 years. Michael Sparks is currently writing a tech position paper as a starting point for the project.

As ever, unmentionable confidential work continues behind the scenes, which, along with our more public endeavours, helps make 2012 a golden year of research.

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