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Prototyping weeknotes #91

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Barbara Zambrini | 10:28 UK time, Monday, 16 January 2012

After a well-deserved Christmas break, we are ready for another great year! We continue making good progress on current projects as well as looking at exciting new opportunities.

The Programme List project is proceeding towards the final spike of the current development with Andrew and Theo giving it a visual makeover to use the BBC Global Experience Language (GEL) using the rack-less Ruby gem, which makes LESS CSS easy to integrate into a ruby application. Duncan has reworked the whole thing from a web app to a website and has been plotting graphs with the usage data to understand strengths and weaknesses.

Chris L's first draft of a paper on the technical work done for Roar to Explore has been accepted for the Audio Engineering Society conference in April while Theo, Andrew and Sean have been working on an experience prototype for touch screens with a control interface which was demo'd to the rest of the team on Thursday. We reckon this could become a medium fidelity interactive prototyping tool to be used for other projects. Following review of the current prototype next week, interaction storyboards will be drawn up to guide next phase of development.

Great progress on the ABC-IP project with around 27,000 World Service programmes processed using Roderick's API and a lot of EC2 instances. Now Chris L is looking at how to evaluate the segments extracted by the algorithm by comparing them to those added to bbc.co.uk/programmes manually. Yves has been also working with Metabroadcast to push the resulting data across our respective infrastructures.

Libby and Vicky B have been looking at the best way to encapsulate all that has been achieved on the NoTube project in a one-minute video and also attended the last project meeting in Milan. Libby is also working at enabling the N-Screen second screen application to play back basic LIMO-annotated videos.

Even if some exciting projects are winding down, there are others on their way as we have started drafting IBC and EU proposals.

Our other EU project, FI-content, has started 2012 in 5th gear with Joanne's blog on the literature review done as part of our research on user attention data. The UX team is planning the upcoming diary study as well as working on wireframes and data visualisation solutions for the prototype we'll test with users in March. Barbara is working with the project partners on refining the use cases and preparing for the upcoming round of deliverables. Chris Needham is planning the user dashboard prototype we're going to build for the end of phase 1.

While Chris G worked on updating budget forecasts for the end of year, Tristan and Yves went to talk to PhD students at Queen Mary University. Chris N has been building developer-friendly recommender APIs and Olivier has been working with the W3C Audio group on a requirements document for their upcoming standard API.


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